Adding a little more history to World Music Day

Connie Parson, who’s passionate about the history of Grays Harbor, was excited to talk about The Friends of the Aberdeen Museum’s latest music exhibit at Aberdeen Art Center.

On Friday, she’s hoping to see people check it out as they meander through all things World Music Day. The exhibit will be open from 1 to 7 p.m. at the Aberdeen Art Center — 200 W. Market St. The center is on the corner of West Market and North K Street. The door to go through is the one closest to the alley on South K St., which is next to the post office.

“When we found out Wil (Russoul) was going to do World Music Day, we decided to do our display for two months on the history of music,” Parson said. “So we have things in our display, like a handmade banjo that was made by a man in Hoquiam. Wil loaned us a couple of his guitars that are signed. We have several Kurt Cobain pictures, big pictures. Wil loaned us some of the original posters from the D&R Theatre of concerts that were held, and so we have a whole wall of those.”

Parson said they also have harmonicas, fiddles, auto-harps, antique radios and “a lot of pictures.”

“We tried to do some things on local bands (too),” Parson said.

Parson said volunteers will be in the office during the exhibit’s open hours. She’s hoping to have a good collection of volunteers so they can rotate in and out and see some of the music, plus share about the exhibit.

“I’m hoping to get some better signs out so people know where we’re at, hopefully they’ll enjoy coming there,” Parson said. “The Aberdeen Senior Center is going to have I think five or six performances that day and through the evening. (Aberdeen Mayor) Doug (Orr) is gonna have a band in the art center. He’s also supposed to play keyboard on the sidewalk that night. I’m thinking it could all tie in together because I’m sure people aren’t gonna be super interested in the history part unless they can tie it into the music. And since there will be music there I’m hoping we can tie the two together.”

Parson said months ago the Aberdeen Art Center hosted a display on Nirvana and Cobain.

“It was one of the most successful (displays) we had ever done,” Parson said. “I’m really hoping tying World Music Day into our display … will be something people will enjoy.”

The Friends of the Aberdeen Museum will change the exhibit during the last week of June. The next display will be on “Bootleggers and Bordellos”, according to Parson.

Parson is excited for World Music Day

“I’m very excited,” Parson said. “I think it’s something that could turn out to be one of the biggest events in Aberdeen.”

Parson said one of her hopes is it’ll draw a lot of out-of-town traffic.

“My big hope is the people downtown with shops will stay open for that, because that’s important,” Parson said. “It’s nice to go and hear all the musicians and everything but I think it should be a really big boost to our downtown economy.”

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