Best THC Detox Products: Top-Rated Methods and Test Kits That Work

Cannabis has its benefits and downsides, just like any other remedy or treatment. Cannabis is a natural herb with many health benefits, so we can’t ignore that it contains THC. By smoking this herb, you allow yourself to take in THC, which has psychoactive properties and gets you high.

CBD contains an active compound called THC, which can be detected in drug tests. CBD, however, is not legal in many countries due to the presence of THC, so people who smoke this herb need to detox their bodies if they hope to pass some drug tests or if they simply wish to remove the traces of THC from their body.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are; the best THC detox methods can help you cleanse your body and eliminate the traces of THC naturally.

You can pass a drug test with the best THC detox method. THC detox methods present in the market claim to remove all traces of THC from the body, but not all of them are effective.

In the market, many fraud manufacturers are claiming to cleanse the body. To that end, it is necessary to find the best THC detox method.

As a result of our evaluation of various methods, we have come up with the following ten best THC detox methods that help you avoid THC withdrawal symptoms, support your overall health, and safely remove THC from the body.

The 10 Best THC Detox Methods in 2022

The formulas we have examined to rank the best THC detox methods in 2022 are as follows:

Pass Your Test Home Page This company is famous and known to be the best for manufacturing various THC detox supplements.
Pass Your Test- Same Day Cleanser Same Day Cleanser is a perfect option for individuals who will pass a drug test on the same day.
Pass Your Test- Permanent Cleanser Permanent Cleansers help to eliminate toxins and THC content from the body permanently. It includes a 5-day and 10-day detox plan.
TestClear 5 Day Detox 5-Day Detox is an ideal choice for cleansing the body by removing toxins from the body in five days. It is a 5-days detox kit that includes pills, drinks, and dietary fiber.
TestClear Old Style Toxin Rid Aloe Shampoo To clear the hair follicle test, use Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. It cleanses the scalp and hair by removing the contaminants and chemicals.
TestClear Mega Clean Detox Drink Detox Drink comes in different flavors, making it easy to use. This beverage contains all essential vitamins and minerals to boost the detoxification process.
TestClear Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash is ideal for passing a saliva drug test. Along with removing cannabis traces, this mouthwash also prevents dental infections.
TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink It is a potent mixture of essential nutrients to promote the detoxification process.
TestClear Toxin Rid 7-Day Pills Toxin Rid 7 days pills are perfect detox pills that eliminate traces of THC and help an individual pass a drug test.
TestClear Urine Simulation Powdered Urine Kit You can use synthetic urine as a sample test to clear a drug test.

Pass Your Test- Home Page


Pass Your Test has proven to be a leading brand in the THC Detox supplements space. It was launched in 2000; the company offers many THC detox products. Due to high-quality THC detoxification products, the company has gained popularity. Pass Your Test has a customer base of more than thousands of people and an incredible THC detox product lineup; all are designed to meet your needs and one step ahead to detoxification.

You may have heard that passing your test is the fastest way to clean your body for passing a drug test, but is it true? Pass Your Test claims to provide 100% accurate THC detox kits. Currently, this company offers four different categories of THC detox kits; let us look at them and know how they are beneficial for CBD users to pass a THC drug test.

Same Day Cleanse- “Clean shots and Clean Caps” from Nutra Cleanse are fast-acting and short-term drug testing methods. Both formulas start working within 90 minutes of their intake. Many CBD users take this product 2 to 3 hours before their oral drug test. More than hundreds have succeeded with Nutra Cleanse Fast-acting shots and caps and were able to pass a drug test at the last minute. Same Day Cleanse Kit also comes with a Fail-Safe kit, recommended for heavy weed users who do not want to take any chance of failing a drug test.

Permanent Cleanse- If you have a bit of time before taking a drug screening, then Nutra Cleanse Permanent Cleanse is a recommended and effective weed detox kit. Unlike the previous one, it is not a fast-acting solution. With the help of this best weed detox Kit, users can permanently remove all toxins like THC metabolites from the body. The best part is that the detox plan comes in a 5 or 10 days option, which allows you to select the feasible option as per your need.

Total Body Cleanse Kit- The Nutra Cleanse Total Body cleanse kit contains a five days permanent cleanse kit and THC detox shampoos. This kit also includes two free nicotine home drug test kits. It is an ideal solution if you have a hair drug test.

Key Highlights
  • The company has been in the industry for 20 years and has a reputed name
  • It offers a 5-day extreme detoxification process to remove the traces of THC effectively
  • Free shipping all over the USA
  • The supplements are manufactured under GMP and FDA approved facilities
  • Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $30 to $150

    Pass Your Test Same Day Cleanser


    Pass Your Test Same Day Cleanser offers one of the fast-acting detox products to CBD users. According to the company, this formula is best for individuals who want to cleanse their bodies quickly. It is a suitable option for those who get a drug test within a few hours of consumption.

    Are you going for a drug test today? Unsure about the number of traces of THC in the body? Nothing is better than the Same Day Cleanser from Nutra Cleanse. This detox kit contains Nutra cleanse clean caps, and the Nutra Cleanse Clean shot contains abundant antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals to boost the detoxification process. Nutra Cleanse Clean Caps are capsules that are supposed to be taken 2 to 3 hours before the urine drug test. The clean shots by Nutra Cleanse are the best fast-acting detox drink.

    This THC detox Kit helps to release toxins from the body quickly in the form of urine. These detox supplements act as diuretics.

    While traveling in a few hours and worried about your drug test, grab Nutra Cleanse Same Day cleanser kit without second thoughts. The short-term THC detox supplement starts working within 90 minutes of its usage, and the effect lasts for 6 hours. Many weed users have had success with this and were able to pass a drug test.

    Key Highlights
  • It works by temporarily inhibiting the detection of THC from the body of a CBD user.
  • Works within 90 minutes to flush out all toxins
  • Same Day Cleanser’s effect last for 6 hours
  • Increases the rate of urination to promote the detoxification process
  • Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $30 to $60

    Pass Your Test Permanent Cleansers


    Pass Your Test Permanent Cleansers includes a pre detox diet with daily detox supplements and detox pills that you need to regularly flush toxins from the body. This is a recommended option for those who have little time before a drug test.

    Nutra Cleanse’s permanent cleansing program has detox kits that quickly allow you to eliminate toxins from the body. Each THC detox kit in this program comes with an at-home marijuana drug test kit that verifies the THC levels of your body after following the protocol.

    This detox process is suitable for heavy weed users and comprises two popular programs that claim to remove THC traces within 5 to 10 days if instructions are followed properly.

    The 5-day Extreme Detoxification program and 10 Day Ultra detoxification program have proven effective in passing a drug test. If you have 5 to 10 days to prepare for your drug test or want to cleanse the body before the blood tests occur, Permanent Cleansers are a perfect option. Also, you will get access to a personal coach who will assist you during the complete process.

    Key Highlights
  • The company provides free shipping all over the USA
  • Two home test kits are added with every cleansing program that helps you to know your progress
  • Flush THC from the body within 5 to 10 days
  • A professional coach is also available for additional assistance
  • Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $110 to $150

    TestClear 5-Day Detox


    TestClear 5-Day Detox (Toxin Rid) is a dominant detox formula in the THC detox industry. The manufacturer of this program uses a multidimensional approach to get rid of toxins from the body. They implemented dietary fiber, pre- detox pills, and liquid detox forms.

    This program is specially designed for heavy marijuana users who have more exposure to toxins. Each product of Toxin rid contains a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are proven to be effective in flushing the toxins and making the products the best THC detox solutions.

    Toxin Rid detoxifies the body after a few days of its use. All products complement each other to remove THC from the body within five days. The beauty of Toxin Rid is it removes THC traces from urine, blood, and saliva.

    Whether you want to go for blood tests, urine tests, or saliva drug tests, Toxin rid helps eliminate THC traces. Every supplement of this program starts working within an hour of taking it.

    Key Highlights
  • Remove THC traces from saliva, urine, and blood
  • Eliminate toxins within five days of their usage
  • Made up of all-natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and herbs
  • It starts working within one hour of its intake
  • Money-Back Guarantee 100% Refund Policy
    Price $110

    TestClear Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo


    TestClear Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is a unique formula that comes in the form of cosmetics. If you are a weed user, you must know that your hair holds THC for a more extended period than urine or saliva. Some platforms go for hair follicle drug tests instead of saliva drug tests or urine tests to trace the levels of THC in the body since one uses this anti-toxin shampoo to eliminate THC levels by cleansing the hair and scalp.

    The shampoo cleanses the scalp thoroughly and removes toxins within a short period. Typically, shampoo works within 3 to 10 days of its regular consumption. The manufacturer uses aloe vera and other natural ingredients to clean your hair before you go for a hair follicle test. The shampoo uses a potent blend that removes the THC traces within the scalp and hair.

    Use the shampoo every day like you usually do to get your drug test positive.

    Key Highlights
  • It comprises proven antioxidants and natural ingredients to cleanse the scalp
  • Shows results in 3 to 10 days of its regular consumption
  • Eliminate the most formidable toxins within short deadlines
  • Help you to pass a drug test without using THC Detox pills or detox drink
  • Money-Back Guarantee 100% Refund Policy
    Price $236

    TestClear Mega Clean Detox Drink


    TestClear Mega Clean Detox Drink comes in a beverage consistently ranked under the top-rated THC detox products. The beauty of this product is it comes in an affordable range that does not burn your pocket.

    Mega Clean Detox drink comes in two different and delicious flavors, tropical fruity and wild berry flavor, making the product entirely different from other detox products mentioned in this list. The product is packed with natural ingredients that restore lost vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to boost the cleansing process by eliminating the toxins from the system.

    The manufacturer of Mega Clean Detox drink has proven compounds, backed with thousands of positive reviews. This product ensures detoxification of the process naturally and starts showing its effects in less than one hour of its consumption.

    Key Highlights
  • It is one of the detox drinks that contain natural and proven compounds to cleanse the system.
  • It starts working within one hour of its usage.
  • The two flavors make the drink surprisingly excellent and tasty
  • Its effect lasts up to five hours
  • Money-Back Guarantee 100% Refund Policy
    Price $70

    TestClear Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash


    TestClear Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash allows you to rinse your mouth and have a Toxin-free zone for four hours. This detox mouthwash removes all unwanted toxins from your mouth and sanitizes it like other mouthwashes.

    It is a perfect way to pass a saliva drug test. With a few minutes of rinsing your mouth with this product, you can pass a drug test easily. This product comes in a small, easy-to-carry bottle that allows you to handle it even in testing zones.

    Apart from eliminating the THC content from the mouth, mouthwash also promotes dental health by reducing the chances of dental infections or teeth decaying.

    The best way to beat a saliva drug test is using this detox mouthwash.

    Key Highlights
  • It makes it hard to identify traces of THC in a saliva drug test
  • Its effect stays in the mouth for up to 4 hours
  • Help to improve dental health
  • It comes in a portable bottle
  • Money-Back Guarantee 100% Refund
    Price $30

    TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink


    TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink helps you prepare yourself for an upcoming drug test. It is the best THC detox drink that works faster than any beverage form of THC detoxifier. It is formulated for the optimal cleaning process and comes in a 200oz liquid bottle that supports the natural detoxification process of the system.

    This cleansing drink is available in different tropical flavors, making it easy to use. The formula is a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and dozens of essential nutrients that help in the elimination process and help you pass the drug test.

    Key Highlights
  • 100% Natural cleansing formula
  • Remove all traces of Cannabis by detoxifying the body
  • Delicious and easy to take THC cleansing drink
  • Help you pass an upcoming drug test within a few days
  • Money-Back Guarantee 100% Refund Policy
    Price $39.95

    TestClear Toxin Rid 7-Day Pills


    TestClear Toxin Rid 7-Day Pills are a part of a 7 days detox plan to remove all traces of THC from the system in the days leading up to your drug test. The pills are specially formulated for heavy toxin exposure and heavy CBD users.

    The three detoxification processes are implemented in this 7-day detox plan: pre rid tablets, dietary fiber, and liquid detox. It targets detoxification of the system from multiple angles and increases the chances of passing drug testing.

    Key Highlights
  • The 7-day Detox plan has three components, pre-rid tablets, liquid detox drinks, and dietary fiber.
  • The best option for heavy CBD users
  • Removes THC from all parts of the body as it attacks the body from various angles
  • It contains scientifically proven ingredients
  • Money-Back Guarantee 100% Refund Policy
    Price $54

    TestClear Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit


    TestClear Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit contains uric acid and other essential chemicals that remove the traces of Cannabis from the body. All you need to do is, mix the powder in a glass of water. You can use liquid synthetic urine as a sample test to pass the drug test.

    Key Highlights
  • Perfect powdered synthetic urine that disappears the Cannabis from the body
  • You need normal tap water to use this powdered urine
  • Work as an excellent urine sample to pass the test
  • Money-Back Guarantee Not Applicable
    Price $50

    How We Ranked the Best Thc Detox Methods

    THC Detox methods available online claim to cleanse your body naturally, but not all of them work as advertised. To separate the best from the worst THC detox supplements, we have considered a few factors, which are as follows:

    Drug Test Score

    Our team tested each detox product we listed above and then used drug tests to check their effectiveness. After analyzing, we gave a testing score to each product. The more scores a product reviewed, the higher we ranked it.

    Science-Backed Ingredients

    Although, there is not enough evidence that THC detox products can work to remove the traces of THC. But compounds like Zinc, Vitamins, Mineral, and antioxidant-rich foods are worth trying. However, we prefer detox products that contain science-backed ingredients that are beneficial in cleansing the body and further aid in removing toxins naturally.

    Honesty and Reputation

    We have seen many manufacturers of THC detox kits do false advertising about the product and indulge in deceptive marketing. They claim to pass a drug test with a 100% success rate even if you smoke in the morning, but this is not possible in reality. We preferred THC detox products that are honest about their work and advertise real benefits.

    The health supplements industry is shady and full of manufacturers who do not produce high-quality products. We ranked the manufacturers with a solid reputation in the market and offered high-quality products with scientifically backed ingredients. We encourage people to consider the above-stated products to pass a drug test.

    Customer Reviews and Testimonials

    Although our editorial team has tested every product and relied on customer reviews, we read customer reviews by visiting each product’s official website. Nothing else gives you a greater insight into the product than how it treated real-life customers. Most of our listed products are backed by thousands of positive customer reviews.

    Shipping Options

    While anyone is willing to buy a THC detox product, they want the delivery as soon as possible. We ranked the best THC detox brands that offer easy, fast, and affordable shipping options. Most of them include free shipping on all products with few perks.

    Ease of Use

    According to experts, the best way to remove THC traces is to exercise daily and drink water. But in practical life, it is not possible. We consider THC detox products that are easy to use and do not ask you to change your daily routine.

    Money-Back Guarantee

    Many THC detox products come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you fail your drug test after using a THC detox product or are unhappy with the product, you can claim a full refund from the company.

    How Long Does CBD Stay in the Body?

    While you have been using Cannabis or using it for the first time, you must be worried about how long this Cannabis stays in the body and if you are willing to get a drug test for how long you should way to remove traces of THC. You must know that Cannabis stays for 36 hours to 90 days, depending on the body part. Let us have a look:

    • Hair- Cannabis stays on hair for a maximum of 90 days
    • Urine- Depending on the usage, traces remain in urine for 3 to 30 days
    • Saliva-If you are willing to go for a saliva drug test must wait for 48 hours. THC traces stay for two days.
    • Blood-Cannabis stays in the blood for 36 hours
    • Sweat- It also depends on the usage. Usually, it remains for 7 to 14 days.

    However, many drug tests take your blood or saliva to trace THC content. Usually, when consuming or smoking THC within 3 to 4 days of a drug test, it will appear on the drug test.

    Further, the way you use Cannabis impacts the period of how long Cannabis stays in your body. For example, heavy weed users will have THC content in the body for a more extended period than usual.

    Do We Have Any Side Effects of Cannabis Withdrawal?

    Whether you smoke marijuana or consume Cannabis in any form, it remains in the body for some time, and with positive effects, it also shows various downsides. When you finally decide to detox cannabis, you must be worried about withdrawal symptoms. And yes, cannabis detox comes with minor side effects, which are stated below:

    • Insomnia and more sleeping disorders
    • Anxiety and stress
    • Depression
    • Mood swings
    • Anger issues
    • Memory loss
    • Shakings
    • Loss of appetite
    • Emotional Instability

    These symptoms may last for a few days to months; it depends on how you use Cannabis. Some regular cannabis users tend to experience withdrawal symptoms for a longer time.

    Remedies to Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms

    We are listing a few tips and natural remedies that will help you reduce withdrawal symptoms at home:

    • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
    • Do not take caffeine; it is essential to restrict caffeine intake
    • Exercise regularly
    • Take in more fiber and protein instead of carbs

    How Do Drug Tests Work?

    Understanding how THC detox pills work, at the same time, it is also essential to know how drug tests work. What is the working mechanism of drug tests? Let us understand.

    Drug tests are meant for tracing the amount of THC in the human body. Drug tests use traces of THC from blood, saliva, urine, and hair. Out of all, a urine test is the most suitable option for the drug test. A urine drug test is easy and affordable. A urine test can detect THC traces within three months of using Cannabis.

    Saliva tests, blood tests, and hair follicle drug tests are also popular. Drug tests are innovative and the best way to identify the number of cannabinoids in the body. Traces of Cannabis in the body are known as THC- COOH; drug tests look for THC-COOH. THC COOH is the breakdown of Cannabis in the body. Such traces are stored in fat cells, so removing THC from the body is challenging.

    The drug test is responsible for detecting THC after smoking or ingesting Cannabis for more than weeks. A hair drug test is hard to excel because THC-COOH gets attached to the roots of the hair, which can stay on hair for 90 days.

    How THC Detox Products Work

    You may find plenty of detox products available on the market that claim to remove THC traces by flushing out all toxins from the body, further helping you pass a drug test. But do they work? Do THC detox drinks, detox pills, or THC detox mouthwash eliminate the traces of Cannabis?

    Such products may or may not work. Every product works differently for everyone depending on their usage and body composition. The most popular working of many detox products is they flush out creatine and Toxins from the kidneys in your urine. This flushing process can cause contaminated urine during a urine drug test, which means you may need to give a urine sample later after a few days.

    Most THC detox kits contain natural ingredients responsible for cleansing the body from THC and have proven antioxidant benefits. Detoxifying supplements may contain a few popular ingredients; they are as follows:

    Dandelion Leaf

    Due to the high level of carotene and antioxidants, Dandelion Leaf increases urination to cleanse the kidneys from THC. It is a traditional remedy and popular cleansing compound to get rid of toxins.

    Rhubarb Root

    Rhubarb Root is a plant with various anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, which positively aid in removing all traces of Cannabis from the bloodstream. This compound has abundant antioxidant levels, effectively releasing Cannabis from the body.

    Burdock Root

    This compound has a long history in traditional medicine; it is known that Burdock root cleanses the body and detoxifies the system. Burdock root also restores youthful skin by preventing the damage caused due to toxins.

    Goldenseal Root

    It is also known as the orange root, used to treat various infections. Goldenseal roots boost the urination rate to remove toxins from the bloodstream.

    All these ingredients are proven to release toxins in urine, which further cleanses cannabis traces. Different individuals take different detox products depending on their needs and situations, like shampoos, drinks, mouthwashes, etc.

    Shampoos are popular among females to keep their hair healthy and clean. THC detox shampoos work like typical shampoos formulated to remove all toxins from the hair follicles and THC.

    And when we talk about saliva tests, it is unreliable and cheap. Only 10% of employers prefer saliva tests. Saliva tests work by detecting the THC content from your mouth tissues. When you use marijuana, it will remain in the mouth for 72 hours.

    THC detox drinks work in a similar way to other detox products. Mouthwashes help to detoxify the mouth. A THC detox mouthwash works well when you are about to go for a saliva drug test.

    To conclude, the best way to pass a drug test is to consider a seven day cleanse program. When you are cleansing the body, never fail to take THC detox formulas, which promote releasing entire Cannabis from the system to pass a drug test.

    Traditional Methods to Clear a Drug Test

    Let us discuss a few popular home remedies to clear a drug test:


    Many people take coffee before they plan to clear a drug test. Coffee act as an excellent diuretic that increases urination. Since Coffee contains various antioxidants that promote the detoxification process, coffee is responsible for removing toxins from the body in the form of urine. Much evidence shows that water, coffee, and electrolytes can cleanse the body and help you clear a drug test.

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    You may find many studies showing that apple cider vinegar can help you pass a drug test. Apple Cider Vinegar is full of antimicrobial and antioxidant products that speed up metabolism and boost detoxification. It helps your body get rid of THC more rapidly than any other natural remedy.

    Cranberry Juice

    Cranberry Juice is a perfect way to keep your urinary tract healthy; it is considered an excellent natural remedy to pass a drug test. Drinking cranberry juice is ideal for removing toxins from the body in seven days. It also works like a natural diuretic that increases the frequency of urination, the reason why it is known as the best detox beverage.

    Lemon Water

    For daily support to the detoxification process, many people take lemon water which also helps to boost overall health. Although there is no such evidence that lemon water is a reliable method to clear drug tests, it cleanses the body and further aids in passing a drug test.

    FAQs About THC Detox

    Our team receives hundreds of questions about THC detox and how detox products are beneficial. To help you understand THC detox better, we have answered the most frequently asked question.

    Q: Will I Face THC Withdrawal?

    A: CBD comes with both physical and psychological adverse effects on the body, and many users have experienced various withdrawal symptoms immediately when they stop taking Cannabis. When one is a heavy weed user or regular user, their body gets habitual to THC, and its withdrawal leads to many side effects.

    Q: What are THC withdrawal symptoms?

    A: There are many withdrawal symptoms of THC; common symptoms are insomnia, mood swings, loss of appetite, headache, stomach upset, dehydration, depression, shakiness, anxiety, and fatigue.

    Q: How long does marijuana extract stays in the body?’

    A: THC remains in the body from one day to four months, depending on your usage and body composition.

    Q: How fast do detox pills work in the body?

    A: Many detox pills start working in the body within 2 to 6 hours of their intake, which further helps you pass a drug test. But many detox pills work in 3 to 7 days and show excellent results in removing toxins from the body.

    Q: How can I speed up marijuana detox?

    A: You can speed up the detoxification process by drinking plenty of water, taking detox pills or other detox supplements, and doing regular exercise.

    Q: Which is the best detox product for THC?

    A: Although all the detox products we stated above in the list are the best detox products for marijuana, out of them, Pass Your Test and TestClear are among the best options that you can grab without burning your pockets.

    Q: Can we rely on detox mouthwash for detoxifying THC?

    A: Yes, while you plan to go for saliva drug testing, choosing a THC detox mouthwash is never a bad option. It cleanses the mouth and saliva of THC with other contamination to help you pass a saliva drug test.

    Q: What is the best way to detox your body?

    A: According to researchers, the best THC detox way includes doing regular exercise, staying hydrated, and having THC detox products that promise to cleanse your system and eliminate THC.

    Q: What are the natural home remedies to remove THC content from the system?

    A: Experts say doing regular exercise, having lemon water, apple cider vinegar, electrolytes, and drinking plenty of water before your drug testing help you pass a test naturally. Little evidence also shows cayenne, and a few herbs can also remove THC traces from the body.

    Q: Is THC detox dangerous?

    A: THC detox is not associated with any health risks. Getting yourself cleaned to pass a drug test is not dangerous. Although, THC detox could lead to cognitive health risks.

    Q: Which is the best THC detox drink?

    A: Out of all THC detox drinks, Pass Your Test, and TestClear is a popular and top-ranked detox drink that detoxifies the body effectively.

    Q: Do synthetic urine effective for passing drug tests?

    A: Yes, synthetic urine works well to help you pass a drug test. You need to place the lab-made urine in the sample strip and show it as your sample to clear the drug test.

    Q: Can cranberry juice help in cleansing the body from THC?

    A: As cranberry juice contains antioxidants, it supports the body’s natural detoxification process. However, there is very little evidence that cranberry juice can reduce THC levels in the body than any other fruit juice or water.

    Q: Can we take Apple Cider Vinegar for THC detox?

    A: The most famous natural remedy for THC detox is apple cider Vinegar; it can effectively remove THC content from the body more than any other detox liquid.

    Q: What can I do if I don’t have time for THC detox?

    A: Don’t worry when you do not have time to take detox pills or drinks or any other detox methods, don’t worry. You can pretest yourself at home anytime and check whether your system detects THC or not. If the test is positive and your drug test is within 24 hours, don’t panic and have lots of water and a short-term detox supplement. And the last resort is synthetic urine.

    Q: Can we fake drug tests?

    A: Using synthetic urine is a perfect way to fake a drug test.

    Q: Is it legal to fake a drug test?

    A: Generally, it is legal to fake a drug test. However, it is illegal to use synthetic urine or other items that fake a drug test.

    Q: Can we use alcohol to pass a drug test?

    A: Not at all; alcohol is responsible for boosting THC levels, and drinking alcohol before your drug test will not help you detoxify the system. According to research, people who drink alcohol while smoking weed raise THC levels in the body and lower the chances of passing the drug test.

    Q: Can I exercise to pass a drug test?

    A: Indulging in exercising can help you pass a test anytime; when exercising, the body is burning stored THC in the fat cells. Releasing fat cells means the excretion of THC from the body. But it is not recommended to exercise before 24 hours of a test as the body releases THC and does not eliminate it from the body

    Q: Is the home drug test kit accurate?

    A: Generally, a home drug test kit is considered accurate and has an accuracy of around 99%.

    The 10 Best THC Detox Methods in 2022 Final Words

    A THC detox supplement is the best way to pass a drug test. As drug tests are becoming more and more common in work environments, to pass a sudden drug test, you can rely on the best Detox methods available on the list we presented here.

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