Best Free Psychic Reading Websites in 2022 for 100% Free Readings, Introductory Offers Discounts

Looking for a free psychic reading? Understanding more about our past can help to shape who we are in the present, which in turn forms our future.

While it’s impossible to know exactly how our future will turn out, psychics tune themselves into your frequency, drawing on your past and present to show you what’s in store for you – and how you can influence the outcome of your choices for the better.

This goes for anyone who’s thinking of changing careers, who’s working out whether the person they’re seeing is the right one for them, or who’s essentially just trying to figure out their place in the cosmic order.

Whatever your issues are, psychic advisors are on hand to illuminate your sense of self and your destiny – and they will offer you guidance along the way.

Below are our top picks when it comes to free psychic readings online today. And while these are free readings, their accuracy and reliability is 100% guaranteed.

Where to get a Free Online Psychic Reading – Quick Look

Psychic Source��
  • Advisor’s pricing starts at $1 per minute
  • 3 FREE minutes
  • Online psychics vetted for credibility
  • Large variety of readings
  • 5 FREE minutes
  • Available over email or phone
  • Free question feature
  • In-depth psychic readings
  • 5 minutes FREE
  • 24/7 access to psychics
  • Large variety of reading methods

1. Kasamba – Best Online Psychics for Free Psychic Readings

What we loved…

What we didn’t like…

  • Limited filtering tools

If you’re looking for the best of the best in psychic readings online – Kasamba is for you.

Kasamba offers the first 3 minutes of your psychic reading for FREE – that includes voice or chat readings. Subsequent sessions will also give you 3 minutes free on the chat feature to help you find the best advisor for you.

Kasamba has been around since 1999 and has continually received glowing reviews. Their platform is one of the most widely-used psychic services and is known for being accurate.

Getting Your Free Kasamba Reading: Ready to get your Kasamba reading? Follow these steps:

  1. Create an account – you have to provide your payment information
  2. Pick a category for your psychic reading session. Kasamba recommends being as specific as possible
  3. Find your advisor. Consider your budget just in case your three minutes run out
  4. Start your free three-minute psychic reading

What makes Kasamba our top pick, other than the free minutes, are their options for readings. You can find online tarot card readings, pet psychics, spiritual healing, astrology readings, palm readings, crystal interpretations, aura readings, psychic mediums, and any other kind of free psychic reading online.

Regardless of the answers you need, Kasamba is here to help you find them.

2. Psychic Source – Most Straightforward Platform for a Free Psychic Reading

What we loved…

  • Advisor’s pricing starts at $1 per minute
  • 3 FREE minutes
  • Psychics vetted for credibility
  • Easy to use
  • Highly-rated advisors

What we didn’t like…

  • Tricky to find the ideal psychic

Are you curious about psychic reading services but not quite ready to pay for one? Then, Psychic Source may be your best bet when it comes to free psychic advice online.

Psychic Source offers a 50% discount and 3 FREE minutes on your first reading.

Getting Your Free Psychic Source Reading:

To get your first psychic reading, all you have to do is create an account to start the search for your advisor. Unfortunately, there are not as many categories of spiritual readings as there are on Kasamba – but as a first-time caller, you have more options financially.

After your free minutes, you can choose to pay $30 for 30 minutes, $20 for 20 minutes, or $10 for 10 minutes. Or, you can opt out of the service at no cost. Psychic Source also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

3. AskNow – Best Free Online Psychic Reading Offer for Experienced Clients

What we loved…

  • 5 FREE minutes
  • Available over email or phone
  • Free question feature
  • Low introductory rates
  • Popular love readings

What we didn’t like…

  • Prices increase when your trial ends

If you have experience in the realm of psychics, AskNow should be your choice for your free psychic reading. They also have one of the best introductory deals, with rates as low as $1 and 5 FREE minutes to start.

AskNow is ideal if you have a specific question you need answering, and you’re on a budget. However, if you’re looking for a more in-depth reading, you can expect to pay up to $13/min and up.

Getting Your Free AskNow Reading:

Getting your free reading on Asknow is a bit more complex than on other psychic websites. To unlock the deal, you have to:

  1. Create an account and provide payment information
  2. If you have a debit card, you have to call customer service – credit cards preferred
  3. Choose your introductory bundle
  4. Find Master Psychics and start your FREE 5 minutes

AskNow tests and scrutinizes their online psychics to ensure that they only have the best out there.

4. Keen – Budget-Friendly & Free Online Psychic Readings

What we loved…

What we didn’t like…

  • No video option
  • Not many bilingual readers

Keen Psychics, like Kasamba, has been around since the late 90s. Keen Psychics customer service is incredible – but more on that later. The greatest thing about Keen, as mentioned before, is its customer service. They’re available 24/7 and will credit your account up to $25 if you’re unhappy with your service.

Getting Your Free Keen Psychics Reading:

Keen is user-friendly and lets you sign up for their services in just 3 easy steps.

  1. Create an account
  2. Add your payment method
  3. Access your FREE 3 minutes

Keen Psychics offers several different types of readings, from horoscopes to tarot card readings. They also have Readings 101, a free guide to answer any general questions you may have about psychic readings.

5. Oranum – LIVE Streaming Free Psychic Sessions

What we loved…

  • 9.99 in credits just for signing up
  • Free public chat available

What we didn’t like…

  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • No phone or email chat

Are you interested in tarot readings? Oranum has got you covered. They offer various online psychic reading services, including tarot cards and psychic readings 24/7 via video chat.

Oranum is great for those curious about the psychic world as there are plenty of free options available, ranging from free chats with experts to free videos about what being psychic entails. This platform also offers private sessions and subscription tiers.

Getting Your Free Oranum Reading:

Creating an account and getting free content is the easiest on this site by far. All you have to do is enter your name and basic information, and then you’ll have access! In addition, you do not have to provide any payment information when you make an account.

6. Mysticsense – Five-Minute Free Tarot Card Reading

What we loved…

What we didn’t like…

  • Need to deposit $10 before reading
  • No free horoscopes

Want to get a reading, but you’re also interested in learning more about the psychic world? Mystic Sense has an archive of thousands of articles explaining readings, definitions, and even supernatural occurrences.

We love this website because it has so many options. You can get a reading or find out more about almost anything in the spiritual realm – crystals, astrology, you name it!

Getting Your Free Mystic Sense Reading:

As listed on their website, it just takes 3 steps to get your FREE minutes:

  1. Create an account
  2. Deposit at least $10 – $15 before your reading
  3. Choose a psychic and arrange a session

Even if you decide not to pursue further readings, you can always return to the site and study up on all things spiritual.

7. LifeReader – Best Free Chat Psychics

What we loved…

  • Low introductory rate
  • Broad range of services and psychics
  • 4 FREE minutes

What we didn’t like…

  • No refund policy
  • Difficult to leave a review

If going on a video chat or an audio call isn’t your thing, then LifeReader is your soulmate with the most reputable chat psychics.

You get 4 FREE minutes during your first chat with your advisor. After that, their introductory rate is about .19 cents/minute.

The lack of a refund policy may not matter to you if you love your reading and want to continue using this service, but if you hate your psychic reading – you get what you get.

Getting Your Free LifeReader Reading:

LifeReader requires 4 steps to get your free minutes!

  1. Make an account with your basic information
  2. Fill out more detailed information about yourself
  3. Search for a psychic
  4. Get peace of mind with your 4 free minutes

LifeReader and its convenient chat psychics will make your spiritual journey much less stressful. In addition, you don’t have to worry about what you look like or anything; simply click and go.

What Tools Do Psychics Use During Readings?

Psychics use different reading tools. Also, the different tools make sure to give customers a chance to choose their preferred psychic reading method. Here are the main reading tools used by psychic readers:

“No Tool” Psychic

No tool, psychics do not use any physical, psychic tools during their readings. Instead, they tap into their heightened perceptive abilities that get insight into what the normal human senses cannot perceive.

No tool psychics usually have the 4 main Clair powers: Clairaudience – Ability to hear voices, Clairvoyance – Ability to see images, Clairsentience – Ability to recognize and sense feelings. Claircognizance – Ability to get direct knowledge.

Tarot Cards

Tarot readings and Tarot cards have been used for divination ever since the mid 18th Century. Tarot card readings involve tarot cards that come in a pack of 78 cards and are divided into two major parts;

The Major Arcana – Greater Secrets; which has 22 cards, and The Minor Arcana – Lesser Secrets; which has 56 cards.

These cards have images of certain figures from European mythologies that can be interpreted by a psychic to give you insight into the past, current, and future.

Angel Cards

Angel cards work on the idea that everyone has a guardian angel tasked to look after them. Angel card readings work similarly to a Tarot reading; only Angel cards have images of angels on them with motivational or inspirational words and phrases that are assumed to be a direct message from your guardian angels.

These messages are then used by the psychic to give you guidance and insight into your questions.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a deck of cards that are used to help in self-reflection. Unlike the more popular tarot cards, which come in 78 cards, Oracle cards can come in as many as 100cards.

Also, Oracle card messages tend to have a more hidden meaning than other cards. Hence, give a more in-depth meaning to give detailed divination on self-reflection and your future and even past.

Crystal Balls

The art of psychic reading using crystal balls is known as Scrying. Crystal balls are based on the idea that images can be seen in the form of crystals. And that these images can be read into information that can then be broken down into meaningful information to a subject to help them make informed decisions on their love lives, careers, travel, finances, family, and more.

How to Find Psychic Readings Free Online

Are you still questioning online psychic readings or where to find free psychic readings near me? Read on for answers to common questions people have regarding online spiritual guidance.

Why Do Sites Offer a Psychic Reading Free of Charge?

Sites offer free psychic readings to help people gain deep insight into their lives and answer some of life’s pressing questions from qualified and talented online psychics.

But also, sites offer free readings, to help the customers have a better understanding of how the psychic reading sites work, without having to spend a ton of money. This is mainly helpful to new customers who don’t know how psychic sites work.

How Can I Prepare Myself for My Free Psychic Reading Online?

You can prepare yourself for your psychic readings in a couple of ways. However, the general thing you need to do is to carefully organize your questions in a clear, understandable way before you start your reading.

This helps you save time and also gives the psychic a better chance of answering your questions more clearly and accurately. Also, try and stay calm because many psychics need tranquility to give accurate psychic readings.

When Should I Get a Free Psychic Reading?

There’s no right time to get a free psychic reading online per se since you can get a psychic reading for just about anything.

However, if you feel trapped in your world or have questions that no one seems to have the answers to, you can get a free psychic reading online and stand a chance to get insight into your troubles.

Are Psychic Readings Online for Free Actually Accurate?

As we mentioned earlier, psychic readings are meant more as guides than exact predictions or instructions.

That said, most people find free online psychic readings to be accurate, and most sites like Kasamba screen their psychic advisors to ensure they aren’t scammers.

Many sites will let you change online psychics if you aren’t happy with your spiritual reading or offer a refund.

What Types of Psychic Readings are Available?

  • Free Clairvoyant readings – A clairvoyant psychic gains knowledge from extrasensory objects, like cards. This reading is ideal for specific people you have questions about or a personal situation.
  • Free Astrology readings – Your advisor will do an in-depth investigation of your birth date, year, and time. They will also look at the positions of the planets in the sky at your birth to gain further insight. An astrologist is perfect if you want to find out more about yourself.
  • Free Tarot readings – Using a deck of Tarot cards, your guide will predict your future career, lovers, friends, and turmoil. The cards are not concrete but can give you some guidance on what to do. Tarot reading is a fun and insightful option for everyone.

What Questions Should I Ask During My Free Online Psychic Reading?

There’s no set-in-stone question(s) you should or shouldn’t ask. The best thing you can do is ask what’s on your mind – but here are some ideas on what to ask during your psychic reading online;

  • Is my current partner the one?
  • What career path do you see in store for me?
  • Who was I in a past life?
  • What will I be like in the future?

Keep your questions feeling-focused. That way, your psychic guide can feel the energy you exude and give you the most accurate psychic readings.

What Are the Benefits of Real Free Psychic Readings?

Whether it is with our love lives, seeking career advice, finances, family, energies, and many others. The best psychic reading services can give us a better look into our lives using their perception talents and lead us to a space of more clarity and understanding of life.

Here are some benefits of a free online psychic reading:

Helps Us See the More Positive Side of Life

Life is like the sea. Sometimes the sea is still and quiet with soft waves, and sometimes the sea is stormy, with choppy waters and harsh waves.

And when that happens, we get confused, and we feel like our whole world is crumbling around us and wonder what we did to deserve it.

The thing is that during adversity, we never seem to see the positive things around us and end up sinking in even deeper and maybe get caught up in a cycle of ‘bad luck”.

With a free reading, we can approach a psychic reader and clearly tell them how we feel and what bothers us to give them an idea of what to do.

They can then do a deep reading into our lives and give us insight and information that could possibly help us take active steps to change our situation and see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Helps Us Make Decisions

The whole idea of humanity is making decisions that can be able to benefit the people we care about and us.

Sometimes, it can be daunting when we have to make a major life decision like our careers, family, or even love life. Because we never really know how much the decision will impact our loved ones in the end and us.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by such decisions, you can seek a free online psychic reading, whereby free psychics can help us put many if not all dimensions of our lives into perspective. So we can understand and weigh out how decisions will impact what areas of our lives.

Psychic reading online will then give us divine guidance or detailed insight that will make us see what we are faced with more clearly and eventually help us make more informed life decisions for the benefit of ourselves and our family.

Enables Us to Understand Life More Deeply

Sometimes, we sit and wonder why things happen as they do. And we can never seem to get the answers to this question. The thing is that we would if we stopped living life so casually.

As natural human nature, we live our lives on the surface. And it is said that life has the ability to appear deceptively simple when it is really not.

With the help of free psychic sessions online, we can probably get a better look from free psychics who have a more powerful understanding of life.

Who’ll guide us on how we can appreciate life more and pay more attention to what happens around us.

Gives Us New Perspectives

Often, we are too focused and get caught up in the things happening in our lives that we never realize that other important things around us go unnoticed.

This arguably makes life boring because we are caught in a rut that we can’t seem to get out of.

Using a free online psychic reading, we have the chance to get insight, clarity, solutions, and eventually new perspectives that will help align us to the right path and help us to appreciate the things we usually take for granted.

May Help Us Find Our Life Purpose

We are all here for a mission. But sometimes, we can’t seem to find the mission we are here for, or sometimes the mission is too unclear to be understood. Thus, making us feel overwhelmed, anxious, or even trapped.

Free online psychic services can help direct us to the illuminating journey of self-realization and self-discovery, using their heightened perception to see what the future holds for us.

They can then advise us, and using this information helps us take steps to achieve more control of our lives.

Can Provide Inspiration

Naturally, as humans, we never know what the future has for us. So we live our lives on autopilot and do things that we hope will make us make life better for ourselves and the people we love in the future.

A psychic reading can help us get an in-depth glance into the future and advise us on what steps to take to stand a chance of actualizing our goals.

Can Give Us Some Peace of Mind

Having too many questions in our minds and doubting who we are can negatively affect our mental health.

But can we really avoid those questions? Instead, we can embrace those questions and take them to a psychic who knows how to help us seek clarity on them.

Whether it’s heartbreak or you have lost a loved one or whatnot, that left you with some questions.

An online psychic reader can help us understand why those things happened to us and give us answers that will close the book of doubt and give us some peace of mind.

Free Psychic Reading Online – How to Find the Best Psychic

Finding a free psychic service online can be overwhelming. With so many options available, it’s challenging to tell what’s legit and what’s not.

Above are plenty of options for your spiritual journey and self-exploration. For example, Kasamba offers insightful readings and highly experienced psychics to provide the advice you need. On the other hand, Psychic Source provides a ton of reading options without the high price tag!

So whether you’re looking to get some in-depth answers or just trying an online psychic for fun, there are plenty of ways to go about it, such as using a platform like AskNow – for accurate phone readings without breaking the bank.

Good luck, and we hope you find whatever it is you need!

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