Brutal Force Reviews: Legit Legal Steroid Supplement Stacks to Buy

Steroids are incredibly dangerous for the body, and they have been deemed illegal for use in athletic events. However, there are some consumers that want to improve their body as they work out in a safer way. Brutal Force introduces a line of bodybuilding supplements that provide a legal alternative to this dangerous medication.

Much like other companies in the bodybuilding industry, the purpose of the Brutal Force supplements is to replicate the effects of medications like Dianabol, clenbuterol, and other commonly known steroids. However, by using these formulas, consumers may be able to replicate the same effects with natural ingredients. Therefore, understanding the way that each of these products works is important to determining which one is the right one for the user.

What is Brutal Force?

This body-building company has produced many different supplements that consumers can use to get the effects of a steroid without the legal ramifications. Some of their most common supplements include DBULK, ABULK, SBULK, TBULK, and CCUT. Each one is strongly associated with the effects of the most common steroid medications on the market today.

DBULK, for example, gives users the same effect as taking Dianabol, promoting more strength and increasing the lean muscle mass of the user. It also reduces soreness, and it is completely legal, which means that users can lose the weight they want to get rid of without sacrificing muscle mass.

The Brutal Force brand allows users to purchase either stacks or individual supplements, depending on their needs. Some of the supplements that users can integrate into their routine to increase muscle bulk are DBULK, SBULK, and TBULK, but there are also cutting supplements like ACUT, WINCUT, and GCUT. Using the cutting supplements is a good replacement for the steroids that burn through fats like Winstrol and Clenbuterol. These remedies can also be stacked with other supplements or purchases as its own stack like the Sculpt Stack, Definition Stack, Mass Stack, and Beast Stack.

No matter what the user takes on in their routine, they can integrate cutting, bulking, or increased strength with these bodybuilding supplements from Brutal Force.

The Bulking Supplements of Brutal Force

There are six different supplements from Brutal Force for bulking for users who want to bulk up their muscles and enjoy incredible strength and muscle gains. These products help the users to reduce the amount of time they spend in recovery, promote better stamina, and get through each of the plateaus they reach as they set forth on their goals. All of these supplements are legal, though they have a powerful effect that consumers will enjoy.

The six supplements include:


Read on below to learn more about each bulking supplement.



DBULK, as stated above, provides users with an alternative to Dianabol, which goes by the generic name methandrostenolone. The steroid is one of the most popular options on the market, but it puts the user at risk of many different side effects. However, users that want to increase muscle as they boost more weight in their workouts and develop lean muscle mass will find exactly what they need in this supplement.

Brutal Force focuses on the way that DBULK can help users increase their testosterone levels without any type of prescription medication. Everything is done naturally, using ingredients like ashwagandha, MSM, and L-leucine, along with other herbal extracts and nutrients. To get this bottle, users will have to pay $54.99.



SBULK, Provides users with an alternative to Testosterone Sustanon, which is another bodybuilding supplement on the market that increases testosterone by way of anabolic steroids. This formula increases testosterone levels naturally, and it doesn’t need any illegal steroids to achieve this effect. Ultimately, users can increase their testosterone to achieve increased muscle mass, improve performance, and support strength.

As users take this supplement, they will also get the benefits of ingredients like fenugreek, black pepper extract, stinging nettle, and other ingredients to improve the way the body burns through fat. As a result, some users experience greater confidence as their energy surges. The majority of the reason this formula is so effective is because it uses proven ingredients for promoting improved testosterone levels called DAA.

The total cost of one bottle of this formula is $54.99.


To replace Trenbolone, Brutal Force offers TBULK, which gives users androgenic benefits. Users experience incredible strength and muscle gains, though they will also see improvements in their muscle density and conditioning. Some users integrate this supplement as a way to increase both bulking and cutting.

Most users who take this formula will notice an increased appetite and better absorption of protein as users take on a healthier diet. Protein is essential to building muscles, and it uses cat’s claw extract, pepsin powder, and beta-sitosterol (among others) to create these effects. Users don’t have to inject anything or even experience side effects because everything is made of natural ingredients.

Like the other bulking supplements on this list, users will only have to pay $54.99.



Anadrol is replaced by the legal alternative ABULK, providing an effect that is fairly similar to that of oxymetholone, which is the medication that the steroid is known as. There are no negative side effects, and it helps the muscles to get more oxygen during a workout without becoming fatigued. Muscle fatigue is common when this area of the body becomes incredibly exhausted, which is especially common during a workout. The supplement also promotes better muscle mass, delivering better stamina and faster recovery.

To achieve these effects, users will find ingredients like Longjack root powder, Acetyl-L-carnitine, and Muira Puama bark powder. One bottle only cost $54.99.



To replace the steroid Deca-Durabolin (which commonly increases lean body mass), there is DEKABULK. This formula is used to improve muscle strength and gains while also supporting the user’s stamina in the gym. In addition, it can promote improved recovery time, and it can increase protein synthesis in red blood cell production to do so.

In this formula, users will get DM root powder, puncture vine extract, and L-arginine ingredients. None of these ingredients come with side effects, allowing users to simply enjoy the recovery period after the gym for $54.99 a bottle.



The key to the success of HBULK is that it helps to raise the user’s human growth hormones, naturally triggering the function of the pituitary gland. As an alternative to Somatropin HGH, users are encouraged to take this formula daily as a way to increase their lean muscle gains and reduce their stored fats. It also supports the user through a faster recovery after a workout.

Users get to maca root powder, hawthorn Berry, Mucuna pruriens, and L-arginine to achieve these effects. All the ingredients are natural, and there are no synthetic components that will trigger hormonal changes. The total cost of this formula is $54.99.

The Cutting Supplements of Brutal Force

The next group of supplements from Brutal Force is the cutting supplements. These supplements are primarily used to help consumers eliminate excess weight, though it sometimes targets certain parts of the body to create a more masculine physique. These changes are commonly associated with anabolic steroids, and there are only four supplements included in this category.

The supplements include:

  • CCUT
  • ACUT
  • GCUT

Read on to learn more about each of the cutting supplements.



CCUT is used to burn through fat quickly, helping users eliminate the potential energetic fatigue that comes from weight loss. In addition, it keeps lean muscle mass intact, and it is primarily meant to be an alternative to Clenbuterol. Clenbuterol has been used for decades by bodybuilders as a steroid, but this legal alternative can fill the gap.

Users that take this formula each day pushes the body to a more defined look, even though users don’t have to put forth as much effort. It also uses some common ingredients in weight loss supplements today, like Garcinia Cambogia, bitter orange, Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract, and guarana. One bottle of the supplements is $54.99.



Used as an alternative to Anavar, ACUT helps users to improve their energy and strength, and it is meant to be used as a post-workout formula. Users who take this on will also improve the amount of fat they lose for a leaner look. The creators behind this formula set it apart from other products by making it safe for both men and women to take.

Much of this formula is made from proteins, including soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate, and BCAAs. Some of the other ingredients that users will find include wild yam root powder and ElevATP, keeping the lean muscle that users want to achieve as they burn through the excess fat. One bottle of this formula will cost the user $54.99.



WINCUT is designed to be a safe and legal alternative to Winstrol, also known as Stanozolol. That steroid is used for cutting without inhibiting muscle mass. Like Winstrol, WINCUT can purportedly increase agility, power, and stamina while sculpting a lean and cut look – all without the bulk of some of Brutal Force’s bulking supplements. The supplement is suitable for men and women.

To achieve the advertised effects, this formula includes choline, wild yam, safflower oil, and dimethylaminoethanol, among other ingredients. Users will need two capsules a day to get the desired effects, and the bottle costs $54.99.



GCUT focuses on helping men who struggle with gynecomastia, which is a term used to describe access fat along the chest that is often referred to as “man boobs.” The purpose is to keep the hormones balanced, eliminating the cause of the extra fat. The remedy reduces the overall size of a man’s breasts and enhances the general appearance.

This formula is the only one on the list that specifically targets chess fact, helping users with cocoa powder, chromium, green tea extract, potassium, and evodiamine. Unfortunately, the formula is priced in the same way as all the other products before it adds $54.99.

The SARMs Alternatives of Brutal Force

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are much like anabolic steroids, but they don’t quite have the androgenic properties. The supplements offered by Brutal Force are illegal alternative, and they also have no side effects the consumers have to worry about. The brand is responsible for creating three helpful supplements to this effect, which include:


Read on below to learn about the SARMs alternatives offered by Brutal Force.



RADBULK provides an alternative to Testolone, even though users are still able to achieve the muscle-building effects it offers. This formula focuses on using natural ingredients with no side effects to achieve lean body mass, increasing strength and vascularity. Taking on this formula means that users will get the benefits of wild yam, safflower oil, Acetyl-l-carnitine, choline, and related ingredients.

The SARMs alternatives are a little more expensive than the other products on this list at $59.99 each. This price also applies to the other two SARMs alternatives below.



OSTABULK, which is an alternative to Ostarine MK-2866, focuses on the stamina and energy that consumers need as they workout to build up their muscle mass. In addition, it supports the user as they shed the extra fat along their body without any of the typical side effects that the medicine would typically offer. Some of the ingredients that users can look forward to in this formula include B vitamins, zinc, and D-aspartic acid. All of these nutrients are necessary to the health of the body, making it even more beneficial for consumers to take on.



ANDALEAN, which users can take in place of Andarine S-4, helps users improve their muscle mass and burn through the extra fat preventing them from reaching their goals. With natural ingredients, users can take advantage of the proteins and branched-chain amino acids that can truly benefit their body, including soy protein and whey protein isolate.

The Stacks of Brutal Force

For anyone that wants to get the most value for their products, Brutal Force offers several stack options that allow users to customize their workout with multiple products at once. By combining them within one package, users will save much more money as they build up their muscle mass, support weight loss, and more.

The stacks available include:

  • Brutal Stack (for bulking and stacking)
  • Mass Stack (for bulking)
  • Beast Stack (a two-cycle stack)
  • Sculpt Stack (a cutting stack)
  • Definition Stack (a cutting stack for men)

Read on below to learn a little bit more about what these packages offer to consumers.

Bulking & Cutting Stack


The Bulking and Cutting Stack – which is better known as the Brutal Stack – allows users to purchase multiple supplements for bulking up at once. It also includes a cutting stack to ensure that users can eliminate the stored fat that may prevent them from showing the full expansion of their muscles.

Overall, this package includes:

  • CCUT

This entire package is priced at $164.97.

Mass Stack


Next, there is the Mass Stack, which is primarily filled with bulking formulas. In fact, users will get the five most popular remedies available. Period all of these bulking supplements help users easily power through any of their workouts to develop the intense muscle mass they’re hoping for. They can also use these remedies to enhance the recovery after each workout and improve games at the gym.

If the user follows the regular routine, each of these Mass Stack remedies should last for about four weeks. The formulas include:


This package costs a little more at $219.99.

Beast Stack


The Beast Stack provides users with more formulas than any other stacking package on the list. Instead of just five products, users get 10, doubling up on the bottles of SBULK that they receive. With this stack, users are able to promote a better physique with less fat and more muscle mass at the same time. Each of the Beast Stacks takes about two cycles of four weeks each to get through. Users will go through a four-week bulking cycle which is followed by a four-week cutting cycle, depending on which products they use.

The package includes:

  • SBULK (2)
  • CCUT
  • ACUT

Considering all of the products consumers get, they should not be surprised that this package costs more than the previous two on the list at $379.99.

Sculpt Stack


The Sculpt Stack only provides users with three formulas, but they are all focused around cutting back on the user’s weight. They provide users with fairly similar reactions that they can expect with the SARMs, but users will not have to worry about the legality or safety of any one of them. Plus, they can still build up their strength and improve their performance at the gym easily. The supplements should last for about four weeks.

Users get:

  • ACUT
  • CCUT

This package is one of the lower-priced stacks add $129.99.

Definition Stack


In the Definition Stack, users will get more cutting supplements. All five of these products help users to build up their muscle mass as they improve their look. All of the ingredients work together effectively to protect the user’s lean muscle mass as well, which is why they can be relied on to maintain strength and promote better recovery. Like the packages before this one, users can expect that each stack lasts about four weeks.

This package includes:

  • CCUT
  • ACUT

To get this entire stack, users will pay $219.99.

Select Stack


The Select Stack provides users with all three SARMs in one package. There are no risks associated with these alternatives, lasting for about four weeks. A unique aspect of this stack is that it can be combined with a bulking or cutting regimen as well, allowing them to order one of the other sacks to use with it.

This package includes:


Users spend a bit less money on this package than they do on others at $139.99.

Brutal Force’s Refund Policy

Right now, if the user has already opened or used the supplement, it is not qualified to return. Supplements also cannot be returned if the seal has been broken. Refunds are simply not available once the user has tried the product directly.

If the user has not opened or broken the seal of the supplement they’ve chosen, they have up to 100 days to return it for a full refund. This company’s return policy is much stricter than that of other brands.

Contacting Brutal Force

Brutal Force is based out of the United Kingdom. Still, all of these formulas are developed within a facility in the USA that is registered with the FDA and certified under GMP regulations. Users who want to learn more about these formulas can reach out to the company via email or phone. Users can also fill out the form on the official website for electronic communication or send a letter to the UK address below.

  • Email: support@brutalforce.com
  • Phone: (844) 886-1634
  • Contact form: http://brutalforce.com/contact

Mailing Address: MuscleClub Limited, Digital House, Clarendon Park, Nottingham, UK NG5 1AH

Final Thoughts

The entire Brutal Force brand allows users to get legal alternatives to some of steroids on the market today. There are testosterone boosters, performance boosters, stamina boosters, and more, appealing to the needs of consumers today. Most consumers want to find a natural and healthy alternative to the dangerous and often illegal steroids on the market today, and each product from Brutal Force makes it easier.

To learn more about what this brand can offer or order one of the supplements, visit BrutalForce.com.

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