Best Online Psychic Reading Sites: Top 5 Psychic Mediums For Tarot Reading & Spiritual Reading In 2022| Online Psychic Readers For Accurate Future Predictions Via Call, Chat Or Video| Trusted Astrologers For Love, Career & Life Readings

It’s not uncommon for people to seek guidance and explanation from online psychic reading websites during difficult circumstances. Whether you’re facing problems with your career, love life, or even your future, the greatest psychics in the business can provide you with all of the knowledge and inspiration you need to make informed decisions.

An online psychic reading may help you validate what you already know, present you with a completely new perspective that you hadn’t considered before, or even assist you in making essential modifications if you are facing challenges.

But keep in mind that not every online psychic website you found on the internet is legit. Some psychic sites have outstanding psychic advisors who are screened for genuineness, while others allow psychic readers into their network with little to no screening.

To help save your time and energy, we have looked at the most popular online psychic reading services to find which ones are the most accurate and reliable. Our top selections for the best online psychic reading sites that give accurate readings, free minutes, and discounted fees are listed below.

Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites Of 2022:

  1. Kasamba – Overall Best Psychic Readers & Tarot Readers Online
  2. Keen – Trusted Psychic Reading Website for Career & Life Readings
  3. AskNow – Top Psychic Readers for Online Psychic Reading
  4. Mysticsense – Most Accurate Psychic Readings for Love Life
  5. Oranum – Popular Psychic Reading Website with Free Minutes

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. KasambaOverall Best Psychic Readers & Tarot Readers Online


Kasamba is one of the top online psychic sites for tarot readings and astrology which was founded in 1999 and has since served over three million customers. If you want the finest tarot readings Kasamba is a good place to start.

Kasamba provides psychic services from skilled individuals who have been vetted by their staff. There are 180 different tarot card readers to pick from, so you’re likely to find one you connect with. Psychics’ spiritual gifts in palm readings, fortune-telling, tarot card readings, dream analysis, career forecast, paranormal, past-life readings, and other services are available on the site.

They provide authentic psychic readings through a variety of methods, including aura, crystal, pet medium, rune casting, numerology, picture interpretation, and many more. Kasamba is always ready to help you with true answers and profound insights if you want an honest and authentic psychic reading online. They also offer Vedic and Chinese astrological readings.


Kasamba Psychics has been in business for over two decades and has earned a reputation for accuracy and ease of use. Along with providing amazing benefits for its customers, it has also focused time and effort on eliminating preconceptions about the psychic reading community and disseminating the notion of contacting psychics for help.

Kasamba offers psychic readings over the phone, by email, and even through a live chat feature on the website. They have several psychics on board that can assist customers with any life questions they may have through one of their many services.

Kasamba provides a profile for each live psychic reader where you can learn about their specialty, years of experience, and the types of readings they provide, and these amazing psychics are available 24/7.

Kasamba offers new clients a three-minute complimentary psychic reading, followed by a discount of 70% off the regular price. The best part is that you can use the three free minutes on any psychic reading you try, not just the first. It’s a terrific method to locate the perfect medium for you as you can “test drive” new psychic experts for free.

You can also seek a complete refund if you are dissatisfied with the service you received.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • Experience of more than 20 years
  • Phone, chat, and email psychic readings
  • Psychics from all around the world are available 24/7
  • 3 free minutes per psychic
  • Per-minute, prices range from $1.99 to $20+
  • You can simply seek a refund if you’re not satisfied with your first psychic reading


  • Only the first psychic reading comes with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Video calling option isn’t there

Customer reviews

Kasamba has earned the trust of its consumers by offering accurate and completely trustworthy psychic readings. If you visit the Kasamba website or app, you will almost certainly come across thousands of good customer reviews.

These reviewers demonstrate that this platform provides excellent reading services while also making users’ lives easier. Kasamba aspires to provide users with a new and distinctive experience. Customers can give their psychic a five-star rating, and the website already has millions of them.

#2. KeenTrusted Psychic Reading Website for Career & Life Readings


Keen is a reputable psychic network of spiritual counselors dedicated to assisting individuals in living their best lives via the use of psychic and clairvoyant talents. They’ve been in business since 1999, and have spent the last two decades helping individuals find answers to their most pressing concerns, find purpose in their lives, and gain a better understanding of themselves. They have a proven track record of over 35 million conversations with people all around the world.

Keen offers a wide range of psychic counselors, each with a distinct set of skills. The site has a service to help you locate any type of answers you’re looking for. They provide tarot readings, psychic readings, astrological insights, love and relationship guidance, spiritual readings, psychic mediums, and a variety of other services.


On Keen, each psychic has a profile page where you can learn more about them before making your final decision. This is a terrific option for those who desire a tailored and accurate psychic experience because working with a psychic is such a personal procedure.

Once you’ve decided on a Keen psychic, you have a variety of options for communicating with them. By clicking on the “call now” or “chat now” buttons, you may simply contact your selected psychic.

Their services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but they recognize that your chosen psychic’s schedule may not coincide with yours right away, which is why they provide a callback or appointment service. If you can’t reach your psychic reading right immediately, you may either request a callback or set up a chat session, and then sit back and wait for them to respond.

Keen not only has a professional network of psychics and a wide range of services, but they also have amazing costs. If you’re a new member, you may have a 3-free minutes psychic reading, and after that, a 10-minute reading costs only $1.99, which is a fantastic deal (one of the cheapest available online for online psychic reading).

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • Experience of more than 20 years
  • Email, phone, and chat psychic readings
  • 3 minutes of free time
  • $1.99-$9.99+ per minute
  • Guaranteed money back


  • Introductory offer for one session only
  • Does not include video conferencing

Customer reviews

As seen by the dozens of favorable Keen reviews, Keen has helped millions of individuals understand themselves and their lives more fully and intimately. Phone psychic readings are a unique, personal, and crucial process, which is why Keen recognizes the importance of being able to choose the correct psychic for you. Thousands of individuals have trusted these psychics to provide them a terrific experience and answer their most personal inquiries, and the majority of them have received glowing ratings.

#3. AskNowTop Psychic Readers for Online Psychic Reading


AskNow is the leading psychic network in the United States. You may effortlessly interact with the most qualified and gifted psychic experts from throughout the country by phone or online chat at any time, day or night, on AskNow.

Speaking with a psychic through a website like AskNow can help you see the possibilities, make better life decisions, and will let you have a clearer picture, then you may decide which option is best for you.

For new consumers looking for a scheduled meeting with a specific psychic guide, AskNow is a fantastic alternative. While the introductory pricing is extremely inexpensive, it only allows you to have readings with the lowest tier psychics.

AskNow specialists provide psychic readings in nine different areas, including love, relationships, money, finance, careers, goals, spiritual guidance, numerology, tarot readers, astrological readings, dream interpretation, previous lives, and more.


If you’re new to AskNow, you’ll have the option of purchasing a 30-minute or 20-minute introductory package with a Top-Rated advisor for $30 or $20. A complimentary 5-minute consultation with an Elite or Master reader is included in the introduction package. Returning consumers should expect to pay $5.99-$9.99 per minute for Top Rated advisors, $10-$11 for Elite advisors, and $12-$13 for Master advisors regularly.

The Monthly Program, also known as The Club, includes three free minutes with an Elite or Master psychic as well as monthly minutes with Ask Now’s Top-Rated Psychics. AskNow offers both phones and chats psychic readings with introductory packages starting at $1 per minute, you even receive five free minutes to utilize with an expert advisor or master advisor

If the psychic you wish to talk to is accessible, you can contact or chat with them, or you can request a callback if they are busy or unavailable. There’s also the option of making an appointment. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t think your first psychic is a good fit, stop reading and call Customer Service. They’ll credit your account for up to 5 minutes so you can locate a better advisor.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow


  • Experience of more than 15 years
  • Chat and phone psychic readings
  • 5 minutes are included in the $1/min plan
  • Per minute, prices range from $3.99 to $13+
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day for all seven days


  • There are no video or email options available
  • The Satisfaction Guarantee, which is a little pricey, only credits up to 10 minutes

Customer reviews

We looked all around the internet for real client feedback to identify the most useful AskNow reviews. Customers are happy with this website and the services it offers; almost all of them were pleased with the advice they received from the psychics on AskNow.

Some people have claimed that their lives have changed for the better and that they are now able to make wise decisions about their future. AskNow is so sure of the high-quality services that they give a money-back guarantee. They will give you a refund if you aren’t fully satisfied with your experience if it doesn’t fulfill your expectations.

#4. MysticsenseMost Accurate Psychic Readings for Love Life


Mysticsense is unquestionably solid when it comes to services and job quality. The organization provides a wide range of dependable psychic services, which are offered by several well-known and vetted psychic readers.

Their psychic reading website is user-friendly, with simple navigation and a screening mechanism that allows visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. It makes no difference whether you look for a psychic or type in a psychic reading.

Their choice of services is also fantastic, including anything from life forecasts to love counseling, as well as a few unique options you may not have heard of before, such as pet media. Overall, we believe you will not be disappointed with this purchase.


As a total, Mysticsense is the industry’s closest approach to a specialist in object psychic readings. Their internet psychics are experts at it, and they can tell you your fortune using any card or crystal; they also read dowsings, ruins, and much more.

So, if you’re looking for a classic Hollywood experience complete with a crystal ball, we recommend these folks. They will provide you with food for thought. And who knows, you might walk away with a completely new perspective on life, love, and its ups and downs. They’ve also taken personalization in a whole different route than everyone else because it’s all about your experience.

Clients have complete control over the type and tone of their sessions at Mysticsense. Especially since this may allow the psychic to be more open with you and provide the results in a more understandable format for your psychic readings online.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense


  • A good range of services, both new and old
  • With online psychics, you can communicate through a variety of channels.
  • For first-timers, there are extra minutes.
  • Social media presence that is active and up to date


  • Only available through the website
  • Only service that does not include a standard feature such as horoscopes

Customer reviews

Mysticsense provides clients with a consistent and reliable experience, so we know that their psychic readers are gifted, their advice is generally sound and well-intentioned, and you’ll have no trouble finding the readers and using their services.

They also allow you to nearly totally customize the experience by allowing you to choose the type and tone of your psychic session, as well as the instruments that the psychic reader will use. We propose that you try it right now because it is simple but effective.

#5. OranumPopular Psychic Reading Website with Free Minutes


Oranum provides an experience unlike any other, in part because, unlike other online psychic reading services that strive to enable communication through as many mediums as possible, Oranum concentrates on providing the best video chat reading experience possible.

Not to mention, they allow users to watch live psychic reading sessions with the psychic readers they want to work with. Furthermore, you may narrow down the entire list of psychic readers by utilizing numerous filters. There is also the advantage of having hundreds of online psychic reading options available to people. Some of these you may not have heard of before, such as sound therapy.


Let’s start with the most obvious, this is the place to go if you want to meet people in person. But we’d be lying if we said this was Oranum’s lone strength. For example, while researching, their clients have almost unrivaled access to psychics.

Before you have to go in for a psychic reading session, you can talk to the psychic reader you’re interested in, read their reviews, and even witness them in action. Because of this method, the fact that they don’t provide clients with those initial few minutes for free as other organizations do is essentially irrelevant.

It essentially allows you to understand how the experience will affect you, whether it will be worthwhile, and to build a rapport with the consultant who interests you. This connection will undoubtedly help them read you more accurately, giving them a deeper understanding to draw on throughout your psychic reading session.

This knowledge will almost certainly lead to a more thorough solution to your situation. Those concerned about beginning affordability, on the other hand, need not be concerned. Oranum does not immediately throw you into the thick of things. Instead, they provide a $9.99 credit to new clients to get them started.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • Clients get a psychic reading thoroughly and dynamic experience with live psychic readings
  • Provide a variety of psychic reading expertise
  • In a free chat room, clients’ questions are taken seriously
  • Members who sign up for the first time will receive $9.99 in free credits


  • There is no normal free trial for any psychic reading

Customer reviews

The company has a relatively high approval rating. Individual psychic reading sessions are frequently recommended by clients who go out of their way to do so. And, because so many individuals seek psychic readings based on word-of-mouth recommendations, each reader has a plethora of ratings, making it easy to find the finest psychic reader for you. Customers can also get a sense of what to expect from these reviews.

Live psychic readings are an even more effective method of accomplishing this. This is the best option for you if you value completing as much research as possible before making a purchase.

Beginner’s Guide To Best Psychics & Tarot Readers Online:

Consumers should look at a variety of factors when choosing a psychic website, just as they would when choosing any other service or product. We’ve listed a few things to think about below.

  • Minutes of the Trial

If you’re looking for free psychic reading online, you’re in luck. Several of the greatest psychic networks provide free three-minute psychic readings to new members, followed by discounted fees. If you want to continue reading after the free trial period has ended, you can do so without spending any money.

  • Contact Techniques

The majority of our recommended psychic websites offer a variety of online psychic reading services. Most of the greatest psychics may be reached via chat, video, or phone. If you’d prefer to think about your questions or even examine the psychic’s responses before sending follow-up inquiries, an email psychic reading delivered directly to your mailbox might be the right choice for you.

Although chat is a common means of communication these days, some claim that video psychic readings are the most impressive. A video chat is the internet’s closest approach to face-to-face contact, and it could enable you and your psychic readers to connect more profoundly.

Even though the best psychic readings can give you a decent psychic reading online whether or not they see you, the visual signals offered by your facial expressions, body language, and even your surroundings may help them provide you with additional context and information during your psychic reading.

  • Professional Years of Experience

Three of our top picks for the most amazing psychic readings on the internet have been in business for more than two decades. Even the newest psychic agencies have at least ten years of experience. We expect them to have figured out what works well for folks seeking psychic services in this amount of time as product critics and reviewers.

Psychics with a wide variety of experience, including those who have been practicing for more than 45 years, can be found on each platform. Of course, brilliant and capable psychics may not have as much expertise as individuals who have been operating as mediums for a long period, and their observations may be just as valuable

  • Customer Reviews

Client reviews of online psychics can provide significant insight into the type of experience one might expect from a particular advisor. Customer reviews allow you to see the psychic through the eyes of others, while the psychic’s bio and profile information allow you to see how they present themselves. You’ll be able to get a sense of what your psychic reading will be like by looking at these things.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Finally, the bulk of the psychic reading websites we looked at offer a satisfaction guarantee. These alternatives range from a five-minute credit on the website to a full refund of your session price. Other businesses do not offer a guarantee, but they do allow you to speak with potential advisors before making a payment. So, before making a decision, examine the website’s policies.

FAQs About Best Online Psychic Readers & Tarot Readers:

Q1. What is the most effective method of contacting an online psychic?

Phone readings are a common practice on the greatest psychic reading sites, sessions of chat Email readings via video chat Psychic consultations on Facebook are increasingly being done on the internet.

Because you cannot see online psychics, phone readings differ from live video readings. Before having a psychic reading, you will need to create an account on the great majority of online psychic reading sites, including the better ones. This could require entering credit card or PayPal information, so be sure to read the fine print of any initial deal.

Q2. Can Psychic readings be trusted?

They most certainly can be trusted but like in every other field, there are “bad apples” waiting to take advantage of others. That’s why it’s critical to select one of the greatest online psychic websites, which are backed up by client testimonials and years of experience in the field.

Before scheduling a psychic reading, be sure your psychic is trustworthy by reviewing their client evaluations. While not every psychic style will appeal to everyone, the finest psychics will have excellent ratings and reviews.

Q3. What are different types of psychic readings?

Psychics use their intuition to connect with you and the energy around your inquiry. They do it, however, in several ways and with a variety of talents and equipment.


The six “clairs” talents relate to a psychic’s enhanced senses. These senses aid them in answering inquiries and providing a unique perspective on events.

Clairvoyants mostly see symbols and visions.

Clairaudients hear voices, sounds, or noises.

Clairsentients feel the emotions of others. They may also have strong gut reactions to specific subjects or people.

Clairalience is the ability to detect scents that aren’t present, such as perfumes. This may assist them in recognizing the spirit that is guiding them.

Clairgustance is the sensation of tasting something that isn’t there, such as a deceased person’s favorite cuisine.

Claircognizance is the ability to know things you wouldn’t typically know. This is when a fact suddenly occurs to you.

  • Intuitive Psychics and Empaths

A psychic with intuition works to foresee future events. They have a gut feeling about what will happen. A consultation with one can assist you in gaining a better understanding of the key conditions you will confront.

Empaths are those who can connect with other people’s emotions. This means they can read your emotions as well as those of individuals involved in the circumstance you’re asking about. They’re also good at eliminating negative energy because of this.

When you have a query about the future, consult intuitive; when you have a question about the present, consult empaths. Psychics and empaths who are intuitive have insights that do not require translation in the same way that “clair” talents do. Instead of using signs and symbols, they rely on their feelings and instincts.

  • Mediums

Mediums tune into the energy of their guides or the spirits of the dead. Their channeled personalities could be their guides, angels, or someone their client has inquired about. Their inclination to channel unknown spits, on the other hand, is highly dependent on the psychic’s tastes.

  • Astrology Psychics

Astrologers make charts based on your birthday and time of birth. These diagrams depict the positions of the planets. They then compare these to the current and future positions of the planets to forecast events and trends in your life. While an astrologer does not have to be psychic to be accurate, psychic astrologers provide their horoscope predictions with an added layer of foresight into the future.

  • Cartomancy

Psychics that practice cartomancy utilizes a deck of cards to access spiritual energy to answer your query. Tarot cards, angel cards, and various forms of oracle cards are examples. Your query is then answered by the location, symbols, and relationships of the cards they place. A psychic who uses cartomancy, such as a tarot card reader, can also give you a more general picture of your current condition.

  • Numerology

To compute crucial numbers, a numerologist will take your entire name and date of birth. These depict your life path, as well as your strengths and weaknesses, as well as other pertinent information. Then, by referring to these numbers and their special importance for you, a psychic using numerology can assist you in navigating present challenges in your life.

Q4. How to find the best psychic reading websites?

People should consider a few essential aspects while assessing whether or not a psychic website is authentic. These factors include how long the company has been in operation, the amount and quality of user reviews, and whether it provides customer support and/or a satisfaction guarantee to disappointed customers. Genuine psychic businesses will provide a mechanism for customers to communicate with them after their readings, as well as return options.

Q5. What are the different tools that online psychic readings use?

The techniques that readers utilize are determined by the type of outcome that the clients desire. As a result, they may employ the usage of cards, crystals, or astrology. Tarot cards, oracle cards, crystal balls, star charts, or something other like runes and pendulums, for example, could be used.

Conclusion – Best Online Psychic Reading Services Of 2022

The peace of mind you could expect from contacting this medium will almost certainly be jeopardized if you do not choose the appropriate one. As a result, we hope that this list of the best online psychic reading websites offers you all of the information you require to meet your current demands.

Psychic readings may appear strange to some people, or they may claim that they are false, but if you find them soothing, they could be exactly what you need, whether you are a skeptic or a believer. So, do your homework, figure out which psychic to contact in what situation, and see if their strategy will work for you.

Similarly, we recommend you to take advantage of various first-timer discounts available on the market and select someone who understands you and is conveniently accessible – all while staying within your budget. We wish you nothing but the best on your next spiritual journey!

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