City OKs new garbage deal, with rate increase

LeMay Enterprises will continue to provide garbage pickup services for Aberdeen through 2023, and will increase the service’s cost to residents by 5.97 percent.

At the Aberdeen City Council Meeting on Wednesday, the council unanimously approved a report recommending that Mayor Erik Larson extend the city’s collection service with LeMay through 2023, and amend it to include the price increase.

The higher costs will be implemented in the next billing cycle to residents.

Larson said during the meeting that LeMay justified the increase cost partially due to recent increases in the cost to dispose of recyclable materials. He added that neither the city nor LeMay are totally satisfied with the final contract.

“I don’t think either side is completely happy with the terms, but it’s serviceable,” said Larson.

This extension with LeMay comes after the city was unable to finalize a contract with Hometown Sanitation in Hoquiam, which the city had intended to replace LeMay for garbage service.