Vessel Reviews: Does It Work? Is the Vessel Health Device Worth It?

Vessel uses an at-home urine test to recommend personalized health solutions.

Following the Vessel program is like having a team of doctors and nutritionists in your pocket. You can discover what to eat, what supplements to take, and how much to exercise to reach your health and wellness goals – all just by peeing on a test strip and taking a photo using your phone.

What is Vessel? How does Vessel work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Vessel today in our review.

What is Vessel?


Vessel is a health test and app designed to help you live your optimal life.

You buy the Vessel at-home test online, then pee on the test and scan it with the Vessel app from anywhere. Vessel returns your test results in 3 minutes, then delivers personalized food and lifestyle tips.

You can use Vessel’s tips to improve your sleep, energy, mood, immunity, and more. Vessel provides customized insight based on your unique physiology.

Each Vessel test strip works similar to a pregnancy test or urine test, using similar technology to analyze crucial biomarkers in your blood.

The test strip has different sections that react differently based on levels in your urine. After you take a photo with the Vessel app, the app interprets each section to reveal important insight into levels of vitamins, minerals, and natural chemicals in your body.

You can find plenty of diet and wellness tips online. But these tips aren’t designed for your specific body and mind. Everybody is different, which is why you need different physiology tips than others.

What You’ll Learn from Vessel

After taking the Vessel test, you can get crucial insights into your health and wellness.


Vessel’s goal is to empower you with personalized insights to help you look and feel your best. To do that, Vessel delivers information like:

Results: Vessel takes the guesswork out of your health. Vessel tests 15 health metrics, including nutrition, hydration, toxins, and stress levels. Then, Vessel analyzes these results to help you look and feel your best while performing at your peak.

Food: Vessel lets you choose your personalized nutrition plan and get food delivered to your doorstep within hours. Based on the results of your test and your food preferences, Vessel may recommend a specific food plan to help meet your health and wellness goals. Once you’re ready to order, Vessel can deliver those food items to your doorstep within hours.

Supplements: Vessel uses your test results to deliver custom supplement recommendations. Vessel puts your ideal supplement into a daily capsule custom-made for your body. Instead of taking supplements you don’t need at doses that are too strong or weak, you can get the optimal supplement for your unique physiology and nutritional deficiencies.

Lifestyle: Maintaining optimal health isn’t just about eating right and taking supplements; it’s also about managing lifestyle factors like hydration and stress. Vessel tells you what your body needs and how to get it, including how much water to drink, how much stress is affecting your body, and other information you can use to manage your lifestyle.

Plan: Vessel lets you build an action plan, stick to it, and start performing at your best, day after day. The goal of Vessel is to help anyone reach an optimal stage of health and wellness with proven strategies.

Vessel Wellness Coaching

Vessel also comes with wellness coaching. After you buy Vessel, you get access to a team of certified nutritionists to help you better answer questions and build a plan.

Vessel’s coaches can help you build a plan for:

  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Improved mood
  • Other benefits

The Vessel team includes Registered Dietitians (RDs), nutritional science professionals, and human nutrition experts, among other certified professionals.

Vessel Versus Traditional Tests

You can find other health tests. However, Vessel is designed to be superior, using technology to lower costs and deliver greater insights into your unique health and wellness.

Here are some of the differences between traditional health tests and Vessel:

Other tests are priced at around $100 with insurance or $1,000 without insurance, while Vessel is priced at around $10 with or without insurance

Vessel’s app reports results in 3 different ranges, including low, good, and high, using data from third party sources to maintain the highest levels of accuracy; other tests compare your results against average lab test results, giving a lower accuracy and a higher standard of deviation (Vessel, meanwhile, claims to report results within the correct range 92.33% of the time, on average)

Vessel delivers results within just 3.5 minutes, allowing you to see if your results are rising, lowering, or staying the same whether you check daily, weekly, or monthly; in comparison, other tests take 1 to 2 weeks to deliver results and are meant to be performed every 3 to 12 months

At a chemical level, Vessel uses reagents that change color (colorimetric) and lateral flow assays; in comparison, other tests use the same colorimetric reagents but with ion-selective electrodes and spectrometry

Vessel is also an easier, at-home process than conventional tests; you perform the test at home and scan with your phone instead of visiting a doctor, getting a needle, and hanging around a waiting room

What Does Vessel Check?

Vessel checks 15 physiological factors to deliver crucial insights into health and wellness. Each of these factors can impact many aspects of health.

Vessel checks magnesium, for example, which can influence sleep, energy, and endurance, among other factors. It also checks levels of cortisol, a stress hormone linked to mood, energy, sleep, and body health.

A single Vessel urine test checks for all of the following:

Magnesium: Vessel checks magnesium, which is linked to body, sleep, energy, endurance, and mood.

Cortisol: Cortisol, the stress hormone, is linked to body health, sleep, energy, calmness, and mood.

Biotin (Vitamin B7): Vessel checks biotin or vitamin B7 levels, which is important for body health and beauty.

Vitamin C: Vessel checks vitamin C levels. Vitamin C is linked to immunity and mood, and it’s one of nature’s best antioxidants. There’s a reason many people take vitamin C at the onset of sickness, and there’s a reason a vitamin C-rich diet of fruits is linked with longevity.

pH: Vessel checks your body’s acidity levels by checking the pH of your urine. Your urine pH is associated with endurance.

Hydration: The clearer your urine is, the more hydrated you are. Each Vessel test checks for hydration, which is linked to energy, endurance, digestion, and focus, among other aspects of health and wellness.

Ketone A (AcAc): Vessel checks for ketone A (AcAc), which can deliver crucial insights into your body health and fat burning.

Ketone B (BHB): Vessel also checks for ketone B (BHB), which is also linked to body health and fat burning. If you’re losing weight, your blood and urine may have higher levels of BHB.

How the Vessel Test Strip Works

Vessel’s test strip uses similar technology to pregnancy tests and urine tests to reveal crucial insights into your health.

Like other urine test strips, Vessel uses colorimetric assays (the same types used on pee sticks) and lateral flow assays (the same types used on pregnancy tests) to analyze chemical levels in your urine.

Labs and medical offices have used similar technology for decades. However, Vessel brings this technology into the home.

Some of the features of Vessel’s test strips – and some of the characteristics that make them unique from traditional pregnancy tests and urine tests – include:

Grey Fiducials: Each test strip has gray fiducials to help Vessel determine color changes due to lightning conditions. Depending on the lighting where you take the photo of the test strip using the app, colors can appear differently.

QR Code: Each strip has a QR code to help the reader identify the calibration data for that specific lineup of test cards.

Fluidics: Test strips use fluidics to ensure urine is dispersed evenly among the tests.

Creatinine: The test strips have a creatinine ratio indicator, which reveals if something has interfered with the test – like drinking a lot of water before the test.

Timer: Vessel’s test strips have timers to improve accuracy, letting the app know the length of time between peeing on the test card and taking the photo of the test card, which can affect results.

After peeing on the test card, you simply take a picture of your test card using your phone. Open the Vessel app, use the built-in camera, and the app uses computer vision and machine learning to interpret test results with high levels of accuracy.

Vessel Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Vessel is backed by positive reviews online, and the company has received public endorsements from Dave Asprey, founder of Bullet Proof.

Vessel reviewers say things like:

Most users agree that they feel more energetic and better overall after taking a Vessel test

Dave Asprey likes Vessel because it “makes it simple and easy to know that I’m doing the right things to become healthier and stronger”

One reviewer claims she has slowed her hair loss and improved the appearance of her skin after using Vessel

Other reviewers have implemented life changes after using Vessel, including meditation and yoga to help with stress and cortisol levels

Many like Vessel because they can see their results improving over time as they incorporate healthy changes into their diet; one reviewer started to eat more fruits and vegetables, for example, and watched her test results improve within a week

Multiple reviewers also like Vessel for being superior to lab work and doctor’s offices; instead of waiting in an office, paying a fortune, and dealing with a room full of sick people, they can perform a test and get similar results at home for a fraction of the price

Scientific Evidence for Vessel

Vessel claims to be backed by over 350 scientific studies. The app cites over 350 studies, including double-blind, placebo-controlled studies that verify the various claims made.


Here is some of the science behind Vessel, according to the company’s Science page:

Determining the Low, Good, and High Range: Vessel checks for levels of vitamins and minerals, determining the low, good, and high range. To compile this range, Vessel’s team checked scientific and medical literature for the most updated metrics on levels found in urine, including what is considered a normal range. Vessel then conducts extensive tests with synthetic samples to cover all expected ranges. They also conduct real-world research in multiple real bathrooms in multiple lighting conditions, then perform a statistical analysis to ensure 95% of results fall within the range. Vessel also continuously improves its tests, raises better antibodies, experiments with new chemical reactions, and implements new assay technologies to improve its testing.

Finding Recommendations: To recommend science-backed health and wellness strategies to users, Vessel looks at the results of each tests and the related scientific studies. Then, the company uses machine learning and algorithms to identify the optimal foods, supplements, and lifestyle habits to maximize hydration and nutrition. When delivering recommendations, Vessel links related studies directly within the app, allowing you to confirm those recommendations on your own.

Colorimetric Assays and Lateral Flow Assays (LFAs): Vessel isn’t the first company to develop urine-based test strips. Colorimetric assays and lateral flow assays (LFAs) have existed for decades. A single Vessel wellness card has 15 colorimetric assays (the same types used on pee sticks) and 6 lateral flow assays (the same types used on pregnancy tests). Labs and medical offices frequently use colorimetric tests and LFAs for health and wellness. They’re a science-backed, well-established technology for analyzing physiology. Vessel just brings this technology into your home instead of requiring you to visit a lab.

Vessel Pricing

Vessel is priced at $35 to $50 per month, depending on your subscription plan.


Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • Monthly Membership (4 Cards Per Month): $50 per month + free shipping
  • 6 Month Membership (4 Cards Per Month): $40 per month + free shipping
  • 12 Month Membership (4 Cards Per Month): $35 per month + free shipping

Vessel recommends taking a test once per week, so each kit should last one month.

You can easily pause or change your subscription at any time with just a click.

Vessel Refund Policy

Vessel is backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

If you don’t love your Vessel test or results, then you can request a complete refund within 30 days.

About Vessel

To create the Vessel test, Vessel partnered with doctors, nutritionists, and scientists to develop at-home testing kits and personalized action plans.

You can contact Vessel via the following:

  • Email: wegotyou@vesselhealth.com
  • Phone: (844) 293-2297

Key members of the Vessel team include David Larson, MD (Chief Medical Officer) and Jesús M. Gonzalez, PhD (Chief Science Officer).

Final Word

If your body could talk, what would it say? Vessel seeks to answer that question by delivering customized insight into your health and wellness.

Founded by a group of doctors and nutritionists, Vessel is an at-home test and app that delivers actionable tips for your health and wellness.

Just subscribe to Vessel for $35 to $50 per month, take one test per week at home by peeing on the strip, then scan the strip with your app. Within 3.5 minutes, the app checks 15 points of biometric data to reveal detailed insight into your health.

To learn more about Vessel or to subscribe to the company’s at-home urine tests today, visit the official website at VesselHealth.com! >>>


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