Online Tarot Reading: Best Tarot Card Reading Websites for Love, Career Destiny Predictions

Tarot card reading is a profession in which gifted sources provide people with guidance or insight into their past, present, or future. It aids in bringing more clarity to your life in terms of love, career, finances, marriage, relationships, and family. It also serves to reassure you that you are on the right track or that no matter what happens, you will be fine. Even though tarot card readings do not guarantee exact future predictions, expert psychic readings based on the order of the cards can demonstrate what life will be like in the future. It facilitates better decisions and helps people get clarity. A good tarot card reader uses divine cards to present accurate acumen about a person’s health and well-being, leading the person toward success and self-sustainability.

As mentioned previously, tarot card reading is an ancient concept. In the modern age though, practitioners and audiences have moved entirely to the cloud platform for tarot card readings. In this day and age, you can easily get a tarot reading online by phone, video call, or even mobile chat. By hiring carefully screened and reviewed professionals, online tarot readings reduce the chances of scams. Then again, we believe it is always better to be safe than sorry. We have therefore compiled a comprehensive guide on the Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites of 2022.

Trusted Online Tarot Card Reading Sites For Reliable Guidance

Keen Psychics Has great reviews, offers extremely accurate love tarot readings, and only costs $1.99 for 10 minutes

Kasamba Perfect for those just getting started with tarot readings with 3 minutes free + 50% off

Psychic Source Reliable tarot readers with very high standards, reasonable rates, and 3 minutes free

California Psychics Trusted tarot readers providing accurate predictions at $1/minute.

In case you are still unsure, the detailed reviews in the following section will help you to decide. Each platform’s key features and deals will be discussed in detail.

All right, let’s get started!

#1. Keen – Best Overall Tarot Reading Site


Keen Psychics is known for having excellent reviews, having qualified professionals, and focusing predominantly on customer satisfaction. It is ideal for those seeking love advice or tarot reading. It’s affordable for people in all income brackets because of offers like 10 Minutes For Only $1.99.

Keen Psychics provides online psychic readings for the general public that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. In case you are looking for a truly risk-free forum, Keen Psychic is the place to go. Tarot Reading here is affordable for most people based on the per-minute price. You can access the service by phone or online for a price that ranges from $1.99 to $3.99. Keen Psychics is the answer to searches for free online tarot readings accurately.

Keen Psychics understands that clairvoyance is a gift that manifests differently for different individuals. In this respect, their psychics have a detailed profile explaining their specialties, skills, and approaches.

Specialize in breakups and divorce, career and work, destiny and life path, love, relationships, and money. Among the skills and methods are Tarot, Clairvoyant, Empath, Clairaudient, Dream Exploration, etc.

Those interested in acquiring tarot card reading from Keen Psychics will need to create an account by providing this website with their country, time zone, email address, name, and phone number. Individuals will be taken to the main page once they have enrolled on this portal and provided the basic information.

Immediately after picking out a tarot card reader , you can either click the call or chat icon, according to their inclinations. There is no ground for concern about Keen Psychics tarot card reading guidance since millions of tarot readings have been conducted over the years. As well as for the tarot card readings online, Keen psychics also provide a variety of psychic interpretation support that includes comprehensive psychic talks, spiritual discussions, along with online horoscope and palm readings.

There are diverse ways to perform tarot reading payments on the Keen Psychic analysis website, which include making a payment through your PayPal account along with completing payment using a credit or debit card from any reputable financial institution. In terms of ratings and reviews, Keen Psychics is the most favored and liked online tool to receive psychic readings near me. Millions and billions of people appreciate their services worldwide. The contracting and hiring process is another thing that sets Keen Psychics apart from other related websites.


  • The advisory telephone number to reach advisors or manage accounts when the internet is not available.
  • Exciting introductory offers.
  • Psychic profiles in depth.
  • A psychic matching tool that assists users in finding the best online tarot card readers for them after answering a few basic questions.
  • Maintain the privacy and safety of individuals.
  • Providing various filters for customers’ convenience.
  • Perfect for love tarot reading online

Learn more at Keen.com

#2. Kasamba – Recommended For Love Readings


It has 20 years of experience in the field, making Kasamba a trustworthy and authentic source of tarot readings. The company offers three free minutes as well as 50% off for new customers, making it suitable for new users. Their free online tarot card reading service allows new customers to choose from hundreds of well-qualified professionals.

In the field of online tarot card readings, Kasamba psychics hold a distinguished and exceptional position. For more than 20 years, this portal has dominated the tarot reading business with a consistent standard of quality and reliability. Kasamba psychics are so prominent that it is the primary name that people think of when they are looking for the most authoritative and accurate tarot reading platform.

Tarot card readers on the Kasamba website are enormously skilled at delivering engaging online tarot card readings as well as various other different types of psychic renderings, including rune stone readings, palm readings, numerology, and horoscope reviews. In addition to this, Kasamba is the most beneficial tarot card reading online portal that has created a reputation for providing the most genuine and out-of-the-box love tarot card readings.

Hence, people who have questions or perplexities concerning love, marriage, or relationships should always visit Kasamba psychics, as they can help them in dealing with all their love and relationship-related concerns. It can further be said that this online tarot reading website is the most reasonably priced portal that a user can receive over the cloud platform today.

These low rates can be explained mainly by the fact that the tarot card readers who are making use of the Kasamba Psychics platform are required to set their prices around the Kasamba in-house pricing criteria. Kasamba Psychics provides tarot card reading for as little as $1 per minute and as high as $6 per minute. The price depends on how much support a user requires, what type of tarot readings an individual likes, and how proficient the reader of tarot cards is.

Furthermore, each individual who signs up at the Kasamba portal receives the first 3 minutes of their first online free tarot reading, regardless of which skilled tarot card expert they choose, along with a 50% discount on all initial online appointments. Kasamba knows many patrons are reluctant to spend large sums of money on online tarot reading, as they do not have any idea as to how such sessions will go.

By providing an impression of how the tarot card reading concourse is conducted, the opening free minutes serve as an opportunity for people to break out of this unwillingness. When they feel that the concourse is worth the effort, they may progress further with it. Then as soon as those free minutes end, they will be charged according to the rates set by that particular psychic. Instead, if they are not satisfied with their tarot reading, they can stop the session immediately within these complimentary three minutes. In the event of dissatisfaction with the interpretation session, the total price will be refunded to the patron’s account immediately.

There are two other kinds of tarot reading assistance presented by Kasamba – cartomancy and angel card reading. In the case of cartomancy, tarot card specialists seek to assist individuals with complicated matters, such as relationship concerns and love. One can also receive explanations concerning future events, wealth, and health. Alternatively, angel-card readings may refer to the guardian spirit, departed family, and spirit exhibitors to understand insightful communications.

Kasamba offers a smooth process for creating an online client account. All a person needs to do is fill in details on an online form with basic information such as contacts, initials, and email addresses. Kasamba Psychics immediately forwards the inserted data to the central webpage, where clients can look for their ideal tarot card reader and schedule a consultation with them.

In addition to this, it maintains a strict vetting process when hiring and employing a tarot card reader on the website. Kasamba’s management team considers a variety of factors before selecting a tarot card reader, such as checking the background of the candidate, their areas of expertise, and their exceptional abilities. Kasamba tarot card readers can be contacted over the telephone or by text contact, or even by holding a brief email conversation to get the details of their blazing desires.

Kasamba knows that new users can be skeptical about tarot card readers and the quality of the assistance they can receive, particularly if they have not been through such an experience. As a result, it provides a client-friendly portal where visitors can navigate through diverse assistance options and assess the entire interface of spiritual tarot readers before selecting how to proceed.

Profiles of all tarot readers who are affiliated with Kasamba Psychics are prominently displayed on the main page. One can skim through the profiles of distinct tarot card readers and take a look at their tarot reading style along with their charges and the comments and reviews left by the previous patrons. Additionally, Kasamba Psychics has successfully provided nearly two million tarot reading online to date on diverse subjects.

Furthermore, Kasamba includes a unique mobile application that enables its users to access tarot readings from anywhere across the globe. They also regularly post blog entries on their portal as a means of educating and informing their patrons.

Online tarot readers at Kasamba have the gift of furnishing people with the answers they seek. It is well known that this portal is appreciated and used across the world by individuals looking for some splendid guidance in the direction of improving their lives.


  • The chances of scams and fraud are therefore slim as it is a renowned brand.
  • Unlike other Tarot card reading sites, this one offers new users three free minutes and 50% off. The free 3 minutes with each new psychic help them find the right psychic for them.
  • Policy on Customer Satisfaction.
  • A transparent fee structure, customer ratings, and review process.
  • Detailed articles explaining every aspect of psychic readings, mediumship, and tarot card reading.
  • A convenience feature is the ability to receive automatic notifications about the availability of psychics.

Learn more at Kasamba.com

#3. Psychic Source – Best For Overall Life Decisions


Provides phone consultations, video calls, and online chats, depending on the user’s comfort and preferences, delivered by dexterous, attested psychic readers and seers. Furthermore, the elaborate reviews and ratings demonstrate the experience of the skilled tarot readers recruited by them. On top of that, new users receive a huge 75% discount on their first full tarot reading.

There’s no doubt that sites like Psychic Source have helped make online tarot reading popular because they strive to provide users with a great experience. The best part about Psychic Source is its Customer Care Specialists, who are available 24/7 to answer every question and concern patiently. As part of their commitment to interaction and customer engagement, the dedicated staff of psychic sources makes using this online readings service a hassle-free experience.

Most users, especially those who are older, are neither tech-savvy nor comfortable navigating the website’s different features. Customer Care Specialists at Psychic Source understand this concern, and they answer any questions you might have, including How do I choose a psychic? What do I need to do to get a tarot reading? Is there anyone I can turn to if I have problems? Is free tarot reading possible?

Unlike most other online tarot card reading websites, Psychic Source uses the tried, tested, and effective method of helplines to answer people’s questions. It is, therefore, more accessible and inclusive this way. Psychic Source’s Customer Service team is not outsourced; rather, they are an integral part of the team. They simplify the task of reading the cards by taking care of the most pressing concern: finding the right psychic. They have added a ‘Find a Psychic’ tool that scans through hundreds of Psychics to find the ideal one for people’s problems. The test is simple to perform. All we need to do is answer a few questions, and the tool will scan several psychics in seconds and present us with our results.

Online tarot reading services emphasize customer satisfaction, which is why they’ve put in place a Satisfaction Guarantee plan to ensure you’re compensated well and should be satisfied with your tarot reading. As a result, trust and authenticity grow.

Life is messy and confusing when it comes to love. There is a separate section of Psychic Source devoted exclusively to love tarot card reading made for people with love problems, so they may visit if they are experiencing difficulties in their love life. They offer a category of love tarot readings to solve the problem.

Psychic Source provides tarot card readings via telephone, email, and video. The code of Ethics they maintain ensures that the guidance they provide is not a scam. They know that privacy and safety are important; therefore, all calls are offered safely and securely. Every step is handled by professionals who maintain confidentiality.

A Tarot card reading can be quite challenging if the person doesn’t feel comfortable. In this regard, Psychic Source understands that it is crucial to make people feel comfortable before a reading can take place. Each of the tarot card readers and psychic readers has a detailed profile that includes their specialties, tools, reading styles, years of experience, regular schedule, and appointment information.

Customers evaluate and rate tarot card readers, which is published on their profiles for others to assess and decide. Customer endorsements are also available with some psychics.

Psychic Source aims to keep tarot card reading online transparent. Therefore, a psychic’s profile displays the per-minute fee for calls, chats, and videos. Additionally, they aim to educate and inform their readers on different aspects of clairvoyance and cover topics such as love, relationships, family, career, finances, loss, and grief. There are also sections on tarot guide, numerology guide, energy healing guide, astrology guide, as well as podcasts and infographics.

The services they offer are excellent, which makes them one of the best websites for tarot card readings online. Additionally, they have an exciting deal of 10 Minutes for just $1.99. By offering different filters, search options, sorting tools, and filters for different psychic types, they make the platform more convenient and easy to navigate.

Psychic Source has been providing clairvoyant tarot card reading successfully for over 30 years. It is one of the most popular brands in tarot card reading. Professionals with experience in tarot readings are subjected to a stringent screening process to minimize the chances of fraud.

Therefore, Psychic Source is one of the best websites for tarot card readings because of its transparency, authenticity, dedication to customer satisfaction, and ease of use.


  • A variety of filters to make the search process easier and faster.
  • Read the tarot and psychics’ predictions with authentic readings from top-rated psychics.
  • It is well suited for beginners who are just getting started with tarot readings.
  • To assist you with any concerns you may have, they have Customer Care Specialists on hand 24 hours a day.
  • Tarot card reading articles providing comprehensive information about the field of divination and tarot reading.
  • Provides a satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get the best value for your money.
  • Find a tarot reader or psychic using ‘Find a Psychic Tool’ as convenient and hassle-free as possible.

Learn more at Psychic-source.com

#4. California Psychics – Spreading Guidance For A Better Future


California Psychics provides its customers with both an online resource and an app. The cross-platform usability of this company is a critical asset to attracting customers from a younger generation who usually harbor more skepticism about psychic a

California Psychics, founded in the 1990s, is yet another trustworthy and reliable site offering authentic tarot card reading online. As one of the older tarot card reading platforms, California psychics have recently accomplished 25 years in the business and have helped people make their lives more joyful and fulfilling since then.

Professional tarot card readers working at California psychics unceasingly cater to their client’s needs in the most comprehensive, even-handed manner. In terms of the topics demanded by individuals, the tarot readings provided by California psychics are extremely clear and precise.

By offering these solutions, the tarot readers provide straight-aligned paths to guide people’s lives and support them to walk the path with aplomb. Its remarkable capability to deliver astoundingly professional tarot card readings and business-related interpretations is what makes it a leader in the online tarot card readings field. California Psychics’ pricing is low-priced and cost-effective when compared to the superior quality of their services.

California psychics begin their tarot readings for a meager $1, and their rate only grows to $30 by the time the minute is over. Furthermore, a special and unique discount code “ADD5”, which can easily be found on the site, is available to facilitate a supplementary concession at California Psychics. Also, this unique promo code will enable patrons to enjoy complimentary perks and copious discounts during the tarot reading event.

California Psychics offers a conventional pricing plan that is divided into three classes: Preferred, Popular, and Premium. After determining his or her spending capacity, an individual can select from the pricing plans listed. The reliability of the platform and the detailed tarot reading assistance provided via telephone are other reasons why countless people choose it around the world.

This website’s tarot card readers are so proficient that they can provide people with insightful perspectives just by listening to their comments over the phone. Although there are other options available if one prefers to not receive the tarot readings over the phone, such as contacting the website by email or engaging in video chat with the psychic.

California Psychics’ platform offers patrons the option to quickly sign up on the site or download the Android and IOS app for a more convenient user interface. For those looking for on-the-spot support without signing up on the cloud platform, people can simply call the toll-free number. A friendly customer support team will be at the customer’s service immediately after dialing the number and will advise the customer on the correct tarot card reading and reader according to their needs.

If, however, an individual wishes to pick their tarot card, he or she can get a glimpse at the tables of tarot readers on the California Psychics site or scan the evaluations bestowed by past clients to choose their liked tarot reader for a free online tarot card reading accurately.

To date, the final evaluations of California Psychics have surpassed, and it is the most excellent tarot card reading website that seeks to make people’s lives better by providing them with the best tarot card readings assistance.

Furthermore, the Tarot card readers serving at this portal are required to follow strict privacy guidelines. There is a policy at this platform that all tarot card readers must ensure they never share any secluded tarot readings data with any outsider nor third-party web portal.

With a combination of relevant expertise sets and divine psychic devices, the professional psychics at California Psychics offer a profound understanding of every enigma of the people.


  • Tarot readers and psychics are only recruited after passing a rigorous application and screening process.
  • Users can learn about clairvoyance through blogs and a Psychic Dictionary section on this site.
  • Tarot card reading at a price that is suitable for people from all income levels.
  • Blog pages have filters, sorting tools, and subcategories for psychics, tools, and styles.

Learn More at California-Psychics.com

How Are Online Tarot Card Readings Better Than In-Person Tarot Readings?

Both online and at a local store you can get accurate free tarot readings, but the former is more reliable.

To begin with, it is easier to verify the credentials, qualifications, and experience of experts in online tarot card reading. A team of professionals screens and vets them. You can also read reviews from other users to get a sense of what to expect.

In addition, online portals offer a wide range of expert choices. This gives you the option of working with the professional of your choice without having to pay for it out of pocket. Tarot readings near me can be hard to find because independent experts usually have very busy schedules, and it can be difficult to book an appointment.

Online tarot card reading doesn’t require you to travel for them, unlike offline readings. In addition, new users can typically get free tarot reading on most platforms. So, before paying for a tarot reading online, you will be able to get a free consultation from a variety of practitioners.

Furthermore, online psychic services are known for maintaining absolute confidentiality.

All these factors together make it easier and more efficient to pick up a tarot cards reader online rather than getting a tarot card reading near you.

So, are you ready to discover an expert who reads your tarot cards correctly?

Online Tarot Card Reading (FAQs)

Here are some most popular questions and answers relates to tarot card reading

How To Prepare For An Online Tarot Reading?

Preparation is key before any tarot card reading session because the accuracy of the tarot reading and its effectiveness in improving your life depends on your questions. It is possible to learn about yourself as well as your current predicament by asking the right questions.

To do that, however, you must first reflect and decide what you want from the session. What are you looking for? Is there any trouble or confusion that plagues you? In many cases, we are unable to explain what we are feeling. Before attending a session, it is important to sit with ourselves and honestly assess our feelings and concerns. This way, we can communicate our concerns and worries effectively.

When the tarot reader knows what you expect from them, they will be able to help you more effectively. Recording the session can help one recall important points.

Do Free Tarot Reading Websites Provide Accurate Readings?

Yes, Keen psychics, California psychics, Kasamba, and Psychic Source are held in high regard in the online psychic community.

Psychic readers at best free psychic reading sites offer accurate and well-experienced readings. However, accuracy cannot be guaranteed 100%.

Tarot readings are a hit-or-miss proposition. The only thing it reveals is future possibilities. Individual choices influence the future. It is only when you choose the right reader, one that you feel at ease with, that the reader will be able to make better predictions. In cases where the psychic reader’s style doesn’t mesh with the client’s energy, the reading will be compromised. Therefore, choose wisely.

What Options Are Available For An Online Tarot Reading?

Three formats of Tarot readings are available online: by phone call, by chat, or by video call. The methods of connecting to a website are listed on each website. Different websites charge differently for each medium.

  • Tarot readings by phone- People who prefer a phone call connect with their psychic reader more deeply than through a chat session.
  • Tarot readings by chat- Individuals can chat with the psychic reader if a voice or video call is out of their comfort zone. It’s just like conversing with a friend via a chat window. Client comfort is the main goal during the session.
  • Tarot readings by video call- Video calls are a good option if one prefers face-to-face communication. Making eye contact with the psychic reader and watching how they pull the , how they interpret them, and how they respond is one way that may assist the individual in proceeding with the conversation to achieve the best results.

Final Words

Despite the numerous tarot card reading online platforms accessible, along with this considerable and most extensively enquired information regarding an online tarot card reading, people may narrow their required leads down to these four above-mentioned tarot reading addresses packed with the most proficient readers. Using this information, choosing a tarot card reading and a tarot reader that consistently guides one on the right path will be a much easier decision.

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