ProMind Complex Reviews – Does It Work? Real Consumer Warning!

ProMind Complex Reviews – Does It Work? Real Consumer Alert!


ProMind Complex is a daily formula for brain health to improve focus and concentration, as well as memory. This remedy includes natural ingredients, and every serving only needs to be taken once a day to get the desired results.

What is ProMind Complex?

Everyone has different minds. The brain has come up against different environmental compounds and has been constructed from different genetic lines. No two brains are in exactly the same state, as there are many ways the mind can be damaged through the years. Even small things (like not enough sleep) can completely change the way that the mind heals each night. The use of ProMind Complex aims to help users restore the nourishment the brain needs for this cognition.

Carl Henderson – the creator of ProMind Complex and a psychology professor from Texas – explains that ProMind Complex supports the health of the mind, ensuring that the user can reduce the risk of mental fatigue and improve their creativity. Consumers may slowly see progress in their concentration, their mental clarity, and more.

This formula, though it looks a lot like a nootropic remedy, focuses on better brain health in a way that is both natural and effective. With the right combination of ingredients, consumers will notice that their overall connection between the brain and the rest of the body improves. In fact, some of the ingredients reduce stress, manage weight loss, and keep other organs functioning optimally as well.


Natural Ways to Improve the Memory

Along with the use of supplements, consumers can make healthier habits to make a difference in the way the memory reacts. The main tip that consumers get is that they need to hydrate better during the day with water. The brain needs water, which is only made more necessary by coffee or even alcohol that some may consume each day.

Carl also recommends using mnemonic devices and paying close attention to the sensory details around them. Mnemonic devices are a technique that people apply to remember information more easily, like a song to recall mathematical equations or a jingle to remember a name. These methods allow consumers to exercise their mental connections, rather than just supporting it with better nutrients. Some people even practice reading aloud to keep the connection strong with a simple verbal exercise.

Consumers that truly want to see the difference in their mind should abstain from the irritants that can bring it down, including the consumption of beer/wine or smoking cigarettes. These irritants introduce toxins that can inhibit everything from the way that the body processes calories to the damage in the teeth. With healthier habits come a far healthier mind.

What Ingredients Are Used for ProMind Complex’s Benefits?

The website doesn’t provide a full list, but all ingredients are said to be gently blended into the formula. The ingredients in the ProMind Complex seem to be:

  • Huperzine A
  • Ginkgo biloba leaf
  • Vinpocetine
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Here’s how each one of these ingredients impact the body.


Huperzine A

Huperzine A, which comes from Chinese club moss, primarily is used to promote sharp memory, and improve the overall function of the brain. However, rather than just supporting mental function in individuals with otherwise healthy bodies, this ingredient has an incredible impact on the minds of individuals with age-related mental decline, including individuals with dementia.

Most researchers recommend continuing to use huperzine A for at least 8 weeks to see a clear change in their brain health. However, there is still much more research to be done before a definitive difference in the use of this ingredient for treatment.

Ginkgo biloba leaf

Ginkgo biloba leaf is a common ingredient for nootropic remedies, primarily for the support it offers the heart and circulatory system first. It has been shown to improve the health of the brain as well, promoting better function and reducing the risk of conditions like dementia and psychiatric disorders. In some cases, ginkgo biloba leaf reduces anxiety as well. The increased ability to promote blood flow is likely the reason for all of these benefits, though some research links improve blood flow to better sexual performance in men.

Apart from mental cognition and mental health, this leaf has been connected to improvements in vision and the health of the eyes.


Vinpocetine, like ginkgo biloba leaf, supports the blood flow in the body, so it elicits many of the same reactions, starting with the circulation of blood through the brain. Though it is partially synthesized (and, therefore, not entirely natural), it helps with memory retention within the brain. Researchers still have to learn more about the body’s reaction to vinpocetine to see if it is reliable enough for consistent cognitive benefits, but many supplements already include it.

Along with the benefits for the brain, vinpocetine also increases the metabolism. This formula isn’t marketed as a weight loss remedy at all, so it is unclear if a significant enough portion of vinpocetine is included to create this effect.

Despite the many ways that vinpocetine improves the cognition of the user, there are some countries that have banned it entirely (including Australia, New Zealand, and Canada).


Phosphatidylserine, which can be included in its own supplement, is a common solution for individuals suffering from attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as anxiety and depression. Due to the way that it protects brain cells. This fatty substance is essential to carry messages between the cells, ensuring that the mind stays as sharp as ever as the body ages.

One of the other roles that phosphatidylserine takes on is the way that it reduces cortisol from being produced in such significant amounts. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and high levels of cortisol can make it difficult to relax and to rest at night. Without rest and with high stress, focusing on anything is difficult, so any ingredient that reduces the hormone is crucial for brain health.

In some cases, reducing stress means that consumers don’t deal with cravings for unhealthy foods (which is common when stress is high). With so many benefits, phosphatidylserine is a staple for many nootropic formula and weight loss remedies alike.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort is a plant, and the extract from it has been used in many medicines and supplements. The majority of the reason that consumers take this ingredient is because of the mental health support that it offers. Helping individuals with moderate depression, it is included as an over-the-counter remedy on its own, though no prescription or approval from the pharmacy is required to take ProMind Complex. Unfortunately, like many other remedies for depression, it is possible that this ingredient will lead to weight gain in some circumstances.

In some situations, using St. John’s wort can help with anxiety and sleep issues. The nerve tonic is especially helpful to anyone that wants improved alertness or struggles to keep energy up throughout the day.

Having any kind of side effect from taking St. John’s wort is relatively uncommon. However, if consumers take too much for too long, some of the problems that can occur include headache, dry mouth, confusion, and dry mouth (among others). Individuals

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri provides users with substantial antioxidants, which means that users will see major changes in the buildup of toxins that can irritate the body. It also reduces inflammation, which can occur in the digestive system, brain, and many other areas. The ingredient is mostly meant to increase brain function, helping it to process information with greater efficiency. Basically, the mind will work faster and process information more efficiently.

In some cases, this ingredient can improve blood pressure levels as well. However, when taken for too long, dry mouth and fatigue can occur.


N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine is necessary to help the body create its own energy levels. It is already found in many remedies for mental disorders, covering a surprisingly broad array of issues. Alzheimer’s disease and depression in older patients are the two most common conditions that this ingredient can help with, but it also deals with memory loss and the cognition of alcoholics.

Thinking issues that are impacted or exacerbated by liver function and Lyme disease can also get support from N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

Purchasing a One-Month Supply of ProMind Complex

For consumers that want to start using ProMind Complex, the official website offers a few different packages. For one bottle, users will only have to cover $69 for the bottle, since the creators cover the cost of shipping for these orders.

The creators recommend keeping up with this formula for several months to notice a clear change, which is why they also have a three-bottle package for $177 ($59 each) and a six-bottle package for $294 ($49 each).

If consumers find that they don’t improve their general cognition, they can get a refund within 60 days of the original purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions About ProMind Complex

How does ProMind Complex help the body?

The key to the benefits of this supplement is that the ingredients primarily protect the brain from decline that often occurs with age. It also eliminates the plaque that can damage the connections within the brain. It enhances the memory and mental clarity alike.

Can consumers find ProMind Complex in stores?

No. The only way that consumers can make a ProMind Complex purchase is to visit the official website. The formula isn’t available from any other source.

What are the side effects of ProMind Complex?

There are none! This formula is made with natural ingredients that are proven to be safe. However, since this formula includes St. John’s wort, individuals that take certain medications (like formulas for heart disease or anti-rejection drugs) may want to speak with their doctor before adding it to their routine.

What ingredients are in ProMind Complex?

ProMind Complex includes huperzine A, vinpocetine, ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylserine, St. John’s wort, bacopa monnieri, and N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

How often do user’s need to take a dose of ProMind Complex?

Users only need to take one capsule with each dose, but it can be taken up to twice a day to get a strong reaction.

The customer service team is available for any other concerns by filling out the online form at https://promindcomplex.com/.

Thoughts on ProMind Complex’s Formula

ProMind Complex provides users with a wealth of ingredients that can positively impact the brain. With ingredients that support mental cognition and the healing of age-related damage, this formula makes the user feel more alert without any caffeine. Instead, the ingredients help with the connections between brain cells, which is essential in memory recall.

While there are some side effects associated with overuse of certain ingredients, users that follow the instructions will not likely experience any adverse reaction. Consumers that currently take a medication may want to speak with their doctor before adding ProMind Complex to their routine.

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