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Are you struggling to overcome ongoing skin problems, inflammation, and muscle aches? Has it been difficult to lose weight lately, let alone find a means to end constipation? If so, the root cause for these issues is usually not so obvious. Matter-of-factly, poor diet and lack of exercise have typically been deemed the culprit, but that’s all a myth. The root cause of these types of issues is toxic build-up. When toxins continue to accumulate even further, our bodily cells and organs fail to filter them out, leading to an array of chronic illnesses.

Fortunately, there’s a possible solution that can attract and eliminate toxins. Want in on the details? The purpose of this review is to shed light on Nuubu Cleansing Foot Detox Patch.

What is Nuubu Detox Patch?

Nuubu is an all-natural cleansing foot detox patch that has been designed to remove toxins and foreign invaders from the body. As suggested by the creators of Nuubu, this solution targets the root cause of some of the most common health concerns experienced by consumers. To be precise, it all supposedly starts by acknowledging the damaging effects of toxins on blood flow, hormonal balance, brain and gut health, and immune function, among others. The appealing feature here is that Nuubu is cost-effective and has been shown to work. The latter is largely possible because it has been founded on ancient Japanese all-natural medicine. Taking everything into consideration, let’s turn our attention to how Nuubu is trusted to work.


How does the Nuubu Detox Patch help?

Based on the claims made, Nuubu foot detox patches were created by following ancient Japanese medicine. Mainly, the followers believe that a combination of plants and herbs can help eliminate harmful toxins, making the feet the extraction point, so to speak. Upon wearing the foot patches (where ingredients are sewn within it) as suggested, the ingredients are believed to work together to expel these harmful components, leaving residue indicative of toxin-buildup in the body.

As far as research on this approach goes, there isn’t much available that explains whether detox pads truly work. However, some experts affirm that, in general, rubbing and soaking the feet is a great way to induce a sense of relaxation, especially when they are either aching or exhausted. However, not enough information is available to affirm that they do, in fact, detoxify the body. Luckily, there is consensus that foot detox patches are highly unlikely to induce any side effects [1]. All things considered, individuals will have to side with either traditional medicine or science on this one.

What ingredients are inside Nuubu Detox Patch?

The main ingredients inside Nuubu have been listed as follows:

Loquat Leaf

Loquat or Eriobotrya japonica is an evergreen shrub whose leaves are used for herbal teas. In further investigating this ingredient, we stumbled upon one source highlighting its usefulness in folk medicine, namely as a treatment against skin diseases, cough, nausea, and itching, among others. Said health concerns are trusted to be eased because of the leaves’ rich source of ursolic and oleanolic acids, both of which can further stimulate hypoglycaemic and antihyperlipidemic effects (at least that’s what has been found in testing animals). It is important to note that these results stem from oral consumption and not topical application [2].

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is accepted as the most potent antioxidant. As an antioxidant, it eliminates toxins and foreign invaders so that the immune system can function as required. In terms of its topical benefits, one source affirms that it can treat “photoaging, hyperpigmentation, tissue inflammation” while promoting tissue healing. These results are only probable depending on how vitamin C is delivered, which is currently a topic of interest within the scientific community [3].

Wood Vinegar

Wood vinegar is a by-product that stems from the distillation of wood. According to one source, it is mainly used in agricultural settings to increase yields; however, it is deemed harmless to both humans and animals [4]. Another source further expounded that this vinegar has been shown to elicit a germicidal and prophylactic effect on leaf surfaces [5]. It is unclear whether such an ingredient would be used in Nuubu, as plants and humans are two different types of biotic components.


Tourmaline is a gemstone that carries mineral properties. An argument made about its detoxification abilities is that “electromagnetic radiation in the far-infrared range can boost the immune system and promote detoxification.” In fact, it can go as far as relieving stress, increasing alertness, improving circulation, and eliminating toxic metals from the body [6].


Anion is nothing more than negative ions. These have been included based on how positive and negative ions work. A piece that focused more on an approved anion product highlighted that negative ions might help to increase cellular oxygen levels in the body [7]. Regarding its benefits, they can range from regulating sleep patterns and mood to reducing stress, harmful bacteria, and fat storage, among others [8].

Houttuynia Cordata Thunb

Also referred to as fish mint, fish leaf, or chameleon plant, Houttuynia Cordata Thunb is a flowering plant native to Southeast Asia. One study that expounded on the flowering plant highlighted how significant it is in folk medicine to promote diuresis and detoxification. Their main research question involved studying its effect on obesity, and in the end, the team concluded that H. cordata Thunb leaves were able to prevent/reduce obesity in rats. Two reasons for this include the plant’s ability to prevent oleic acid and glycerol increases [9].


Dextrin is a water-soluble gummy polysaccharide that is obtained from high-starch food. In terms of its properties, one review explained that it could “exhibit immunomodulatory, antitumor, antithrombotic, anticoagulant, anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral activities [10].”

Bamboo Vinegar

Bamboo vinegar is a reddish-brownish liquid extracted from bamboo charcoal. Its potential benefits might range from absorbing impurities and removing waste to strengthening the immune system. But once again, the scientific evidence for such claims is somewhat limited [11].


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How should Nuubu Detox Patch be used?

First, the Nuubu Detox Patch must be placed at the middle of the foot, where the soft side needs to contact the skin. Then a second patch should be applied on the second foot to remove toxins. Next, the patches need to be left in place for 6 to 8 hours and later peeled off. The best time of day to use Nuubu is right before going to bed.

Will Nuubu Detox Patch really work?

While ancient medicine practitioners affirm that foot detoxes such as Nuubu are likely to work, the scientific community has yet to confirm any suggested results.

Is Nuubu Detox Patch safe to use?

Generally speaking, Nuubu Detox Patches are deemed safe for external uses. That said, individuals are asked to evaluate their respective health conditions (i.e., allergies, dietary requirements, medication uses, possible interactions, etc.) with a health practitioner before proceeding.

How long should Nuubu Detox Patch be used for?

Nuubu Detox Patches need to be considered over the long run, as their positive effects take time to reveal themselves.

What indicator suggests that Nuubu Detox Patch is working?

When a layer of black discharge is found after peeling the foot pads off, this implies successful removal of harmful toxins. It is important to note that the lower the concentration of toxins in the body, the lesser the discharge level.

Is Nuubu Detox Patch protected by a refund policy?

Yes, all unused packs of Nuubu Detox Patch might be eligible for a refund. This is because a 30-day money-back guarantee has protected Nuubu. In addition, any products that are received defective can be returned with a 2-year standard guarantee. For more information on how to get the refund processes started, consider the following points of contact:

  • Email: support@nuubu.com.
  • Phone: +1 (914) 559-9997

How much does Nuubu Detox Patch cost?

Knowing that Nuubu Detox Patches need to be used over the long run to remove toxins from the body potentially, it might be a good idea to place a bulk order. The main benefit of the latter is that the per-unit price tends to decrease with every additional supply purchased. More specifically:

  • 1 Box of Nuubu (10 pads): € 17,95
  • 2 Boxes of Nuubu (20 pads): € 33,96
  • 3 Boxes of Nuubu (30 pads): € 45,96
  • 4 Boxes of Nuubu (40 pads): € 55,96

In addition to the above list, shipping and handling fees are currently € 4,95, which isn’t bad. To see how long it will take to receive Nuubu by country, click here.


Final Verdict

Ultimately, Nuubu is a Japanese-based foot detox that aims to detoxify the body by eliminating toxins from head to toe. The feet are the way out for these toxins. The principal idea is that the included plants and herbs will absorb into the skin to attract toxins from within. The darker the pads when removed, the higher the toxins buildup in the body.

In terms of this solution, individuals will have to either choose traditional medicine or the scientific community because the two seem to be at odds at the moment. While some argue that it is an effective approach, others suggest dark stains to indicate sweating and not so much toxins removal. Moreover, studies on this aspect have yet to be conducted, verifying claims a bit more difficult.

Putting aside its medicinal effects, if one were to consider these pads as mere footpads, the prices seem to be fair because the listed ingredients do carry helpful properties that might ease stress levels and aches. However, at the time of writing, we cannot say with certainty that toxins will be eliminated for sure. Should anyone have any questions and/or concerns, the next best thing to do would be to contact customer service. To learn more about Nuubu, visit here>>>.

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