12 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites: Find Accurate Psychic Readings Online About Love, Relationships, Money More

Having a psychic reading is a great way to get some insight into your personal or professional life. But are online psychic readings the real deal?

How do you know which sites are legit and which to be wary of?

Well, that’s what we’re going to cover in our review of the best online psychic reading sites for chat, email, or phone readings.

So let’s get to it!

How We Chose the Best Psychic Readings Sites

Best Customer Reviews

We combed through psychic user forums, looked up online app reviews, and in platform reviews of a wide variety of psychics sites to gauge and pick psychic sites that had the most average positive customer reviews.

More often than not, largely positive customer reviews are the main pointer of a reputable psychic reading platform.

Most Variety of Readings

We browsed through tons of online psychic platforms and singled out those that offered a wide range of psychic readings.

From the more popular ones like Love, Money, Career, and more. To more unique ones like Mediumship, Numerology, Astrology just to mention a few.

A wide variety of readings generally shows a platform’s commitment to helping out more people gain insight into life’s questions.

Psychic Professional Skills

Psychic professionalism and skills shape how accurate a psychic reading will be and how well the psychic will treat a client.

We pointed out psychic platforms that were keen on carefully screening and verifying their psychics’ reading ability before putting up their services on their site.

We then further read the available personal psychic reviews of what previous customers had to say about their psychic reading sessions.

Wide Variety of Psychic Reading Tools

Both psychics and customers have different reading tool preferences.

And the most reputed psychic platforms tend to offer advisors that use varied reading tools so that many people have something for them.

With this, we looked through psychic platform sections and personal psychic platforms to ensure they had a good variety of psychic reading tools, e.g., Tarot cards, crystal balls, oracle cards, pendulums, and much more.

Good Welcome Offers

The best psychic sites seem to have some sort of welcome offer for new customers.

This could be a discount on a psychic reading or some free minutes.

It is quite important for a customer to kind of know how the platform works and to find a psychic that works for them.

So we went for sites that either offered a nice reading session discount, a couple of free minutes, or both to give you some time to find your way around the site!

Online Psychic Reading: First Look

  1. Best site for online psychic readings – Kasamba
  2. Accurate spiritual readings – Keen
  3. Convenient phone readings – AskNow
  4. Best for psychic love readings – Psychic Source
  5. Intimate video psychic readings – Oranum
  6. Most affordable psychic readings – Psychic Oz
  7. Experienced tarot card readers – California Psychics
  8. Best for astrology readings – Life Reader
  9. Great for bilingual readings – Mystic Sense
  10. Top discreet psychic readings – Psychic VOP
  11. Ideal for beginners – Psychic Stars
  12. Most communication methods – Meet Your Psychic

1. Kasamba – All-Round Best Online Psychic Readings

Top Features!


  • Top-rated psychics can be expensive
  • Lacks filtering tools

Kasamba’s psychic advisors have been offering effective readings for over 20 years now, and its psychic team is constantly growing. Within the site, you can browse from 100s of readily available online psychics for a chat or phone reading.

Best of all – all new members get the first 3 minutes of the reading free! A message will notify you once your free minutes are up, asking if you wish to continue with the psychic reading by topping up.

On Kasamba, once you’ve found a psychic you like, you’re able to browse through their profile to see what fields they are specific in, e.g., tarot readings, cartomancy, crystals, and so on. Additionally, most psychics also put a bit of themselves, and you’ll also find other reviews left by previous clients.

While the more experienced psychics tend to be expensive, their high user rating and glowing reviews make their insight worth it!

2. Keen – Best Spiritual Psychic Readings

Top Features!


  • No live video chat
  • A little expensive

Keen is one of the top psychic websites for chat-based readings. This is mainly due to its mobile-based app, which makes it easy to connect with online psychics at any time of the day.

Additionally, on Keen, you can opt from a large variety of readings such as dream interpretation, angel card readings, numerology readings, and other psychic services.

What’s also great about Keen is its effective search filter, making it easy to find an experienced online psychic reader based on your preferences. In addition, the site’s easy layout makes it super simple to navigate, and you’ll be connected in no time!

The only con is that there is no live video psychic reading option, yet you can still enjoy 3-free minutes of an online chat or phone reading to try it out.

3. AskNow – Best Psychic Readings By Phone (1-888-815-1999)

Top Features!


  • No filtering tools
  • Need to add card details for the free version

AskNow is best known for its affordable psychic readings by phone and a large abundance of psychics who are ready to take your call at any time. In addition, members can choose from many accurate readings, including love and relationships, numerology, past lives, and dream analysis.

Currently, AskNow’s best deal is a 30 minutes package for $30, or 20 minutes for $20. This is an affordable way to try out a psychic reading online for the first time from one of AskNow’s top advisors. To find out more about a psychic, you can read more about their specialties in their profile and see other user ratings, too.

You can also browse through many informative articles on the site, as well as check your horoscope, as well.

While the AskNow website doesn’t have practical filtering tools, it’s still possible to browse through the top psychics on the front page to find the best psychic medium for you.

4. Psychic Source – Best Love & Relationships Online Psychic Readings

Top Features!


  • Communication channels can get mixed up

Psychic Source has been providing insightful psychic readings for over 30 years now and is mainly known for its carefully vetted psychic team and excellent customer service.

On the site, you can choose from a variety of different readings via phone, email, or video – ranging from tarot readings to astrology readings. What’s also great is that Psychic Source also includes a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your overall reading.

All newcomers will receive a 3-minute free trial and affordable packages with rates starting from $1 per minute. While the matching process can be overwhelming – it helps to already have a specific psychic reading session in mind.

5. Oranum – Best Online Video Psychic Readings

Top Features!


  • No phone readings
  • No user ratings

Oranum is best known for its immersive live video chat readings, where members can even get a feel of the psychic for free. All you need to do is join in on an advisor’s live, and you can ask questions or anything else in the chatbox.

If you like the psychic, you can then request a private live reading.

On top of that, all new users get 10,000 free credits, which translates to 10- minutes of free reading!

While Oranum doesn’t feature any phone readings, you can remain anonymous by keeping your video off during the live reading.

6. Psychic Oz – Most Affordable Online Psychics

Top Features!


  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • No multilingual options

On psychic Oz, users can browse from some of the best psychic readers for advice about their careers, finances, relationships, and much more. Using the site’s excellent filtering tool, you can easily find the type of psychic you want, specializing in a particular field like tarot card readings or astrology.

On the psychic’s profile, you can find helpful info such as their experience, fields of expertise, and other user ratings.

On the slight downside, Psychic Oz doesn’t provide a satisfaction guarantee for your reading. However, this online psychic reading platform still has excellent previous user reviews – and a reputable list of top psychics on the front page,

7. California Psychics – Best for Online Tarot Readings

Top Features!


  • Expert psychics can be expensive
  • Not a huge variety of psychics

California Psychics have been around since 1995 and have been offering insightful psychic readings online for many customers.

The site also features a mobile-friendly app for online psychic reading services while on the go, and you can even apply for a Karma Rewards program. The rewards program lets you earn points with every purchase or reading, which you can spend on many other perks.

On top of that, you can choose from various types of psychic readings, such as love and relationships, career psychics, tarot readings, and psychic mediums.

While there aren’t as many online psychics as on Kasamba, for example, the psychics on the site are very experienced, and most come with plenty of positive user ratings.

8. Life Reader – Best Accurate Astrology Psychic Readers

Top Features!

  • All psychics are vetted
  • Email, phone, and chat readings available
  • Features a helpful blog
  • 4-minutes free


  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • Pricey

With Life Reader, all newcomers get 4 free minutes and 50% off for their first reading, and while the rest of the readings run pretty expensive, at least you can get a taste of the platform before committing to it.

Additionally, since all the psychics on Life Reader are vetted before hiring, you know you’re getting the real deal.

If you’re into horoscopes, the site features plenty of in-depth info about your star sign and excellent astrology readings, too.

9. Mystic Sense – Impressive Culturally Diverse Online Psychics

Top Features!

  • 5 Free minutes
  • Culturally diverse psychics
  • Thousands of positive reviews


  • Have to register to get a reading
  • $10 account minimum

Mystic Sense boasts a wide variety of culturally diverse advisors, so you are sure to get really different and interesting perspectives and insights.

You also get 5 free minutes on your first reading session, which you can use to understand how the sessions work.

However, you’ll have to create an account to enjoy their reading. But that’s not much of a worry since registering for the site is pretty straightforward.

10. Psychic VOP– Best Discreet Psychic Advice

Top Features!


  • Top advisors are a little pricier
  • No phone readings

Psychic VOP seeks to help you take more control of your life with a good range of spiritual advisors and reading types. So there’s a good chance you’ll find a good fit for you.

For your first reading, you’ll get at least 3 free minutes and even maybe a discount to go along with it.

Still, readings are mainly done on chat alone, which isn’t entirely a bad thing since you get that extra layer of privacy.

11. Psychic Stars – Great Platform For Beginners

Top Features!

  • $1 per minute for first reading
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Reputed love and relationships specialists


  • No free minutes
  • No chat reading

Since 1990, Psychic Starts has been helping people answer life’s deep questions with the help of experienced spiritual psychics.

You’ll be able to have your first reading for just $1 per minute. So you can take your time and stand a good chance of getting an accurate reading.

There seems to be no chat reading option, though, but the phone reading means you’ll be able to get a more intimate and efficient reading experience.

12. Meet Your Psychic – Wide Communication Options

Top Features!

  • Up to 80% off + 3 Free minutes first reading
  • Wide communication options
  • 5-minute guarantee


  • Bilingual psychics could be more
  • 20-minute introductory package limit

On Meet Your Psychic, you get 3 free minutes on your first reading. And an additional discount of up to 80% to get you going.

One slight issue is that although there are bilingual psychics to make the platform more exclusive – they are a little limited.

But on the upside, Meet Your Psychic offers phone, chat, message, and text readings, so you can use the most convenient communication option for yourself.

Accurate Psychic Reading Online: FAQs

What Kind of Tools Do Online Psychics Use?

Psychics use a variety of tools to attempt and gain insight into a person and then advise them.

The main ones include:

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards usually come in a pack of 78 cards that seek to tell the stories of our lives. During a tarot card reading, a psychic asks the client a question and then picks out a card from the shuffle to give past, present, or future insight into their subject’s life.

Angel Cards

Angel cards seek to give divine advice by interacting a customers’ energy with that of angels. These angel cards contain images of angels that can be studied and interpreted by a psychic for their client.


Psychics who use psychic power don’t use a physical tool. Instead, they use their heightened perception to connect to their customer’s mind, body, and soul.

They are then able to read their energies, get some look into their lives and advise them on what they seek to know.

Crystal Balls

Crystal ball psychics believe that images can be seen in the form of crystals. When using a crystal ball, a psychic can see some images of their customer, which they can interpret to give important information on their client’s future.

Astrologer Charts

Astrologers get the details of your birth and develop an astrology chart to be able to explain questions around your life.

An astrology chart shows the position of the sun, the moon, and other planets at the exact time you were born. These positions can be used to give insight into your family dynamics, emotional triggers, relationships, and more.

How to Watch Out for Fake Online Psychics?

To watch out for fake online psychics, first make sure to pick a reputed and trustworthy psychic platform like the ones reviewed above, since they mostly screen and verify their psychics before letting them help you gain an in-depth look into your life.

Still, you can choose to check the psychic’s personal reviews on their profile to gauge if they’re skilled enough to answer your questions.

Why Opting for a Free Psychic Reading Online Session Is Better Than Visiting a Psychic In Person?

There are a few reasons why an online reading (whether that’s a free psychic reading or a paid session) may be better than an in-person session. Some of which include:

  • Budget-friendly: Sometimes, it’s hard to know exactly how much reading will end up costing you, especially if it’s an in-person session. Most online psychics state their rates on their profile, so you can determine if a particular reader or an online psychic reading site suits your budget. Plus, a lot of psychic readers offer free psychic readers to new clients.
  • More comfortable: Especially if it’s your first reading, you might be feeling a little nervous about meeting the psychic in person. Therefore, being at home in your comfort zone is far less stressful than physically attending a reading.
  • Convenient: We all have busy schedules, and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to visit a psychic reader. A quick online chat or even a phone psychic reading doesn’t take as long and is far more convenient than actually going to a physical location.
  • More reviews: With everything taking place online these days, it’s easier to find other user reviews and ratings from online services. On top of that, sites like Kasamba and Keen often feature their own rating system, and each psychic comes with previous customer reviews.

How Many Types of Psychics Are There?

Nowadays, you can find many psychic readers with unique psychic abilities well-versed in specific types of readings.

More commonly, you’ll often find online:

  • Tarot reading psychics: These psychics carry out their readings using a tarot card deck. The cards feature ancient images and other symbols which the reader interprets using their intuition and skill set.
  • Love and relationship readers: Plenty of online psychic reading sites feature psychics who specialize in love and relationships. These individuals can provide you with the answers you need about your other half or any other concerns you have about love.
  • A pet psychic reader: The demand for pet psychics is increasing, as more owners want to hear a few comforting words about their departed pets or even to know more about their living companions.
  • Psychic mediums: A psychic medium is an individual who can communicate with the departed. Therefore, a person who has lost a loved one will often seek out a medium for closure and peace.

Where Can I Find Free Psychic Readings?

If you don’t want to shell out money for a psychic reading, you can always try getting a free reading done.

For one, you could try out a free tarot card reading, where all you need to do is pick several tarot cards from the virtual deck presented to you, which will then generate a general reading.

This is effective if you have a specific question in mind and you trust your own intuition.

Another option for a free online psychic reading session is opting for complimentary minutes that online psychic reading platforms such as Kasamba offer. It’s a great way to get the ball rolling and see if it’s something you want to pursue.

How To Find the Best Psychic Reading Websites?

It’s often difficult to find the best online psychics as there are many different sites and apps available.

However, the best thing you can do is go through other user reviews and see what they have to say about the platform. Sites like Kasamba, AskNow, and Keen already have plenty of online reviews – which is a good start.

Additionally, the site you’re looking for must be the type of reading you wish to have. For example, Keen has the best chat psychic readers, whereas Oranum offers face-to-face reading like no other!

What Are the Main Factors Behind a Successful Psychic Session?

The best online psychic reading should leave you with your questions answered and some deeper insight into your issue.

Therefore, to make the most out of your psychic reading online – here is a few things you can do:

  • Ask open-ended questions – Psychics may be gifted, but that doesn’t mean that they have the power to see everything. Therefore, asking open-ended questions like “will I fall in love soon?” rather than ” when will I fall in love” – allows the reader to dive deeper into the question and offer more insight.
  • Feel comfortable – While feeling nervous during your psychic reading is entirely normal, try to be as calm as possible to get the most of your reading. Because if you’re feeling uncomfortable, you might miss out on a few questions you wished to ask.
  • Prepare your questions – By preparing your questions before the reader, you can establish a clear path in which you wish the session to head. This way, you’ll also ensure that you get the answers you seek and make the most out of your reading.

What Can I Ask During My Psychic Reading?

You can ask the psychic readers almost anything you wish; however, most topics seem to be centered around love, career, finances, future opportunities, and health.

It’s essential to know that a psychic reading session is a safe space where you can ask about anything that concerns you, so it’s vital not to limit yourself.

Psychic Reading Services Online – The Takeaway

Opting for a psychic reading online is a great way to get your questions answered without any judgment whatsoever.

This is why choosing a reputable psychic platform is so important. Our top picks today feature some of the best psychic readers who offer a large variety of readings.

Additionally, on some sites like Kasamba and Keen, you can enjoy free minutes as a newcomer to see if it’s something you want to pursue.

We hope you found this helpful; thanks for reading.

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