COVID cases crack 2,000 in Grays Harbor County

Grays Harbor County reached another milestone in the battle against the COVID-19 virus, topping 2,000 cases on Monday.

The county public health office reported 308 new cases since Wednesday, bringing the total number of overall cases to 2,005 since the first cases were reported in early April.

Of those cases, 595 are currently classified as active cases.

No new deaths were reported as the current COVID-19 death toll for the county remains at 21.

COVID-19 case rates across the county have been on the increase for several months now according to the data from Grays Harbor Public Health. Grays Harbor County didn’t crack 1,000 cases until Nov. 29, when 1,029 total cases were reported. Since then, county health has reported an additional 976 cases in 29 days.

The rise in cases is also reflected in the numbers reported from Stafford Creek Corrections Center outside of Aberdeen, which has shown a dramatic increase in cases over the past month. As of Thursday, the state Department of Corrections reported 786 confirmed cases among inmates and 51 confirmed cases among staff members. Only one inmate death has been reported by the correctional facility as of Thursday.

Though the numbers continue to increase, it is unclear as to the impacts on local medical facilities. As of noon Monday, the state health department’s COVID-19 Phase and Risk Assessment website had not yet updated to reflect current data past Wednesday, Dec. 23. As of that date, Grays Harbor County shows a case rate of 643.2 newly diagnosed confirmed and probable cases per 100,000 over two weeks. The state’s goal is less than 25 per 100,000.

The website also reports that 82% of adults staffed acute care beds are occupied by patients in the West Region, which includes Grays Harbor, Lewis and Thurston counties.

Pacific County is reporting 366 confirmed and 166 probably cases (532 total) with 20 hospitalizations and four deaths as of Saturday.