Burn Lab Pro Reviews: Does It Work? Read This Before Buying!

Many people prefer cardio over heavy lifting, which is understandable. Cardio makes you more flexible, makes you leaner, and more active. However, gaining and toning muscles can become an arduous task if you rely solely on cardio. We’ve all seen sprinters and marathon runners; they hardly have any muscles because their only focus is on their cardiovascular health.

Nevertheless, it isn’t impossible to put on muscles while doing cardio, a lot of people do it, and you can as well. It all depends on what you eat and what type of nutrients you provide to your body. There are various supplements available today you can use to boost fat loss and maximize muscle gain while doing cardio only. However, these supplements are full of synthetic chemicals that do more harm than good to your body.

Burn Lab Pro is an all-natural fat burner made exclusively available at BurnLabPro.com; made from 100% natural ingredients, without any preservatives or additives. It is among the first of its kind, based on ingredients retrieved directly from the earth. Burn Lab Pro is free from all side effects and claims that you’ll begin to see results within a matter of days. Produced in a GMP-certified facility, the formula is vegan-friendly.

The formula is no joke; it is the choice of MMA pros, who have one of the hardest training regimes in all sports. Aljamain ‘Funk Master’ Sterling, the Bantamweight World Champion, is one of the biggest proponents of Burn Lab Pro. Burn Lab Pro allows you to cut weight and boost fat loss without you losing any of your muscles.

This review takes an in-depth look at Burn Lab Pro, its workings, and ingredients so that you don’t have to.

What is Burn Lab Pro?

Burn Lab Pro is a nutritional supplement; based on all-natural constituents that boost fat loss within your body, without any muscle loss. Years of research have been put into Burn Lab Pro; all its ingredients have been clinically tested, all their effects and benefits have been documented, all this information is available online.

Even though it is relatively new in the market, it has established itself as one of the best fat-burning supplements in the market. The world Bantamweight World Champion, Aljamin ‘Funk Master’ Sterling, has this to say about Burn Lab Pro:

  • “Burn Lab Pro helps you keep more muscle and burn more fat. I hit my target weight easier and a lot faster.”

This shows that Burn Lab Pro is a legit supplement with proven results. When a product is being talked about by the pros, it deserves extra attention.

It is designed for everyone putting in extra work in an effort to lose weight and get some muscles on. As Funk Master points out:

  • “Anybody already putting the work in can benefit from Burn Lab Pro.”

Burn Lab Pro is designed to maximize your performance and help you go that extra mile so that you can turn your body into what you want.


How does Burn Lab Pro work?

Burn Lab Pro works in not one but many ways; it makes you burn maximum calories, increasing your workout intensity and maximizing weight loss. It increases the flow of blood to your muscles, making it easier for them to recover from a workout while also increasing their mass and size.

Increases Lipolysis

Lipolysis is the process through which the body breaks down fats that are stored within cells, taking Burn Lab Pro before your workout will maximize the rate of lipolysis inside your body, which will lead to fats being burned en masse. The more intense you exercise, the more fats you’ll burn with Burn Lab Pro; it’s as simple as that.

Maximizes Fat Oxidation

Burn Lab Pro increases the rate at which your mitochondria burn fat to release energy. It is different from lipolysis because your body’s optimum rate for fat oxidation declines with your exercise intensity. This is where Burn Lab Pro comes in; it boosts fat oxidation resulting in maximum energy for your body along with increased weight loss.

Maximizes Total Energy Expenditure

Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) is the number of calories you burn over 24 hours. Your body’s metabolism, thermogenesis, workouts, and various other factors contribute to TEE. Burn intensifies the effects of your workouts by increasing the synthesis of hormones responsible for thermogenesis. This results in faster metabolism and a higher rate of thermogenesis, ultimately resulting in weight loss.

Maximizes Muscle Strength and Growth

Burn Lab Pro is designed specifically to maximize muscle gain and boost your strength. It does this by stimulating hormones that boost muscle growth, buff them up and boost muscle protein synthesis. Cardio alone can cause muscle loss. However, when combined with Burn Lab Pro, cardio will make your muscles grow bigger and increase your raw strength.

Muscle Preservation and Recovery

Burn Lab Pro contains HMB, which neutralizes muscle loss after workouts; it prevents your body from breaking down muscle tissues and preserves lean muscles. HMB also allows your body to recover from workouts without any damage occurring to your muscles. Muscle recovery is an absolute necessity if you plan on prolonged training; Burn Lab Pro makes sure your body is ready for the wear and tear that it will be subjected to.

What ingredients constitute Burn Lab Pro?

Burn Lab Pro doesn’t have any added chemicals or preservatives; it combines the top-5 fat loss ingredients present today into a formula that is guaranteed to work wonders for you. The ingredients and their benefits are listed below:


Forslean is an advanced form of an Ayurvedic root herb that stimulates fat-burning hormones in the body, maximizing oxidation of fats and boosting weight loss. Studies and research have found that ForsLean effectively builds muscles and burns fats within humans. It can also help alleviate stress and boost your mood.


Capsimax is responsible for the regulation of hormones that stimulate the breakdown and oxidation of fats while preventing their storage inside cells. Research has shown that Capsimax reduces appetite and can burn calories on its own. Multiple clinical trials have been conducted to study the effects of Capsimax, and all of them came to the same conclusion: Capsimax is one of the most effective fat burners available today.


HMB works as an intensity booster; its primary role is to preserve muscles and ensure recovery after a workout session. It is responsible for muscle building and prevents the breakdown of muscles by halting the synthesis of 3-MH, which breaks down muscle proteins.

Nutrigenesis GTF Chromium

GTF Chromium is a trace mineral; it enhances insulin activity within the body through which it boosts fat loss and gets the body into shape. Studies have found that it helps control appetite and is directly linked to weight loss.


Bioperine stimulates thermogenesis leading to an increased number of calories being burnt. It also prevents new fat cells from being formed and stored in the body. Along with this, it also increases the number of nutrients being absorbed by the body. Experts consider BioPerine as the best thermonutrient and bioenhancer in the world.

Benefits of Burn Lab Pro

Burn Lab Pro is full of benefits for you and your overall health. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Maximizes fat breakdown and oxidation
  • Maximizes weight loss
  • Maximizes muscle gains
  • Improves the hormonal imbalance in the body
  • Prevents the storage of fats within cells
  • Helps control appetite
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Helps with muscle recovery
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Improves thyroid function

Are there any side effects of Burn Lab Pro?

Burn Lab Pro is one of the safest supplements available online today. It is made up of all-natural ingredients that have been tested from every aspect. No side effects have been documented until now unlike some of the other weight loss pills online.

Every batch of Burn Lab Pro is third-party tested, which further authenticates the claims of the provider.

Nonetheless, excess of everything can prove detrimental. It is strictly advised to stick to the dose recommended by the manufacturer and not to exceed it.

Recommended Dose

The dose recommended for Burn Lab Pro is taking two to four capsules, 30 minutes before your workout, on an empty stomach. The dose depends on your body size, weight, and the type of workout you plan to undertake.

Burn Lab Pro Prices and Discounts

If you order from the Burn Lab Pro website, you can avail exciting limited-time discounts and save a lot of money.

  • 1 month’s supply will only cost you $59 with fast shipping
  • 2 month’s supply will only cost you $118 with fast shipping
  • 4 month’s supply will only cost you $177 (25% discount) with fast and free shipping

Burn Lab Pro also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means if you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can always get your money back.

Is Burn Lab Pro worth it?

Burn Lab Pro is a one of a kind supplement that is completely safe and free from all synthetic additives that harm your body. All ingredients found inside Burn Lab Pro have been fully tested and approved. It is, without doubt, the best fat-burner available today. It will get your body into shape within weeks; will boost your weight loss and muscle gain to an all-time high.

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