Aberdeen/Hoquiam deal with multiple late-week structure fires

The Aberdeen and Hoquiam fire departments responded to a trio of structure fires between Thursday and Friday.

The fires varied in size and damage, said Aberdeen Fire Chief Dave Golding.

The first fire broke out in a motorhome in South Aberdeen on Thursday afternoon, with the call coming in at 1:15 p.m. The first firefighters arrived on-scene at 1:22 p.m., Golding said.

“Basically, there was a motorhome that was parked next to the residence that someone was living in. That motorhome had caught fire and that extended to the house,” Golding said. “There was an occupant of the motorhome, but he was not in the motorhome.”

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Fire and smoke damage occurred to the house as well as substantial damage to the motorhome, Golding said. One person was transported to the hospital for injuries. Eleven Aberdeen firefighters and six Hoquiam firefighters responded jointly to the fire.

“Us and Hoquiam, we had a joint response agreement for structure fires in either city,” Golding said. “It’s to get enough people for an effective response force.”

The next structure fire was early Friday morning, Golding said.

“On the 11th, they had another fire on Calhoun Street,” Golding said. “The occupant was transported to the hospital with some burns.”

The third fire in the 24-hour period would occur later on Friday, Golding said.

“Hoquiam had one during the day on the 11th on Sumner (Avenue). They had a pretty sizable fire mid-day,” Golding said. “Within the three cities, within 24 hours, we had three pretty sizable structure fires.”

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