Arby’s construction begins at Eagles Landing in Elma

After months of inactivity, Elma residents can watch with anticipation as another business begins to come into the fold to support the nearly 3,500 people living in the city.

Ground was broken in the Eagles Landing business district last week, as preparations started for construction of an Arby’s, making it the third business to be built in the business district since its conception. The Arby’s, which will measure 2,048 square feet, will feature a drive-thru for fast customer service, as well as a 22-person seating capacity inside. The Eagles Landing site currently hosts popular national chains, such as Starbucks and Burger King.

The Arby’s lot is currently leased to H&H Northwest Companies LLC. HHS Builders of Portland, Oregon, will be in charge of the construction process.

Steve Moncur, who serves as the project manager for HHS Builders, said he expects the construction process to be simple and done before the end of the year.

“So far, we’re looking at a simple timeline of being done within 120 days,” Moncur said. “We have multiple different subcontractors that are going to be helping us complete the project.”

Moncur went on to say that one of the subcontractors is C&S Construction NW, a company that specializes in laying concrete foundations. Work was started at the site by C&S Construction NW on July 5 and plans to have the foundation of the building complete within “a couple of weeks.”

When asked about the cost of building the establishment, Moncur said he did not wish to disclose financial details. Given that HHS Builders is a private business and not contracted by the city of Elma, the funds required for the construction don’t come from taxpayer dollars.

With the construction of the Arby’s set for completion in November 2022, the next question for the Eagles Landing business district is: “What’s next?”

Joe Chrystal, who serves as the Director of Community Development and Building Official for the city of Elma, said he thinks once the third business is established within the district that it will attract more businesses to be a part of it.

“I think three is the magic number for Eagles Landing,” Chrystal said. “Once these other commercial builders see that there are three businesses that are making a profit in the same plaza, it’s going to entice more to try and get a slice of the pie. Elma is a growing community, and we want to have the amenities that show that.”

Chrystal continued by saying SVK Investments LLC, which owns the entirety of the Eagles Landing district, is in the process of getting more businesses in the district, but nothing is set in stone yet. Before the groundbreaking of the Arby’s, Chrystal voiced the understanding of some people’s curiosity within the community of Elma about the progression of the Eagles Landing business site.

“I know people expect things to pop up fast, but the reality is that these construction contracts take time, and we (the city of Elma) aren’t kept in the loop until a contract has been signed,” Chrystal explained. “I think it’s best if people have some patience. I think the final product will all be worth it in the end.”