Top 5 Best Alternative OTC Phentermine Diet Pill Supplements to Buy

We were so desperate to lose weight that we wanted to opt for pharmaceutical drugs. One of those weight loss drugs is the phentermine weight loss pill. However, to get a prescribed weight loss drug, a prescription was a must.

That said, we did not want to obtain the phentermine drug illegally. So, instead of finding a workaround for getting those weight loss drugs, we dug around for phentermine alternatives. That is when we opted out about the best phentermine diet pills. In other words, the best phentermine alternative supplements.

However, there is a catch. Getting over counter phentermine alternatives was easy for us as we had an initial idea regarding the proven options. But you might not. So, how do you obtain the knowledge that we have? Simple! Just keep on reading!

The 5 Best Phentermine Alternative Supplements in 2021

As we have mentioned, you can not get your hands on a weight-loss drug unless a doctor prescribes it for you. But you can legally get dietary supplements that can replicate the effects of phentermine diet pills.

Now, the elephant of the room is which phentermine alternatives are worthy of the purchase. Well, after considering the results of FDA-approved research, comparing tons of weight loss supplements, and testing tons of phentermine alternatives, these are the ones that stood out to us:

  • PhenQ
  • PhenGold
  • Phen24
  • PhenAprin
  • Phena-Lean



Excessive weight gain indeed leads to different health problems. And whenever people think of weight loss medication supplements, one of the first things that pop up in their mind is the offerings from PhenQ. But what makes it so popular? Let us describe that to you!

First, let us talk about the critical ingredients of the formula. The PhenQ diet pills include L-carnitine, Capsimax, chromium, caffeine, and nopal. These are some of the most proven ingredients for weight loss. And all of them make this phentermine alternative capable of increasing the weight loss rate substantially.

This advanced weight loss formula even holds the ability to suppress appetite. And when the appetite suppression is in full effect, you will automatically follow a low-calorie diet. The blend will also work like a charm in fighting mood swings. You will have more mental energy to do specific tasks.

On that note, the phentermine alternative enhances mental energy and works to improve physical energy levels. You will be capable of doing more intense workouts, which will let you burn stored fat in a short amount of time. The ingredients will turn the body’s thermostat and make it a fat-burning furnace.

Another thing that makes it a worthy pick for the best phentermine alternatives is that the drug administration approves all of the elements. So, these alternative phentermine diet pills will not interfere with a healthy diet. That includes the green fast diet keto diet too.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains proven ingredients
  • Can suppress appetite
  • It helps to regulate proper body weight
  • Accelerates the weight loss process
  • Improves mental focus rate



Like PhenQ, PhenGold is an OTC phentermine alternative worthy of having a position in this list of the best phentermine alternatives. Want to know what this OTC phentermine alternative has to offer? Go through this review!

While most average weight loss supplements target metabolism, PhenGold knows what phentermine alternative supplements should target. It focuses more on appetite suppression, just like what prescribed phentermine from a licensed healthcare provider would target.

After appetite suppression is high, your binge eating disorder will not be an issue anymore. There will not even be any need to eat low-calorie foods once you take this dietary supplement strictly. Also, maintaining a good body mass index will become an easy task for you. It can even enhance brain function.

However, that does not mean that this phentermine alternative supplement can not boost metabolism. It does a proper job of increasing the metabolism rate of the body. And once the metabolism rate is high, your body’s fat-burning process will skyrocket. Losing weight will not seem like a tough deal after that.

This weight loss supplement, which is a proper OTC phentermine alternative, contains highly researched ingredients. That includes green tea extract, caffeine, L-tyrosine, capsaicin, Rhodiola, and others. Those will be capable of providing the same benefits as prescribed phentermine.

Highlighted Features

  • Efficiently promotes weight loss
  • It contains green tea extract
  • It offers the same benefits as appetite suppressants
  • Enhances the fat-burning process of the body
  • It relies on natural ingredients



Many phentermine alternative supplements will only work for a few hours after you take them. Those are not only less effective but also incapable of making you lose weight that quickly. But that is not the case for Phen24.

First of all, Phen24 is a phentermine alternative supplement that can raise thermogenesis throughout the entire 24 hours, including the sleeping period as well. It fuels metabolism and makes your body a natural fat-burning furnace. Excess body fat and not being capable of losing weight will not be an issue.

As the previous phentermine alternative supplement, Phen24 has more traits of appetite suppressants than thermogenesis supplements. After taking a single diet pill regularly, your body’s metabolism rate will heighten. And that would eventually make the calorie expenditure rise.

Furthermore, this OTC phentermine alternative holds the ability to boost energy. Once the energy level is at an all-time high, doing intensive exercises will feel draining. The formula can even target blood pressure. It will neutralize high blood pressure and optimize the low blood pressure levels.

It contains the most proven and effective ingredients for offering all of those benefits. You will not find anything but natural elements inside the formula. Among all, it has guarana extract, caffeine, and cayenne powder. And most importantly, it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Highlighted Features

  • Can boost metabolism rate
  • It makes it easier to lose weight
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee
  • Capable of increasing the energy levels



Not all weight loss diet pills utilize a formula that can help to curb and maintain appetite and comes at an affordable price at the same time. However, if you were looking for an alternative phentermine supplement such as that, keep PhenAprin in your consideration.

The formula of this phentermine alternative supplement works like a charm when it comes to weight loss. It will accelerate fat loss in both men and women and make it easier to lose weight. Maintaining a proper body mass index will become an effortless task once you take these over-the-counter phentermine diet pills.

Another thing that makes this OTC phentermine alternative supplement effective is its ability to suppress appetite. It will curb the sugar cravings and fat rich foods. As a result, not only will you have lower blood sugar levels, but the calorie expenditure rate will naturally climb up.

When it comes to the formula, it is up to the market with the other over-the-counter phentermine alternatives. You will find natural ingredients such as L-taurine, caffeine, L-carnitine, L-phenylalanine, and theobromine. Each diet pill will have 540mg of the blend, enough to start the fat-burning process.

Other than that, the blend of this OTC phentermine alternative supplement can boost the body’s overall energy by stimulating the central nervous system. So, you can for a prolonged amount of time. Also, it holds the ability to enhance focus and mood. So, hitting your targeted bodyweight will become an easy task.

Highlighted Features

  • Stops the weight gain process and enhances the weight loss rate
  • It makes it easier to reach the targeted body weight
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Can lower cravings for sugar and fat enrich foods
  • Each diet pill has 540mg of the formula



Alternative phentermine supplements are pretty accessible, to begin with. However, the brand Anabolic Warfare took that to another level by offering Phena-Lean.

So, what makes this OTC phentermine diet pill highly accessible? Well, you will find significant retailers carrying this. It will be more accessible than keto diet pill supplements. That means you will not have to go through any hassle when getting a bottle of this phentermine alternative supplements.

However, being highly accessible is not the only thing that makes these diet pills achieve a spot on this list. The OTC phentermine formula of this supplement is highly effective too. It contains ginseng, L-tyrosine, L-theanine, caffeine, vitamin B3, and other natural ingredients. They will make it easier to lose weight.

Additionally, the formula of this OTC phentermine alternative supplement can boost the overall energy levels. As a result, you will be capable of grinding more in the exercise sessions. Also, it will increase the metabolism rate. That would make your body naturally burn fat and accelerate the weight loss rate substantially.

That said, you will not have to fill up your tummy with these diet pills. Instead, two diet pills per day would be enough to get all of the weight loss benefits. Also, these diet pills will cut fat but will preserve muscle. In other words, you will not have to worry about losing muscle mass during the weight loss process.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly accessible
  • Utilizes natural ingredients
  • Can increase the energy levels
  • Accelerates weight loss
  • It preserves muscle and makes it easier to lose weight

How We Ranked the Over the Counter Phentermine Supplements

Pick any of the phentermine alternative supplements from the market. You will notice that it is stating loads of things. Many will claim it can make you lose weight, improve insulin sensitivity, and make your body capable of fighting heart disease. But not all of them deliver. So, we had to keep these critical factors in our minds:

Science-Backed Weight Loss Formula

First and foremost, we considered whether the phentermine alternative supplements integrated a proper weight loss formula or not. To scrutinize that, we had to take a look at the ingredients. And this is something that will vary a lot among the over-the-counter phentermine supplements.

Some will utilize a regular and well-known weight loss formula, while others rely on a proprietary blend. That said, we prioritized the phentermine alternative supplements that had science-backed weight loss ingredients in them. Those will be more capable of making you lose weight than the others.

Effective Dosages

Even if the phentermine alternative supplements had proper weight loss formula, they would not be that effective in accelerating the weight loss rate if the dosages were incorrect. This goes for all of the supplements, including the nutritional supplement.

So, our research and editorial team did a lot of digging before choosing the phentermine alternative supplements for the list. And if something had a proper weight loss formula with the correct dosages of ingredients, it got an overall higher ranking.

Realistic Advertising

Some of the phentermine alternative supplements will go over the board in terms of promotion. They will state that their formula can make you lose weight overnight. Some will even claim that their blend can fight all of the diseases that ever existed.

That said, FDA regulations have already made it pretty hard for weight loss supplements to make these claims. However, plenty will exaggerate the advertised benefits.

Well, no matter what the supplements claim, they are not even remotely a substitute to sound medical advice. So, we did not even bother checking out the supplements that exaggerated the weight loss formula.

Manufacturer Reputation

The reputation of the manufacturer plays an important role. It can state whether the weight loss diet pills can make you lose weight or not. How? Well, when a manufacturer has an excellent overall reputation, it means that they have been in the market for a reasonable amount of time.

Instead of just creating hype and capitalizing on its weight-loss products, the reputed brands will focus on offering something that will accelerate weight loss.

Value Proposition

Like any other supplement, the phentermine alternative supplements will come at a varying price point. That means you will find some being sold at more than $100, while there will be some that will be under $50. However, it would not be easier to keep one price point as a baseline while scrutinizing the weight loss pills.

Instead, you should consider the overall value proposition, just like us. We factored in whether the phentermine alternative supplements offered good value for the price tag they were asking for. If they provided a higher overall value for the money, they got a position on our list.


Many weight loss supplements will claim that they have gone through multiple lab testing and third-party verifications. But in reality, they will not provide any details regarding those tests. Instead of considering those, we prioritized the options that are transparent regarding the tests.

Lab tests ensure that the weight loss formula is free of toxins and does not have any harmful chemicals inside it. For that reason, those that went through legitimate lab tests and third-party verifications got a higher overall ranking in our list.

Money-Back Guarantee

No matter how good a phentermine alternative supplement might be, you might face some side effects after taking them. Some might not offer the benefits that you were targeting. A money-back guarantee can provide you with the peace of mind that you will get a complete refund if anything does go wrong.

The supplements that were backed by a money-back guarantee got most of our priorities. Also, when it came to a subscription-based purchase, changing billing info options was something that we considered too.


The backing of certified doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians adds a layer of legitimacy to the formula. Taking phentermine supplements such as that would allow you to have peace of mind that what you are taking is legit.

Alongside that, those supplements usually tend to be more effective than the others. Also, when a certified professional is backing something up, they are putting their whole career on the line. For that reason, the supplements that were doctor-backed got a higher ranking in our list.

What Is Phentermine?

If you are still wondering what phentermine is, it is a weight loss medication. FDA approved this medication in the year 1959. And it is only available to the patients that have a prescription. You will not get phentermine as an over-the-counter drug.

That said, the surge of popularity of phentermine did not occur recently. It has been popular since the 1990s. People used to combine the weight loss drug with other medications to quickly and safely lose weight. However, they did face a lot of side effects.

That is when the FDA stepped in. They have made prescriptions a requirement for the drug. Also, they pulled out two of the other similar drugs from the market. That includes dexfenfluramine and fenfluramine.

How Does Phentermine Work?

At its core, phentermine is a weight loss drug that explicitly suppresses your hunger. It will block the appetite and reduce cravings. When these two are at full effect, you will naturally eat less. And that would eventually fuel up the weight loss rate and allow you to lose an excessive amount of body fat.

Also, when you feel less hungry, you will automatically maintain a calorie deficit diet. However, the effects will not be that noticeable if you do not pair the medication up with proper exercise. The doctor will recommend doing little to moderate exercise along with just taking phentermine medications.

Aside from that, phentermine holds the ability to target the neurotransmitters of the brain. It targets the neurotransmitters to suppress the appetite even further. Researchers have also found that the medication can raise the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

As your neurotransmitters rise after taking phentermine medications, your body can get tricked into thinking that you have already eaten. As a result, you will feel less hungry, and your cravings for snacks, fat-enriched, and sugar-enriched foods will decrease.

How to Get a Prescription for Phentermine?

The first criteria to get a phentermine prescription would be obesity. When your obesity level is high, doctors will suggest taking phentermine. Why is a prescription required to get phentermine?

Well, phentermine is a chemical that is pretty similar to the stimulant amphetamine. And controlled substances such as that require a prescription. However, obesity is not the only factor.

Doctors might prescribe this controlled substance when you have other health conditions. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high body index rate, and high cholesterol levels fall under those conditions.

Nonetheless, before taking phentermine diet pills, you need to talk with your doctor. If alternatives can help you with the condition, doctors suggest taking those instead of the prescribed medication.

Who Should Take Phentermine Alternatives?

Anyone that wants to lose weight at a rapid pace would benefit from these alternative supplements. However, some people could get the most out of these. They are:

  • Someone that wants to break the frustrating weight loss plateau
  • Anyone trying to jumpstart the weight loss rate
  • Someone struggling to hit a specific bodyweight
  • Anyone trying to shred excess body fat

Side Effects of Phentermine Alternatives

Healthy adults taking phentermine alternatives at the proper dosages will not face any side effects at all. Also, the FDA is working hard to ensure that all of the alternatives contain ingredients that are marked safe by GRAS. That means those ingredients are determined to be safe and not cause any reactions.

That said, some of the users did report some mild side effects. Those include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Digestion issues
  • Diarrhea and constipation

These side effects are pretty rare. The users who reported these issues were either taking the supplement at the wrong dosage or had a medical condition. So, you will not have to worry about facing any problems if you do not have any medical conditions and are taking phentermine supplements at the correct dosage.

Now, many confuse phentermine alternatives as phentermine. However, that is not true at all. Phentermine is a chemically controlled substance. In comparison, the other options have no relation with this chemical. These supplements will contain nothing but natural ingredients, which makes them 100 percent safe.

Dosages of Phentermine Alternative Supplements

There have been a lot of studies regarding the dosage of phentermine. Researchers have found that the prescribed medication works at around 27.5mg. That dosage can make people lose 13.9 pounds of weight in just 13 weeks.

However, the dosage of phentermine and alternatives are not the same. Do you know why? Phentermine alternatives do not contain any phentermine at all. For that reason, the dosages do not collide. Instead, the alternative supplements will have a particular dosage requirement of their own.

On that note, different phentermine alternatives will contain various ingredients. Even if you find alternative supplements with the same elements inside the formula, they will not utilize the ingredients at the same strength. Considering that, it becomes pretty hard to state a general dosage for these weight loss pills.

So, you need to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation when it comes to finding the proper dosage for the alternatives. But, one thing that you should keep your eyes open for is caffeine. Some of the options will offer 200mg to 300mg of caffeine per serving. That is equal to three cups of coffee.

Not all people have the same amount of tolerance for caffeine. Some users will face jittering, higher levels of anxiety, and other caffeine-related issues when they take phentermine alternatives. If you are one of them, get a formula that cuts down a bit on caffeine.

How Much Weight Can You Lose by Taking Phentermine Alternatives?

After taking phentermine alternatives, the average weight loss rate is from 5 percent to 10 percent, as reported by the users. In other words, people who are 200 pounds can expect to lose anywhere from 10 pounds to 20 pounds of weight after taking these diet pills.

However, do not just take our words for it; consider this review study. It included six trials on the alternatives. And researchers have found that the participants lost an average of 13.9 pounds of weight in just 13 weeks after taking these phentermine alternatives.

Yes, we know that these alternatives are not as powerful as the real deal. But it is certainly possible to lose a significant chunk of body weight if you combine the supplements with a proper exercise program and diet.

That said, some of the reports suggested that people who took these alternatives combined with other weight loss pills such as topiramate. That specific weight loss pill is an anti-seizure drug. But when you combine it with phentermine alternatives, it can suppress hunger.

Although many manufacturers will claim that taking their supplements will make you magically lose weight, you should be skeptical about these claims. Instead, combine the phentermine alternatives with a proper diet and exercise plan. That would allow you to maximize the weight loss rate.

What Are the Benefits of Phentermine?

As a prescription drug, phentermine can offer a lot of benefits. Even though people primarily take it for weight loss, studies have shown that phentermine can improve many things inside the human body. These are some of the benefits that researchers have found:

  • Weight loss
  • Optimized blood sugar level
  • A decrease in terms of the circumference of the waist
  • Better insulin sensitivity
  • A relief from different eating disorders
  • Better cholesterol

What about phentermine alternative supplements? Well, even though the alternatives are not directly associated with the benefits of actual phentermine, when your BMI level is in check, you will surely enjoy most of the health benefits that phentermine is capable of offering.

What Does Science Have to Say Regarding Phentermine?

As we have mentioned earlier, the prescription drug phentermine has gone through loads of studies. There were plenty of clinical trials, and researchers have observed a lot of the things regarding it. Want to know about them? Stick till the end of this segment!

Fix Body Weight

You might have already heard that people can lose as much as 10 percent of their entire body weight by taking phentermine.

Consider this study, in which the researchers have observed participants for 12 weeks. The researchers have validated that people can lose up to 10 percent of body weight with the help of phentermine.

Higher Weight Loss Rate

Phentermine could enhance the overall weight loss rate. This study that took place over 13 weeks validated that. Researchers have found that by taking 27.5mg of phentermine each day, people could lose an average of 13.9 pounds of weight in just 13 weeks.

Maximizes Weight Loss Benefits

You will notice doctors prescribing phentermine along with topiramate to maximize the benefits of weight loss. Well, this combination has seen a load of studies as well. Take this study, for example. Researchers had found that phentermine worked better when topiramate helped it.

A separate study found that the combination could make participants lose at least 5 percent of the weight. Now, 5 percent of weight is not a minor deal.

Offers Smaller Waist Circumference and Other Health Benefits

As you probably know by now, reducing weight is not the only thing phentermine is capable of offering. It can also help to reduce waist circumference. Further research had observed this effect when trying to find out health benefits associated with the drug.

One of the examples would be this study. Researchers have found that people who took phentermine could achieve a smaller waist after a couple of weeks. The same study also observed that the participants had improved blood sugar levels and better insulin sensitivity after taking phentermine regularly.

Likewise, another study has found that the cholesterol levels among the participants that took phentermine was optimal.

Fixes Eating Disorder

Many of the doctors will prescribe phentermine to patients that have eating disorders. And there is a good reason behind it. This 12 weeks study included people that had eating disorders.

When the combination of topiramate and phentermine was given to the participants, they saw a massive improvement in body mass index, weight, and episodes of binge eating.

Another similar study has validated these claims. Participants had an average number of binge eating days of 4.2 from 16.2 after 28 days of treatment.

How to Increase the Efficiency of Phentermine Alternative Supplements

Whether you are taking phentermine or alternatives, you need to follow some strategies to enhance weight loss. The methods that were are referring to are backed by science and recommended by loads of doctors. So, without further ado, let us get into stating them, shall we?

Follow a reasonably reduced-calorie diet. Start with taking 300 calories less per day. Then, enhance the diet by taking 500 calories lower than usual. That will accelerate the weight loss effect and allow you to lose weight exceptionally fast.

Instead of choosing fat-enrich foods, choose low-calorie but nutrient-dense foods. Different vegetables and fruits fall under this criteria. Also, take foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Those will enhance the weight loss rate and make you feel fuller for a long time.

Try to stay active by doing exercises. According to experts, you need to do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity in one week. Adding a proper exercise routine will enhance the weight loss effect when you are taking phentermine or alternatives.

You should try to make behavioral changes. Yes, we know that making behavioral changes is not easy. But the best way to enjoy long-term weight loss effects would be to make behavioral changes. Track your food intake, monitor your exercise habits, and make necessary adjustments.

How Do Phentermine Alternative Supplements Work?

We believe that you already know that phentermine alternatives do not link with the actual phentermine drug. None of the supplements will have any chemical similarity, nor will they be produced from the same brand. But good phentermine alternative supplements can offer similar benefits as the real deal.

Now, the real question is, how do they work so well? To understand that, you need to consider the effects of each ingredient that are common among these supplements.


It is no secret that caffeine is one of the most well-known natural weight loss medicines. However, many people take caffeine without even acknowledging the weight loss benefits of the substance. Yes, we are talking about the cup of joe you have every day.

That said, caffeine holds the ability to boost metabolism. And when the metabolism rate is high, your body will automatically enter into the natural fat-burning state. When the metabolism rate is exceptionally high, the body burns calories even when you are at rest.

For that reason, you will find caffeine in almost all of the alternatives in the market. But there is a catch. Some of the supplements will have more than 200mg of caffeine. So, if you are not that tolerant to caffeine, you might want to dial down the coffee intake when you are taking these supplements.

Instead of going through each of the caffeine-related weight loss studies, it would be better if you went through this review. Researchers have analyzed dozens of clinical trials that included caffeine and its weight loss effects.

From there, researchers have found that caffeine can help with weight loss, reduce body mass, and fix BMI levels. The participants in those studies have seen around 17 to 28 percent of weight loss compared to placebo treatments.

Furthermore, researchers have concluded that the weight loss rate increases twice when the caffeine intake is doubled. However, that does not mean you should fill your tummy with coffee. Instead, follow the recommended dosage and intake caffeine accordingly.


Most of the phentermine alternative supplements we have tested contain capsaicin. It is the active ingredient in cayenne pepper. And this ingredient has a strong link with weight loss. For example, in this study from 2017, researchers have found that dietary capsaicin had a strong connection with anti-obesity effects.

In other words, capsaicin was a solid potential treatment for people that have obesity. This 2018 study stated the same thing. Researchers have found that capsaicinoids supplements could reduce overall fat mass and body fat effectively.

But how do the ingredients work? Well, it will induce thermogenesis and boost the calorie-burning process. That would eventually make the body burn more calories than usual.


Finally, different weight loss supplementations will have fiber in them. It is one of the vital appetite suppressors and can work like a charm to make you think you are full. And that is why you will find plenty of weight-loss experts suggesting taking fiber for weight loss.

But do not take our words for it; take a look into this study from 2019. It showed that people who took more fiber found it easier to stick to a calorie-deficit diet. And that naturally made them lose weight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phentermine

Q: How much weight can I lose after taking the phentermine in the first week?

A: You can expect to lose up to 7 pounds of weight in the first week. However, after your body adjusts to the drug, the rate will increase.

Q: When will I notice phentermine working inside my body?

A: Phentermine will take three to five hours to work. You should start seeing the effects after that period.

Q: Can I drink caffeine along with phentermine?

A: You should be a little careful when mixing caffeine with phentermine. Both are stimulants that can increase the heart rate, cause jitters and insomnia.

Q: Does phentermine taste bad?

A: The drug can leave a bad taste inside the mouth. But it will not permanently change your taste buds.

Q: Is phentermine addictive?

A: No, this 2013 study has proved that phentermine is not addictive. So, you do not have to worry about withdrawal issues.

The 5 Best Phentermine Alternative Supplements in 2021 Final Words

Yes, phentermine might seem like the solution to every weight-related issue. But the side effects are not worth the hassles you have to take to obtain them illegally. Instead, you should consider one of the best phentermine diet pills we have covered. Those can offer the same benefits, are legal, and highly accessible too.

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