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Best Mushroom Supplement: Reviewing Top Mushroom Products

The use of medicinal mushrooms is growing popular and widely accepted by all. With research focusing on psilocybin and its added benefits, scientists become more fascinated by the compound and advocate its use among consumers. Buying magic mushrooms and other supplements is more accessible nowadays, including online with the recent technological advancements.

Psilocybin occurs naturally among some species of fungi, but the compound can also be isolated from other genera. The substance is controlled, and most mushroom supplements out there lack it. However, there are mushroom supplements that are a blend of different species that contain psilocybin and carry with them added health benefits.

The mushroom supplements and medicinal mushrooms offer great formulations and variable options for you to choose from. Here is a comprehensive list of the best mushroom supplements of 2021

We got to the ground with our able team, had a quick word with manufacturers, reviewed test results, and had an in-depth evaluation of the best mushroom supplements in the market today. Following careful consideration, we have compiled a list of the top 29 mushroom supplements for 2021:

The Best Medicinal Mushroom Supplements in 2021

Our editorial team contacted manufacturers, analyzed lab reports, and compared the top mushroom supplements available today. After extensive deliberation, here is our ranking of the best 29 mushroom supplements of 2021:

  • Circadian Wellness
  • 5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend
  • VitaPost Immune Support
  • GundryMD Mushroom Vitality
  • Mushroom Defense – high concentrations of therapeutic mushroom compounds
  • Genius Mushrooms
  • Organixx 7M+ –antioxidant-rich fermented mushroom tablets
  • Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane
  • Mushroom Revival
  • Real Mushrooms – a diverse range of high-quality mushroom formulations
  • Spore
  • MindHoney
  • MycoPhyto Complex
  • Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus
  • FreshCap
  • Vital Plan Brain Boost
  • VidaCap
  • Shroomy
  • Goldmine Supershroom Powder
  • Ceremony Mushrooms
  • Onnit Shroom Tech SPORT – the most effective daily mushroom supplement
  • Botany Cordyceps Militaris Extract
  • Four Sigmatic
  • Brain Forza Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Magic Mushroom
  • Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery
  • The Drug Store Adaptogenic Mushrooms
  • Plant People WonderDay

Circadian Wellness

image 5

Circadian Wellness creates high-quality mushroom-based formulations that target particular advantages using its patented “Quicksome” technology. Circadian Wellness mushroom supplements, among other things, can help with sleeping patterns, boosting energy reserves, pain, and libido.

Circadian Wellness was created on the premise that adjusting your circadian rhythm is essential for maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit. You can restore your circadian rhythm and promote optimal health by taking the correct vitamins regularly. Furthermore, thanks to Circadian Wellness’ Quicksome technology, you may benefit from higher absorption with smaller doses of mushrooms. Circadian Wellness may have the solution for you, whether you’re seeking specific mushrooms like lion’s mane or mixes of various species of mushroom extract.

5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend

image 1

The supplement comprises reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps, turkey tail, and Chaga mushrooms. Using a variety of mushrooms, the all-natural recipe promises to give numerous advantages. Some of the components in 5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend are designed to boost immunity. Others are concerned with intellect and brain health.

The creators of the 5 Mushrooms Reserve refer to their products as the “world’s grooviest mushroom supplement.” Four nutritional supplements are included in one, including immunological, mood, nootropic, and energy supplements.

VitaPost Immune Support

image 28

VitaPost Immune Support is a supplement that aims at giving your immune system a boost. The supplement includes a combination of plant-based extracts, including mushroom extract, to help your immune system in several ways.

Intake of VitaPost Immune Support daily helps provide your body with beta-glucans and arabinogalactan from sophisticated herbal extracts, antioxidants from components like quercetin and green tea.

Shiitake, maitake, and reishi mushroom extracts have long been connected and believed to improve your immune system. With VitaPost Immune Support, you can provide your body with mushroom extracts and other nutrients that will help your immune system in various ways. Vita Post is readily available and arguably the cheapest of them all mushroom supplements.

GundryMD Mushroom Vitality

image 10

GundryMD, a California-based anti-aging supplement firm, has released Mushroom Vitality, a mushroom supplement. Mushroom Vitality, with good evaluations and a hefty price tag, is said to boost healthy immunological function while providing you extra energy in the early morning.

Mushroom Vitality is one of the few mushroom supplements that come as a tincture in liquid form. You’ll need 4 ml of Mushroom Vitality in a glass of water daily.

Mushroom Vitality includes a blend of the fruiting bodies of reishi mushroom, Chaga, and Coriolus mushroom. Mushroom Vitality’s recipe was created by a physician (Dr. Gundry), providing it an edge over the other mushroom supplements listed here.

Mushroom Defense

image 13

Mushroom Defense fights tiredness and protects against body deterioration, among other advantages. According to the maker, Mushroom Defense may offer you a clean and energetic sensation, defend against viral and bacterial dangers, and improve your memory and attention, among other unique advantages not found in other mushroom supplements.

Mushroom Defense, which comes with a 67-day money-back assurance, comprises tried-and-true mushrooms, including cordyceps, lion’s mane, turkey tail, and shiitake. Intake of Mushroom Defense contains ten potent mushrooms that work together to provide benefits through various action modes. The mushrooms are around 80% fruit bodies, and mycelium takes up the other 20%. Mushroom Defense remains one of the most preferred mushroom supplements to many and is easily accessible online.

The Genius Brand Genius Mushrooms

image 23

Genius Mushrooms by The Genius Brand contains various mushroom supplements, including lion’s mane, cordyceps, and reishi mushrooms, which help with energy, stress reduction, and general liver health.

Genius Mushrooms is one of the well-marketed and accepted mushroom supplements available online today. Genius Mushrooms is popular for people who wish to enjoy the advantages of mushrooms in an easy-to-take form, with 22,800+ reviews on Amazon (with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5). Each veggie capsule includes cordyceps (enhances performance), lion’s mane (for cognition), and reishi (for lifespan), providing you with solid and proven organic mushrooms.

Organixx 7M+

image 17

Organixx 7M+ is a fermented mushroom supplement that boosts the body’s defense system by combining seven powerful mushrooms renowned for their anti-aging effects and increasing the immune system. Turkey tail, chaga, cordyceps, maitake lion’s mane, and reishi mushrooms are among the organic mushrooms available. For optimum nutrition and prolonged shelf life, each mushroom has been fermented.

Organixx 7M+ mushroom complex also contains kelp extract, which is not seen in other mushroom supplements. The kelp extract in 7M+ is said to promote healthy liver function. Intake of 7M+ regularly provides your body with mushroom extracts, beta-glucans, antioxidants, all adding various benefits to your body.

Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane

image 19

If you are after one of the best researched and well-known mushrooms, the Lion’s Mane Mushroom, it is.

Each MyPure Lion’s Mane capsule contains many lion’s mane supplements that promote healthy brain function and immunological response. Taking one tablet of MyPure Lion’s Mane every day is said to help with memory, uplifts mood, nerve development, and brain functions as expected.

Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane edges out the other mushroom supplements in that it is composed entirely of certified organic lion’s mane mushroom extract. Each capsule includes a considerable amount of beta-glucans produced from natural mushrooms. This supplement offers organic mushrooms as it occurs naturally with no artificial compounds.

Mushroom Revival

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Mushroom Revival is, after one thing, and that’s the mushroom power. They help you tap into the advantages mushrooms carry along by getting the Mushroom Revival Supplement.

Lion’s Mane Focus Tincture, Reishi Calm Tincture, and Cordyceps Energy Tincture are popular Mushroom Revival formulations. Mushroom Revival provides various formulations to let you enjoy the benefits of mushrooms in tincture form, whether you’re searching for a single mushroom mix or a collection of multiple mushroom extracts.

Real Mushrooms

image 20

Real Mushrooms includes a farm and a supplement company that a family runs. The company is based in a relatively small coastal hamlet North of Vancouver. Real Mushrooms aim at providing high-quality supplements but at a pocket-friendly cost. The company ranks among the best vendors with a five-star best value in service providing. Of experience, the company has boasted of having been in the Mushroom cultivation industry for over 40 years.

Real Mushroom’s popular formulations are capsule and powder-based. There’s a variety to choose from, including tremella, reishi, and Chaga mushroom products. You may choose to combine all popular alternatives through extracts such as Mushroom Hot Chocolate.


image 22

Spore as a mushroom supplement aims to improve cognitive function, remove brain fog for increased clarity, increase mental energy and attention, and promote creativity. Spore is sold online to individuals who desire to benefit from the cognitive advantages of mushroom products and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Spore Focus Performance mushroom supplement contains cordyceps, ashwagandha, Ginkgo Biloba, and other plant extracts. Spore combines well-known mushrooms with popular mushroom extracts to promote health in a variety of ways. The company believes spores function as a natural energy booster libido, neuroprotective supplement, anti-aging solution, and daily cognitive support.


image 11

Dose Nomadic Nutrition’s MindHoney is a nootropic supplement(Focuses on boosting the brain’s performance). MindHoney, according to the makers, can help with cognition, memory, attention, alertness, and mood. The mixture comprises potent substances that, among other things, increase energy generation and awareness, regulate mood and stress, promote immunity and mental wellbeing, and improve brain function and memory.

MindHoney contains the most researched and popular mushroom extracts, including lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, and Chaga mushroom extracts. The recipe also includes popular nootropics such as Neurofactor, Coffeeberry, NALT, DMAE, giving you a nootropic-mushroom blend. Simply take two capsules daily to enhance cognition in a variety of ways.

MycoPhyto Complex

image 15

MycoPhyto Complex blends six well-known mushroom extracts into a single capsulated solution. Each two-capsule formula contains 1.28g of mushroom extracts from reishi, cordyceps, turkey tail, Polyporus, royal Agaricus, and maitake. The firm has also included an additional dose of 50mg beta-glucan to boost and maximize health.

Advanced Bionutritionals manufactures MycoPhyto Complex led by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD. Dr. Isaac is responsible for developing the six medicinal mushrooms that greatly benefit one’s health.

Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus

image 6

The Energy + Focus supplement from Earth Nutri Performance attempts to boost your physical and mental energy by combining mushrooms and other organic nutrients. Among the components in the powdered mix are citicoline, alpha-GPC, organic mushroom powder, and theacrine. It’s a combination of a nootropic and a mushroom mixture.

Energy + Focus employs a mushroom combination to increase power, minimize tiredness, and sustain greater activity levels for prolonged periods. Lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, king trumpet, and turkey tail mushroom extracts are included in the mushroom blend, with each serving containing 2,000mg of mushroom extract.


image 8

A blend of mushroom-related products is available at Fresh Cap, including mushroom supplements, coffees, and powders. Taking FreshCap’s formulations regularly can provide you with morning vitality, evening calm, and other focused effects.

FreshCap’s mushroom supplements, according to the business, can help with health and immunity, concentration, and mental clarity, boost energy levels, and improve stamina. Specific mushroom supplements, such as Lion’s Mane Capsules and Turkey Tail Capsules, are available. Alternatively, you may purchase synergistic mixes combining various mushroom extracts, such as THRIVE (which contains six mushroom extracts), Unwind, or Mushroom Coffee.

FreshCap is one of the most acceptable alternatives accessible online today if you want effective mushroom supplements in stylish and modern packaging. You may also combine different mushroom supplements for extra benefit, making it simple to test various mushrooms at once.

Vital Plan Brain Boost

image 27

The second Vital Plan supplement on this list is Brain Boost. Brain Boost employs a mushroom extract combination similar to Adaptogen Recovery, providing your body with the mushrooms it requires to boost memory, cognition, energy reserves, mood swings, and boosting immunity.

Brain Boost, created by Dr. Rawls, contains lion’s mane, bacopa monnieri, ashwagandha, and ginkgo Biloba. Although both Adaptogen Recovery and Brain Boost include mushrooms, the two formulations employ different species of mushrooms to achieve results. If you wish to boost brain health more than immunity, Vital Plan’s Brain Boost may be the ideal supplement for you.


image 25

VidaCap is a mushroom supplement company that sells various supplements that target particular aims, including sleep or individual mushrooms such as Reishi and Lion’s Mane supplements. VidaCap’s supplements offer the experience to benefit from the mushroom supplements at a fair price without sacrificing quality.

VidaCap supplements are made with top-grade mushrooms harvested from controlled greenhouses in China and Russia. After harvesting, the mushrooms are sun-dried, screened, and milled. VidaCap also has each product tested by a third-party lab to ensure that it is devoid of heavy metals and other potentially hazardous components. Even though most other mushroom supplement businesses adopt a similar strategy, VidaCap remains one of the best-value mushroom brands for individuals seeking various benefits and particular mushroom powder mixes.


image 21

Shroomy is one of the few mushroom supplements on our list that is available in gummy form. Shroomy gummies are advertised as nootropic mushroom mixes that can help with cognition in a variety of ways. The mushroom candies are made of popular mushroom types such as lion’s mane and reishi.

The lion’s mane mushroom in their gummies boosts cognition, providing you with increased mental clarity and helps you laser focus when working or studying. Meanwhile, reishi strengthens your immune system, and cordyceps improve energy levels by strengthening ATP synthesis.

Goldmine Supershroom Powder

image 9

Goldmine Supershroom Powder is one of the most well-known brands in the mushroom supplement industry today. Goldmine Supershroom Powder uses mushrooms that possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties blended with herbs to protect and improve your immune system.

Goldmine Supershroom Powder contains reishi fruiting body mushroom, ginger, turkey tail fruiting body mushroom, and maitake fruiting body mushroom as essential components. To enjoy delectable plant magic while boosting health benefits, take 0.5 to 1 teaspoon of Goldmine Supershroom Powder up to three times per day.

Ceremony Mushrooms

image 4

Ceremony Mushrooms sells a variety of mushroom-based health mixes. Mushroom tinctures are what the company is well known for. Stress Relief Tincture, Sleep Tincture, Mushroom Blend Tincture, and Digestion Tincture are among the mushroom tinctures available from Ceremony Mushrooms. The tinctures are made up of a powerful blend of organic mushrooms, herbs, and other plant-based components. The tinctures are pretty costly as compared to capsules and supplements.


image 12

MUD/WTR has been chiefly used as a great coffee substitute since it employs the essential organics that provide added advantages. MUD/WTR sole’s objective is to offer energy-boosting benefits offered by coffee without you having to intake too much caffeine. MUD/WTR comprises various ingredients, including chai, sea salt, cacao, cinnamon, and mushroom components Chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps.

If you are not a fan of coffee and are giving your body that morning energy boost, then MUD/WTR is the suitable alternative for you. All components are USDA Organic certified, as so are the rest of the medical mushroom and mushroom compliments in our list.

Onnit Shroom Tech SPORT

image 16

In the mushroom supplement industry, Onnit is a well-known brand. Its relevance is backed up by the fact that it is marketed as the energy supplement you should take daily. Joe Rogan’s backed supplement business is in charge of the marketing operations. You get to boost your daily energy levels by taking one capsule of Shroom Tech Sport.

The Onnit Shroom Tech SPORT boasts of being among the few mushroom supplements that have been clinically tested and approved. Their investment in clinically testing and trying their products makes it among the favorite among users. If you are a fitness trainer and love working out regularly, here’s the right supplement for you. It has been tested to improve your bench press work out by 12%, back squats to over 7%, and overall boost your cardiac output.

Shroom Tech SPORT contains essential pan-based nutrients, including Vitamin b12 and a mushroom complex that helps you out with your energy reserves. The capsule contains 1.2g of cordyceps, Rhodiola, and root extracts from astragalus, making it one of the most potent mushroom supplements on the market.

Botany Cordyceps Militaris Extract

image 2

Botany is a supplement business that sells Cordyceps Militaris Extract, a famous mushroom compound. Botany’s mushroom supplement provides all of the advantages of cordyceps in a simple method, with 30g of cordyceps extract per jar and a 1 percent cordycepin content.

To reduce the chances of deterioration, each jar is UV-resistant. The single-wall jar guarantees that your cordyceps arrive at your door ready to offer all of the substantial advantages you anticipate. Botany involves a third-party lab to ensure the integrity of all formulations, and the firm discloses the findings of its lab tests online. Botany’s Cordyceps Militaris Extract may be the ideal solution for you if you’re looking for a high-quality cordyceps supplement you can rely on.

Four Sigmatic

image 7

Four Sigmatic is a brand renowned for its coffee and vegan protein and has been featured in major media publications, including Goop and TIME. Four Sigmatic works with the concept where it combines the essential mushroom extracts and then blends them with other plant ingredients.

For its mushroom supplements, Four Sigmatic has them divided into three, namely:

  • Think – Formulated for early mornings and focused afternoons
  • Defend – Taken daily for immunological, gut purposes that aim to boost your overall body immune system
  • Chill – Hazy afternoons and lazy evenings when you need relaxation

Alternatively, there are other types available, including their coffee and Caicos.

Four Sigmatic is a Finland-based company, where natives have been mushroom users since time immemorial. Four Sigmatic’s most popular supplements in the market include the mushroom blend mix and plant-based protein powders available in different flavors. The products are USDA Organic certified, ranking it high in the top medical mushroom supplement providers in the mushroom supplements world.

Brain Forza Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom

image 3

Brain Forza’s Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom supplement contains USDA Organic certified lab-grown lion’s mane mushrooms, which are considerably stronger than wild-grown mushrooms. The mushrooms a cooking process twice to attain the desired temperatures.

Brain Forza promotes their Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom combination to improve brain health, memory, and mood swings. Because it includes more than 1g of polysaccharides per serving, the recipe is two to six times stronger than other prominent lion’s mane mushroom extracts. Brain Forza boasts that their supplement is the cleanest and most potent hericium available. Furthermore, because the formula is USDA Organic certified, it lacks any contaminants, including heavy metals and other pollutants. Magic Mushroom

image 29

Magic Mushroom powder is available from However, as from the name, the recipe does not include ‘magic’ mushrooms; instead, it combines mushroom powders with magical properties. Each Magic Mushroom serving contains six organic superfood ingredients: cacao, Chaga, ashwagandha, reishi, lucuma, and cinnamon. The recipe comes with a USDA Organic certification.

All supplements are tested in a third-party lab before, during, and after manufacture to ensure the highest quality. Magic Mushroom powder is recommended for use in recipes, porridge, smoothies, and other meals and beverages as you may deem fit. Magic Mushroom powder offers a chocolate-like feeling but with added advantages due to its content of mushroom extracts.

Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery

image 26

Dr. Bill Rawls invented Vital Plant’s Adaptogen Recovery, an immune support solution. Dr. Rawls created the adaptogenic herbal combination to boost immune function and make the body more robust.

Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery includes Chinese skullcap, cordyceps, reishi mushroom, and Rehmannia extract to offer these advantages. These four mushroom extracts are thought to have potent immune-boosting properties by functioning as adaptogens, which help your body adjust to physical and cognitive stress. The supplement comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, making it one of the top mushroom supplements in the market today. If you are searching for immune-boosting effects, Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery is the supplement you are after. The supplement comes in a bottle containing 60 servings that round up to 180 capsules—the price per serving, even the odds of it being relatively costly compared to other mushroom supplements.

TheDrug.Store Adaptogenic Mushrooms

image 24

Over twelve adaptogenic and medicinal mushrooms are available at TheDrug.Store, each with a distinct health and wellness aim in mind. Wunder Workshop, Glow Bar, and Anatome are some popular therapeutic mushroom supplements. Some supplements are intended to boost immunity. Others are designed to improve cognitive or overall health and well-being.

TheDrug.Store is a supplement company headquartered in London, UK, that offers a wide variety of supplements ranging from CBD oils to nootropics to mushroom mixes. Regardless of whether you are after mushroom tinctures, powders, or supplements, TheDrug.Store provides an incredible selection at a reasonable price.

Plant People WonderDay


image 18

Plant People’s WonderDay also happens to be a gummy mushroom supplement. Wonder Day provides the same advantages as other supplements would either in powder, capsule, or tincture form.

Each Plant People WonderDay gummy contains beneficial mushrooms, including extracts of lion’s mane, chaga, and reishi mushrooms. The gummies have a delicious wild raspberry flavor. The WonderDay mushroom gummies, according to Plant People, can help ease stress, energy reserves, mood, and immunity. Whether you’re trying to boost digestion or your immune system, WonderDay mushroom gummies may be able to provide the advantages you’re searching for – in a straightforward method.

How We Ranked The Best Medicinal Mushroom Supplements in 2021

When it comes to companies that offer mushroom supplements, few live up to their word about promised benefits and potency. Nonetheless, top-renowned medicinal mushroom companies do fulfill their promises.

We’ve divided a list of the finest and lowest medicinal mushroom supplements currently on the market:

Fabrication Methods (Whole Fruiting Body Versus Other Methods)

There are various methods by which mushroom supplement companies produce. A company might prefer the whole fruiting body method in one category, hence, using the mushrooms for their merits and effectiveness. Others might prefer the use of the myceliated grain fabrication method. Some companies have favored using terms such as ‘pure mycelium’ and ‘full spectrum’ to generate mushroom supplements with concerted effects.

Producer transparency and stature

Not all companies believe in transparency, but the ones that do, provide a proficient report that includes ingredients, dosages, the making process, testing, and ingredient sources. We favored producers who have a transparent and clean history for quality purposes.

Reinforced with tests and trials

Few mushroom supplement companies endorse owned clinical trials. A few that do, such as Onnit, run clinical trials to credit their working formulas. High ranking is systematically done on how much scientific research a mushroom supplement company can provide.

Clinically Productive Portions

Certain mushroom supplements have the right ingredients but at imprecise dosages. Some carry mild active ingredients needed to accrue any real benefits. Different supplements mask low dosages behind big labels, resulting in problems when trying to view individual portions. We, thus, favored mushroom supplements that have clinically productive amounts.

Hyped Benefits

Certain companies hype up their advertised benefits and value for more than they are worth. Medicinal mushrooms have a beneficial potential, but specific attributes are pushed overboard with companies competing for the market. We favored mushroom supplement companies who live up to their advertised benefits.

Certified Ingredients

In an area where plentiful mushrooms and fungi exist, few mushroom supplements are considered. For this reason, we favored mushroom supplements that have certified ingredients associated with a range of beneficial effects in a scientific approach.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Not all good mushroom supplements work to an individual’s preference and need. Therefore, we favor mushroom companies who back their offer with a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if the product does not satisfy a customer’s requested need, a refund is possible.

Medical Advisory Board

There are mushroom supplement companies that have a medical advisory board. Other companies are led by medical doctors who add some certification and trust over other companies. We favored mushroom supplements that have been vetted and certified by a specialist.

Extraction Methods

There are various medicinal mushroom extraction methods. Hot water extraction has been used as the preferred traditional extraction method. Currently, supplement companies prefer the dual extraction method or the alcohol extraction method as it increases the concentration levels of active ingredients. Extraction, however, varies with the type of mushroom: boggy mushrooms like the lion’s mare bloom are perfect in hot water extraction, while reishi, a firm mushroom, does not.

Medicinal Mushrooms Side Effects

When used in regular quantities by healthy individuals, most medicinal mushroom supplements have no notable adverse effects.

Some people, however, may experience moderate stomach pain or nausea when consuming large quantities of medicinal mushrooms.

When using magic mushrooms, you might expect more significant side effects. Psilocybin, a plant-based chemical related to hallucinations and psychedelic effects, is found in magic mushrooms.

There will be no euphoric side effects from consuming legal mushroom supplements and medical mushroom formulas: these legal mushroom extracts operate in many ways to enhance health. They do not contain psilocybin or any other hallucinogenic ingredients.

If you have a medical problem or are on medication, consult your doctor before using mushroom supplements – or any supplement.

Medicinal Mushrooms and Mushroom Supplements History

Mushrooms have been used since time immemorial for food and other drawn benefits from this group of fungi. One of the most valuable benefits of mushrooms has been their medicinal and supplemental value.

Historical evidence has shown and proven the exploitation of this, as shown in the discovery of Otzi. He was a man who lived around the year 3300 BCE. He was discovered in an alpine glacier in 1991 with two different kinds of mushrooms in his pocket, in which he used one for therapy and another one to start fires. He used the mushroom to help him against the fighting of parasites and infections. The evidence goes way back again to the Egyptian era. The hieroglyphics discovered in recent times reference the importance with which the then Egyptians regarded mushrooms. They were regarded as immortality plants, with pharaohs and other members of the nobility eating them to live longer and have robust health.

Graeco-Roman sages and thinkers, from the great Seneca to Dioscorides and Pliny, have had the importance of mushrooms seen in their written records. Across the world to the Orient, there has been evidence unearthed on the use of mushrooms for medical benefit. They have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for decades, with references dating back to 100 BCE. They have been used efficiently for years to combat cancer, pulmonary disorders, and several other illnesses.

Fast forward to the present; scientists have turned their focus on the benefits of these fungi, as the previous century has shown. Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin in 1928, from its extraction from a fungus, has had the rough estimate of saving over 200 million people’s lives up to date. Ever since that significant discovery, there have been several other breakthroughs in the discovery of mushroom benefits. There have been claims that these discoveries contributed to the Allies’ victory in the Second World War, alongside other proven antibacterial and antiviral properties. Extensive research is currently looking into the mushrooms of medicinal and non-medicinal, supplementary nature, and psilocybin. We may be at the juncture of a new mushroom evolution as the push for legalization rages on.

Scientific Evidence for Medicinal Mushrooms and Mushroom Supplements

Fungal species are numerous, with an approximate 1.5 million species, and are responsible for around 25% of the world’s biomass. But out of these, there exists a tiny percentage of the species that possess medicinal benefits.

One of the best-known species in the supplement field today is Cordyceps. This species grows naturally in the high Tibetan altitudes and has been used in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine for years. A 2010 study had a blinded trial, with researchers administering 333 mg of Cordyceps and placebo to two separate groups of 20 volunteers. After a 12 week administration of three times a day, the group showed enhanced exercise performance, endurance, and metabolic energy over the placebo group. This is just a confirmation of the effects of the mushroom on stamina, athletic function, lung function, and sexual function.

Reishi is another species of mushroom that has had its fair share of medicinal space. The mushroom also grows naturally on stumps and hardwood trees and has a long Chinese medicine history. A 2018 study demonstrated the evidence of antitumor, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory properties in the mushroom’s active ingredients. The mushroom has been used as an antihistamine, with people even replacing the over-the-counter option with the reishi mushroom extract. The mushroom has also been found to possess a calming effect.

Maitake mushroom extract is an extract that is primarily known for its positive effects on blood sugar, the support of the immune system, alleviation of digestive problems, among others. The extract is found in numerous mushroom supplements, with researchers believing that the therapeutic benefits of the mushroom extract come from its abundance of beta-glucans. These polysaccharides in the mushroom help blood pressure regulation, cholesterol reduction, weight loss, blood sugar control, among other effects. The mushroom, as research demonstrates, has even been used in boosting immunity from the deterioration that results from chemotherapy.

The second most common mushroom globally, the Shiitake, has had growing evidence as a medicinal mushroom. This mushroom is very popular in Asian and gourmet cuisine. It has been shown to greatly benefit the skin’s radiance, liver health, and cholesterol. Among these and more benefits, there is even the application of the mushroom in the treatment of gastric cancer. This was a leap taken by Japanese researchers, who created a highly purified extract from the mushroom that was licensed in cancer treatment.

Coriolus Versicolor, otherwise known as Turkey Tail, is a mushroom with many benefits, despite a bitter taste in cuisine. The mushroom has PSK (Krestin) and PSP (polysaccharide peptide) linked to immunity. Various studies have linked the mushroom to the support of immunity in cancer patients and the production of immune cells in cancer patients.

Of ugly mushrooms, Chaga’s mushroom represents this group well. But the looks deceive, for the mushroom is one of the wealthiest sources of fungal-based antioxidants, which in the definition are substances known for neutralizing free radicals, hence controlling inflammation in the body. This mushroom extract has been shown in studies to help alleviate digestive disorders and possesses antiviral and antibacterial effects.

Still, in the group of unpleasant-looking mushrooms, another species, the Lion’s Mane mushroom. This mushroom extract has taken away a variety of top-notch supplements that we know so well. A study that involved the administration of 2 grams of mushroom extract demonstrated improved overall wellbeing in the study subjects. The extract has been shown to produce the Nerve Growth Factor, which directly affects the brain neurons and positively affects immunity.

Most mushroom supplement companies do not invest in clinical trials, but Onnit is a cut above them, investing a lot in improving its Shroom TechSPORT formula. This is a supplement that mainly consists of cordyceps and other mushrooms. As per one clinical trial, Shroom Tech SPORTshowed huge benefits in strength, endurance among other qualities. These were demonstrated in benefits that included a 7% increment in back squat reps, a 12% increase in bench press reps, 8.8% cardio performance improvement, and more. Onnit has dedicated itself to prove that the formula works as advertised.

The science-backed benefits of medicinal mushrooms and the top mushroom supplements continue to be revealed to us as more research gets released.

FAQs About Medicinal Mushrooms and Mushroom Supplements

While associating with mushroom supplements and medicinal mushrooms, we receive queries about why world-class products are the finest mushroom supplements to use. Below are a few of our regularly asked questions.

Q: What consists of mushroom supplements?

A: Mushroom supplements contain rich plant-based ingredients such as terpenoids, beta, sterols, and glucans. These ingredients are associated with multiple benefits in various classes. Each mushroom consists of tons of distinctive native chemicals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants that assist in various distinct merits.

Q: How do I take mushroom supplements?

A: Mushroom supplements can be taken as a tincture, powder, or capsule. You can take mushroom supplements as a capsule, but you can also take a tincture sublingually (make sure to apply drops underneath the tongue) or dissolve the powder with water. There are even mushroom gummy supplements.

Q: Are mushroom supplements legal?

A: Mushroom supplements are legal when they carry ingredients certified by the FDA, generally recognized as safe(GRAS). A few Psychedelic and medicinal mushrooms are controlled, but generally, mushrooms such as turkey tail mushrooms are GRAS and, hence, legally available.

Q: What are medicinal mushroom supplements?

A: Medicinal mushrooms are mushrooms that are thought to have health merits. Certain supplement companies advertise their mushroom supplements as medicinal mushroom products. Nevertheless, medicinal mushrooms containing psychoactive ingredients are controlled and illegal.

Q: When is the best time to take mushrooms?

A: There’s not a specified time to take mushroom supplements. They can work at any time interval. But, specific measures should be observed after you have taken mushroom supplements with psychedelic effects.

Q: What’s the best portion of the mushroom extract?

A: It’s always wise to follow the recommended portion of your mushroom supplement. Most mushroom supplements have a recommended dose of 1-2 capsules per intake. Powdered mushroom supplements, on the other hand, have portions of 1-2g a day. Amounts vary extensively depending on concentration and type of mushroom.

Q: What are the side effects of mushroom supplements?

A: Mushrooms are usually described as safe, meaning they should not evoke serious side effects in terms of health when used in regular doses. However, there can be allergic effects depending on an individual. Some might experience mild digestive discomfort.

Q: What are medicinal mushrooms?

A: Medicinal mushrooms are fungi species equipped with antioxidants.

Q: What are magic mushrooms?

A: Magic mushrooms are mushrooms with psychedelic properties. They’re not legally available in supplement form, and they contain psilocybin and other psychoactive components.

Q: What is psilocybin?

A: Psilocybin is a psychoactive ingredient that has hallucinogenic properties contained in certain mushrooms.

Q: Is psilocybin legal?

A: Psilocybin is illegal. It is classified as an illicit drug in the United States. Nonetheless, there’s an ongoing push to make it legal for medicinal purposes.

Q: How does psilocybin work?

A: Investigators aren’t sure yet how psilocybin functions. It triggers hallucinations as it is known to have some hallucinogenic properties. Studies have shown that psychedelic drugs elicit new neurons and branches between dendrites, affecting brain communication. However, more studies and research are undergoing to probe how psilocybin works.

Q: Are mushrooms addictive?

A: Mushrooms are not addictive. They have no habit-forming ingredients. Generally, mushrooms have mild addiction probability as they hardly activate similar reward centers like other drugs. That goes for psilocybin and magic mushrooms, also.

Q: Are mushrooms a fruit or vegetable?

A: Mushrooms are ranked as fungi, meaning that they neither exhibit as fruits nor vegetables.

Q: Where do mushrooms come from?

A: China and India are the most preferred countries that mushroom supplements get their mushrooms from. Nevertheless, you can source maitake and shiitake mushrooms in some parts of the United States.

Q: Where can I grow mushrooms in the United States?

A: You can grow Mushrooms in any part of the United States. Nonetheless, about 60% of the USA’s mushroom production originates from Pennsylvania.

Q: What health benefits do mushrooms have?

A: Mushroom supplements can boost immunity, general health and wellness, detoxification, and other distinct issues.

Q: Can mushrooms be a superfood?

A: Investigators ascertain that mushrooms can be a superfood since they’re nutrient-dense, low-calorie, contain antioxidants, and are fat-free.

Q: What is Psilocybe?

A: Psilocybe is a medium-sized brown mushroom that grows on the various decaying matter with psilocybin responsible for hallucinogenic properties. It blooms naturally on decaying organic matter around the world.

Q: Which mushrooms do you recommend that have health merits?

A: Depends on preference, but several people take Chaga, turkey tail, reishi, lion’s mane, shiitake, cordyceps, maitake, and oyster mushrooms for their proposed health merits.

The Best Medicinal Mushroom Supplements in 2021 Final Word

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