Aberdeen School District takes steps to ensure a June graduation for the Class of 2020

The Aberdeen School District is working with the senior class of 2020 to make sure students fulfill their requirements for a June graduation ceremony.

In order to do that, Superintendent Alicia Henderson said maintaining communications with instructors is critical for seniors, and all students, during the shutdown.

In the district’s weekly newsletter, the district said, “We do plan to have some sort of graduation ceremony. In case our planned ceremonies at Stewart Field and Harbor High School are not options come June, we are working on an alternative option to honor our 2020 graduates.”

Students who were on track to graduate in June, as of the March 17 school closure, will have the opportunity to complete any final requirements, including credit requirements, pathways to graduation and Senior Boards. Other seniors will also continue to have opportunities to work on their credits and pursue graduation requirements. Staff will be reaching out to seniors on a regular basis.

In Thursday’s newsletter to students and parents, the district emphasized these points:

• The high school staff has identified specific requirements needed for each individual student and will be working together to create a plan with each student.

• Staff will reach out to seniors via email and/or Remind to communicate exactly what students need to complete in order to be eligible for graduation.

• It is essential that students check their emails regularly, a minimum of once per day.

• Students will be expected to communicate with teachers, submit assignments as requested, meet deadlines and request help as needed.

• Progress will be monitored on a regular basis.

• Grading will be represented with “pass” or “no credit” options only. The district said these options will not impact any student GPA. Completion of Running Start and Edgenuity classes may be an exception to these grading options.

Senior Boards will be conducted remotely if a school closure continues beyond the expected April 27 return date. Students should be prepared to present a Senior Board PowerPoint according to district guidelines in order to meet graduation requirements.

In the meantime, as spring break approaches, high school teachers are gearing up to teach remotely so that high school students can earn credit this spring, even if the closure is extended. Students are advised to check their email at least once a day during the April 6-10 break, as the high school will be ready with remote classes immediately after.

The district said during spring break students can continue their work, but it will be a week off for staff.