Best THC Cartridges: 2021’s Best Delta 8 Carts That You Buy Online| Top 5 Places To Get Prefilled THC Carts And Weed Vape Near You

A THC cartridge is one of the fastest ways to get on the delta-8 train. When used in vape pens, it produces no smoke and none of the lingering smells of traditional cigarettes. However, since delta-8 went mainstream, the cannabis market has become flooded with all kinds of products. Many of these are THC cartridges that contain less of the actual Delta-8 and probably more of the other impurities.

So, how do you get value for your money and avoid substandard products altogether? We’ve done all the research and analyzed the products available to separate the best from the bad.

So, here are some of the best THC cartridges on the market.

Top 5 Choices For THC Cartridges

  1. Exhale Wellness: Editor’s Choice For Best THC Cartridge
  2. BudPop: Highest Quality THC oil carts, Runner Up
  3. Hollyweed CBD: Wide Variety Of Flavoured Vape Cartridges
  4. Diamond CBD: Popular Brand For Thc Oil Cartridges
  5. 3Chi: Vape Cartridge Infused With Best Quality THC

Read on to find the full review of these THC Cartridges.

#1. Exhale Wellness: Editor’s Choice For Best THC Cartridge


When it comes to delta-8 THC products, Exhale Wellness has a reputation for high standards. The THC cartridges they produce are also nothing short of this standard. Professionals founded Exhale Wellness with decades of experience in the organic food and hemp industry. It has now become one of the biggest game-changers in the cannabis world.

Exhale Wellness was one of the first brands to perfect the art of combining quality delta-8 products with nutritious superfoods. The potency and success achieved using this mechanism positions the brand as the top go-to for THC cartridges. The passion and drive behind every Exhale Wellness product can be felt in the taste, quality, and potency.


Exhale Wellness uses only natural and organic ingredients. The hemp used comes from Colorado, a state with a reputation for its rich hemp farms. Additionally, state and federal agencies are in place to help oversee the quality of hemp used. Exhale Wellness farms don’t use any pesticides or chemicals. The plants also undergo THC and other routine tests right on the field as they are growing. The final result? High-grade hemp oil for your THC cartridge.

Harmful compounds like MCT, PG, VG, or PG oil are not used to formulate ExhaleWell vape cartridges. (These compounds, while widespread in many brands, have been associated with undesirable effects). The THC cartridges are available in different refreshing flavors, with smooth, unique vapors. Each cartridge contains up to 900mg of high-grade delta-8 THC and accompanying natural compounds.

Exhale Wellness’ THC cartridges are an instant way to get delta-8 stimulation and its benefits. Flavors available include pineapples, fruity cereals, and mango, among others. Exhale Wellness fields ten different delta-8 flavors, each with its uniqueness. The cartridges can be easily exchanged and work perfectly with 510-thread vape pens. If you want an instant discount on Exhale Wellness’ cartridges, then you can also join their subscription list. Exhale Wellness’ delta-8 cartridges are perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long stressful day.


  • High-grade delta-8
  • Excellent customer care
  • Impressive brand reputation
  • Fast-acting delta-8 cartridges
  • Affordable price ranges


  • No low potency delta-8 products

Customer Reviews

Most customers report favorable experiences with the brand. These include prompt customer service, good company policies, and positive experiences with the product. Exhale Wellness also provides up to a 30days refund duration for products ordered.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop: Highest Quality THC Oil Carts, Runner Up


BudPop is a new delta-8 brand that took the cannabis industry by storm. It was founded by individuals with more than two decades of collective experience. Despite the brand still being in its early years, it has already won the hearts of many delta-8 and CBD fans. BudPop sources its hemp from US-based farms (Nevada, to be exact), using only natural processes (no herbicides, pesticides, or other chemicals).

The brand also goes out of its way to ensure that all the ingredients used in manufacturing its delta-8 products are vegan. The THC cartridges contain no synthetic additives of any kind. When it comes to their privacy policy, BudPop is quite transparent. It clearly outlines the purpose behind any information you must provide and what the company does with the details later on. The website also sports an FDA disclaimer as well as an age requirement. In all, BudPop has built its delta-8 products and delivery system around transparency.


BudPop THC cartridges contain a blend of concentrated delta-8 alongside strain-specific terpenes. These are cannabinoids extracted from high-grade organic hemp. The products also don’t contain cutting agents, vitamin E or MCT. All the constituents in the cartridge are made up of only organic ingredients extracted from plants.

BudPop THC cartridges are available in two strains at the moment; grape-runtz and strawberry, each with its characteristic unique taste and smooth draw. Third-party laboratories test the cartridges, and customers can access the results on the website. Compatible with most 510-vape pens, BudPop cartridges are built to be universal and easily interchangeable.

In making its cartridges, BudPop carefully avoids using carrier oils such as propenyl glycol and polyethylene glycol. Instead, it sticks with only organic flavors and terpenes. The THC cartridges in compliance with US regulations contain less than 0.3% of delta-9. In this amount, it acts as a significant booster for the benefits of delta-8.

BudPop THC cartridges only take a few minutes to elicit their effect, and you can enjoy the pleasant sensation for up to 4 hours.


  • Uses only organic products
  • Uses third-party testing laboratories
  • It does not contain cutting agents
  • Uses Vegan ingredients
  • Free shipping


  • Only two strains are available at the moment

Customer Reviews

Customers that bought from BudPop noted the smooth feel that comes with the delta-8 cartridges. Also, BudPop delivered the THC cartridge right on schedule and according to specifications on the website. Customers also describe the effect of the cartridges as being “just strong enough without going overboard.”

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed CBD: Wide Variety Of Flavoured Vape Cartridges


Creators of the Hollyweed CBD brand built it around a singular vision of wellness in its entirety. This includes physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social health.

HollyweedCBD takes delta-8 as more than just another commodity to sell and instead integrates as part of a healthy lifestyle. You can easily see this in all their CBD and delta-8 products, especially in their THC cartridges.

Hollyweed CBD offers a whole range of delta-8 products, including pre-rolls, edibles, THC gummies, tinctures, and our personal favorite, THC cartridges. The brand also offers free economy shipping, while you can also pay to speed up the shipping process. Each order comes with a 30-day 100% refund policy.


HollyweedCBD sources its hemp from whole plants that are grown organically in Colorado. Using advanced CO2 extraction methods, CBD is first extracted before finally converting it to delta-8.

The company leverages its strong background in developing CBD products to create a unique blend of cartridges. All Ingredients used in the process are non-dairy, non-GMO, and gluten-free. The brand’s signature THC cartridge has no additives and uses terpenes to create a mellow, euphoric feeling.

HollyweedCBD THC cartridges are not strong enough to make you entirely high. However, it creates a perfect midground between the high-sensation of delta-9 and the therapeutic effects of delta-8. HollyweedCBD receives multiple third-party laboratory tests on all its products, including the THC cartridges. The results of these tests are readily accessible on the website.

The cartridges are compatible with the standard 510 threading used by most vape pens. The delta-9 THC content of Hollyweed CBD cartridges also falls within the acceptable limits of 0.3% and does not exceed it. Since Hollyweed CBD is a relatively new company, it currently has only one strain of THC cartridges, with the company planning to produce more strains soon.


  • Whole hemp from Colorado
  • No additives or GMO’s
  • Allows multiple third-party testing
  • Fast and free shipping
  • All ingredients used are organic


  • One strain of THC cartridge currently available

Customer Reviews

Customers described Hollyweed CBD as naturally flavored while retaining the terpenes’ quality. Users also commented on its mellow, head-clearing effects. The THC cartridges don’t reach the delta-9 proportion in getting users high but do the needed job.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD

#4. DiamondCBD: Popular Brand For Thc Oil Cartridges


DiamondCBD started as one of the pioneers in the CBD industry. It was founded by a team of doctors, scientists, and researchers with extensive experience. The brand goal was definite from the start – to research and develop innovative CBD hemp extract. DiamondCBD also wanted to increase accessibility to these products. So when delta-8 popped up as a milder substitute for the more “rocky” delta-9, it swung into action.

Using hemp naturally grown in the United States, DiamondCBD started offering novel Delta-8 products. These include edibles like gummies, capsules, oils, and THC cartridges. Staying true to their vision of making hemp products more accessible, DiamondCBD now partners with many other quality brands.

All DiamondCBD collections and affiliated brands share the same qualities – high-quality delta-8. Delta-8 occurs naturally only in low quantities in hemp plants, so CBD is extracted first then isomerized to delta-8. DiamondCBD was one of the first companies to come up with a more innovative approach to this production.


DiamondCBD has one of the most extensive lines of THC cartridges. The brand currently offers more than 50 different strains, each with its unique flavor and smoothness. Using the DiamondCBD website, you can filter out the types of THC cartridges you want based on your specifications. You can also quickly check out reviews from customers who have purchased identical products from the website.

The THC cartridges contain no synthetics or additives. Additionally, DiamondCBD offers a whole dedicated vegan product line. While other brands use vitamin E, DiamondCBD THC cartridges include only delta-8, terpenes oil, and natural flavors.

When you buy a THC cartridge or any other product from DiamondCBD, you earn reward points. You can stack up these points to purchase other products. All the THC cartridges have undergone third-party laboratory testing, with the results available on the website.


  • Free shipping
  • All organic ingredients
  • Compatible with 510-threaded vape-pens
  • Excellent customer service
  • Sufficiently potent without going extreme


  • The money-back guarantee for the return policy is valid for only 15 days

Customer Reviews

Many customers asserted that the website was straightforward to use and the customer service was excellent. The THC cartridges were delivered right on time. Many users agreed that the feeling of “highness” produced by these THC cartridges was more relaxed and mellow.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi: Vape Cartridge Infused With Best Quality THC


3Chi prides itself as the gold standard when it comes to creating premium delta-8 products. The company was founded by a biochemist with background experience in biochemical analysis and product formulation. The founder took an interest in hemp products after experiencing their therapeutic effect firsthand. 3Chi designed its unique way of delta-8 extraction in 2019 and has since become a leading delta-8 brand.

The brand offers more than ten leading delta-8 products, of which the THC cartridges are one of the best patronized. There are five different flavors to choose from, and you can also go for a disposable vape option.

3Chi believes in extensive third-party laboratory testing. As a result, all products, including their THC cartridges, are subjected to multiple tests. The brand uses top laboratories that include Encore and Verde labs. The test results for each of the products can be found and downloaded on the website. There are also results for other tests carried out, such as PH and vitamin E testing.


The 3Chi vape cartridge contains 95% hemp-derived Delta-8 oil, while the remaining 5% comes from strain-specific terpenes. There are two different strains of terpenes available. The botanical-derived terpenes are from plants other than cannabis, while the cannabis-derived terpenes come directly from the cannabis plants. The strains give different tastes, flavors, and smells to the cartridge, depending on your choice.

However, if you go for the cannabis-derived terpenes, you’ll benefit from the entourage effect that comes with it. All Ingredients used in 3chi THC cartridges come entirely from plants and contain no synthetic additives. 3Chi offers dozens of THC cartridges depending on the kind of strain of terpenes you want and the production method.

The vape cartridges are built to be compatible with a 510 battery. While the batteries don’t come with products, you can quickly get one at a walk-in store. All cartridges contain no cutting agents, no vitamin E, and no GMOs.


  • Different varieties of THC cartridges are available
  • Free deliveries for orders over $99
  • Complies fully to the PACT Act
  • Excellent customer service
  • Unique flavor, taste, and smell


  • Uses Carrier oils

Customer Reviews

3Chi THC cartridges are described by customers as “effective” and “soothing.” The variety of cartridges available also gives customers the option to try out something new every single time.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi

How We Chose These Products

In creating our list of the best THC cartridges, we had a lot of options to select from. Many of them had some very outstanding claims as to the effectiveness of their products. So we had to make a list of criteria we used to create a standard to evaluate the products. Here’s what we looked at:

Delta-9 Content

While delta-9 sounds similar to delta-8, both are entirely different compounds. Delta-9 is a cannabinoid that mainly comes from marijuana. When present in a relatively small amount (0.3%-0.9%), delta-9 can increase the effectiveness of other cannabinoids.

However, the problem with delta-9 (and Marijuana generally) is the high level of psychoactivity. There are also other health and medical complications associated with this compound.

As a result, the legally acceptable limit for delta-9 is 0.3%. At this concentration, it can boost medical benefits without causing attendant harm. Therefore, in creating our top products, we identified brands that used within-limits levels of Delta-9 in producing their THC cartridges.

Hemp Source

We decided to go with only those THC products whose hemp source was from the United States. Since quality assessment of imported and foreign hemp is not always concrete. This may increase the level of toxic impurities present in the plant.

Also, with hemp products grown on farms in the United States, on-site tests are possible to determine the THC content. Researchers also optimize other factors such as soil type, planting, and harvesting techniques to get the best plants. This may not be verifiable for imported hemp.

FDA Guidelines

Many people would swear by the therapeutic powers of CBD and delta-8. However, research is still underway to truly determine the health benefits and probable side effects that might come with these compounds.

Therefore, we stuck with brands complying with the FDA and other legal regulations regarding cannabis and cannabis products in choosing products for this list. These include disclaimers as implied health benefits and age verification.

The FDA has not officially approved delta-8 THC as a drug yet. So, in creating this list, we selected products that were transparent with their claims and complied with all health and legal requirements.

Resources Available

Delta-8 products are still relatively new. There are still a lot of questions and speculations surrounding its use. Quality resources concerning how to use and maximize the benefits of THC cartridges are thus beneficial to beginners. It is also easier when the brand of your choice has detailed steps and resources regarding how to use the cartridges. Therefore, we selected only products with helpful resources and materials on their websites.

Having quality resources also demonstrates the expertise of a brand about THC products. Since we wanted only the top products, this was an essential part of our selection process.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Delta-8 THC Cartridges

Choosing a THC cartridge can be overwhelming for a beginner. With all the variety of flavors available out there, you might find it all confusing. So we created a buying guide to help you navigate this process better.

Legal Status in Your State

The legal status of delta-8 THC products is a little bit controversial. However, here’s the breakdown. We can broadly classify cannabis into two types; hemp and marijuana. While hemp is legal in all the states of the US, Marijuana is illegal and a prohibited substance.

This is mainly due to its high delta-9 THC content. Delta-9 THC is responsible for the intense “high” that comes with smoking or vaping. Also, it is addictive and may cause health issues. Hemp also contains delta-9 but in relatively lower amounts. Generally, delta-8 extracted from hemp is considered legal, while any marijuana extracts are deemed illegal. Additionally, delta-8 produced through synthetic means are classified as unlawful.

However, extraction of delta-8 directly from hemp is not economical. Therefore many companies use CBD, which is legal to produce delta-8. While this process is technically legal, some states frown at it. Hence, it is essential to check out your state’s regulations on delta-8 products before ordering one.

Ingredients Used in the Cartridge

A THC cartridge is only as good as the ingredients in it. Ideally, the two significant constituents of THC cartridges are delta-8 oil and terpenes. The quality of the delta-8 oil depends on the CBD it is extracted from. This ultimately brings us back to the quality of the hemp used; organic, whole plant hemp contains richer and high-grade CBD.

So it is vital to check the origin of the hemp used in the production process. Usually, hemp sourced from farms in the United States is often subjected to quality assessment tests while still on the field. Therefore, they are of a higher grade.

Botanical-derived terpenes may taste and smell better than cannabis, but cannabis-derived terpenes and live resin contain a lot more beneficial cannabinoids.

Manufacturing Safety

Delta-8 extraction is a.complex process that requires a lot of professional expertise and advanced equipment. You should be wary of brands that advocate their delta-8 products are “home-made.” The extraction process can generate a lot of chemical impurities, so it requires competent hands.

The brands you want to buy from should adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices and use premium extraction methods. This includes critical, supercritical CO2, and other similar methods. The more transparent a brand’s manufacturing process, the more you can rely on it. You should also look for brands that test their raw materials before production.

Cartridge Potency

The ideal delta-8 THC cartridges should have a potency that is midway between that of CBD and delta-9.

CBD products are known for their therapeutic effect, while delta-9 is more known for the intense “high” feeling it produces. A potent delta-8 cartridge possesses some therapeutic effect and creates a smooth feeling of being high. Thus, making it an excellent way to relax without the harmful effects of delta-9.

The cartridges should ideally contain 95% delta-8 oil, 5% terpenes, and a delta-9 THC concentration of not greater than 0.3%. Any amount of delta-9 THC greater than 0.3% is illegal and may have adverse effects.

Many THC cartridges usually contain up to 90mg of delta-8 in one ml of oil. While this might not necessarily be the same for all brands, be sure to check out the composition of your THC cartridge.

Third-party Lab Testing

Third-party testing is probably the most important criteria to pay attention to in purchasing a delta-8 product. Third parties laboratories help to evaluate and assess the claims of hemp products. Allowing third-party testing also means a brand is being transparent with the process of its products.

It would also be best to check for the test results of the THC cartridges you want to buy on its website. You can also ask the dispensary unit if you’re purchasing from a physical store. Products that have undergone proper lab testing will usually have certificates of analysis (COA). Lab test results and COAs are significant in avoiding scams and fraudulent delta-8 products.

Brand Reputation

When it comes to delta-8 products, reputation is everything. You are better off buying from a well-established brand or at least a brand with some credits in the cannabis market. With the spontaneous increase in the number of brands offering delta-8 products, this is important.

Use customer reviews websites like Yelp and Trustpilot to check out reviews and customer feedback. You should also check for a physical address. While many brands offer their products online, a good number still have a physical office you can walk into or at least their contact information. A brand with no contact address or contact information is more likely to be a sham. If you are ever in doubt about the company’s integrity, be sure to conduct online research before ordering a product.

Cartridge Material

The last thing you want is a cartridge that leaks into or contaminates your delta-8 oil. Standard cartridges have ceramic, titanium, or quartz containers. These materials do not react with the oil or leak into it, thereby providing the perfect insulation from the external environment. They can also withstand cold and heat. However, storing the cartridges at room temperature is still wise to keep them safe from harsh cold or heat. Ceramic cartridges are generally regarded as the best because they produce the smoothest vaping experience.

If a poor material is used to construct a THC cartridge, metals and other impurities can leak into the oil. This can cause a change in taste and psychoactivity. It can also lead to poisoning depending on the severity of the contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a THC cartridge?

THC cartridges are small glass tanks that serve the purpose of holding THC oil. They often come prefilled and are disposable. THC cartridges typically work by connecting to the vaporizer (a small device that helps heat the oil in the cartridge).

Once the oil is heated, you can use the mouthpiece and enjoy your favorite strain of THC. There is also no smoke or lingering odor, so you can use it discreetly without attracting unwanted attention.

Q2. How long do THC cartridges last?

Most THC cartridges come with an expiry date, usually 12 months from the production date. If you are buying from a physical store, you can quickly check the expiry date on the pack. However, if you’re ordering online, your best option is to buy from a reputable brand. Such a brand will deliver only recently produced THC cartridges. Regardless of the “official” expiry date, there are several factors that can either make your THC cartridges last longer or reduce their shelf life. They include exposure to sunlight, air, and heat. Thankfully, expired thc oil cartridge is not poisonous, but you are better off sticking with unexpired ones.

Q3. How to refill THC cartridges?

Refilling your THC cartridge is straightforward. The process involves using either a syringe or an eyedropper. You can either make the oil you want to use for supplying or buy a prefilled syringe. The first step involves removing the mouthpiece, after which you can up the cartridge using your syringe.

If you cannot remove the mouthpiece, it means your vape pen does not have a refillable cartridge. You will either need to buy a disposable vape or go for one with refillable cartridges. After filling up your cartridge using the syringe, replace the mouthpiece and make sure it fits properly.

Q4. Are THC cartridges interchangeable?

Yes. THC cartridges can be designed for a specific vape battery. But in most cases, they are easily interchangeable, as long as the spare uses the same connection (510-threadings are the most popular types of relationship).

However, if you cannot exchange your vape pen cartridge, it means your vape pen does not support your spare. Check at your local dispensary for a replacement or a new vape pen.


THC cartridges are a much better way to enjoy the benefits that come with delta-8 than smoking. However, with the sheer number of products available in the market today, it is easy to get overwhelmed and make the wrong choices. A low-quality THC cartridge will scam you off of your money, and not to mention the health issues it might bring about.

In this article, we have reached and presented you with the best brands available on the market. We have also mentioned the information that will help you to identify and purchase the best pre filled thc cartridges. You can also use the buying guide to make faster and better choices.

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