Back to school in Hoquiam on Tuesday

Hoquiam students will get some welcome news when they return to school.

Summer break is over and Hoquiam students are set to be back in class on Tuesday.

Questions abound for returning students, but none more important at least from would-be seniors and their parents, than what are the needed requirements for graduation?

The good news this year is Hoquiam School District received a two-year waiver for the 24 credit requirement. The class of 2017 will only need 22 credits to graduate. Both Washington State and Hoquiam High School have requirements on what classes a student must achieve a passing grade to receive their diploma.

In addition to the credit requirement, students must pass specific state tests and complete the following four activities before graduation: Washington State History, Digital Communications (a required elective), a set number of community service hours each year and completion of a High School and Beyond plan.

Emerson Elementary’s students have a new principal. Marah Gannaway has replaced Lindsey Drake, who resigned at the end of the school year. Gannaway taught elementary school in Scappoose, Ore.. This will be her first administrative assignment.

Students in all the district’s schools will find the popular Team Wednesday program has been continued. Classes will be dismssed 90 minutes early on selected Wednesdays. The time allows staff to collaborate, review students data and receive valuable training in the common core state standards.

“The opportunity provided to the staff with the Board’s approval of Team Wednesday release time is genuinely appreciated,” said superintendent Mike Parker.

The actual early dismissal times will vary from school to school in the district.

“Emerson Elementary will get out at 1:15 p.m., Lincoln and Central at 1:25 p.m. and the middle school and high school at 1 p.m.,” said Cathy Anderson, administrative assistant for the district.

The first Wednesdays with early dismissal will be Sept. 21 and 28.

Students who choose to remain at school can take advantage of supervised learning activities, and will be provided with basic transportation home.