Best Personal at Home Testing Products for 2022

Whether it is health, disease risk, genetic makeup, or ancestry, DNA tests and health tests can offer you proper knowledge about them! Genetic testing can help you connect with your relatives and build your family tree. But, not all health and DNA testing kits are equal. Some provide essential information, while some go in-depth.

Among those two, the ones that will benefit you would be the ones that go in-depth. But what if we told you that you do not have to make a hospital visit to get access to your in-depth genetic data?

Yes, that is certainly possible with the best personal at-home testing products. And in this article, we will make it easier for you to choose a test kit such as that!

The Top 13 Best At-Home Testing Kits in 2022

After tons of deliberation and days of checking out the DNA testing kits, we have finally found out the DNA test kits that are actually worth the purchase. And here are in-depth reviews of each at-home test kit that we have selected from our intensive tests:

  • EverlyWell
  • Viome
  • Persona Labs
  • MyLab Box
  • Vessel
  • Health Labs
  • Simply Health Checks
  • The DNA Company
  • Certified Toxicity & Detox Specialist Program
  • Macujo
  • Vitall
  • 121doc
  • Pass Your Test



Loads of testing companies will try to offer as many at-home testing kits as possible. However, only a few can come close to EverlyWell regarding the number of tests. But what tests can you perform with the test kit?

Among all the available options, you will find five tests for nutritional health, seven for sexual health, and six for women’s health. And the significant part is you can get customized supplements after each health test. You can even access customized prescription drugs after taking the test.

From the health tests, you will be capable of confirming whether you are tested positive for a health disease or not. And as you get a good insight into the genetic health risks, you can make well-informed decisions afterward.

Unlike some testing companies, EverlyWell also offers a subscription-based plan. That will allow you to monitor your overall health all year round. And the good news is that the subscription plan is pretty affordable.

Highlighted Features

  • Has multiple health tests
  • Offers full access to in-depth data
  • Provides a subscription plan for all-year-round checking
  • Allows the users to customize their medications
  • It helps to make proper decisions regarding health complications



Most companies will ignore some of the areas in their health tests. Health intelligence and gut microbiome would be examples of those. But, Viome is not one of the testing companies.

This company takes your stool and blood samples to check your overall health. After taking the samples, the company offers personalized food recommendations and 30-plus health insights. That data will be based on your biology and the gut microbiome.

But that is not all that the company brings to the table. The team will analyze your samples and offer you access to their range of supplements. Those will have unique formulas which will rely on your test results. The company will even customize the dosage specifically for you.

Viome has gone through tons of clinical trials to get complete information regarding blood sugar, gut health, and biological age. And you will be capable of accessing these premium reports just by acquiring their home kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Collects stool and blood samples
  • The company offers supplements based on your unique biology report
  • Provides customized dosages to the supplement
  • Provides complete information regarding each health test
  • The kits are easy to use

Persona Labs


Do you want to have your health in your hands? Are you looking for home tests that will allow you to get follow-up answers regarding your general health? The at-home kits from Persona Labs are for you!

The thing we liked the most about the at-home testing units from this company was the simplicity. You will not need to go through any hassles. Just order the at-home test kit from the site, which will be enough for you to get complete data on your health. Even the website is pretty easy to use!

On that note, the company will mainly work with your blood samples. Some of the kits are at-home test kits, while some will require you to go to your local clinic. However, you will not need to worry about getting tested, even if you visit the local clinic. Persona Labs will offer all of the guidance that you will need!

Other than that, the company provides more than 400 lab tests. And each will provide you with actionable insight regarding your health. You will even have access to 4000 plus locations under the research team.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a simple website
  • Offers more than 400 lab tests
  • Provides access to 4000 plus locations for tests
  • The testing kits are easy to use
  • It gives you in-depth information regarding the test results

MyLab Box


Lab certifications are something that most companies will not have. Well, MyLab Box is not one of them. And with their testing kit, you will have full access to the CLIA and CAP-certified research and test labs.

However, the company is not all about having certified test labs. The team also offers 30 plus unique tests. Those cover diabetes, nutrition, vitamin deficiency, STD, fertility, DNA tests, and many more. With each health test, you can assess your health risks thoroughly.

That said, MyLab Box is one of the home test providers that has been around for a long time. They have been around since 2014 and have more features than most home testing providers. The company also accepts HAS and FSA cards, which you will not find in a regular research testing provider.

Alongside that, you can make the company process loads of diverse and unique health tests. That includes heart health, inflammation, skin vitality, anti-aging, and many others.

Highlighted Features

  • Has home testing options for 30-plus tests
  • Provides research data from certified labs
  • Can properly process heart disease risks from the tests
  • Carries unique and diverse at-home testing programs
  • Available across all 50 states



Most of the DNA tests will just take your test sample. The brand’s research team will not have any information regarding you before working with the sample. As a result, most of them fail to offer the proper customized program. But Vessel kept that factor in mind!

Unlike the other at-home health tests, Vessel requires you to go through an online quiz and use the test kit. And this combination will allow you to get good test results from your health tests. It will even let the team offer you highly personalized programs to make you get to your wellness goals.

When you sign up for the DNA or at-home health tests, you can access a full-fledged team of nutritionists and doctors. And the significant part is that you can access this team right from the pocket app. That said, their at-home tests are pretty easy to take. Some of them even offer results in just three minutes.

Another great thing about the company is that it offers at-home tests at a highly affordable price. So, you will not need to worry about putting a dent in your wallet just to get a proper testing kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Takes online quiz to get prior information
  • It has a highly intuitive app
  • Offers quick access to the team of nutritionists and doctors
  • The at-home testing kit is easy to use
  • Some at-home tests offer results in just three minutes

Health Labs


Health Labs is another at-home testing program that will not make you go broke just to get your health data. And the significant part about this testing program is that you will have many options to get the team to process your data.

The testing company will let you perform the private tests right in the comfort of your phone. All you need to do is order the at-home testing kit from the phone or the website and take them on your own. And you will even have the ability to take the testing program at your local clinics. There will be no need to get doctor referrals.

When visiting the local clinics, you can choose one of the 4500 locations the testing company offers. So, there will be no need to struggle with finding the right health institute. And the significant part is that you will quickly get the exact data from most tests. No additional cost is required!

Some popular testing kits on the website are cardiac health tests, allergy tests, fertility tests, immunity tests, nutritional tests, and vitamin tests. Along with those, the testing program has to offer loads of other home tests. Most of them come at an affordable price point as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers bot home tests and clinical tests
  • Has more than 4500 locations to take the clinical tests from
  • The testing program is highly affordable
  • Has loads of at-home tests available on the website
  • Most tests will offer results in 3 days

Simply Health Checks


Many of us have food sensitivities that we do not even know of. And the case with this type of health test is that you will need to pay a good amount of money to get accurate data. Well, that changes with Simply Health Checks.

Each health testing kit will show results in up to 900 different drinks and food items. The research data will give you a brief insight into the food and lifestyle choices you need to make to stay healthy. You will even be capable of knowing how your health responds to certain food ingredients.

However, you will not need to spend tons of cash just to get the testing kits. They reside in a highly affordable price range and do not require you to go through any hassle. Also, after using the testing kits, you can get your results in just five days, which is exceptionally fast.

The at-home tests will also check on allergies to non-food items. That will let you make proper decisions regarding what you should avoid throughout the day to be at an optimal state.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers deep insight into food intolerances
  • Covers 900 different food and drink items
  • It lets you know which ingredients you are allergic to
  • Provides data on non-food items
  • The tests are easy to take

The DNA Company


Want to know what role your genes play in your wellbeing? Curious to know certain inherited conditions that you might be living with? The DNA Company’s DNA tests are what you need!

The flagship offering of the company is the 360 full-genome sequencing test. It will analyze your entire genetic data and provide complete full-genome sequencing results. And after getting your human genome data, it will be possible to take proper actions regarding specific attributes related to your health.

Other than that, the company also offers 38 different custom reports on your genetic code. And with that unique information, you can get a deep insight into your general health. It will even be possible to check whether your risk of heart disease is high or not with the genetic code results.

After using the DNA testing kits, the company will assign a coach and concierge for your DNA tests. The research team will walk you through and offer actionable recommendations based on your genetic testing results to help you make intelligent choices.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers easy-to-take genetic testing kit options
  • The DNA testing kits offer tons of data
  • Provides actionable insights with the DNA tests
  • Lets you know about potential health risks
  • It makes it easier to get a proper grasp of your general health

Certified Toxicity & Detox Specialist Program


While browsing through the at-home testing programs, you might want to enroll in something that will teach you how to perform health checkups independently. In that case, consider the Certified Toxicity & Detox Specialist Program.

The thing that makes this certification program stand out is that it is entirely online. You must go through the site and take the program from the website. And after you become a specialist, you will be capable of working with clients to determine why they feel unwell.

By seeing the clients, you can assess tests and check health. And that knowledge will let you evaluate your own body as well. You will not have to rely on any providers to get your health checked up anymore. Also, you will learn the most accessible techniques for healing your body.

On that note, the website will contain six online training programs. And there will be a final test after the modules. Overall, this program is an excellent pick if you want to know how the testing companies actually asses the at-home test data.

Highlighted Features

  • It is an online certification program
  • Has six training modules and one final exam
  • It makes you assess real clients
  • It offers you a thorough understanding of toxicity in health
  • Allows you to learn techniques for healing the body



There are tons of testing companies out there offering at-home DNA tests. But there are not that many that will provide hair drug tests. However, we did manage to find a testing company such as that!

The testing company utilizes proven solutions to help its customers pass the hair drug test. Choosing the suitable shampoos and ingredients to get the toxins out of hair is pretty hard. Well, this testing company will make things easier.

Unlike some testing companies, Macujo also has a range of hair drug test products. And after you take the tests, the research team will recommend using a particular shampoo. That will cleanse all of the drugs from your hair. And after using that shampoo, you will pass the hair test without any issues.

Other than that, the team also takes saliva sample tests. Alongside that, they offer urine tests as well. Those will provide appropriate data and pass any drug tests you might have to take in the future.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes proven solutions for passing hair tests
  • It makes it easier to choose the right hair cleansing products
  • Has saliva sample test programs
  • Each test is easy to take
  • Has a range of products to offer



Are you looking to manage your health and wellbeing from the UK’s leading clinical labs? Vitall is here to offer you precisely that!

Like the other testing companies, you will be taking at-home tests that will give you a complete insight into your health. The brand provides its customers with STI tests, blood tests, health checks, and other options. And due to so many options in one place, you will not have to go to multiple locations to check your health.

The brand also offers results of the test from an accredited laboratory. That means you will be getting the highest quality service from them. Also, with the at-home tests, you can get charts and in-depth data that will help you check the abnormal ranges of your health.

Furthermore, unlike most testing companies, you will get recommendations from the team after taking the tests. The suggestions will let you achieve your desired wellness goals. Also, they will offer biomarkers that will make it easier for you to check the progress of your health over time.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides a wide range of test options
  • Each test result will be from an accredited laboratory
  • Offers recommendations based on the test
  • Provides biomarkers to track the progress
  • It makes it easier to get a thorough understanding of your health



This team takes a different approach in offering at-home tests. Unlike most testing companies, 121doc is an online pharmacy. The team has loads of test options to offer. And if you want to know about it, you will need to go through this in-depth review!

At its core, the site is an online treatment platform. You will need to select the treatment that you are looking for. And then, you will be signed up for an online consultation followed by prescription drugs. The team will only rely on the FDA-approved medications for the prescription. So, you can rely on them entirely.

The test team has contraception, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, hair loss, STIs, weight loss, and other tests. And the products that this institute will offer will take complete research results of the tests they recommend.

Additionally, when you take weight loss, diabetes, and other tests, you will have the ability to track your progress. And the health team also offers you complete info about each prescription. Therefore, you will not need to scratch your head after getting the suggestions.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a range of tests available
  • Offers proper prescriptions after taking the tests
  • The prescriptions are for FDA-approved drugs only
  • Provides easy-to-take at-home tests
  • It makes it easier to track your progress

Pass Your Test


The Pass Your Test is the second drug test service on this list. This test service provides a range of products that will make it easier for you to pass the drug tests. But what detoxification can you expect from the service?

Some popular test programs include 5 Day Extreme Detoxification, which will make your body release toxins. The test program will utilize a combination of powdered formulas, capsules, and other products to make you gain that benefit.

There are a ton of other tests available from the service as well. And all of them will rely on proven ingredients to make you pass the drug tests. Also, unlike some other at-home tests, you will be capable of knowing all about the tests before taking them.

Another great thing about the tests is that they work exceptionally fast. Even if opting for this test service was your last-minute call, you can be assured of getting good results after taking the tests.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides a range of tests
  • Offers effective products to cleanse your body
  • The products provide fast cleansing results
  • Has tons of extreme detoxification products
  • It makes you pass drug tests

How We Ranked The Best At-Home Tests and DNA Tests

Whether you plan to take a health or a DNA test, you will find that all the companies are claiming they are better than the others. But in most cases, they will fail to offer the most crucial info required to assess your health. So, to make it easier to choose the proper at-home tests and DNA tests, we kept these in mind:


The first thing that we considered for scrutinizing the tests is accuracy. If the at-home and DNA tests did not offer the right level of accuracy with the rests, they did not make it to our list. And the tests that provided highly accurate results got a higher ranking on our list.

Ease of Use

You should not go through tons of hassles, whether a blood test, DNA test, or other tests. Instead, the at-home tests should be simple and effectively collect the sample from you. That is why we have prioritized the at-home DNA and health tests that were effortless to use.

Personalized Insight

Loads of DNA testing kits will provide accurate feedback regarding your genes. The same thing goes for the health tests. However, some tests will let you get a personalized insight. That insight will help you gain valuable recommendations, which can come in handy for enhancing your health conditions.

Value of Recommendations

Not all of the recommendations that the service providers offer will be valuable. Some will not take your test info into account. Instead, they will just provide generic suggestions. Those recommendations will not come to any use. We preferred the services that took the test info while giving recommendations.

Actionability of Recommendations

The recommendations are that the service providers can easily give them to you. But if the suggestions are not easy to follow, you will not get any use out of them. We have ranked the test services that provide easy-to-follow and actionable recommendations.

Value Proposition

Not all DNA and health test services will come at the same price. That is because not all of the tests will require the same resources. Some will have an additional cost attached to them, which you will need to pay. So, assessing the health and DNA testing kits was impossible considering a single price point.

Instead, we considered the overall value proposition of the test services. The ones with a high-value offer than the others got a higher ranking in our list.

Variety of Tests

A lot of the DNA test and health test services will offer tons of options. Those will let you assess all the factors of your health in one place. And having that convenience means a lot. Keeping that in mind, we preferred the test services with a wide range of options.


The transparency of the test services is one of the crucial factors we had to consider. Many of the services claim they have nothing to hide from their tests. But they will generally be a little vague regarding the info they offer. We did not even bother checking those test services out.

Advertised Health Benefits

DNA testing kits and health tests can not cure cancer or heal any severe health diseases. Instead, they will help to relieve or support health conditions. But some of the test services will still claim to make you get a cure for severe health conditions. We ignored those test services while huddling our list.

Certified Team Members

Many at-home health and DNA test services have accredited team members. Those are more reliable than the others. Others will have marketers who will google what each of your deficiencies means. Those companies will even try to sell you free products if they can.

Therefore, we had to check whether the test facility team was certified. Only the health and DNA test that met this criterion got a spot on our list.

Clinical Trials

Some health and DNA test services have completed many clinical trials to verify their abilities. And the more clinical trials a test service conducts, the higher it ranks on our list.

The Reputation of The Service

Many test services are shady and do have a good reputation. The reason is that they overprice their tests, or their test programs do not work. Those companies did not even get one bit of our attention. Instead, we prioritized the services that had a good reputation and were well-known.

Complementary Products

Many health and DNA testing kits will offer customized supplements after the results. With those, you can easily enhance the overall condition of your health. You will also be able to improve any critical needs that the health and DNA test might have uncovered. We preferred those over the others.

Types of Available At-Home Tests

Different services will offer different types of at-home tests. However, among all of them, these are the most popular ones:

Nutritional Health Tests

  • Omega-3 fatty acid level tests
  • Customized supplement recommendation tests
  • Food sensitivity tests
  • Vitamin D and inflammation tests
  • Vitamins & Supplements Tests
  • B vitamin tests
  • Metabolism tests
  • Vitamin and mineral level tests

General Wellness Tests

  • Skin vitality tests
  • Inflammation tests
  • Indoor and outdoor allergy tests
  • Cholesterol and lipids tests
  • Metabolism tests
  • Colon cancer screening tests
  • Adrenal stress tests
  • Sleep and stress tests
  • Sleep + stress tests
  • Heart health tests
  • Thyroid tests
  • Lyme disease tests
  • HbA1c tests
  • Anti-aging tests
  • Heavy metals tests

Sexual Health Tests

  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea test
  • STD tests
  • Syphilis test
  • Trichomoniasis tests
  • HIV test
  • Hepatitis C test

Women’s Health Tests

  • Ovarian reserve tests
  • HPV tests
  • Perimenopause tests
  • General women’s health tests
  • Post-menopause tests
  • Women’s fertility tests

Men’s Health Tests

  • General men’s health tests
  • Testosterone tests

Gut Health Tests

  • Prebiotic tests
  • Probiotic tests

Family Planning Tests

  • Ovarian reserve tests
  • Male and female fertility tests
  • Testosterone tests
  • Ovulation confirmation tests

Toxicity and Drug Tests

  • Heavy metals tests
  • 10-panel and 5-panel drug tests
  • Comprehensive drug tests

Other Tests

  • Diabetes tests
  • Infectious disease tests
  • Tests for specific diseases, illnesses, and conditions
  • Gastrointestinal tests
  • Sports tests
  • Inflammation and arthritis tests
  • Anemia tests
  • DNA test

How At-Home Tests Work?

The available at-home tests will work in different ways to analyze various factors of your health. Some of the services will require you to subscribe to their plan. And after subscription, you will get monthly or weekly reports to check your overall performance.

On the other hand, there are one-time tests, such as the DNA test, which will go through specific diseases, conditions, or illnesses.

Nonetheless, most of the popular at-home tests will require you to do one/some of the following:

  • Provide a pee sample on a test strip and analyze the information right at home
  • Send the pee sample on the test strip and send the photo to the service
  • Mail saliva test strips to the lab
  • Ship blood sample to the test lab
  • Provide stool sample to the lab
  • To carry out the tests at home, you will usually get these from the services:
  • Step-by-step instruction going over all of the things that you will need to do
  • Testing strips (for the urine tests)
  • Collection containers
  • Finger pricking device (for the blood tests)
  • Mobile app or website
  • Package with a return shipping (if necessary)

You will be capable of carrying out the tests even if you have zero medical knowledge or experience. And for most cases, the service providers will be available online to offer you further guidance if required. You will not be expected to stick a needle into your arm. Instead, you are expected to follow the basic instructions.

Scientific Evidence For At-Home Tests

The confidential tests rely on considerable science to offer all recommendations after the analysis. Most of them will go through the reports of the clinical trials they have gone through. That makes them capable of validating the suggestions that customers need.

But what science do they rely on? Let us describe some:

Metatranscriptomic Sequencing Technology

To capture everything inside your gut system, brands such as Viome will rely on metatranscriptomic sequencing technology. This technology will analyze the microorganisms’ activity in just a few minutes. Before, it used to take at least 15 years to sequence the human genome.

Variations in Glycemic Response

This 2019 study has shed light on what we can learn from gut microbiome activity. Researchers have found that it contributes a lot to the variations in glycemic response for adults. In other words, gut health will tell you about the blood sugar level.

Molecular Mechanisms of Aging

This study linked at-home kits with the aging results. The researchers have found that the at-home kits can adequately shed light on molecular mechanisms of aging. A lot of people have older bodies than others. That is because of genetic or environmental factors.


Some of the at-home kits will utilize urinalysis to offer actionable health insight. And most of these kits will rely on the same technology as the pregnancy test. You will pee on the provided strip, and the strip will check for the compounds that are in your pee.

Pregnancy tests will usually look for hormones in your pee. But for the urine strips, you will be capable of knowing the availability of minerals, vitamins, bilirubin, and other compounds available in your pee.

On that note, studies have already shown how accurate pregnancy tests are. Most brands will even claim that their strips are 99 percent accurate. The same thing applies to the strips we are talking about here.

Benefits of At-Home Tests

Most at-home service providers will utilize proven technologies to provide you with actionable recommendations. And after you opt for such services, you will enjoy these:

Personalized Supplements

Some of the companies will deliver customized supplement recommendations after seeing your report. For example, the result might reveal that you have a vitamin B12 and iron deficiency. In that case, the provider might customize a supplement with a high vitamin B12 and iron dosage for you.

Actionable Recommendations

The best at-home programs will provide you with actionable recommendations that you can follow right away. After implementing those actions, you will reach closer to your health and wellness goals. Some will even suggest diet and lifestyle suggestions, which will enable you to achieve your weight loss goals quickly.

No Need To Visit a Clinic

Most people do not like visiting clinics or medical institutes just to check their health. Well, with the at-home programs, you will not even have to leave home. You just need to provide the sample and send it to the lab. The research team of the service provider will send the report back to you.

Maximum Discretion

Most people are embarrassed to discuss some factors of their health—for example, sexual tests, erectile dysfunction, fertility, etc. Well, at-home programs will offer the ability to get your results without anybody knowing. The same thing goes for drug tests.


The costs to run a clinic are pretty high. That is why you must pay a sizable service charge to check up. But with the at-home programs, you are not paying the additional costs. Yes, the difference can be pretty slight. But in some cases, you can end up paying less than $100, whereas you would have had to pay $1000+ for a thorough checkup.

Frequently Asked Questions About At-Home Testing Kits

Q: Do I need to worry about my insurance for taking at-home tests?

A: Not at all! Most of the at-home programs will not ask for your insurance details. They are separate from the insurance system. And in most cases, you will be paying anywhere from $10 to $200 for a checkup. That trait makes the at-home tests the most feasible option for many.

Q: Are at-home tests safe?

A: Yes! These programs will not ask you to stick a needle into your arm, nor will they ask you to do anything out of your knowledge. You just have to follow simple instructions.

Q: Do all of the at-home tests provide personalized drug recommendations?

A: Not really! Some will only provide you with reports and leave the rest to you. However, the best ones will go in-depth and provide customized suggestions to reach the maximum wellness level.

Q: Can I get a prescription for the at-home tests?

A: Most tests will provide you with a prescription after completing the process. They will usually have prescribed doctors for this function. But the case is not the same for all of the available programs.

Q: Is it possible to know my ancestry report with at-home tests?

A: With the programs that go through genome sequencing, you will be capable of finding your ancestors. But you need to note that not all services offer this feature. So, if you want to know about your ancestors only, check whether the DNA checking service provides it or not.

The Top 13 Best At-Home Testing Kits in 2022 Final Words

Over the last decade, the personal at-home testing industry has exploded. Due to how popular the service has become, most providers are entering the market just to make money. Therefore, selecting the best personal at-home testing products is crucial if you want a proper insight into your health.


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