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These days, the world is on a rollercoaster that’s going faster than ever before. Everyone is vying to be and accomplish something better than the next person. Because of this, not only are we fatigued, but we’re also continually plagued with anxiety, burden, and restless nights. In this case, you must be wondering if there’s anything out there that can help you relax and feel less anxious for a while.

As of recently, you must have heard all the hype about delta-8 carts and asked yourself if delta-8 has anything to do with the well-known delta-9. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong to think so. But while delta-8 and delta-9 are related and share some similarities, they have a small structural difference. So, first, let’s go through the fundamentals of delta-8.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in the form of Delta-8 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) functions in the same way that CBD does. It comes from the hemp plant and is a cannabinoid. However, delta-8 is more effective than CBD and delivers the most stable results. Delta-8 is the perfect method to begin your journey if you want to feel relaxed without getting high.

Let’s take a look at the top best delta-8 carts and see which one you should buy and why.

Top 5 Delta 8 THC Cartridges

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Carts
  2. BudPop – Most Potent Brand For Vape Pens
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Most Natural Flavors Made With Best Cannabis Plants
  4. Diamond CBD – Wide Variety Of Flavors For Vape Carts
  5. 3Chi – One of the Most Reputable Brands

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Carts

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Exhale Wellness is a top-rated brand famous for its delta-8 products. The brand aims to provide purity and potency in the most natural way possible. Moreover, they take special care of their hemp cultivation, ensuring the product is safe from pesticides and toxins.

Exhale Wellness brings its treats in small packages for all the delta-8 carts fans. It offers these vape carts in different flavors, but Blackberry and Cactus Cooler are two of the most recent and famous ones. You can now taste the sweetness of blackberries while enjoying the arousing effects of Delta-8 THC.

While both provide you with the same sweetness, their effects on your mood are somewhat different. The slight tanginess from blackberries brings your spirits up, while the THC does its job in keeping you active. On the other hand, the Cactus Cooler will keep you mentally fresh, and the THC will keep it running for good.

True to its name, you’ll have the most fun with Exhale Wellness delta-8 carts when you exhale them. This is because you’ll only experience a slight flavor of the substance while breathing in. When you let it out, though, you’ll feel as if you’re exhaling all of your troubles along with the smoke.


Exhale Wellness vapes are suitable for use during the day and at night. The THC in their products interacts differently depending on how long you take it. It will soothe your mind and body, while the taste you choose will take care of the rest. Furthermore, the smoke from these vapes carries a strong aroma of the flavor you use, so people around you are less likely to be annoyed with it.

The vaporizer is small enough to be carried in your pocket, and the battery lasts for about 48 hours with use. If you enjoy tanginess, the flavors available in Exhale Wellness delta-8 carts are the way to go. Moreover, the euphoria you’ll experience after using these vapes will last a long time.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness


  • A wide variety of flavors are available
  • Delivers the high quality product range of delta-8 THC
  • There are no traces of artificial flavors
  • No signs of GMOs
  • The ingredients are 100% organic
  • Best customer service
  • User-friendly website


  • A little expensive if you don’t have their subscription

Customer Reviews

People who purchased and used Exhale Wellness vape carts were pretty surprised by their quick delivery. According to them, the entire experience was relaxing, euphoric, and there were compelling benefits all around.

Exhale Wellness provides unbeatable flavor and potency, which is almost like a dream come true for users. Moreover, the brand offers the ideal products for winding down and getting a good night’s sleep.

#2. BudPop – Most Potent Brand For Vape Pens

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BudPop is just a few months old, but it has already established itself as a top brand. They offer 100% vegan, organic, and non-GMO delta-8 goods, but what sets them apart is that they don’t contain any artificial ingredients. All of their items have been lab-tested, and the findings are available on their website for your convenience.

For the time being, BudPop only has two vape flavors: Grape Runtz and Strawberry Gelato. Aside from the distinct flavors, the overall packaging is eye-catching. The best part is that they provide a vape cart in addition to the flavored oil. Since you don’t have to buy the vaporizer separately, the value is well worth the money.


BudPop vapes are designed to provide you with the best vaping experience possible. You receive 100% pure products since the brand doesn’t add a thinning agent in the liquid. The flavor will stay longer than any other brand on the market because of its thickness. You just need to keep it away from direct sunlight.

Since the cartridge is made of stainless steel, the liquid within will not leak even if the case is dropped. The refilling process is also incredibly simple, so you won’t spill the oil on your clothes. In addition, the lab results are posted on their website, so you can evaluate if the results are satisfactory before making a purchase.

BudPop vape carts come in various bundles to help you save money. The bigger the package, the more money you’ll save. Plus, according to the brand, one cartridge will last for 300 puffs if you draw one for 3 seconds.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop


  • Subscribers receive a 25% discount
  • No artificial additives
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • No CBD or delta-9 in their carts
  • Disabled and military personnel receive discounts
  • Third-party lab tests are available


  • Only available in the United States for the time being

Customer Reviews

The first thing buyers say is that the cartridge lasts longer than what the company mentions. Even though it only contains 800mg of delta-8 THC, people are pleased with how long it lasts. All of their consumers adore the product’s quality and flavor. Budpop’s unique selling point is that they don’t use residual solvents, artificial flavors, and as a result, they have loyal clients that won’t abandon them no matter what.

Users also acknowledge that the brand doesn’t use a thinning agent and delivers a pure and distinct flavor of delta-8 THC as a result. Plus, they appreciate the ceramic heater in their vape cartridges, which warms the hemp and provides a great flavor.

#3. Hollyweed CBD – Most Natural Flavors Made With Best Cannabis Plants

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The delta-8 carts from Hollyweed CBD are the ones to go for if you’re looking for a product that aligns with your wellness goals. The company offers dependable products that are grown entirely naturally. Because the amount of THC in their vapes is less than 0.3%, you won’t get high even if you use them excessively. Their CBD flower selection is unique, giving them an edge over their competitors.

They offer the best THC products since they only use the best flowers. They have 900mg delta-8 carts available in a dozen different flavors. However, the vape cart must be purchased separately since it is not included in the cartridge box by the company. But as a result, they can sell their items at reasonable pricing.


To deliver the finest experience for its consumers, Hollyweed CBD offers outstanding vapes made from genuine CBD flowers. The brand gets lab tests for all of the flowers it utilizes to extract CBD. You can find these lab findings with the QR-codes on their boxes. So, if you have an issue or doubts, you can scan the code and get an answer. The brand is licensed to sell its products all over the United States.

Because of its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly navigate through its website. They also stated their best-selling products at the outset, so there’s always something to choose from. Their vape carts are made of stainless steel, so you can toss them around, and they’ll still work just fine. You may also keep many cartridges with you since there are so many flavors to choose from. Hollyweed CBD has you covered, whether you’re looking for a midday strain or a calm night’s sleep.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD


  • Quick and effective
  • Third-party lab tested
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Naturally grown and non-GMO
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil
  • Delta-8 THC total dosage of 900mg


  • It is only available online, and the shipping is limited

Customer Reviews

Customers keep coming back to Hollyweed’s goods because of the remarkable impact they have. Users have also stated that these carts aid them in overcoming anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. Others have claimed that the carts have given them energy and put them in a good mood, allowing them to overcome anxiety and normally go about their daily lives.

#4. Diamond CBD – Wide Variety Of Flavors For Vape Carts

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Diamond CBD is continually working to develop new CBD hemp extracts. This is the place to go if you want to buy something fresh every time you shop. Their delta-8 THC is thought to be the best on the market. Therefore, they would be at the top of the list if we were to judge them just based on their products. The natural hemp and other plant extracts provide an out-of-this-world vaping experience.

If you have any questions regarding purchasing products from the platform, they provide fantastic customer service. Their website has a blog area that keeps customers up to date on the cannabis industry. With their 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ll have plenty of time to check out and decide whether their product is right for you.


Diamond CBD only uses 100% natural ingredients for all of its products. Their carts contain no vitamin E acetate, ensuring that all of their items are safe and simple to use. Their vape includes only 5mg of delta-8 THC, enough to last about a week. However, this is dependent on how much you use and how long it takes you to breathe. You won’t get high even if you use a lot of it because the THC content is so minimal.

The vapes are small enough to fit in your pocket, and the battery lasts for around 24 hours with heavy use. You can charge them with a micro USB cord that you can find almost anyplace, so you won’t have to carry a charger around with you all the time. You can also charge it using the charging ports in your car.

Jungle Juice, Strawberry, and Watermelon are the three varieties available. You can save money by purchasing a package rather than buying individual items.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD


  • Transparent approach
  • Sustainable hemp farming
  • Subscribe to save up to 60%
  • Combines Delta-8 with full-spectrum CBD
  • Get reward points to redeem rewards


  • Some people might want a more potent dosage

Customer Reviews

Diamond CBD is rated over 4.8/5 stars by more than 1000 customers on their site. Customers mentioned that the website provides any information they could need to have the best experience with the products. In addition, the customer support is excellent, as they even provide step-by-step assistance for those new to this kind of thing.

But apart from the positive reviews, some users also pointed out a few negatives. A few of them find the taste of the herb a bit too harsh for them, while others think the power of the vape battery is considerably low.

#5. 3Chi – One Of The Most Reputable Brands

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3Chi focuses on high-quality products, offers maximum customer satisfaction, and is entirely transparent. It was founded back in September 2019 and has been at the top of its game ever since. The delta-8 THC they offer is kind of rare among all the THC variants. You’ll get a subtle euphoric effect to give you energy, mental focus, and a sense of calm.

The hemp plant they use to extract CBD has the highest amount of THC. When they started extracting the THC, no other company was engaged in the same activity. And this year, 3Chi became the first company to introduce THC in the USA. Moreover, the brand has some distinguishable features that keep it ahead of the rest of the industry.


The hemp 3Chi uses is 100% organic and only has 0.3% of THC. Any amount above this percentage is bound to ban the product. Their delta-8 vapes are made only from delta-8 distillate and natural terpenes. They don’t use any extra ingredients or artificial flavor to improve the taste. Those who like the natural order and taste of hemp will love this product variety.

All their products are third-party lab-tested, and they update their websites with the latest reports. The COA is mentioned on their websites, so you can check it anytime you want. You also have the option to contact their customer support anytime to ask your queries. They even add your complaints in their FAQ sections to readily get all the answers you may need.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi


  • Sourced from homegrown hemp
  • Finest delta-8 products in the market
  • Transparent company practices
  • Timely delivery of shipments


  • No returns on used products

Customer Reviews

Their customers love the disposable items they offer since there is no need to refill them. Most of them use 3Chi products to get a good night’s sleep. One of them even mentioned that 3Chi vapes helped him get rid of his chronic back pain. So, if you are facing chronic pain, testing this product out could be a great idea.

While these carts contain delta-8, for some customers, it hits them as strongly as delta-9, and they love it. The ingredients they use are relatively mild, so they don’t hurt the throat or lungs. With just two good puffs, you can shut your eyes and get lost in the world of wonders.

How We Chose These Products

Buying a new product can get confusing since there are a lot of varieties available over the internet. So, instead of spending hours making your decision, we made a list of necessary factors to check before purchasing a delta-8 THC product.


Quality comes first before anything else. After all, customer satisfaction comes with a quality product. High-quality delta-8 THC carts are determined by the ingredients used in them. All these products must contain high-quality hemp, for starters. We made certain that the brand we chose uses hemp grown in the United States, which is the highest quality hemp due to their strict regulations. You can always visit the website of the mentioned brand to check the source of hemp used in their products.

Laboratory Testing

How can one determine the quality of products? No one is professional enough to check them by themselves. Third-party lab testing or independent lab testing is the answer to that. Brands that are transparent and honest about their reports are the most trustworthy ones. We specifically chose those brands that test their laboratory products and afterward post the results on their website. The reports mentioned all the additives used in the process. If you are allergic to something used in the product, the reports will say it, and you get to check.

Delta-8 THC Strain

Since this is all about delta-8 THC, it is best to know which type of delta-8 THC you are dealing with. Make up your mind about the kind of CBD you prefer before choosing a brand. Since THC is addictive, any product must not contain more than 0.3% of THC. Thus, we chose those brands that offer no more than 0.3% THC in their products. All their lab reports prove this, and you can check their COA for self-satisfaction. Also, all these brands have a variety of CBD to find the right product for you.


You want to get the most out of your money, which is why value is an essential factor to consider here. The brands we picked provide the best value for a reasonable price for the customers. We checked and mentioned the customer reviews of each delta-8 product to validate whether they offer good value for money or not. However, you must keep in mind that a lower price doesn’t mean that value is good. You must check what that product has and what it offers to see its value for you.

Manufacturing Methods

Some users tend to ignore this factor, while it plays a vital role in determining the quality of delta-8 THC products. You can say that the manufacturing method is as important as the products used in the manufacturing process. To avoid health risks, the manufacturing process and procedures adopted by the company must be clean, up to standard, and approved by the relevant authorities. The brand we have chosen all explains their manufacturing methods, and they have posted the certificate of clearance on their website.

Buying Guide for Delta-8 THC Carts

We have mentioned the factors for selecting the THC carts. Still, it is essential to help the public understand how they should purchase delta-8 THC carts since a newbie will usually go after the most popular brand instead of looking for the important stuff. So, here we have some points that can guide you in getting your first purchase on delta-8 THC carts.


Delta-8 products are not cheap, and if you pay a reasonable amount for a product that contains only artificial products? That would be a disappointment, and maybe that leads to a denial of using THC Vapes for the rest of your life. On the other hand, the manufacturing process of delta-8 is labor-intensive. Extracting it from the delta-9 compound takes a lot of skill and time.

So, during the process, a company will face some toxins and impurities that are risky for your health. Most new companies don’t pay attention, and thus they provide harmful products to customers. Their job is to remove all the impurities before delivering the product to keep it healthy and toxin-free.

The reason why trusting an honest and transparent brand is always better. That is why, before making a purchase, make sure to check the company’s manufacturing process. It should contain all the purities and be free from all the harmful effects. You can always contact the brand and ask them about your queries.


Additives can cause a problem in cases of allergies and lung reactions. Since vapes are used for smoking, it is better to check for additives that won’t cause a harmful reaction in your body. It is not that you should find a brand that adds no additional chemicals, but those brands which are open about what chemicals they are using.

The companies we have mentioned above shared the ingredients they use in their products. Written on the back of the pack is the list of ingredients; you can take a look and decide whether you want it or not. If you are unsure about an ingredient, consult your doctor before trying out this product.

Moreover, you can always go for organic ingredients instead of the GMOs they use in their products. That might not taste as good as you think, but it will save you from many health issues.

Avoid Delta-9 THC

While delta-8 is extracted from delta-9 THC, it is better to avoid using delta-9. The reason is that delta-9 is dangerous and addictive. In many states of the USA, delta-9 is illegal to use due to its severe side effects. The required THC amount to sell the product is 0.3%, and only delta-8 has this lower THC.

The laboratory tests will prove how much THC concentration is there in the Vapes you are using, so always check for the lab results of residual solvent testing before purchasing a product. If you can’t find the lab results on their website, contact the brand and ask. If they are unable to provide what you need, move to another brand.


Just a few puffs of delta-8 THC vape can put you to sleep, but that depends on the THC potency in it. So, if you are new to this sort of product, then you better go after a lower dosage, let your body adjust, and then you can increase it.

But the problem is that most trustworthy brands don’t lower the dosage of THC in their vapes. In that case, you can take small puffs, more like a quick inhale of one second, and exhale the smoke instantly. Once used to this practice, you can take longer breaths and hold the smoke in for better results. While on the safe side, it is better to consult your doctor before increasing the dosage of such hemp products.

Hemp Source

US hemp is the best, so while looking for the hemp source, make sure it is all made and extracted in the USA. Also, make sure that there are no toxic chemicals added to the final product. The COA is available on the brand’s website to confirm all this.


Q1. How do delta-8 cartridges work?

Firstly, you need a vape pen that supports such cartridges. You can either opt for disposable vape pens or refillable ones. Disposable pens are gone once you run out of juice or battery. The other type simply needs a recharge and a new cartridge, and you are good to go.

Attach the delta-8 cart or vape cartridge to the battery; that battery powers the atomizer installed in the cart. That atomizer is responsible for heating the cart’s juice and creating thick vapors that you inhale. There will be a button to start the heating process, so don’t press it too long, or you’ll feel a burning sensation in your throat.

Q2. What is the difference between delta-8 THC and CBD vapes?

The difference between CBD and delta-8 THC is significant. CBD is not psychoactive, while THC is psychoactive. CBD just relaxes your body while the delta-8 THC enhances your mind and makes you feel like you can take over the world. So, if you were using CBD vapes before and switched to THC vaping, be ready for a more pronounced vaping session.

Q3. Are delta-8 THC vapes legal?

Yes, unlike delta-9, delta-8 THC is entirely legal since the regulation authorities check the amount of THC, not more than 0.3%, before giving the selling permit. If you want to enjoy a more potent vaping experience, then delta-8 THC vapes are your best companions. Also, if you don’t want to get high but still want to enjoy that feeling, opt for delta-8 vapes rather than delta-9 or CBD vapes.

Q4. Are there any side effects to vaping delta-8 carts?

The side effects of delta-8 carts are the same as delta-9 since they both contain THC. These side effects may include red eyes, dry mouth, anxiety, and in severe cases, short-term memory loss. Keep your puffing to an average speed, and you won’t experience any side effects. And always try to not to use it, if you are going for drug tests in future.

Q5. What Temperature Should I Set For Delta-8 Cartridges?

The companies always suggest that you keep the cartridges at room temperature to maintain the liquid condition. If you put them in the fridge, the liquid will freeze, and you’ll lose taste while unfreezing them. On the other hand, if you put them at a hot temperature, the liquid will lose its viscosity, and you’ll waste a lot of fluid while vaping, regardless of how small your puffs are.


If you want to smoke cannabis without causing problems for others, delta-8 carts can be your desired choice. If you opt for CBD-infused delta-8 carts, you can add a therapeutic value to your overall vaping experience.

We have mentioned the best brands to purchase delta-8 carts in this article. They are unique in their own ways and deliver the best products for their customers. You can choose a brand that fits your needs and simply go for it.

However, as a responsible human being, you must vape with caution and take small puffs to enjoy the experience while also protecting your health. Otherwise, first, seek medical counsel before continuing to vape for peace and tranquility.

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