Aberdeen schools to provide basic supplies for students

Classes start Wednesday in Aberdeen district

With the first day of classes starting Wednesday in Aberdeen, the Aberdeen School District will provide some basic supplies to students that they previously had to purchase themselves.

Unlike in previous years, junior high and high school students will be given basic necessities for class such as binders with paper, section separators and pencil cases with pencils and pens, Superintendent Alicia Henderson said.

“We understand it can be difficult for some families to get all those supplies,” said Henderson, noting students used to be given a supply list of items they had to bring themselves. “This is a way we’re trying to ensure we’re supporting all our students to make sure they have what they need.”

In the last couple years, Henderson said a number of students and families weren’t always able to purchase the full list of supplies each class required them to have, which prompted the district to provide the essentials themselves.

“It came up where I heard it was hard for some kids and families having to get supplies over the weekend or their grades would be affected,” said Henderson. “I know it was pretty stressful — and in some cases not possible.”

With the district providing students’ their own personal supplies, Henderson said the only thing they’re required to bring themselves is a backpack, shoes and a coat.

Henderson said that by spending funds wisely and through bulk ordering, the district was able to provide these basic supplies this year.

The district is also looking for backpack donations, and Henderson said any businesses and stores willing to help by giving backpacks would be appreciated. She added that district families looking to support other students with getting supplies can give money online via their Skyward/RevTrack account on the district’s website.