County wildfire danger low — for now

  • Tue Jul 2nd, 2019 5:30pm
  • News

Happy Fourth of July. As you celebrate today and this weekend, please remember to be careful and safe.

The National Forest Service has issued a warning about moderate to severe drought conditions in Olympic National Park and elsewhere.

“Temperature and precipitation outlooks continue to indicate warm, dry conditions extending through the summer season,” a release states. “This had led to above normal potential for significant fire activity.”

Fire danger late last week was low in Grays Harbor County, according to Grays Harbor County Emergency Management and the state Department of Natural Resources.

“Even though we are in a low wildfire warning right now, that could change pretty quickly depending on the weather,” said Hannah Cleverly, the deputy director of county Emergency Management.

People often enjoy camping on long weekends. Cleverly said it’s important for campers in Grays Harbor County and beyond to be safe with camp fires.

“We want to make sure that we are completely extinguishing and drowning embers,” she said. “(Campers should) make sure that it is drowned before you leave the campsite, because with the winds we have here in Grays Harbor County, embers can spread quickly.”

The Forest Service also warned that Olympic National Forest and Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest are experiencing the same moderate to severe drought conditions as Olympic National Park.

“Federal land managers are monitoring the situation closely and are prepared for an active fire season,” the release states. “There has been close communication and coordination with federal, state, and local resources to ensure prompt response to any reported fires.”

Please remember to be careful this weekend and always.

“Fireworks are banned on national forests at all times, regardless of weather or conditions,” Susan Garner, spokeswoman for the Forest Service said in a release.