HB-5 Reviews – Legit Hormonal Harmony Hormone Supplement?

HB-5 Reviews: Does Hormonal Harmony Hormone Supplement Work?

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HB-5 is a dietary supplement that aims to correct five hormonal blocks that make it nearly impossible to lose weight. According to the official website, to achieve desirable weight loss, HB-5 was formulated by using all-natural ingredients, namely, in the form of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plants. Based on the sales page, naturopathic doctor Dr. Eric Wood plays a fundamental role in this supplement’s entirety, which, when taken as directed, can reverse the effects of a sluggish metabolism, fat accumulation, brain fog, and fluctuations in mood, among others. With all that in mind, let’s turn our attention to the overall functions of HB-5.

Weight management is one area that many people tend to emphasize at some point in life. As people age, their lifestyle choices, food consumption, body, and hormones undergo significant changes. Subsequently, one’s weight might be negatively impacted. The fact that certain hormones have the ability to determine one’s weight loss endeavor is not new, seeing that many supplements today aim to rectify the effects of a particular hormone.

However, we recently came across Hormonal Harmony Labs, a company that affirms that not one but five hormones need to be in check to stimulate a healthy weight loss response. The team went on to make the case that their solution is all it takes to revamp the metabolism and ensure healthy functioning of the body. Without further ado, here’s a compilation of information on “HB-5”, namely, in terms of its purpose, pros, and cons, and financial aspects, among others.

How does HB-5 work?

As hinted above, HB-5 works to address the overall function of five hormones. According to Dr. Wood, the first hormone that needs emphasis is the thyroid gland, which is deemed crucial in controlling the metabolism. Dr. Wood made the case that it “turns calories and fat into energy, then sends this energy to your cells, where it’s used to perform all kinds of essential functions that keep you healthy.” Given its impact on metabolism, it clearly needs to function properly.

Up next on the list is the cortisol hormone, also referred to as the “stress hormone.” Cortisol levels are higher when individuals experience stress. This gives rise to what Dr. Wood denotes as the “survival mode,” where the brain halts the metabolism, digestion, and other aspects of the body. The latter is said to occur because the brain is incapable of differentiating between harmful and harmless stress.

Whether the above reasoning makes sense is somewhat questionable. However, the cortisol hormone does appear to interact with the thyroid hormone. That is, if cortisol levels are high, then thyroid levels will below. As a consequence, consumers might experience a hit to their metabolic rates.

The third hormone is called estrogen, a sex hormone that is commonly found in women (at higher levels) than in men. When estrogen levels are inconsistent and do not align with progesterone (i.e., the female reproductive hormone), weight loss resistance takes place, writes Dr. Wood. According to existing research, estrogen maintains glucose and lipid metabolism. When levels are low, women can expect an increase in weight gain. This is most common when women undergo menopause. It is also important to mention that these fluctuations typically take place at different stages in life [1].

Following suit is the insulin hormone, which is produced by the pancreas. Insulin is responsible for informing the cells and bodily organs that their energy sources are available for ingestion. When these components fail to respond to the hormone’s calls, the brain takes it to low insulin levels. Unfortunately, an excessive increase in insulin levels can possibly lead to heart disease, weight gain, and at some point, obesity.

Finally, HB-5 aims to rectify the leptin hormone. Leptin is a hormone that informs the brain of fullness. When leptin levels are too high, the human body once again takes a hit. Specifically, the brain stops acknowledging the hormone’s messages. The fact that they aren’t taken into account (which might have to do with the brain’s inability to recognize them) means that the brain thinks more food is needed. As a result, individuals are left eating more often and experience a whirlpool of cravings.

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What ingredients are inside HB-5?

The HB-5 formula paints a picture of the impact that vitamins, minerals, plants, and herbs can have on creating balance among the five hormones listed previously. So far, we have some sense of what constitutes this formula, however, the exact breakdown (in terms of concentrations) has not been disclosed. Nonetheless, below is a summary of each ingredient:

Kelp & Bladderwrack

Kelp is a type of brown seaweed found in coastal fronts across the globe. One study that looked at the effect of two different supplemental kelp doses on the thyroid function found that thyroid-stimulating hormones were significantly different between those who ingested high- and low-concentrated kelp supplementations. All-in-all, the researchers concluded that short-term dietary supplementation with kelp might significantly increase both basal and post-stimulation TSH [2]. Bladderwrack is another source of seaweed that allegedly works in the same way as kelp.


Magnesium is a mineral critical for the maintenance of over 300 enzymes in the body. As for its association with the thyroid function, some studies were able to show that a magnesium deficiency can increase thyroid antibody levels [3]. Interestingly, it has also been reported that high levels of these antibodies can develop thyroid diseases triggered by the immune system [4].


Zinc is an essential nutrient that supports the immune system and the metabolism function. A study that aimed to investigate the effects of zinc supplementation on plasma zinc, serum ferritin plasma total triiodothyronine, thyroxine (T3 and T4) concluded that zinc “appeared to have a favorable effect on thyroid hormone levels [5].”


Selenium is a type of antioxidant, which means that it can free foreign invaders’ body while boosting the immune system. As for its link to the thyroid function, this respective antioxidant is deemed essential for thyroid hormone production. Moreover, it may help protect the thyroid from damages caused by oxidative stress [6].


When a mineral-like copper is combined with selenium and zinc, one can anticipate improved thyroid function. One review noted that copper ingestion can lead to increases in free and total triiodothyronine, both of which are positive indicators of thyroid function [7]. The duo is also trusted to increase metabolic rates, produce energy, and possibly stimulate weight loss [8].


Manganese is a trace mineral that is trusted to make a positive difference in small quantities. Some of its benefits include digesting amino acids (i.e., building blocks of protein) and regulating cholesterol, glucose, and carbohydrate levels, among others. At the time of writing, research suggests that manganese might directly and/or indirectly affect thyroid function. Authors of a particular review also noted that while it is unclear how the duo exactly works together, one way for the relationship to hold might be because of the trace mineral’s contribution towards increased dopamine levels, which in turn affects thyroid hormone homeostasis [9].

Vitamin B12

The final ingredient that is said to boost thyroid function is vitamin B12. Existing studies have since reported that the duo is linked. Namely, a deficiency in vitamin B12 has become common among patients with autoimmune thyroid [10].

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola Rosea is a perennial flowering plant classified under the family of Crassulaceae. It appears to be liked for its adaptogenic properties, which means that it may support the body to respond efficiently to stress (i.e., physical, chemical, emotional, or environmental). To confirm the relationship between Rhodiola Rosea and the cortisol hormone, a team of researchers administered 576mg extract and a placebo to two different groups. In the end, the team shared that “the repeated administration of R. ROSEA extract SHR-5 exerts an anti-fatigue effect that increases mental performance […] and decreases cortisol response to awakening stress in burnout patients with fatigue syndrome [11].”

Red Ginseng

Commonly known as Asian ginseng, Chinese ginseng, or Panax ginseng, red ginseng is a plant that flourishes in Asia. Its benefits might reduce inflammation, promote brain function, and boost the immune system, to name the least [12]. One review revealed that “ginseng provides a potential approach to regaining homeostasis after abnormal physiological changes caused by the stress of everyday life.” That said, more studies on this link are needed, as it could promote a better understanding of the extent to which positive results can be witnessed [13].


Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a metabolite of indole-3-carbinol (I3C) that is found in cruciferous vegetables. A phase I clinical trial composed of patients with thyroid proliferative disease (TPD) appears to have found significant results. To be precise, the patients were administered 300mg of DIM per day for two weeks. Within this short period of time, DIM was found to act as an antiestrogenic dietary supplement to help reduce the risk of developing TPD [14].


Cinnamon is a spice that has been proven to improve insulin resistance, inflammation, decreased antioxidant activity and increased weight gain. A review that assessed the effectiveness of cinnamon was able to conclude (after going over in vitro studies) that certain components of cinnamon “may be important in the alleviation and prevention of the signs and symptoms of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular and related diseases [15].”

African Mango

The African mango (i.e., Irvingia Gabonensis), which as the name hints, is native to West Africa, has become the center of attention because of its nutrient-dense seeds. In fact, it is said to contain a rich source of fiber, possibly leading to an increase in satiety and weight loss results. As far as research goes, a handful of studies that looked at the relationship between African mango and leptin sensitivity were able to show that the former might decrease leptin levels. This is deemed favorable in cases of leptin sensitivity [16].

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Who is behind HB-5?

Based on the description of the HB-5 bottle, Hormonal Harmony Labs is responsible for this formula. However, details on the company are very slim, not to forget that the official website does not appear to house details on HB-5 directly. Also, Dr. Eric Wood was initially thought to be the main person behind the formula breakdown, but he is described as merely the spokesperson towards the end of the sales page. Due to the lack of clarity, further investigation is required. One way to get started is by contacting customer service.

What features does HB-5 have?

HB-5 is said to have been manufactured in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility, and it is clearly made with all-natural ingredients in mind, has been third party tested, and is generally deemed safe to take. That said, individuals with a pre-existing condition, pregnant and/or nursing mothers, and children under the age of 18 should consult a physician before placing an order.

How should HB-5 be taken?

Since each HB-5 container is meant to last one month and contains 90 capsules, one serving of 3 capsules per day should be ingested. For clearer instructions, customer service should be contacted.

How long will it take to receive HB-5?

As listed on the “FAQs” of the sales page, shipping takes about three to five business days, and a receipt of the order summary will be emailed as soon as possible. Bear in mind that this delivery time might only be associated with orders placed within the U.S. and not necessarily elsewhere.

What if HB-5 does not work as expected?

HB-5 has been backed by a 180-day, 100% money-back guarantee. To find out more about the refund procedures, consider the following means of communication:

Email: support@hormonalharmony.co

Mailing Address: Hormonal Harmony LLC, 66 W Flagler, Street STE 900, Miami, FL 33130

Return Address: 1140 South Highbrook, Akron, OH, 44301

Customer support number: 1 (561) 468-3108

How much does HB-5 cost?

The current going price of HB-5 varies according to the quantities purchased. For now, individuals can choose from:

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Final Verdict

Overall, HB-5 is a dietary supplement that intends to balance five particular hormones (i.e., thyroid, cortisol, estrogen, insulin, and leptin) that have all been linked to weight gain and/or obesity. Hormonal Harmony Labs’ approach to initiating weight loss makes sense and has been backed by research, which is uplifting. In fact, the choice of ingredients is trusted to affect the hormones under consideration positively.

However, to fully evaluate this supplement, it is important to access the supplement’s facts, something that is currently hidden. To add to that, it seems as though the thyroid function is heavily stressed compared to others. Therefore, overall results may vary from person to person. Though the prices are relatively low in comparison to competitors, not having the exact breakdown of ingredients makes it difficult to assess not only the value for the price but its overall usefulness.

For these reasons, the first course of action should be to contact customer service for full details before moving forward. To find out more information on HB-5 by Hormonal Harmony Labs, click here.


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