Best Online Therapy In 2022: Top Virtual Counseling For OCD, Depression & Better Help

Mental health is as important as your physical health. When your mental issues take a toll on you, your physical health also takes a hit. Therefore, you need sound mental health for a harmonious body system.

The sudden outburst of covid-19 froze our lives and day-to-day activities. It also had a significant impact on people’s mental health, among all other things. Since then, a lot of people have shifted to online therapy. The popularity of teletherapy services continues to grow, even after the pandemic. This is because of the numerous advantages it has over regular therapy.

In a way, online therapy is just like regular sessions with your therapist or counselor. The major difference is that you do not have to go to your therapist. You can have an interactive session from the comfort of your home. The official website of the company provides all the necessary details. All you have to do is sign up for therapy and start your journey towards betterment.

The primary factor contributing to the skyrocketing fame of online therapy is its accessibility. Most people realize they need therapy but choose not to go for it. The reason is that they cannot afford to travel to the therapists’ office. Online therapy has solved this issue. Anyone with a good internet connection can access therapists and counselors. Gone are the days of hurrying to make it in time for your session.

Moreover, it saves you a lot of money by eliminating the need to commute. In addition to that, you can choose the method of communication that suits you best. Moreover, you can reach your therapist through text messages on an all-time-available basis.

One of the most applaudable things about online therapy is the choice of anonymity. Talking face-to-face with a stranger is not as easy for everyone. Therefore, some people feel uncomfortable opening up to their therapists. With online therapy, you can choose a fake name for your sessions to maintain your privacy.

So, if you are someone struggling with a mental health issue, this article is for you. It highlights some of the best online therapy platforms. These platforms collaborate with thousands of qualified and licensed therapists to provide you with the best help.

The platforms have strict policies and thoroughly vet the therapists and counselors before hiring them. Moreover, you can view the therapists’ credentials beforehand to know what you are investing in. So, read the article to learn more about these online therapy platforms.

Top 5 Online Therapy Services For Counseling In 2022

  1. Calmerry – Overall Best Online Therapy For OCD, Editor’s Pick
  2. Talkspace – Online Platform For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  3. Online-Therapy.com – Most Popular Web Therapy Sessions
  4. BetterHelp – Trusted Online Therapy From Top Psychiatrist
  5. ReGain – Reliable Mental Health Services & Couples Therapy

#1.Calmerry – Overall Best Online Therapy For OCD, Editor’s Pick


Technology entrepreneur Alex Vitchenko launched Calmerry in May 2020. The company headquarters is located in Wyoming. Alex came up with the idea of Calmerry after realizing the impacts of the global pandemic Covid-19. He witnessed that the pandemic affected not only physical health but also the mental health of the majority of the people.

Therefore, he established an online service to cater to the needs of as many people as possible. Calmerry is an innovative teletherapy platform that addresses your problems and helps you get through the situation. It offers unique features with affordable subscription plans.

Calmerry collaborates with a network of licensed therapists. These therapists are highly professional and always look forward to helping people. The highly qualified therapists help you deal with depression, anxiety, OCD, grief, stress, relationship problems, LGBT+ issues, and emotional abuse.

To avail of the services of these therapists, you need to sign-up. The process of signing up with Calmerry is quite simple and does not require complex procedures.

You can register by clicking on the ‘Register New Account’ option. The platform asks you to enter your email and password. You, then, receive a 3-digit verification code. When you enter that code in the form, Calmerry registers your account officially. After that, that platform asks you to answer a few questions. This survey helps the platform match you with the perfect therapist for your needs.


Personal Therapy Room: Calmerry offers you a personal therapy room for your sessions. It provides a peaceful environment for you to reflect on your journey. This gives you the space to look back on your journey and see how far you have come. It is a great way to keep a record of your milestones.

Qualifications of Therapists: Calmerry has an extensive network of certified counselors and therapists. The company conducts a thorough analysis of license and certification before hiring a therapist. Moreover, it requires a 1-year experience for the therapist to be hired. Therefore, you can trust that you will get the help from the best.

Quality Care: Calmerry cares about its customers’ mental and emotional well-being. Therefore, it emphasizes the convenience of people seeking help. You can contact your therapist via text messaging or a video call session. The therapists then reply to your messages with essential guidance. You can also avail the option of a one-to-one session with your therapist. The video call icon allows you to view the schedule of the therapist. You can, then, choose a time that is convenient for you and the therapist.

Options: The company does not let you choose your therapist. After analyzing your information, Calmerry assigns you to the therapist it deems best. After that, you can have a 30-minute session with your therapist. This helps you decide whether you want to change your therapist or not. If you choose to go for a different therapist, Calmerry assigns you one, that too free of cost. The subscription plans, however, are not free and range from $168 to $228 per month.


  • HIPAA compliant servers to ensure privacy
  • Custom-tailored sessions
  • Affordable plans
  • Eye-catching website and convenient U.I.


  • Does not take insurance
  • Does not offer medication management

=> click here to visit the official website of calmerry

#2. TalkspaceOnline Platform For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Talkspace is an excellent online platform that connects you with professional therapists. The company is associated with over 3000 licensed therapists and counselors. These professionals are well-equipped to pinpoint your mental health issue and devise a plan to get through it.

Talkspace was established in 2012 to provide help to people within the comfort of their homes. Since its establishment, the platform has achieved a massive positive response. This has helped Talkspace expand its services to cater to a broader spectrum of people with mental health issues.

The professionals at Talkspace can help you in numerous areas. Some include PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. The platform has recently included some other services in its therapy models. These services include medication management, couples therapy, psychiatry, and therapy for teenagers.

Talkspace offers three subscription plans for users. The first one is ‘Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus.’ This plan allows you to send text messages and audio and video messages. The therapists reply almost instantly for five days/per week. The second plan is ‘Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium.’ It has all the features of the first plan. In addition, it allows one 30-minute live video session/month.

The third plan offered by Talkspace is called ‘Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate.’ It also provides all the features of the first plan. In addition, you can avail four 30-minute live video sessions with your therapist.

The rates of these plans differ on the basis of your location. When you sign-up for Talkspace, the platform receives your information. The prices are then displayed according to your location and choice of plan.


Choice of Therapists: When you sign up for Talkspace, the platform presents numerous options. You can view the bios and go through the profiles of these therapists. If you are not satisfied with anyone, Talkspace generates another list for you.

Qualified Therapists: Talkspace cares about the mental well-being of its customers. Therefore, it only collaborates with highly professional and able therapists. The Talkspace team runs thorough background checks and verifies the credentials before hiring the therapists. Moreover, Talkspace requires therapists to have over 3000 hours of clinical experience in their respective niches.

Transparency: Talkspace ensures the qualifications and capabilities of all of its therapists. Therefore, the company displays all relevant information about the therapists on their respective profiles. While choosing a therapist, you can view all of the information and then make up your mind. The profiles show you the photo of the therapist, professional license number, and availability status. Moreover, you can view their approaches toward therapy and specialization.

Subscription Switch: Talkspace does not bind you to stick to one subscription plan. You can change your subscription plan or pause your therapy at any given time. When you make the switch, Talkspace makes the changes to your plan immediately and bills or credits you accordingly.


  • Compatible with laptops, iOS, and Android
  • It also accepts payments from HSAs, FSAs, and EAP
  • 3000+ licensed therapists
  • In-app assessment to track progress


  • Additional services can be a bit expensive

=> click here to visit the official website of Talkspace

#3. Online-Therapy.com – Most Popular Web Therapy Sessions


Online-Therapy.com is a teletherapy platform that emphasizes its therapy model on cognitive behaviors. This online therapy platform is based in Sweden. However, it serves several English-speaking clients in the U.S.

The company has designed a unique model for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The model focuses on a wide array of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, OCD, bipolar disorder, insomnia, eating disorder, alcohol/drug issues, and relationship issues.

Online-Therapy.com has a massive network of highly-qualified and professional therapists. All of these therapists specialize in cognitive behaviors. The company offers four plans. The first one is the Free Plan. You can avail of this without any fee. This plan allows you to access a toolbox. It contains valuable resources and tools such as worksheets and journals. It also has video lessons on yoga and meditation.

The rest of the three plans are subscription-based. The first subscription-based plan is called The Basic Plan. It allows people to connect with their therapist via text messages only. It costs $160 per month.

The Standard Plan is the next plan, which costs $240 per month. This package allows you to reach out to your therapist at any time. You can also avail 30-min weekly video sessions.

The last one is called The Premium Plan. It costs $320 per month and allows two 30-min weekly video sessions. Moreover, you can also text your therapist on an any-time basis.


Qualified Counselors: The platform carefully vets all therapists and counselors before hiring them. Every therapist must have a license and 2000 hours of clinical experience. The network comprises therapists from newly licensed to Ph.D. level therapists. However, all of them must have training in CBT methods and should be able to conduct therapy online.

Privacy Policy: Online-Therapy.com is completely honest and transparent about its privacy and security. Since the platform asks you to enter personal information, maintaining confidentiality is its top priority. The platform is HIPAA compliant. It also uses 256-bit end-to-end encryption to ensure the safety of your data. The technical teams keep a regular check and control the website to keep the hackers at bay.

End-to-End Encryption: All of your chat via text, audio, and video calls are end-to-end encrypted. This means that the third parties do not have access to your conversations. Moreover, the company deletes all your data after two years. You can contact them to get it deleted even before two years.

Anonymity: The best feature of Online-Therapy.com is complete anonymity. You can pick a fake name while signing up for the platform. This allows you to hide your real name if you are not comfortable opening up to a therapist with your real name. However, the platform requires you to provide an emergency contact. This is done for your betterment. The therapists do not call your emergency contact unless in case of an emergency.


  • Additional free-of-charge self-care resources
  • 20% discount in the first month
  • CBT specialized, licensed therapists
  • Affordable subscription prices


  • Treatment for adults only
  • Does not take insurance

=> click here to visit the official website of Online therapy

#4. BetterHelp – Trusted Online Therapy From Top Psychiatrist


BetterHelp was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing virtual therapy to as many people as possible. Soon after its establishment, BetterHelp became one of the best teletherapy platforms. It connects you with an accredited therapist via texts, audio, and video calls.

The company has managed to exceed customers’ expectations since day one. BetterHelp has recently expanded its services to universities and multiple businesses. BetterHelp also has sister websites that provide teletherapy to couples, teenagers, people seeking religious help, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

With better help, you can seek counseling and therapy for anger, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, sleeping and eating disorders, addictions, family conflicts, marital issues, and LGBTQ+ matters.

Moreover, BetterHelp has an online journal for all of its clients. It is your private journal unless you choose to share it. You can write down your thoughts and feelings in the journal. It is a great way to reflect on your journey and focus on growth.

The price range for subscription-based services falls between 200 dollars to 600 dollars per month. These prices vary according to your location and assigned therapist. Once you sign-up, you can view these prices geotagged to the services. BetterHelp offers 30–45-minute video sessions per week. This, however, is primarily based on the availability of the therapist/counselor. Moreover, you can reach out to the therapist via text message 24/7.


Professional Counseling: BetterHelp works with licensed psychologists, family and marriage therapists, clinical social workers, and board-certified counselors. These professionals have M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in their specific fields from reputed universities. BetterHelp shortlists candidates having more than 1000 hours of experience and at least three years of work experience. The shortlisted candidates then take a case study exam. Finally, the company hires 15% of the candidates.

Transparency: BetterHelp publicly displays the bios of its therapists on the website. Therefore, you can visit the website and go through the bio before signing up. This will help you get some idea about the kind of therapist you are looking for. Conclusively, you will be more confident in opening up to the therapist of your choice.

Security: BetterHelp puts the privacy of its clients first. Therefore, the company employs a banking-grade, 256-bit encryption protocol. This ensures that no third party has access to your conversation with your therapist. You can also avail the option of asking the platform to delete your messages. All you have to do is click the shred button, and the company will remove it permanently.

Quick and Easy Sign-Up Process: Signing up for BetterHelp does not require complicated steps. The platform asks you a few questions about what your end goal is. You can provide any additional knowledge you wish to share. After that, the medical experts evaluate your application. The company keeps you updated on the proceeding via email. BetterHelp generally finds you a therapist somewhere between a few hours to a few days.


  • Therapists’ bios are public
  • Compatible with mobiles and laptops
  • Various means of communication
  • You can avail financial aid


  • Therapists cannot prescribe medication
  • Not covered by insurance

=> click here to visit the official website of BetterHelp

#5. ReGain – Reliable Mental Health Services & Couples Therapy


ReGain is owned by BetterHelp and was founded in 2016. It deals exclusively with the issues and conflicts of relationships. Currently, approximately 8000 therapists are working with this teletherapy platform. Since ReGain focuses on couples therapy, the therapists have special training in that niche.

The primary purpose of this branch is to make therapy convenient for people. ReGain is very simple and easy to use. There are no complicated steps. Once you log into your account, the platform takes you to a portal. This portal is private and allows you to communicate with your therapist.

Therefore, the platform allows multiple means of communication and flexible schedules. Just like its parent company, BetterHelp, ReGain only offers one subscription plan. You can take the session through a 30–45-minute audio or video call. You can also send unlimited text messages to your therapist via your personal chat room.

The website provides you with a calendar with the schedule of your therapist. You can select a suitable and available slot to talk to the therapist. You also get to decide if to have a conversation through video or audio call. If you change your mind, you can switch as the session progresses.

In addition to that, ReGain offers you complete anonymity. If you do not want o to join the session using your real name, you can sign up with a fake name.

The price of the plan depends on your location and the therapist you get. Once you sign up, the platform receives your I.P. address and generates the relevant price range for you. Generally, the fee falls in an affordable range. It costs somewhere between $240 to $330 per month.


Educational Resources: The website has an ‘advice’ tab on it. When you click the advice button, it takes you to an extensive library. You can find resources about strengthening your relationship and getting over the obstacles. ReGain gets these resources fact-checked by licensed therapists. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the authenticity of the information.

Individual Couples’ Therapy: The thing most users appreciate about Regain is its Individual Couples’ Therapy. This feature allows you to choose whether or not you want your partner to join the sessions. This will enable you to thoroughly reflect on your relationship and focus on resolving the conflict. Moreover, if you change your decision at a later stage, you can invite your partner at any stage.

Discounts: ReGain offers a special discount for people from certain groups such as military veterans and college students. In addition, the platform provides financial assistance to people who cannot afford the regular session rates due to financial restraints. The platform also offers promo codes that you can use to get a discount during your first month.

Privacy Policy: Just like BetterHelp, the company uses 256-bit encryption to ensure the safety of your data. Since the company does not collaborate with insurance companies, your information is not shared with outside sources.


  • Therapists specialize in couples counseling
  • 24/7 access to your therapist
  • Educational resources outside of service
  • Extremely user-friendly website


  • Cannot prescribe medication
  • The therapist is chosen via an algorithm

=> click here to visit the official website of ReGain

How We Made The List For Online Counseling

Deciding on a teletherapy platform for your mental health is not as easy as it might sound. It takes a lot of effort and time to sift through many names. People do not have the time or resources to go through the scrutiny of choosing a platform. So, we decided to save you the hassle and make the process easier for you.

To help you find a therapist conveniently, we generated a list. This list sheds light on the names of the top five online therapy platforms. Our team spent hours researching some of the most talked-about teletherapy platforms.

After drafting a rough list of names, we checked each company against some essential factors. We crossed off the name that did not meet our expectations with every step. This helped us finalize our list of the five best online therapy platforms.

What We Looked For

Following are some of the key factors we analyzed keenly while making a list:

  • Reputation: The reputation of the company is an essential factor. It determines the credibility and trustworthiness of an organization. The companies that only care about making money do not get to keep a good reputation for long. Mental health and relationship issues are sensitive and serious topics. Therefore, we only wanted to pick the platforms that genuinely contribute to your growth and improvement. So, we chose very well-reputed online therapy platforms for our list.
  • Methods of Communication: Comfort is the primary appeal of an online therapy platform. People can take sessions at their convenience and choose the communication method they are most comfortable with. Therefore, we prioritized the companies that provide multiple methods to get in touch with the therapist. The platforms mentioned below offer text messaging, audio and video calls, live chat, and email services.
  • Care: Online therapies are becoming more and more popular. This is because they have eliminated the need to wait for hours for your turn. You can easily reach your therapist via laptop or mobile phone. Therefore, we looked for platforms that facilitate the clients. We prioritized platforms based on ease of appointments, responsive therapists, and additional services.
  • Customer Reviews: Exploring customer reviews is an essential part of determining the worth of a company. The testimonials directly reflect the company’s bond with its clients. They show where the genuine interest of the organization lies. After narrowing our list down to a few teletherapy platforms, we went through customer reviews of each company. We finalized the names of the platforms with maximum positive reviews and a satisfaction guarantee.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Online Therapy Services

Choosing a therapist is not an easy process because it is personal to every individual. Everyone has different problems, needs, and ways of coping with them. Addressing your mental health issues and discussing them with a stranger is not easy. Therefore, you should be very alert when choosing your therapist.

Numerous online platforms connect you with therapists for the betterment of your mental health. However, you cannot blindly trust all of them. The majority of the online therapy services fail to deliver on their promises. Since mental health is not something you should take lightly, it is better to be careful with your choice of platform.

There are multiple factors that decide the reliability of a teletherapy platform and its associated platforms. Moreover, there is no guarantee that every company can cater to your specific needs.

Giving every online therapy service is not only overwhelming but impossible. Finding a therapist that you are comfortable with is essential for the improvement of your mental health. Therefore, it is important that you research the platforms and gather enough information.

Therefore, we generated a list of some crucial factors that can save your time. While searching for a good therapist, you should consider these factors. It will help you get a hold of what you want and your options.

  • Experience Of Therapists

Availability and experience of the therapists are the two most important factors. The online therapy platforms collaborate with hundreds of therapists. However, most of these therapists have training and qualification in one specific field. Therefore, you should always check what the therapists or counselors specialize in. This will save you money and time and help you get the best of your experience.

Once you find the therapist that caters to all your mental health needs, you need to check the experience. You should ensure that the therapist you choose has prior experience in clinical work.

  • Privacy And Security

When filling out the online application form, you should not take the matter of your privacy lightly. Your personal information is confidential data. Therefore, you should ensure that the platform employs standard encryption protocols to protect your privacy.

Most high-standard online therapy platforms use 256-bit encryption. Moreover, they have several servers across tier-4 AWS data centers to protect clients’ information.

  • Transparency

Honesty and transparency are two vital qualities of any organization. A company that genuinely cares about its clients openly talks about its policies and services. Therefore, you should always run background checks to ensure that the platform is honest with its clients.

Most top-notch online therapy services show you the bios of therapists before you sign up. Moreover, they mention the charges and terms so that you can decide according to your finances.

  • Insurances

Most online therapy services do not take insurance. Therefore, it is essential that you do some research to find out if the service you are choosing accepts insurance or not. If you do not have the kind of cash flow to pay traditionally for the therapy, you should consider a platform that takes insurance. This will save you from putting too much stress on your finances.

  • Discounts

Since most online therapy platforms do not accept insurance, they try to compensate in other ways. Most platforms provide a discount, especially for veterans, and offer promo codes. Some offer discounts to the new clients in the first month. This can help you save some money. Therefore, you should check the discounts offered by the platforms before signing up.

FAQs Regarding EMDR Therapy

#1. Why do People prefer online therapies over traditional ones?

People prefer online therapies due to their accessibility and convenience. All you need are your laptop or a mobile phone and a stable internet connection. All online therapy platforms require simple sign-up and a few questions. These questions help the specialists analyze your condition and customize a plan accordingly. The apps work with hundreds of highly professional and qualified therapists. Therefore, you have unlimited options of the therapist to choose from.

#2. Is Online Therapy as effective as traditional therapy?

Yes, online therapy is very effective and works just like traditional therapy. It is more than just a text message conversation with a stranger. Your chosen platform matches you with the therapist that best suits your needs. Most people who opted for online therapy reported that it was as helpful as the in-person sessions.

#3. What mental conditions are online therapies suitable for?

Teletherapy service providers work with a therapist from a wide array of disciplines. Online therapy is a practical step for treating anxiety, stress, OCD, depression, relationship issues, PTSD, grief and loss, and work-life issues. These platforms also provide counseling to people having problems in their marriage and people from the LGBTQ+ community.

#4. How can I communicate with my therapist?

Different people prefer different methods of communication. Most online therapy platforms offer four methods of communication. These are text messages, email, audio calls, and video calls. This is to ensure that all of the clients get what they want. Emails and texts are more suitable for people who prefer well-thought-out conversations instead of free-flowing ones. Moreover, texts are advantageous for people who choose to stay anonymous. People who like face-to-face conversations are more comfortable with video calls.

#5. Do Online therapy services accept insurance?

Numerous online therapy services do not accept insurance. However, if you search deeply, you can find some names that take insurance. However, the coverage of the bills depends on insurance and the therapist you finalize. Moreover, the rules and regulations of the state also have a say in it. You can call your insurance provider to ask what online therapy services the company covers.

#6. How much does online therapy cost?

The cost of online therapy depends upon the service provider you choose. Some platforms offer a per-session fee. This fee ranges from $99 to 179 dollars. The length of your session and the therapist’s education level also impact the billing.

Meanwhile, other providers offer monthly plans. These plans provide multiple methods of communication, i.e., 30-45-minute audio or video calls and 24/7 text messages. The price range falls between 50 dollars and 100 dollars per week.

Whether the service provider accepts insurance or not also has an impact on the price range. Since most services do not accept insurance, they offer discounts and coupon codes to customers with low income.

#7. Can I switch my therapist after choosing one?

Yes, you can change your therapist any time you like. All online therapy platforms allow you to switch to a therapist if you do not feel satisfied. You can inform the platform, and it will quickly make the switch. The platforms encourage you to switch to the therapist unless you find the one you are most comfortable with. These platforms strive t help make your lives better. Therefore, you are not bound to stick to one therapist for the entire course of your therapy.

#8. Are online therapy platforms safe?

The safety of the online therapy platforms depends upon the quality of service. Most high-standard platforms ensure privacy and safety for their clients. The platforms mentioned in the list follow HIPAA federal guidelines for the encryption of the data. Moreover, these platforms employ 256-bit encryption technology to prevent third parties from accessing your conversations. Additionally, these service providers permanently delete your conversation after two years.

#9. What are the drawbacks of online therapy?

No matter how appealing or convenient it is, online therapy has its drawbacks. Firstly, not everyone has access to the internet or a steady connection. Secondly, not being face-to-face can be uncomfortable for some people. This is because many people feel validated and acknowledged through in-person interactions. Lastly, online therapies do not require you to go to your therapist’s office. You can sit at home and attend your sessions. This might be a problem for people who do not have the luxury of privacy in their homes.

Conclusion: Get The Best Therapy Sessions For Desensitization & Reprocessing

Online platforms have made therapy way too easier and more convenient. Online therapy has always been available; however, it reached new heights of fame during the lockdown and quarantine period of covid-19.

People no longer sit in their therapists’ offices to discuss their mental health issues. You can now do it at your convenience while sitting at your home. More and more people are considering online therapies due to the ease of accessibility and convenience it offers. However, finding the right therapist is the most challenging part of the process.

To make it simpler for you, we compiled a list of the top online therapy services. This carefully generated list will help you get an idea about these platforms and what they offer. The platforms mentioned in the list above stand out amongst their competitors. The reason is that they provide affordable therapy plans. Moreover, the associated therapists and counselors are highly qualified and excel in their fields.

So, we highly suggest you check these out and give the relevant platforms a try. We are positive you will find these perfectly suited to your mental health needs. We are confident that you will not regret your decision.

However, you should remember that online therapy platforms are not meant for emergencies. If you need urgent medical care, you should run to the nearest hospital to get the aid you need.

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