Top 26 Best Mattresses for Literally Everyone Who Sleeps!

Are you sick and tired of waking up with back pains? Can not get a comfortable, good night’s sleep no matter which sleeping position you lay on? Well, there is a high chance that the ill-fitting mattress you are laying on is the one to blame.

Needless to say, you will spend one-third of your life while sleeping on mattresses. So, instead of hoping to sleep comfortably by adjusting your sleep position, you should look into getting a new mattress.

However, not just any mattress, we are referring to getting the best mattress that can adequately support body weight, offers excellent pressure relief, and manage the body heat properly. How will you find one? Well, that is where our experience and expertise steps in!

26 Best Mattresses That Will Ensure Let You Sleep Comfortably

Secluding the best mattresses from the average offerings was not easy at all! All of the options will claim that they are better than the other mattresses. However, when we kept all of the essential factors while testing the available options, things became clear as water. And from our testings, these are the ones that stood out:



On the lookout for the best mattress that can support your body weight properly? We would recommend you to take a look at the offerings of GhostBed first!

Being an online company, the manufacturer has loads of options that are exceptionally popular. Starting from an all-foam mattress to an innerspring mattress to a firm mattress to a birch mattress, you will find them all being available on the site.

The best part is that all of their foam mattresses and other mattresses will aim for nothing but comfort, durability, and support. There are options available that utilize a patented technology, such as the GhostBed 3D Matrix. It will also be possible to get the best of both worlds by opting for their hybrid mattresses.

However, you would not have to worry about getting lost on the number of options they provide. Whether you want a hybrid mattress, all-foam mattress, memory foam mattress, or any other one, you can quickly take the quiz that the site offers. It will help you to get the right mattress in a box shipped to you.

Apart from just mattresses, the manufacturer is well known for offering good quality mattresses. You will find bed frames, pillows, and bedding available on the site.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers loads of options
  • Has a quiz system that helps to get the right mattress
  • Hybrid mattresses are available
  • Focuses on durability, support, and comfort
  • Provides bed accessories

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GhostBed Natural


It gets pretty hard to choose the best mattress for hot sleepers. Usually, people that sleep hot find it rather uncomfortable to sleep on most of the mattresses. However, if you were on the hunt for the best cooling mattress, take a look at GhostBed Natural.

You might have already guessed by reading the label that it is a green mattress. Well, it is indeed eco-friendly. However, even though it is a green mattress, it does not skimp one bit in the manufacturing process. The brand utilizes the same high-quality materials as the ones we have mentioned above.

But the real question is what makes this green mattress a good cooling mattress, right? Well, for the materials, the brand has opted for eco-friendly, clean, pure, and organic cotton clover. Cotton naturally has a higher level of breathability. And it will ensure that hot sleepers do not sleep hot on top of the mattress.

Another thing that makes this worthy of purchase is that you can try sleeping on it without any worries. If you still sleep hot on this organic mattress, you can get a complete refund. The brand even offers an extended warranty period for this green mattress. So, you can be assured that it will last for a long time.

There are plenty of sizes available too. You can get this green mattress in twin, xl, full, queen, king, and super king. Most importantly, the options will have a competitive price point. That means you will be getting good value for your money.

Highlighted Features

  • Eco-friendly and completely natural
  • Can keep hot sleepers cool
  • Utilizes pure and clean cotton clover
  • Capable of effectively cooling body heat
  • Comes in loads of sizes

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Nature’s Sleep


Back pain is one of the common problems for people that sleep on ill-fitted mattresses. Well, the offerings from Nature’s Sleep will entirely eliminate that from your sleeping experience.

Like the other brands, you will find plenty of different options available. However, we are specifically going to focus on the memory foam mattresses that they offer. In fact, you will be capable of getting the best memory foam mattress after taking a look through their wide range of options.

That said, the memory foam options will generally utilize not just a single memory foam layer. Instead, those will have plenty of foam layers. And each of the foam layers will be high in quality, which is not that common among other memory foam mattresses.

While an all-foam mattress might be capable of offering pressure relief, their memory foam options take it to the next step. You will notice that your body weight is being equally distributed through the entire surface. That is exactly what will allow you to wake up without feeling back pain in the morning.

The foam layers will be capable of offering a damping effect to ensure maximum comfort. You will feel like sleeping on top of the clouds. There is a gel memory foam layer too. That will help the hot sleepers to sleep cool even on the harshest summer nights. Also, the other offerings from the brand are worthy of looking at.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes multiple foam layers
  • High quality Foam layers
  • Evenly distributes the bodyweight
  • Helps to ease back pain
  • Effective at offering pressure relief

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Eight Sleep


When it comes to making weaves throughout the mattress industry, Eight Sleep is one of the mattress brands that will pop up. And they are now offering a broad range of popular mattresses at a highly reasonable price.

One of their well-known options is the Pod Pro mattress. And its trait makes it a totally worthy pick for the best organic mattress that can regulate temperature. There are two different patented hydro-powder technologies that will cool off hot stomach sleepers and back sleepers. Even the side sleepers will see a benefit.

The technologies that it integrates will also be capable of heating up the mattress when required. There is a tracking system that can do the temperature changes accordingly. Each of the sides of this soft mattress will be capable of setting the temperature from anywhere between 55 degrees to -110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, with this mattress purchase, you will get an alarm clock too. Not literally, but the app will let you set a timer. Once the timer is triggered, these cooling mattresses will start vibrating. Also, this foam mattress’s edge support and middle support level should undoubtedly be higher than an old mattress.

This supportive mattress will even help you sleep faster, thanks to the Smart Temp 2.0 settings. You will basically sign up to get a new mattress that will not only ensure a comfortable at your preferred sleeping position but also will help you to get an adequate amount of sleep.

Highlighted Features

  • Can heat and cool up the surface
  • Heating system is automatic
  • Has a vibrating feature
  • Helps to sleep quickly
  • Offers a good edge support

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Nectar Memory Foam Mattress


Among all of the mattress brands, you might have already heard about Nectar Mattress. Yes, they are pretty famous for offering innerspring mattresses. And now, they are shooting for the best memory foam mattress spot with this offering.

While traditional innerspring mattresses will utilize regular memory foam on the exterior, Nectar Memory Foam Mattress has opted for adaptive foam. That will conform to your body and will offer a hugging feeling. You will enlist yourself to get a comfortable sleep once you make this mattress purchase.

That is not all this memory foam mattress has to offer. With your mattress purchase, you will get all of the accessories free. The package will bundle with a mattress protector, sheet set, cooling pillow, and many more. There will be no need to worry about firmness. Medium, firmer farm, and other options are available.

Another thing that makes it a worthy pick is that there is an extended trial period. If the sleeping experience is not how you like it to be, you can get your money back without getting any questions asked. So, you can try it with full peace of mind.

In addition to that, as the brand has opted for high-quality, high-density foam, you will not have to worry about durability either. It will offer the same cooling mattress performance for a long amount of time. And the edge support of this Nectar mattress is reasonably high too.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes adaptive foam
  • Bundles with a lot of accessories
  • Offers an extended trial period
  • Has different firmness level options
  • Relieves pressure on crucial body points

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One of the most recognizable names in the marketplace is Casper. They are pretty popular for offering a wide range of mattress and bed accessories. However, what we are going to primarily focus on is their hybrid mattresses.

Just like the other popular mattress brands in this list, Casper utilizes sleep technology for their hybrid mattress. That allows the hybrid foam mattresses to stand out a lot from the competition. Its 4D technology will ensure your body aligns properly when you lay on the top, which will help in pressure relief.

Their hybrid mattress has both zone support. Even the edge support will be exceptionally higher than your old mattress. And when it comes to the cooling capability, it holds the traits which the best mattress for hot sleepers should have. For AirScape, your chances of drenching yourself with sweat will be pretty low.

But that is not the only thing that makes it an excellent pick for the money. It will also let you fall asleep quicker. The memory foam layer on the top has the Casper Signature Feel. Both its texture and comforting ability will help you sleep faster. And the firmer foam in the middle will conform to your body’s shape.

Besides, it has a quiz system on the site. That will recommend a couple of other mattress options. And it will be possible to choose the right one that will meet your needs. It will even suggest the correct firmness level for you. Also, there are light firmness, medium-firm, and other firmness options available.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes 4D sleep technology
  • Has proprietary foam with a unique texture on the top
  • Helps to fall asleep faster
  • The upper memory foam can control the temperature
  • Boasts pressure-relieving memory foam in the middle

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Sleep Number


While looking for the right mattress, you might want to get something that offers loads of customizability options. Well, you are in luck! Sleep Number is the OG company that offers such capabilities.

Your journey to get the best mattress customized in your way starts with the quiz on the site. It will take your priorities into consideration and offer a range of options in the end. Those options will primarily meet all your needs. And after you select one, you will be capable of customizing the mattress in the app.

Whether you are looking for a hybrid mattress, firm mattress, memory foam mattress that has individually wrapped coils, or something with a copper gel memory foam, you will be able to get all of them through customization. In fact, you can get a completely unique offering.

On that note, most of their options will come with automatic movement sensing technology. That will make it easier for the side sleepers to get the maximum comfort out of the mattress. There is an adjustable comfort mechanism too. That will allow the stomach sleepers to get the night of most comfortable sleep.

When it comes to the price point, it will depend on the customization. If you are opting for the high-density foam or the ones with proprietary foam, the cost can climb reasonably high. However, all of them offer an excellent overall value proposition. And most importantly, they will come with an extended trial period.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers the ability to customize the mattress
  • Has a quiz system that makes it easier to choose
  • Provides loads of options
  • Features automatic movement sensing technology
  • Boasts adjustable comfort mechanism

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Another manufacturer that has been around the market for a long amount of time is the Tempur-Pedic. And over time, the manufacturer has managed to innovate most of its offerings and provide some highly advanced options to the market. Want to know about them? Read through the review.

Just like the others, you will find loads of options available. They will also come in different sizes, including twin, xl, full, queen, king, and more. Also, the brand offers an extended warranty offer for all. So, even if you are getting an innerspring mattress or a hybrid mattress, you can have complete peace of mind.

Some of the unique mattress offerings will respond to your movement and sleeping style. For example, if you are one of those back sleepers that moves a lot, the memory foam on the top will adjust the comfort accordingly. The same goes for side sleepers and stomach sleepers as well.

You will even have loads of options in terms of the firmness level. It will be possible to get light firmness, medium-firm mattress, or mattresses with a higher overall firmness level. In other words, the mattress in a box will check all of your needs and offer the most comfortable sleep regardless of your sleeping position.

There is an extended trial period available too. Through that, you can thoroughly test out the mattress and check whether it is the best mattress for you or not. If your new mattress in a box does not meet your demands, you can get a complete refund. And the value for each of the offerings is reasonably high too.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in different size options
  • Offers extended warranty
  • Has loads of options in terms of the firmness level
  • Provides maximum comfort regardless of the sleep position
  • Some options integrate advanced technologies

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Getting proper pressure relief from a mattress with adaptive foam or individually wrapped coils is one thing, and sleeping without sweating excessively is another thing. But ChiliSleep has managed to fuse both of them.

However, the technology that ChiliSleep is utilizing is pretty different from that other mattress brands are using. The offerings will come with Chili Cool Mesh. That memory foam layer on the top will be capable of cooling down the hot sleepers effectively. And can work well regardless of the sleep position.

The offerings are a great pick for the best organic mattress as the brand utilizes nothing but organic cotton and memory foam for the manufacturing process. And the cotton blend of this organic mattress will enhance the cooling capabilities even further. You will wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

Apart from that, the brand also offers a hydro-powered blanket that will lie on top of your old mattress. You can get the features of the best mattress with cooling capabilities without going through the old mattress removal process. It will even be possible to get a matching pillow top from the manufacturer.

There are loads of options available regarding mattress firmness. Starting from light firmness, medium-firm to higher mattress firmness, you can get your new mattress in a box just the way you want it to. You can even choose from twin, xl, full, queen, king, and full xl sizes.

Highlighted Features

  • Relies on Chili Cool Mesh
  • Helps to regular temperature properly
  • Utilizes an organic cotton blend
  • Hydro-powered blankets for an old mattress is available
  • Comes in several mattress firmness levels

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Not everyone has the ability to spend tons of money while trying to get a new mattress. Well, that is where offerings such as the ones from US-Mattress come into play.

To start with, you will find loads of options. And it will be possible to get a good mattress for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. The mattress firmness level is also customizable. You will have the full ability to choose light firmness, medium-firm, or a high overall firmness level.

Apart from the customizability, all of their options are a worthy pick for the best mattress. You will get maximum edge support out of all of them. And edge support is what is going to matter the most if you are not the only one sleeping on top of the mattress.

The hybrid mattress options from the brand can even offer proper pressure relief. It has memory foam on the top, which will conform to your body and offer you a highly comfortable sleeping experience. The foam mattress also holds the ability to regulate the body heat to some degrees. So, you will sleep cool on these.

When it comes to the size, all of the options are available. It will be possible to get a good mattress in twin, xl, full, queen, king, and other sizes. Also, the mattress in a box will ship to you in such a way that the installation process will become straightforward. You will not have to worry about going through extra hassles.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in loads of variations
  • Has a dedicated option for different sleep positions
  • Offers a good amount of edge support
  • Can regulate the body heat
  • Affordable and available in plenty of different sizes

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Sleep EZ


Being around since 1976, Sleep EZ has been offering great mattresses in the market. And most of their offerings provide a great value proposition, and that is exactly what makes them an excellent pick for the best mattress. However, that is not all that their offerings have to offer.

The brand has moved a lot far from offering the latex mattress that utilizes non-natural materials. Instead, the brand has opted for natural mattress materials now. As it does not have any synthetic material, the comfort level increases too. So, even if you are on the side sleepers, you can get a proper good night’s sleep on it.

Other than that, the mattresses offer a proper supportive design. It will offer support to all of the crucial points of your body. For that reason, you will not have to worry about waking up with back pain either. And the latex mattresses come in light firmness, medium-firm, and high firmness too.

On that note, the latex mattresses will also come with a reasonably long risk-free guarantee. You can try out the latex mattress and check if it suits all of your needs or not. If it does not, you will be entitled to get a complete refund. And as the mattresses are made of high-quality materials, they will last for a long time too.

Alongside that, as the brand has eliminated the middle man from the system, you can get your hands on a great mattress without having to break your bank. And there are affordable options available too.

Highlighted Features

  • Relies on natural latex
  • Does not have any synthetic materials
  • Quality of the mattresses is reasonably high
  • Comes with a long risk-free guarantee
  • Different mattress firmness levels are available

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Puffy Mattress


Wouldn’t it be great if the mattress you sleep on is as soft as your pillow top? Well, that is what Puffy Mattress plans to offer with their wide range of options.

The softness of the foam mattress options is so high that different reviewers refer to them as the best mattress for back pain. And they are not wrong at all. The memory foam mattress models are highly supportive and can effectively focus on pressure relief. They offer the conforming feeling that many look for.

Another thing that makes their offering reside in the best memory foam mattress list is the ability to support the aches on different parts of the body. The medium-firm level of the options will ensure that each of your body parts gets the right support it requires to get pressure relief from joint aches and muscle aches.

Due to the medium-firm nature of the memory foam options, you might not even need a pillow top. The softness will be just right, and you will be highly capable of getting a decent night of sleep on top of the mattresses. The medium firmness, medium-firm, and top design will also make it ideal for side sleepers.

Additionally, like some of the other mattress brands, Puffy is also offering an extended trial period. You can check all of the memory foam mattress features, consider its comfort level, and decide whether you will stick with the mattress or send back the mattress in a box.

Highlighted Features

  • Has the right softness level
  • Can offer proper pressure relief
  • Offers relief from joint pain and other aches
  • Features a medium-firm level of firmness
  • Backed up by an extended trial period

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DreamCloud Sleep


Not that many mattress brands out there offer a prolonged trial period. But DreamCloud is not one of those brands.

When it comes to offering a risk-free purchase, the offerings from DreamCloud surely deserve the best mattress spot on this list. All of the options you will find on the site will be backed by an extended trial period. Throughout that period, you can try out the mattresses and consider whether they are for you or not.

Among all of the options, the hybrid mattress and memory foam mattress lineups are the ones that stand out the most. They boast the ability to offer pressure relief. And due to having a good memory foam layer on the top, you will not feel like you are sinking in the mattress. Instead, the options will offer a hugging feeling.

That said, you can play around with the firmness level if you want to. Like the other offerings, their offerings will come in light firmness, medium-firm, and high firmness options. Also, there are twin, xl, full, queen, king, and other size options available. What else could you want from the best mattress?

There is a premium lineup of memory foam mattress options available on the site too. With those, you will not even need a pillow top because it will match the right softness level that will comply with the needs of a wide range of sleepers.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides an extensively long trial period
  • Has great hybrid mattress and memory foam mattress lineups
  • Can effectively offer pressure relief
  • Available in different firmness options
  • Premium lineup of memory foam mattresses is available

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Getting allergic reactions while trying just to get a decent night of sleep on a mattress can be pretty annoying. That is what Naturepedic had factored in when they were shooting for the best mattress spot.

Unlike the other average offerings, the brand has opted for natural mattress materials for the manufacturing process. They have eliminated polyurethane foam and flame retardants from the memory foam mattress and hybrid mattress lineups. As a result, allergic reactions will be out of the equation.

There is a dedicated lineup for kids and babies too. Those will utilize a particular type of organic design that will lower the exposure to toxins and allow the younglings to have a decent night of sleep. Also, the prices of baby mattresses are not exceptionally high. So, you will not have to break your wallet to get one.

That is not all! The adult memory foam mattress also incorporates the same organic design. In fact, some of them have a higher overall breathability level. And that would lead to you sleeping cooler in the warm seasons and cooler in the hottest seasons.

Furthermore, the options for the adult lineup are available in loads of size options. Depending on the bed frame, you can get the twin, xl, full, queen, king, or any other size that you prefer. All of them are standard sizes, which means they will fit perfectly.

Highlighted Features

  • Opts for natural mattress materials
  • Does not utilize polyurethane foam
  • Eliminates flame retardants from the memory foam options
  • Kids and options for babies are available
  • The adult options have a higher breathability rate

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Plush Beds


Like some of the other mattress brands on the list, Plush Beds offer loads of mattress and bed accessories to the market. However, their organic mattresses are the ones that caught our attention the most.

The first thing that makes their offerings a great pick for the best mattress is that the brand relies on only the USDA organic materials. That means you will find natural latex mattress lineups available. Along with that, there are wool and cotton options available too.

Most of their mattresses are available in nine different size options. That includes the twin, xl, full, queen, king, twin xl, California king, and others. So, you will not face any issues trying to get something that will fit your bed frame properly. There are two different firmnesses (medium firmness and medium-firm).

In addition to that, as the options match the organic certifications, there will be no need to worry about allergic reactions either. The design of the bed will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep without having to adjust to a new sleep position.

Furthermore, the accessories that the brand offers go hand in hand with their latex mattresses. So, if you are planning to get yourself a premium sleeping experience with the best mattress, you can check out those accessories.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses USDA organic materials
  • Options meet the organic certifications
  • Comes in nine different size options
  • Offers plenty of bed accessories
  • Two different firmness levels are available

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Layla Sleep


When it comes to offering high-quality mattresses in a box through the internet, one of the brands that will come in most people’s minds is Layla. And that is why the Layla memory foam mattress is so popular among people looking for the best mattress.

As there is no involvement of middlemen, the cost of the mattresses cut down substantially. That means if you were to pick the Layla memory foam mattress, you would be looking to spend a comparatively less amount of money when compared to getting other options from a store.

The price cut down is not the only thing that the manufacturer is shooting for here. The numerous options will let you get something that will meet all of your needs. There are multiple firmness level options available too. It will be possible to get a memory foam mattress with medium-firm or light-firm levels.

Compared to the other competing memory foam mattresses, the offerings of Layla focus more on comfort. The upper layer of the units will conform to the body. Also, thanks to the copper infusion, you will not sweat excessively while lying on one of them. And that trait makes it a worthy pick for the best cooling mattress.

You will find an extended trial period. And in that period, you can test out the comfort, sleeping experience, and overall traits of the firmness of the mattress before planning to sleep on it for the rest of your life.

Highlighted Features

  • Prices are pretty competitive
  • Offers loads of options
  • There are multiple firmness levels available
  • Provides extended trial period
  • Infuses copper technology

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Sweet Night Mattresses


Most of the mattress brands will value quality. That is not a bad thing. However, when raising the quality of the offerings, they make prices go up extensively too. Well, that is not the case for the offerings of Sweet Night.

The manufacturer offers nothing but high-quality materials for the manufacturing process. That not only improves the overall build quality but also raises the durability level. So, even if the manufacturer does not offer a prolonged warranty, you can be assured that these will last for a long time.

There will be no need to opt for a loan just to get one of their offerings. Most of the lineups fall into the budget segment. In fact, the manufacturer is probably offering the cheapest mattresses on this list. And the quality of those offerings is up to the mark as well.

Just like the quality of the materials, the comfort level of the offerings is reasonably high too. The memory foam options will come with an adapted foam layer on the top. That will hug your body and get into the shape of your body. As a result, you will get nothing but a good night’s sleep on top of it.

You will have a good amount of options when it comes to sizes and firmness. And most of their offerings come in the medium-firm level, which is the most demanded option.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Prices are generally in the affordable range
  • Provides a great comfort level
  • Comes in different size options
  • Available in multiple firmness levels

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You might have heard of Purple mattress before. Recently, it has been a pretty hot topic in the industry. But what does it have to offer?

Well, the Purple mattress is the flagship offering from the manufacturer. It is probably one of the best mattresses that you can purchase online. Starting from the build quality to materials, all is at a high level for that model. It will ensure nothing but a decent sleep after a tiring day.

The Purple mattress features two individual breathable GelFlex layer grids. Those will cradle all of the pressure points of your body and offer pressure relief. The chances of you waking up feeling and feeling back pain will be exceptionally low.

In addition to that, the grids will ensure that your body is adequately aligned with the surface. And when your body aligns properly, you are sure to get a redefined sleeping experience. Also, there are 1400 plus air channels present. Those will keep you cool during the extreme summer nights.

Apart from that, the comfort level of the dual-layer foams is pretty high. And the edge support is up to mark. So, even if you plan to sleep with a partner, both of you will get a high level of support.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes high-quality materials
  • Has two GelFlex layers
  • Cradles the body
  • Offers a high level of comfort
  • Features 1400 plus air channels

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The usage of innerspring inside the mattress is pretty common. But what if we told you that there is a brand that offers mattresses with no springs or foam at all? Yes, we are talking about AirWeave.

So what does the manufacturer utilize? Their revolutionary AirFiber. It is a material that will align your spine correctly no matter in which sleep position you lay on it. And the comfort level will increase automatically when the spine is aligned properly.

Additionally, the material is breathable. That means it will keep you cool during the summer and warm you up in the winter. Also, there are medium-firm and extra-firm options available. Those will provide a unique overall sleeping experience compared to regular memory foam.

Even though there are no soft or light-firm options available, the plushness of the available options is just right. It will suit exceptionally well with most of the sleepers. And the level of support they offer is reasonably high.

Thanks to the pressure-relieving properties of the material, you will also wake up feeling refreshed and energized. The material will also allow you to fall asleep quicker by utilizing the proprietary sleep technology.

Highlighted Features

  • Does not have any spring or foam
  • Utilizes a proprietary AirFiber
  • Offers a high level of support
  • Comes in medium-firm and extra-firm options
  • Has pain-relieving properties

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Chemicals and artificial foams are pretty common among some of the regular options. But that is something that you will not find on the offerings of Nolah.

As mentioned, the mattresses do not have a single amount of heat-trapping chemicals that some of the brands rely on. Instead, the memory foam of the brand will ensure that the air can pass through the layers easily, which will let you sleep cool.

The pressure-relieving capability of the options is highly praiseworthy too. Their upper layers will conform to your body and relieve the pressure of the crucial points. So, you can wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day.

There are particular options available for side sleepers as well. In fact, the brand has won plenty of awards for those offerings. Also, you will get a prolonged trial period. Through that specific period, it will be possible to try out all of the essential factors of the mattresses.

Alongside that, the quality of the options is top-notch. They are of high-quality materials and have a reasonably high durability level. That means they will last for an extended amount of time.

Highlighted Features

  • Does not have any toxic chemicals
  • Utilizes a breathable foam
  • Can properly offer the pressure-relieving effect
  • Provides a prolonged trial period
  • Made of high-quality materials

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Most of the mattresses that are on the market will utilize too many fire retardants inside the foams. However, Happsy took a different approach. Want to know more about it? Go through the review!

The amount of toxic chemicals on their offerings is exceptionally low. There is a minimal amount of fire retardants present on the foam. Due to having significantly fewer amount of chemicals and toxins, you will not even have to worry about any allergenic reactions either.

Talking of which, the offerings have the highest organic certifications. And that also means that they have integrated high-quality natural materials. As a result, the durability level increases significantly too.

When it comes to comfort, it is up to the mark. The upper memory foam will be capable of providing the cushioning effect, which will hug your body shape and conform to each of the angels.

Furthermore, the pressure-relieving capability is up to par with the other top-rated mattress. And most importantly, you will not have to pay a hefty price to enjoy all of the benefits that it has to offer.

Highlighted Features

  • Amount of toxic chemicals is exceptionally low
  • Meets the strictest organic certifications
  • Utilizes high-quality materials
  • Exceptionally durable and comfortable
  • Offers proper pressure-relieving effects

Learn more about Happsy

Sweet Zzz Mattress


Unlike some of the other brands that are offering mattresses in the market, Sweet Zzz is fully organic. They have a wide range of products other than mattresses, including sheets. And all of them are eco-friendly. However, what we most liked was what their mattresses could offer for the price.

The flagship offerings of the manufacturer are the Novel Latex Mattress. Its price is pretty competitive and lies under the affordable range, even though the overall construction materials are all eco-friendly.

That said, just because of utilizing eco-friendly materials, the brand did not skimp on quality. All of their mattresses feature a top-notch build quality. The premium quality, along with the eco-friendly construction, is truly something that will offer you the worth of each penny.

Furthermore, the comfort level of the options is reasonably high. You will be capable of purchasing them in the firmness you prefer, including medium-firm. And there are plenty of size options available too.

There is a prolonged trial period too. Thanks to that, your purchase will be risk-free. And if you do not like any of the traits of the mattress, you will be entitled to get your money back without any questions asked.

Highlighted Features

  • Eco-friendly
  • Features a top-notch build quality
  • Comfort level is exceptionally high
  • Backed by a prolonged trial period
  • Available in several firmness options along with the medium-firm

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Helix Sleep


The brand Helix is pretty famous. Their marketing campaigns might have gone through your ears at some point. However, no matter how good the marketing campaigns were, we cared about the quality of the mattresses. And they have managed to amaze us in that regard!

One of the first things that make their offering stand out is the ability to align your body properly. This proper alignment will ensure that you do not face any back pain once you wake up in the morning.

However, that is not all! The proper alignment will keep your spine in the right position, which will make you feel energized and refreshed in the morning — no wonder why it has received so many accolades.

Other than that, the options are generally recommended by doctors. It receives those endorsements because it holds the ability to offer proper support. In fact, it will be capable of providing support in any of the sleeping positions.

You will not even have to worry about risking your money because the unit comes with a reasonably extensive trial period. And in that trial period, if you do not like any of the features, you can get a complete refund!

Highlighted Features

  • Ensures proper alignment
  • Keeps the spine at the right position
  • Offers proper support
  • Can relieve back pain
  • Backed up by a long trial period

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Zoma Sleep


If you are looking for the best mattress that can properly relieve back pain and offer good pressure relief on the crucial points, consider what Zoma Sleep is offering.

Like some of the other brands, the manufacturer is not only providing mattresses. They are also providing pillow covers and other bed accessories. And the fact that amazed us is that their offerings are endorsed by plenty of MLB and NBA players.

But the endorsement will not mean anything if the mattresses are not comfortable to sleep on. And the good news is that they are highly comfortable. They have a proper design that can offer you relief from back pain.

In addition to that, the upper layer of the mattress utilizes a memory foam that will conform to your body’s shape. That will offer pressure relief to the crucial points of your body. As a result, you should wake up feeling refreshed and energized in the morning.

It will be possible to get the mattresses according to your preferred size and firmness level. And yes, it does come in the medium-firm level, which most people look for while looking for a new mattress.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides a wide range of bed accessories
  • Can offer relief from back pain
  • Conforms to your body’s shape
  • Offers pressure relief
  • Comes in medium-firm level and other firmness levels

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One of the things that most look for in a hybrid mattress is the right amount of bounce paired with a high level of comfort. Well, even though many fail to deliver both at the right amount, Amerisleep is a bit different.

So, what makes the offerings from Amerisleep different? First, it utilizes eco-friendly materials. Instead of opting for the chemical foams, the brand has opted for breathable Bio-Pur memory foams. There are eco-friendly plant oils too.

The eco-friendly nature of the hybrid mattress makes it allergy-free. And the amount of firmness is just right for all of the offerings. In fact, some are better than the medium-firm that most of the other brands offer.

That said, there are plenty of hybrid mattress options. The AS3, the top-selling product, ensures both the right amount of bounce and comfort level. Then, there is AS5, which offers a high level of cushioning and back support. That will allow you to wake up in the morning being energized.

Other than that, there is AS2. That specific model will be the right choice for you if you have back pain problems. Also, you will be capable of getting the size that matches your bed frame perfectly because the brand offers all standard sizes.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • Has the right amount of firmness
  • Provides a specific model for back pain
  • Cushioning options are available
  • Comes in all of the standard sizes

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Swanwick Sleep Glasses


Even though the main focus of this list was to focus on mattresses, we found something that can make you sleep better at night, but it is not a mattress. So, what is it actually? And can it make you sleep better at night? Let us describe all of that to you!

After making the purchase, what you will get is a glass that can block out blue light. And blue light is the thing that signals your brain to stay awake and be energized. It basically is the light that will make your brain think it is the day, which is why many struggle to sleep at night.

That said, you will not be looking like a nerd while wearing these glasses. There are a good amount of styles available, and you will be capable of choosing the one that will fit your face correctly.

It also comes in multiple sizes, which are all standard. That means you will not even have to worry about not getting a perfect fit. The lenses come in different colors as well. But all of them can ensure that your eyes are not overexposed to blue light during the night.

Once you start wearing it regularly, you will find it easier to sleep at night. Pair it up with a proper mattress we covered above, and you should sleep like a baby every night.

Highlighted Features

  • Efficiently lowers blue light exposure
  • Helps to sleep better at night
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Different style options are available
  • Lens comes in plenty of colors

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How We Ranked

Choosing the best mattresses for our list was not easy at all. There are plenty of options that seem too good. And most of them are actually too good to be true. How did we know that? Well, we kept these factors in our mind:

Material Type

The first thing that we considered is the material type. Usually, the high-end brands will utilize 100 percent organic cotton. But there are many that will still use synthetic latex. We did not prefer them. Instead, the ones that utilized organic and eco-friendly materials got most of our preferences.


There are plenty of mattresses out there that will utilize organic materials, but the end product, which is the mattress, will not be that high in quality. They will generally utilize cheap quality materials. Considering that, we only prioritized the options that were high in grade and did not have cheap quality materials in them.

Sleep Trial

We consider sleep trials to be essential. It goes without saying that what one might prefer, others might not. That is where these trials come into play. You can test out the comfort, conforming trait, support, and other features before planning to stick with the mattress for the rest of your life.

For that reason, the offerings that did offer this sleeping trial got a higher position on our list. And the ones that provided an extended trial period got a higher overall ranking.


The trial period itself is not good enough. However, many brands will through the warranty out of the equation when they offer that trial.

Consider a scenario where the mattress loses its ability to provide you with the right amount of support as it used to do out of the box after a couple of years. That is when you would want a quick fix, right? Well, warranties will come into play. So, we gave good priority to the mattresses that came with extended warranties.

Value Proposition

The thing is, not all of the buyers will agree to spend thousands of dollars to get a new mattress. And we understand that. Some will want something that comes at a budget price point. However, one of the things that we have learned from our tests is that usually, the cheap offerings are the mediocre ones.

Nonetheless, instead of keeping the price in our mind, we considered the value proposition. If a particular offering provided good value for the money, we ranked it higher.

The Reputation of the Manufacturer

Some of the manufacturers on our list have been around for decades. And they have found a position on our list because they have a good overall track record. The proven history in terms of providing high-quality matters does play an important role. So, our priorities mostly went to those that had a good track record.

Sleep Quiz

Let us face it; many do not know the types of mattresses available and what they are actually suitable for. And many do not want to go through the extra hassle of researching before making a purchase. That is where Quizzes steps in. Those will ask you questions regarding your preference and things you prioritize.

After you complete the questions and answer each correctly, usually, the site will offer the options that are suitable for you. And the brands that offered this convenience got a higher ranking on our list.

Size Options

The bed frame size is not the same for all people looking for a new mattress. And there is really no one size fits all available for bed mattresses. For that reason, having the ability to choose from different sizes is pretty essential.

That said, we did include the options that came in one or two options. Instead, our preference went to the ones that came in multiple sizes. Also, we considered whether the sizes were standard or not. Because without standard sizes, it will not be possible to get a proper fit on your bed.

Firmness Options

Just like the size options, having options regarding firmness is pretty essential. Not everyone will prefer the all-time standard medium-firm level. That is why, before we picked a unit for our list, we considered whether it is available in multiple firmness options or not.

Honest Advertisement

No matter how good the mattresses are, they will not be capable of putting you to sleep in just 5 seconds. That is simply not possible. However, there are some brands that do promote their offering using such a ludicrous promotion. We did not even consider checking them out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of getting a good mattress?

Getting a redefined sleeping experience is the first benefit that you will enjoy after getting a good mattress. Along with that, it will be capable of keeping you in the correct position while you sleep, which will eliminate the chances of you ending up with back problems. Also, you can even enjoy a reduced amount of stress.

How many types of mattresses are there?

Generally, there are three main types of mattresses available out there. The first one is an Innerspring mattress, which will contain springs on the inside. Secondly, there are memory foam mattresses. Those can offer you the feeling of being hugged when you lay on top of it.

Finally, there are latex mattresses. These are the most affordable and durable ones. Also, they most will feature a construction of natural rubber, but some brands might opt for synthetic. Apart from these three, there is another common type of mattress: hybrid mattresses. Those will combine springs and memory foams.

Do good-quality mattresses have better motion separation?

Yes, high-quality options will be capable of separating the motion correctly. That will allow you and your partner to sleep peacefully.

Can mattresses regulate temperature properly?

Good mattresses can regulate the temperature properly. However, there will be some mattresses that will use materials to trap heat. Those will be a nightmare for hot sleepers.

What does the trial period mean?

The trial period means that you can test out the mattress before deciding to keep it for the rest of your life. Usually, most good companies will have a generous refund policy that will let you take full advantage of this period.

Final Words

We know how hard it can be to get the perfect mattress that will meet all your criteria. But we can assure you that each of our offerings on the list is worthy of being renowned as the best mattresses. So, consider the things you prioritize, your budget, and pick one without overthinking.

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