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Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives: Find a New Craigslist Personals Alternative for Dating in 2021

Many people used Craigslist as a powerful tool for dating, casual encounters, and hookups back in the day.

However, since it was shut down – many more, much better alternatives have cropped up.

If you’re ready to learn more about the best craigslist ads alternatives for hookups and dating, you’re in luck!

We found 9 of the best Craigslist personals alternatives that are just as good if not better than the older Craigslist Personals.

Each of the sites and apps we cover in this guide is excellent for casual encounters and various use cases.

Try just one or try them all!

Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives

WebsiteEditor’s NotesScoreIs it Free?
AdultFriendFinder99%Yes, with membership add-ons
Craigslist Missed Connections
  • Effective for smaller cities
  • Great for older people
  • Free to use
AshleyMadison98%It’s free for women, and men must pay $49 per month
  • Free to use & join.
  • There is a massive user base
  • Caters to many fetishes
  • Large amount of women
  • Strict verification process
  • Plenty of active users
  • Women join for free
97%Free for women, premium add-ons available for men
  • Easy to use & surf around.
  • Very similar to Craigslist personals.
  • Thorough verification process
  • Completely free to use & post on.
  • Very simplistic & basic
  • The mobile app is excellent
95%Yes, with additional premium plans
  • Great for kinks & fetishes
  • Gets a lot of traffic
  • Open & welcoming
94%Yes, with additional paid features
  • All sexual preferences welcome
  • The user base is massive
  • Membership fees are affordable
94%Yes, with premium options

1. AdultFriendFinder – Best Overall Alternative to Craigslist Personals

What we loved…

  • Great for casual hookups
  • Full of fun & interactive features
  • Huge & active user base
  • Free to join


  • Some spam bots
  • Too many ads on free version

If you’re looking for a speedy hookup or a potentially long-term sexual relationship, AdultFriendFinder is one of the most top-notch Craigslist ads alternatives that you’ll find out there.

This unique and sex-positive website is huge and has a wonderful pool of users who are all looking for sex and a bit of fun.

If dating isn’t your priority, this is the Craigslist personals alternative to check out – plus, it’s free to join!

The membership fees can be a bit much, but it’s absolutely worth it for the results you’ll be able to get with this platform.

2. Craigslist Missed Connections – Best Craigslist-Based Alternative to Personals


  • Very similar to Craigslist
  • Effective for smaller cities
  • Great for older people
  • Free to use


  • Not a huge member base
  • Not many interactive features

If you don’t want to part with the nostalgia that is Craigslist, you could always move on over to Craigslist’s Missed Connections board for your area.

When Craigslist shut down its personals section in 2018 in response to new sex trafficking and prostitution laws, they did opt to leave the Missed Connections board up.

This section of the site is designed specifically for people who made a connection with someone, usually romantic or sexual but did not take the interaction further.

This platform presents an opportunity to potentially reconnect with said person. However, remember that Craigslist isn’t as popular as before. Therefore, it might be impossible to reach that person, but at least this platform provides an opportunity to try.

3. AshleyMadison – Top Discrete and Anonymous Craigslist Personals Alternative



  • Confusing credit system
  • Men need to pay

Few Craigslist alternatives are as trusty as AshleyMadison.

Originally a platform for swingers and infidelity, it has now transformed into a popular hotspot for hookups of all types, as well as long-term sexual relationships.

The beauty of AshleyMadison is that you can be extremely anonymous and discreet with the platform.

While hookups are obviously not guaranteed, you will be able to connect with many people, no matter your location.

The free version of this website is also pretty good when compared to other listings in this guide.

4. Reddit – Top No-Swipe Craigslist Personals Alternative


  • Free to use & join.
  • Massive user base
  • Caters to many kinks


  • Not ideal for quick hookups
  • Outdated design

Who doesn’t love Reddit?

This huge online forum has subforums or “subreddits” for just about every subject you could possibly think of, including dating and hookups.

All of the R4R subreddits are quite popular and have a ton of traffic, especially DirtyR4R, SwingersR4R, and the basic R4R forum.

The beauty of Reddit is that you can be as discreet as you’d like, as the platform is anonymous.

For those sick of typical dating or adult apps, Reddit provides a very different experience with more of a focus on open communication and community.

Before soliciting a hookup, we recommend browsing around the platform for a bit to get used to it.

5. Seeking – Best Craigslist Personals Alternative for Long-Term Casual Relationships


  • Large amount of women
  • Strict verification process
  • Plenty of active users
  • The free trial program


  • Men usually pay more
  • Not suitable for serious dating

If you’re a wealthy individual or a smoking hot young woman, you can get pretty far with Seeking.

Craigslist personal ads were once a hotspot for finding a luxury relationship, but the platform was poorly moderated, and catfishes were in abundance. You won’t have to worry about that with Seeking.

This platform is designed for creating more serious casual relationships and ensuring that every active user on the platform is exactly who they say they are.

It can be a bit costly to use for men, but the free trial offers great insight into how the casual dating site functions so you can make a clear decision.

6. DoubleList – Top Craigslist Personals Alternative for Classifieds-Based Dating and Sex


  • Easy to use & surf around.
  • Very similar to Craigslist
  • Thorough verification process


  • Scams & spam are an issue
  • It’s a new platform with room to grow.

If you’re looking for something very similar to Craigslist, DoubleList is worth looking into.

It’s super easy to navigate and post on, as the overall interface of the platform is very minimalistic and uncomplicated.

Creating an ad and searching around other personals in different categories is a breeze.

DoubleList can be used for casual dating and hookups, as well as a wide range of other needs, which is very much like Craigslist.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to provide your phone number to make an account. This creates a safer environment with fewer spam and scams.

7. Locanto – Best Craigslist Personal Ads Alternative for Old-School Classifieds


  • Completely free to use & post on.
  • Very simplistic & basic
  • The mobile app is excellent


  • Posts moved around without consent
  • A few bots & scammers.

Locanto could be seen as a Craigslist copy, as this platform looks and functions very similar to Craigslist.

Locanto has a ton of various sections for different topics, including dating and personals. It doesn’t have a massive amount of traffic like other listings in this guide, but it is still worth trying out.

A lot of people out there are getting sick of the vapid process of swiping left and right on dating apps, so we might just expect a migration towards old-school personals boards in the future. Regardless, give Locanto a shot. It’s totally free, after all.

8. – Top Dating Site for BDSM Amateurs


  • Great for kinks & fetishes
  • Gets a lot of traffic
  • Open & welcoming.


  • Clunky design
  • Overly long questionnaire
  • Fake profiles & catfishes

Lots of people out there want to explore their sexuality in a healthy way.

However, people with particular kinks may be nervous about bringing up their needs during a hookup. This is where comes in.

Anyone can find a partner who shares a similar fetish on this platform with ease.

The environment here is so welcoming and genuinely feels like a community at times. The website design needs a little work and updating, but it functions well for what it is.

And while the profile questions may be extensive and daunting, it’s worth beefing up your profile in order to connect with the right person.

9. Fetlife – Best Craigslist Website Alternative for Kinksters


  • All sexual preferences welcome
  • The user base is massive
  • Membership fees are affordable


  • A niche platform
  • Not many users post profile pics

Another great fetish dating site and alternative to Craigslist, Fetlife is well known for being the top adult social networking site for kinksters, BDSM lovers, and the general fetish community.

Fetlife is free to use, and users can access fantastic additional features with membership fees.

With over 8 million users in total, you’re sure to connect with someone near you who is interested in your particular fetish.

Just as well, this platform offers many bells and whistles, such as groups, chats, videos, contests, etc. You can get a lot more with a platform like this than you could have with Craigslist personals! Best Craigslist Personal Ads Alternatives – Top 7 Runner-Ups

  1. What’s your price – Easy to use dating site for singles
  2. Swingers Date Club – Best Craigslist Personals alternative for swingers
  3. CasualX – Effective for quick hookups
  4. Whiplr – Interactive hookup platform for BDSM and other kinks
  5. BangLocals – Great hookup app for meeting local singles

Best Dating Sites Like Craigslist Personal: FAQ

Why Were Craigslist Alternatives Shut Down? Unfortunately, the Craigslist Personal ads platform was shut down in 2018 in response to a U.S. bill that would have placed the blame for sex trafficking and prostitution on the owner of the platform.

It was an appropriate response, but many of the regulars on the platform found themselves with nowhere to go.

The sheer number of individuals who have been using the platform to find casual encounters were desperate for brand new online places. Many of them have since moved to the alternative websites and applications we’ve put together on this list.

Are These Craigslist Alternatives Safe To Use?

We’ve only included the safest possible options when it comes to this list of the best Craigslist personal ads alternatives.

Safety is a pretty important thing to consider when using Craigslist personals alternatives apps and dating sites because meeting up with complete strangers from the internet can have its own risks.

Most of the Craigslist personal ads alternative sites and apps like AshleyMadison on this list utilize some form of user verification to ensure that there are not many trolls, catfishes, or scams on their platforms.

We recommend using some best practices when arranging a meeting.

  • To begin, don’t give out your personal information.
  • When talking with a potential date, avoid giving out information about your last name, your address, where you work, and any financial information.
  • Do not send money to any users until you have met them in person and agreed on the specific nature of your relationship.

You could find yourself in a potentially unsafe situation if you offer your personal information to a stranger on a Craigslist personals alternative.

Stay safe and use your common sense, and you’ll be able to have a safe experience.

Which Sites Are Most Like Craigslist?

Most of the websites we’ve included on our list of Craigslist personals alternatives are similar to Craigslist’s platform.

However, there are a few different platforms that are a lot more like Craigslist than others. To start, Craigslist Missed Connections is part of the Craigslist platform and thus has a similar vibe.

Just as well, classifieds websites like DoubleList and Locanto are a lot more similar to Craigslist than apps like AshleyMadison or AdultFriendFinder. However, these apps offer a ton of extra features and a bigger user base.

Regardless, we recommend giving all of the listed Craigslist personals alternatives a try, even if they are not extremely similar to Craigslist.

The nature of online dating and casual encounters has changed quite a bit, but for the most part, those changes are for the better in terms of security and user-friendliness.

Can I Use These Craigslist Alternatives for Free?

All of the Craigslist personals alternatives on this list have free versions in some form for users to try.

Specifically, websites like Reddit, DoubleList, and Craigslist Missed Connections are completely free to use. Locanto, AdultFriendFinder,, and Fetlife are also completely free to use or do not charge to create an account, but they do offer a variety of premium memberships, and add-on paid features.

Websites such as AshleyMadison and Seeking are free for women to make an account and use these platforms, but men will have to pay for a premium membership or premium add-ons, such as additional messages.

Each of these Craigslist personals alternatives is, in general, free to start using and take for a test drive before you have to spend money on them.

Best Alternatives to Craigslist Personals – The Takeaway

Hookup sites have changed quite a bit since Craigslist’s heyday as a personals go-to platform, but those changes are overwhelmingly positive.

Craigslist personals missed the mark in a lot of ways, especially when it came to security. If you’re looking for the perfect Craigslist personals replacement or personals sites that are absolutely worth the time to try out, our top winner is definitely AdultFriendFinder.

For hookups and casual encounters, AdultFriendFinder operates quite differently from your typical classifieds site. It’s a lot more organized, boasts more features than Craigslist personals ever did, and it’s a lot more efficient for finding quick and reliable hookups in your area.

Plus, both Seeking and AshleyMadison come with a free membership for women, extra security features, and a huge and active user base!

Either way, we recommend trying out all of these fantastic Craigslist personals alternatives to see which one fits you the best; good luck!