Best Tarot Card Readings Online: Top 7+ Sites to Get a Tarot Reading From the Best Psychics in 2021

There are many reasons you might seek out the best tarot card readings online.

Perhaps you are looking for some insight into your future, or you want some support around a difficult situation.

How do you know which one is the best (and more importantly—which one is for real)?

We did the research for you, and here’s what we found!

7+ Best Tarot Card Readings Online: First Look

  1. Best for tarot readings – Psychic Source
  2. Most amount of psychic advisors – Keen
  3. Most types of psychic readings available – Kasamba
  4. Best for highly experienced psychics – AskNow
  5. Psychics from all over the world – Oranum
  6. Best thoroughly screened psychics – California Psychics
  7. Ideal for beginners – Psychic Encounters

1. Psychic Source – Most Reliable Psychics Online

Psychic Source Benefits:

  • 3 free minutes for new members
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Rigorously verified psychics
  • Video and text chat available

Psychic Source was one of the first sites to offer tarot readings online, making them a great choice if you’re looking for a trusted favorite.

Plus, they have been operating for over 30 years!

Since they have that experience, they know what it takes to offer reliable readings.

On this site, you can have confidence that your reader is a legitimate and experienced reader. They screen all of their practitioners heavily, including a sample reading they must give to a representative of the site before they are allowed to work on Psychic Source.

Plus, the site’s user reviews and practitioner bios go even further to verify a tarot reader’s trustworthiness and help you figure out which reader is the right one for you.

This site has extremely affordable options. Some online psychics here are as little as $1/minute. Plus, when you first sign up, you get 3 free minutes to check it out and make sure it’s for you.

If you’re more of a video person, that’s an option too! Some people prefer video readings so they can see the cards, giving them further insight.

2. Keen Psychics – Most Practitioners to Choose From

Keen Psychics Benefits:

  • Many practitioners to choose from
  • Schedule calls with your favorite psychic if they’re offline
  • Many user reviews to guide your choice
  • Free resources for the community
  • Wide range of price options

Keen Psychics definitely wins gold in terms of the number of psychics and variety when looking for the best tarot card readings.

They have over 1700 practitioners, and many of them offer tarot readings. The site has many specialties but seems to be especially strong in the area of love tarot and relationships.

Since the site has so many psychics, there are also a plethora of reviews – over 12 million to be exact!

This goes a long way in making you feel comfortable working with a tarot reader and lets you know which readers other users have appreciated.

Some psychics have over 1,000 reviews, so there’s a lot of information about each one. Plus, each one is fully vetted before being able to read on the site.

Since the tarot readers and psychics on Keen can set their own rates, there is a wide range that works for almost any budget.

Plus, the site shows its dedication to the community through other resources like free articles and a free podcast “radio” that you can listen to on-demand. This allows you to get the most out of your tarot reading experience.

3. Kasamba Psychics – Most Psychic Categories

Kasamba Psychics Benefits:

  • Money-back guarantee (for site credit)
  • Deep discount for your first reading
  • 3 free minutes for each new psychic
  • Choose from text, phone, or e-mail
  • Most categories to choose from

Kasamba is a tarot site with a ton of variety. It has 23 categories on the front page, including a few showing readings available in other languages.

If you want a wide variety of practitioner specialties, this is the one for you. Many of the readers specialize in tarot as well as other areas of life like work, money, and love.

The site is easy to use. You can choose from text chat psychics and phone psychics who may use a variety of tools, including tarot, to help you gain insight into any issue you’re curious about.

One of the best benefits of this site is that every single time you try a new practitioner, you get 3 free minutes to test them out.

Plus, you’ll get a whopping 70% off your first reading. Considering that each psychic is fully vetted, that’s a great deal!

Another feature many users enjoy about this site is the fact that there is a private mailbox. You can message a tarot reader before you have a chat or call with them to see if it might be a good fit or get more information. The mailbox works similarly to email.

With such variety, there is almost always someone online who fits your needs and can help you when you need it.

4. AskNow – Best for Finding a Master Reader

Ask Now Benefits:

  • 5 free minutes
  • Many psychics have credentials
  • Psychics must maintain a good rating

AskNow is a psychic online website that has been operating since 2005.

They have a decent variety of psychics, including tarot practitioners who want to help. Some readers on this site allow you to have 5 free minutes on your first call, while others just jump right in.

When browsing the different practitioners, you do get detailed information right off the bat. You can see what categories they specialize in like career, love, or money.

You can also see their credentials. Here they will list their tarot experience so you can decide who is the best online reader for you. Each psychic is also fully vetted before being able to sign onto the site as a psychic.

AskNow also has a customer rating system based on 5 stars. If a reader’s average falls below 4 stars, they can not continue to be present on the site.

They have different categories of practitioners: top rated, elite, and master. Master advisors have the most experience and the best ratings on the site, they also have the highest rates, starting at $13 per minute. However, top-rated advisors have the highest number of wonderful reviews and start at just $3.99/minute.

AskNow also has some free features, which shows they are dedicated to the community. You can read your horoscope daily, and they have a wonderful blog that contains information about interpersonal problems, different types of psychic practices, and health tips.

5. Oranum – Best for Multilingual Users

Oranum Benefits:

  • Many languages besides English
  • Unique offerings for each practitioner
  • Tons of free content and videos
  • Wide variety of prices for any budget
  • Get 10,000 free tokens just for signing up

Oranum is a pleasantly designed online psychics site that is easy to use.

It is probably the site that has the most readers who speak languages besides English. This includes Chinese, French, Spanish, and more.

So, if you prefer to receive a tarot reading in your native language, this may be the site for you!

One of the cool things about this site is that each tarot reader uploads an introduction video in which they can introduce themselves and give a short sample reading.

Plus, the site has a free room that is open all the time. There is one psychic who is featured in the room every hour. There they give free demo readings. Besides this public display of their abilities, the tarot readers are vetted and tested by the site’s administrators.

This site focuses a lot on video, which is a great medium for tarot because you can see the cards. It’s also extremely community-oriented.

Psychics and tarot readers can post lots of free information and videos on their profiles. They can also post “stories” which are short 15 second videos that are popular on social media.

On top of that, the site works on a tokens system.

You purchase tokens and then you can use them to tip tarot readers, talk to them, buy their videos. Each practitioner sets their own rates and offerings, plus, they can sell videos in addition to offering calls.

6. California Psychics – Most Rigorous Screening

California Psychics Benefits:

  • Very strict screening process
  • Great introductory offer
  • Rewards program
  • Lots of user reviews

You might say that California Psychics is like the Harvard of online tarot reading sites.

Only 2 out of every 100 practitioners are accepted onto the site due to a rigorous verification process that takes nearly a month to complete.

They have to do 2 sample readings, fill out an application, and pass a background check. Then, the site has a training program that each psychic must take part in to ensure the site’s standards are met.

Plus, user reviews are another important feature on the site, and there are quite a few of them. You know the reviews are real because it has the reviewer’s username and date. Some practitioners have as many as 400 reviews on their profiles!

Most psychics who offer tarot readings on California Psychics charge less than $10 per minute, although some may be more expensive. You can also get introductory rates as low as $1 per minute after joining since they offer 80% off your first reading.

One of the coolest features about this site is “karma points.” It’s like a virtual punch card. Each time you make a purchase on the site, you get points that you can use towards readings in the future.

This, in addition to free content like blog posts and how-to articles, shows how dedicated California Psychics is to their clientele.

7. Psychic Encounters – Offers Most Simplicity

Psychic Encounters Benefits:

  • Straightforward & simple to use
  • Video calls available
  • Transparent pricing structure (no hidden fees)
  • User reviews

Psychic Encounters is a site that seeks to simplify the online tarot reading experience. They don’t have any complicated credits packages or even online resources like blog posts.

You can do video calls or phone calls, and the calls automatically get cut off after 30 minutes to avoid tying up any particular psychic for too long.

But you can always call back if the reading wasn’t done yet!

While this site does not make their psychic tarot reader screening process public, they do have plenty of reviews so you’re not just grasping in the dark for the best one.

These testimonials, which are located on the reader’s profile page, are an important part of choosing the best person for your reading on Psychic Encounters.

Another way this site makes things simple is that they don’t have categories to choose from. They just list all the psychics available online in one place for you to browse.

Then, on their profiles, each psychic has their specialties listed, so you can make sure they cover what you want, be it love & relationships, career & money, or something else entirely.

Runners Up

  • Cameo: This platform is better known for giving normal people the ability to hire celebrities to make funny videos for them. But you can also hire a tarot reader to record a customized reading!
  • Clubhouse: This social media app connects people on all different subjects. Tarot readers start their own rooms here to offer both free and paid readings to users.
  • Evatarot.net: Eva Tarot is a free tarot reading tool you can use to shuffle and draw your own cards, resulting in an automated interpretation.
  • Trustedtarot.com: This site gives you a free “Celtic Cross” reading including an automated interpretation.

Everything You Wanted to Know About The Best Tarot Card Readings

Tarot originated in the 1600s in Italy.

It had started as a fun card game, mainly among the wealthy, since the cards had to be hand-painted at that time. In the 1700s, people started using them for divination, using guidance from astrology, the four elements, and Egyptian mythology.

What Is the Major & Minor Arcana?

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards. The major arcana is the 22 cards that range in number from 0-21. It illustrates the “fool’s journey” starting from card 0 as “the fool,” to number 21, “the world.”

The minor arcana is the 56 other cards in the deck. Similar to playing cards, there are 4 suits: cups, pentacles, wands, and swords.

In some decks, these suits have slightly different names but are always recognizable. Each suit relates to a different element.

Within each suit, there are cards ranging from Ace to 10, and then the royal court cards, consisting of page, knight, king, and queen.

Each card has a different meaning, which can be interpreted based on the other cards around it, or by itself in a single card reading.

For example, the fool card is often thought to represent naivete, innocence, or even ignorance, especially as it relates to a new beginning or new journey.

The Best Tarot Spreads

A tarot spread refers to the way the reader lays out the cards after selecting them. Different spreads are appropriate based on what you would like to know.

For example, there are tarot spreads for relationships, for the new year, and for career advice. These are some of the most popular tarot spreads:

  • Single card draw: Perfect for beginners. Just ask your question, and see what card comes up! This is great for a simple question or angel card reading.
  • 3 card reading: The three cards can refer to past, present, and future, different choices you can make, or something else entirely.
  • Celtic Cross: This 10 card spread helps you to fully evaluate an issue in your life, including present and past influences, and your hopes and fears.
  • Horseshoe spread: This is usually a 7 card spread, laid out in the shape of a horseshoe. The 4th card, the height of the arc, usually represents the crux of the issue or a key piece of advice.

How to Pick a Tarot Reader

This conundrum is the reason why profiles and bios are so important online. Browse the site you are on and find tarot readers that specialize in your interest.

Most sites have ways to search for people that focus on a certain area of life. Read reviews and make sure others have had a good experience with your reader of choice before taking the plunge.

Once you’ve had a reading, leave a review yourself to help others in your position!

Are Tarot Card Readings For Real?

It’s normal to be skeptical about any psychic service.

However, tarot reading is a unique experience. It doesn’t necessarily tell you the future but provides guidance in various areas of your life.

If you’re not sure about getting a reading, just think of it as a tool to learn more about yourself that can help you get through something challenging.

Plus, the sites above either vet their readers heavily or offer user reviews so you can find reliable tarot readers to help you.

The Best Tarot Card Readings Online

In our opinion, Psychic Source is really the best site. Their decades of experience as a trustworthy source of vetted psychics put them a cut above the rest.

However, Keen and Kasamba are very close behind due to their variety of practitioners and categories, respectively.

While the other sites reviewed are definitely quality sites to check out, they may lack in one area or another, like psychic vetting, or the ability to search different categories.

The best tarot card readers on the top-rated sites have studied tarot for years, and apply their insight to whatever issue causes you to seek a reading.

So be sure to check them out!

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