Release Switch Advanced Reviews – Revival Point Weight Loss Supplement?

Release Switch Advanced is a diet pill that claims to help you lose 10 to 85 pounds in weeks with no dieting or exercise.

Using an ancient tribal secret from Kenya, Release Switch Advanced claims to help anyone lose a significant amount of weight regardless of what they eat.

Does Release Switch Advanced really work? Find out everything you need to know about Release Switch Advanced today in our review.


What is Release Switch Advanced?

Release Switch Advanced is a diet pill sold online through FatReleaseSwitch.com

According to the official website, users are recommended to take two capsules of the diet pill daily, to obtain 10 to 85 pounds of weight loss within just “weeks” of taking the supplement for the first time.

Release Switch Advanced also claims to work without diet or exercise. In fact, the company insists you can eat whatever you want – and however much you want – while taking the diet pill. Because the diet pill targets a loophole in your body, there’s no need to diet or exercise at all while taking it. You’re guaranteed to lose weight regardless of your diet or exercise habits.

Obviously, it would be best if you were skeptical of any diet pill promising easy weight loss. The only way to lose weight is by maintaining a caloric deficit. You maintain a caloric deficit by eating fewer calories than you burn. The best way to do that is to exercise (burn more calories) while dieting (eating fewer calories). If you can do this consistently, then you’re more likely to lose weight.

Release Switch Advanced claims otherwise. The makers of Release Switch Advanced claim there’s a shortcut to weight loss. That shortcut is linked to a 5-second breakfast ritual discovered in Kenya.

Release Switch Advanced was made by a nutritional supplement company named Revival Point. You can exclusively buy the diet pill online through its official website at FatReleaseSwitch.com.

The Story Behind Release Switch Advanced

Release Switch Advanced was developed by a man named Frank Rengel.

Frank has worked as a lead researcher for several nutrition companies. He claims to have helped thousands of Americans overcome their health problems. Frank is not a doctor, and it’s unclear what type of business he runs, but he claims to treat patients to help cure their health problems.

Frank had a 67-year old patient named Kathy. Kathy was overweight. She was frustrated: she had tried all types of diet and exercise routines, but nothing worked. Diets let her down over and over again.

Frank started searching for cures for weight loss. He knew Kathy needed something special. He stumbled upon a 5-second breakfast ritual in Kenya initially discovered by a United States military member.

According to Frank, one tribe in Kenya eats a large breakfast every day but never gains weight. He claims they eat a specific ingredient for five seconds with every breakfast, and this ingredient prevents the tribe from losing weight.


Frank claims the active lifestyle of the tribe has nothing to do with their healthy weight. Instead, he claims the secret to weight loss lies in this 5-second breakfast trick.

The Kenyan tribe takes a special type of tea every morning. This Kenyan purple tea extract is rich in antioxidants. Frank claims it’s the secret shortcut to weight loss.

Frank gave this secret ingredient to Kathy, and she quickly lost weight. Frank claims you can expect to lose 10 to 85 pounds within the first few weeks of taking Release Switch Advanced – all without any effort, diet, or exercise required.

Based on the success of Kathy’s treatment, Frank decided to package the formula into a supplement. He called it Release Switch Advanced. Today, anyone can buy the supplement online through FatReleaseSwitch.com.

How Does Release Switch Advanced Work?

Release Switch Advanced claims to take advantage of a biological loophole in your body.

By taking advantage of this loophole, Release Switch Advanced lets you quickly and easily burn fat without dieting, exercising, or making any effort whatsoever.

Typically, diet pills work by supporting your ability to maintain a caloric deficit.

Some diet pills make it easier to burn fat while exercising, for example. They’re thermogenics that increase the rate of calorie burning, helping you lose weight more easily. Caffeine is thermogenic, for example, because it increases your body’s ability to burn fat. Many of the top-rated diet pills contain caffeine.

Other diet pills make it easier to control your diet. For example, they suppress your appetite, making it easier to eat fewer calories, stick to your diet, and maintain a caloric deficit.


Release Switch Advanced claims to work in a completely different way. Instead of increasing calorie burning or reducing your appetite, Release Switch Advanced claims to support weight loss using a biological shortcut based on antioxidants.

Release Switch Advanced gives your body antioxidants, and those antioxidants make it easy to lose weight.

Release Switch Advanced also contains multiple sources of caffeine, including two types of tea leaf extract. Tea extract naturally contains some caffeine, although it’s unclear how much caffeine is in each serving of Release Switch Advanced.

Release Switch Advanced Ingredients

Revival Point discloses all ingredients and dosages upfront, making it easy to compare Release Switch Advanced to other diet pills and scientific studies.

Here are the ingredients in Release Switch Advanced and how they work, according to the official website:

460mg of Green Tea Leaf Extract: Most of Release Switch Advanced consists of green tea leaf extract, a common ingredient found in many other diet pills. Green tea leaf extract is rich in EGCG, a natural compound with antioxidant properties. Studies have linked EGCG to weight loss. Green tea leaf extract also contains a small natural amount of caffeine. Caffeine can help you lose weight by boosting your body’s fat-burning rate (supporting your metabolism). Overall, the green tea leaf extract is one of the world’s most popular diet pill ingredients for a reason.

172mg of Vitamin E: Release Switch Advanced contains a significant vitamin E dose, giving users approximately 400 IU (172mg) of vitamin E. Vitamin E supplements are often advertised as antioxidant support supplements. Vitamin E supports oxidation and inflammation within your body. A good vitamin E supplement contains a dose of 150mg to 200mg of vitamin E, which makes the dose in Release Switch Advanced ideal.

100mg of Kenya Purple Tea Leaf Extract: Release Switch Advanced makes a big deal out of its “5-second” breakfast trick from Kenya. According to Release Switch Advanced, tribespeople in Kenya take purple tea leaf extract daily to support health and wellness. The company has added 100mg of Kenya purple tea leaf extract to Release Switch Advanced to help you lose weight. Because of this ingredient, the company claims you can lose 10 to 85 pounds within weeks of taking Release Switch Advanced.

100mg N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine: Release Switch Advanced contains N-acetyl-l-cysteine, a natural compound that helps your body build antioxidants. Also abbreviated as NAC, the ingredient is linked to pain relief, inflammation, and disease risk, among other effects. By supporting antioxidants throughout your body, NAC could help support normal inflammation while targeting free radicals.

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100mg of Quercetin: Quercetin is a popular antioxidant found in anti-aging supplements, diet pills, and other compounds. Studies show that quercetin can support oxidation and inflammation within your body. Inflammation is linked with disease, weight, aging, and overall health and wellness.

100mg of Horseradish Root: Horseradish root is not a common diet pill ingredient. However, you can find some horseradish supplements that claim to support overall health and wellness. Some even claim to target specific diseases. Horseradish root has been used for centuries as traditional medicine.

Other (Inactive) Ingredients: Gelatin (for the capsule), silica, magnesium stearate, and microcrystalline cellulose (as fillers, binders, and preservatives to hold the formula together).


Scientific Evidence for Release Switch Advanced

There’s no scientific evidence supporting any of the claims made on the Release Switch Advanced sales page. The company does not cite any references supporting its claims, and Release Switch Advanced has not completed any trials, studies, or lab tests to verify its safety or efficacy.

Even the world’s best diet pills will not lead to 85 pounds of weight loss within weeks. In fact, even if you stopped consuming all calories today, you’re unlikely to lose 85 pounds of weight in a few weeks. This type of weight loss is unrealistic.

And, even the world’s best diet pills will not help you lose weight without diet or exercise. Diet pills complement the effects of diet and exercise, making it easier to maintain a caloric deficit. Few diet pills work without diet and exercise. Even fewer diet pills work while letting you eat whatever you like – and however much you like. Release Switch Advanced claims you can eat whatever you want while still losing a significant amount of weight, and there’s no evidence supporting this claim.

Some of the ingredients in Release Switch Advanced could help you lose weight.

In this 2014 study, researchers analyzed the effects of green tea supplements on weight loss. Researchers reviewed dozens of studies on green tea and weight loss. The studies involved a total of 1,582 participants. After analyzing all of these studies and hundreds of patient results, researchers concluded that green tea could lead to 0.2 to 3.5kg (0.4 to 7.7lbs) more weight loss than placebo over a 12 week period.

Researchers believe green tea extract works by suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism, and supporting calorie burning, among other effects. However, they did not find this weight loss statistically significant – and it’s much less than the 10 to 85 pounds of weight loss advertised by the makers of Release Switch Advanced.

Green tea leaf extract can be found in many diet pills, but Kenyan purple tea extract is less common. Kenyan purple tea extract has been prized in recent years for its rich levels of antioxidants. Studies show that Kenyan purple tea extract could have higher antioxidant potential than other teas, making it valuable for supporting various health and wellness benefits. You can buy Kenyan purple tea from many tea companies. You can also buy it online in supplement form.

In this 2015 study, researchers analyzed the weight loss effects of purple tea. Researchers gave purple tea or a placebo to mice and humans, then observed significant BMI reduction, body weight, body fat mass, abdominal fat, body fat ratio, waist size, and hip size, among other metrics. Researchers observed no significant side effects in the mice or human groups. Based on that study results, researchers concluded that purple tea “could control diet-induced weight gain” by suppressing fat absorption and enhancing fat burning.

Other studies show purple tea works because it contains similar compounds to green tea – including EGCG and caffeine. It also contains anthocyanins, which are natural plant-based chemicals that give the tea its distinctive purple color.

It’s important to note that Kenyan purple tea is a new type of tea. It’s not centuries old, and it’s not part of ancient tribal medicine in Kenya. Kenya’s government isolated a mutation of tea 40 years ago as part of a public and private partnership with tea makers in the country. The tea grows at elevations of 4,500 to 7,500 feet in the Nandi Hills of Kenya. This high elevation exposes the tea to high UV levels, increasing the tea’s natural defense against UV radiation, leading to higher antioxidant levels. The tea originally comes from China – not Kenya. Tea makers found it grew effectively in Kenya.

Overall, Release Switch Advanced contains ingredients that could help support your weight loss goals, including green tea and purple tea extracts linked to weight loss. However, they’re unlikely to lead to 10 to 85 pounds of weight loss without diet and exercise, which are the weight loss results advertised by Revival Point.

Release Switch Advanced Pricing

Release Switch Advanced is priced at around $49.95 per bottle, although the price drops to $44.95 per bottle (when ordering 3 bottles) or $37.45 per bottle (when ordering 6 bottles).

Here’s how pricing breaks down at the official website:

1 Bottle: $49.95 + $8.95 Shipping

3 Bottles: $134.85 + Free US Shipping

6 Bottles: $224.70 + Free US Shipping

All bottles come with 60 capsules (30 servings). You take two capsules per day to lose 10 to 85 pounds within the first few weeks of taking Release Switch Advanced.


Release Switch Advanced Refund Policy

Release Switch Advanced has a 60-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 60 days.

You do not need to return the bottle to complete the refund process. If you don’t lose 10 to 85 pounds within the first few weeks of taking Release Switch Advanced, or if you’re unhappy with the results of the diet pill for any reason, then you can request a complete refund.

Email the company to initiate the refund process, and the company will refund the purchase.

About Revival Point

Release Switch Advanced was created by a company named Revival Point, LLC.

The formula itself was created by a man named Frank Rengel. Frank has served as the lead researcher for several large nutrition companies. Today, he uses that experience to treat patients at some practice. Frank discovered the cure for weight loss in a Kenyan village. He packaged the ingredients into Release Switch Advanced, then partnered with Revival Point to sell the supplement online.

Revival Point, LLC is a supplement company registered to an address in Brooklyn, New York.

There’s limited information online about Revival Point, where the company manufactures its supplements or sourced ingredients. It’s unclear if Frank Rengel has any medical or nutritional certifications – or if he even exists.

You can contact Revival Point via the following:

Email: help@revivalpointllc.com

Mailing Address: 223 Bedford Ave, Suite 2067, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

Final Word

Release Switch Advanced is a diet pill that uses Kenyan tea extract to help you lose weight.

The diet pill claims to activate a fat-burning loophole within your body. By activating that loophole, Release Switch Advanced claims to help you lose 10 to 85 pounds of weight within “weeks” of taking the supplement for the first time.

Better yet, Release Switch Advanced claims to work while eating whatever you like and however much you like. The company also does not recommend exercising. Just take Release Switch Advanced daily, then lose a substantial amount of weight.

There’s no scientific evidence supporting any of the claims made on the Release Switch Advanced sales page. However, the diet pill is backed by a 60-day refund policy. If you don’t lose 10 to 85 pounds within weeks of taking Release Switch Advanced, then you are entitled to a complete refund – and you don’t need to return the bottles to complete the refund process. To learn more about Release Switch Advanced, visit the official website to get all the details.

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