Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval: Top 5 Bad Credit Lenders for Personal Loans

Have you thought of fixing an emergency, but the high-interest rate of a short-term loan discourages you? Many people who want financial support often abandon their quest when they realize that such loans would enslave them for a long time. You earned a bad credit rating to worsen the situation, which is challenging to qualify for a loan. Since most lenders want borrowers to have credibility in their credit ratings, giving out loans comes with stringent rules.

As a result, many people seek the best bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. The financial market has changed to give out loans to borrowers who defaulted on their bargains. You do not have to be in the good books of lenders before you can pick a loan. Still, most of these bad credit personal loan providers offer you financial support but with high-interest rates. Not only will you solve your emergency with loans, but you also have an opportunity of boosting your rating whenever you make repayment.

Meanwhile, these loan providers are not your typical banks, and they are independent and flexible in giving out loans. Whether you have a clean sheet or a bad credit report, you have the opportunity of receiving a loan from any of these companies. However, we have highlighted reputable companies that can offer you a loan at a reasonable rate.

Top Lending Platforms Online

  1. BadCreditLoans: Overall Best Bad Credit Loan Provider On The Market
  2. MoneyMutual: Reputable Lending Company for Loans for Bad Credit
  3. RadCred: Trusted Small Personal Loans for Bad Credit Score
  4. FundsJoy: Most Popular Direct Lenders for Online Loans
  5. CashUSA: Well Known Loan Lender Offering Payday Loans

#1. BadCreditLoans: Overall Best Bad Credit Loan Provider On The Market


Do you have a poor credit rating that denies you loan approvals? BadCreditLoans have become a solution for people who have difficulties obtaining loans because of their bad credits. With this free service, you link with lenders who do not consider your credit rating. Customers have no obligation to accept any lender’s offer that is not favorable to them.

Moreover, BadCreditLoans partners with third-party loan providers; these lenders have different terms and conditions. As a result, each lender works differently, making it vital that you read their policies. You can request as little as $200 or go for a huge loan of $10,000. In addition, the company offers you a flexible loan package that can spread up to three years in repayment. Meanwhile, the interest rate depends on the lender and the amount you want.

You must be at least 18 years old to qualify for loan approval. In addition, you have to show that you are an American citizen and have a stable income to support your repayment. While these are the basic requirements, every lender has its eligibility criteria you must follow. Customers have to provide details like financial information, personal information, proof of citizenship, and other relevant information in the application. After your loan application has been approved, you can decide to accept the loan’s terms and conditions by signing or declining.


  • Transparency: The company ensures that every transaction carried out on its platform is transparent. As a result, BadCreditLoans publishes interest rates, terms, and conditions, including loan information, on its website. You can get guaranteed approval if you have poor credit scores. So, you can receive your funds within 24 hours.
  • Excellent Customer Service: If you want a reliable platform for your bad credit loans, BadCreditLoans should be your loan provider. The platform works in partnership with some of the credible lenders in the United States. With its 24/7 communication support, you can apply for a fast loan at any time of the day.
  • Interest Rates and APR: With this platform, you can directly link to lenders with favorable interest rates and APR. Hence, you can find some lenders offering you rates from 6 % for your loans, but some can provide you with loans at 36%.
  • Free Obligation Rates: The obligation rate is free, making BadCreditLoans one of the best for people seeking loans. What does this implies to someone with a poor credit score? You can search through numerous loan packages and pick the right one for your needs. However, you can find a new lender if you do not like what was offered or negotiate with the lender for a favorable rate.


  • Fast loan approval
  • No hassle in applying with poor credit scores
  • They forward your application to numerous lenders
  • A professional customer support
  • Strict with guidelines, security, and privacy


  • Lower amounts for people with poor credit scores

User Reviews

Customers had good things about its fast loan approval and obligation-free fees. Also, the platform can restrict the APR and cost for every loan provider working with it.

#2. MoneyMutual: Reputable Lending Company for Loans for Bad Credit


If you want a loan provider that has your interest at heart at any point in your life, try MoneyMutual. The highly reputable and popular loan provider offers people with bad loans an opportunity to get financial support. You do not have to struggle to look for a credit provider online when you use its platform. As a result, you quickly link up with credible loan providers.

Regardless of how poor your credit rating might be, MoneyMutual allows you to find the most suitable financial firm. However, the platform does not offer clients loans but helps you connect with a platform that can lend you money. For decades, the platform has helped millions of Americans enjoy quick loans at competitive rates.

The loan application is straightforward, as you have to fill out a form on the official website. Some of the information you have to fill in include your financial and personal information, age, location, and financial status. When you complete the form, you have an opportunity of getting a loan from any of the reliable loan providers on the platform.

The platform’s flexibility makes it popular among its millions of customers because you can negotiate the loan terms. However, you should know that these loan providers are third parties that work with MoneyMutual, and thus, you have to read every term and condition before signing the loan agreement.


  • Secure and Encrypted Website: The primary reason millions of customers use the platform is its levels of security and privacy. Moreover, MoneyMutual encrypts financial and sensitive information with Norton’s 256-bit encryption.
  • Informative: You do not have to spend time searching for information on the official website. The company built a website that is user-friendly and informative to understand. Aside from this, you can use its instructional tools to learn the ropes of spending and investing.
  • Annual Percentage Rate: With MoneyMutual, numerous loan providers offer various interest rates and APRs. Meanwhile, these providers have no hidden charges attached to their competitive rate. The interest rates and APR depend on factors like the borrower’s status, loan amount, loan provider, and many others.
  • Transparency: The platform is transparent and open to people who want to know how it operates. It offers customers information and data on its concept and FAQs, user reviews, and educational materials. Besides, you can leave complaints on the site.


  • Popular among people with bad credit ratings
  • Relatively simple to obtain loans
  • Experienced and a highly reputable company
  • Sign-up takes a few minutes
  • Loan approval within 24 hours


User Reviews

You can read thousands of positive reviews from old and new customers on its website. Most customers like the competitive rates the company offers without hidden charges, and customers with bad credit ratings appreciate the instant fund deposits for emergencies.

#3. RadCred: Trusted Small Personal Loans for Bad Credit Score


People who want to use two different loan providers find it easier to use RadCred, a reputable financial company based in the United States. One of the loan providers supports people with poor credit scores. Meanwhile, you do not suffer from extra costs or hidden fees when using Personal Loans. You spend a few minutes connecting with lenders. Since the registration can take time to complete, matching you with the right lender becomes easier.

The online platform provides people with secure and convenient means of applying for loans. Whether you have a poor credit score, you can use this platform to search for the most favorable loan. In addition, the platform guarantees every user a fast, safe, and secure fund transfer. Over the years, RadCred has gathered thousands of loyal customers who love its services. You can get a loan for your house renovation, car repair, medical bill settlement, school fees, and more from the platform.


  • Late Repayment: You enjoy some leniency when you want to repay your loan from RadCred. In addition, you can reschedule your payment date if you missed your payment. You can contact customer care to make this adjustment. However, you may pay an extra fee for such payment, which is lower than defaulting costs or late fees.
  • Multiple Lenders: You can work with numerous loan providers when using this platform. Further, you can use an advertised third-party lender on the platform. Hence, you can compare and contrast different loan packages.
  • Security and Privacy: RadCred ensures that their users have their sensitive data encrypted. Thus, you do not worry about your information leaking due to hackers’ activities. Further, unauthorized people cannot access data on the platform.


  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Free obligation fee
  • You can access loans up to $30,000
  • Quick and simple procedure


  • Bi-monthly repayments

User Reviews

The platform has good reviews on its professional customer care support. You can talk to the team via phone or email and get your inquiries resolved. The team offers you support all through the day.

#4. Funds Joy: Most Popular Direct Lenders for Online Loans


FundsJoy has become a successful loan provider connecting borrowers with direct lenders. If you want cash for emergencies, this company makes it easier to receive loans at the shortest notice. Hence, people with poor credit scores can use the platform for guaranteed loan approvals.

As a result, people who have problems with loan credibility can apply for loans. Funds Joy offers everyone an equal opportunity in collecting loans. The good thing about the platform is that you receive loans within 24 hours, making it a reliable and fast loan provider.

While many loan providers have lengthy paperwork before their approval, Funds Joy has a quick sign-up that takes less than ten minutes. People who have bad credits can use the platform for their financial support. In addition, to ensure that everyone has fair treatment, the platform partners with TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

These credit bureaus look at every loan application the platform receives and make the approvals. Before submitting your loan application, you authorize Funds Joy to carry out creditworthiness on your application. After the review, you can receive the fun within the same day. Nevertheless, you can receive up to $5,000 from the platform.


  • Easy-to-Use Website: It does not take you time to scan through the official website of FundsJoy. The easy-to-use platform comes with clear instructions for anyone to understand. The website has rich-educational resources that can help you with the most frequently asked questions about payday loans.
  • Eligibility of Customers: You should be an adult before getting loan approval from the company. Hence, the company ensures that underage users cannot go through the process by asking for valid IDs and other data. Also, you have an active bank account and must be an American citizen to qualify to get loan approval. Not only that, you should be able to make a repayment of $800 every month. Lastly, you should have a job that can repay the loan you want to collect from the company.
  • Access to Money: Since the company has different loan lenders on its platform, you can easily access other loan packages. For example, you can get $200 for quick cash or up to $5,000 if you want to do something significant with money. However, the company only acts as a mediator between you and the lenders.
  • Fast Approval: You do not have to wait long before getting your approval and fund. Once your application gets approved, the fund is sent directly to your account.


  • Approved loans transferred within 24 hours
  • User-friendly
  • No hidden charges
  • Safe and secure
  • Trusted and reputable
  • The information is encrypted
  • Login details are not stored


  • The borrower must live in the US

User Reviews

A factor that most people consider when using any financial company is customer reviews. Customers have made it easier for you to learn more about the platform with their positive reviews on its reputation, customer care support, and how easy it is to get approvals.

#5. CashUSA: Well Known Loan Lender Offering Payday Loans


If you want numerous loan options for your financial needs, you can try platforms like CashUSA. The company ensures that you get your quick cash within the shortest time, and CashUSA helps you with the money you need to make it more appealing to customers. Further, the platform has more funds to lend to customers than most loan providers.

The first step is to complete a form online, which allows you to review the different loan packages from other lenders. The form requires you to fill up basic information like loan required, email, age, name, phone number, address, social security number, financial situation, and bank information.

Whether you receive an offer or not, you can check offers on debt relief, credit repair, and other loans. When you receive a loan offer, the platform would require extra information on behalf of your loan lender. The information you provided can help you get a guaranteed approval or a decline.

Since CashUSA is a reliable loan provider, it helps you with the right lender that would not look at your credit score. These lenders want you to be financially stabilized when they give you loans. As a result, you have flexible loan packages to repay at a competitive rate.


  • Privacy and Security: The information provided by customers remains encrypted by the platform. As a result, you do not worry about what happens to your personal and financial data. Further, the platform runs a daily security check on customers who try to log in without authorization.
  • Simple Process: You do not have to waste time filling out many loan application forms on the platform. The process is straightforward and quickly links you with reliable lender providers for guaranteed approvals. You receive the loan within the same day of approval.
  • Education Resources: CashUSA has numerous educational support for everyone on its website. You can read about debt relief, credit repair, bad credit loans, and more. You can read about some of the frequently asked questions about this type of loan.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility and repayment offers are favorable to people with poor credit ratings. You can repay at your convenient time, either through auto payment or manually online. If you use auto payment, you give CashUSA the option of taking care of the loan. Hence, the platform takes out a specific monthly amount from your bank account. With this repayment option, you do not default in making payments to the lender.


  • Flexible loan repayments
  • Numerous personal loan lenders
  • Educational materials available
  • Safe and secure system
  • Simple sign-up process
  • You can receive up to $10,000
  • Information is encrypted


  • Borrowers have to provide additional information at times

User Reviews

Many users love its flexibility andthe opportunity of renegotiating a loan offered by lenders. In addition, you have many lenders to consider when you want to pick a loan with poor credit scores. Thus, you can get the most favorable interest rates on most loans.

#6. Credit Loan

Credit Loan opened its door to the public in 1988, making it the oldest on our review list. Thus, the platform has experience providing customers with bad credit loans guaranteed approvals. More than one million customers have connected with reputable lenders from the platform.

Credit Loan provides people with secure and practical tools that ensure that they fix their financial challenges. While many loan providers offer high APRs and interest rates, this platform is reasonable and reliable in its rates. If you have a poor credit score, you connect with lenders with affordable interest rates and transparent business dealings.

Credit Loan is for people who want quick loans. For example, the platform is suitable for users seeking a small amount of money. When you fill out your loan application on the platform, you are linked with the most suitable lenders. Also, the information you share is encrypted and secure. TRUSTe reviewed and verified Credit loans, making them safe for every user. In addition, the platform has secured certification from McAfee.

You are redirected to a lender’s official website that has an interest in your application. As a result, you can read the agreement details about the loan. You can only accept the loan if the terms and conditions from the lender favor you. However, we advise that you read everything, including the fine print, to help you understand more about the lender and its terms and conditions.


  • Simple Website: The official website is easy to navigate, and you apply for any loan. Whether you are good at tech or not, you can find your way through the website. You do not have to use it for numerous lenders individually because an application is sent to all lenders.
  • Additional Resources: You have enough financial tools to help with your loan applications. Aside from tools like loan and debt calculators, you have a library of content to read financial topics on the site.
  • Quick Loan Approval: Credit loans give people poor credit scores to receive loans quickly after approval, especially in an emergency. The platform makes it accessible to multiple lenders when you complete the loan application. Hence, getting loans has become easier for everyone.


  • Fast services
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to navigate
  • Simple-to-use platform
  • Fast approval


  • Eligibility criteria can be difficult

User Reviews

The platform has thousands of positive reviews about its different services, like a fast response from its customer service, security, and quick loan approvals, especially in emergencies.

Factors to Consider for Bad Credit Personal Loans

The internet is flooded with hundreds of loan providers willing to offer you quick cash, but only a few have the best features for you. Before we listed our favorite companies, we considered some factors that we want you to know.

  • Customer Experience

No matter how desperate you want to settle your bills, your experience with a financial company matters most. We read through thousands of user reviews to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each company. No company can mask what people say about them online. Hence, we found what made each company stand out and what made them weak. The terms of collecting the loans were considered as well.

  • Interest Rate

If you have a bad credit rate, the last thing you want is to damage your credibility with an excessive- interest rate you cannot pay. Since you must pay extra money because of your credit rating, we highlighted only moderate interest rates. Meanwhile, the interest rate is based on the money you want from the company.

  • Eligibility

The eligibility criteria are vital to your approval if you have a poor credit rating. Hence, visit your financial platform and read its requirements, including third-parties criteria. You can find the FICO score of the lenders on the platforms to help you make your decision.

  • Terms and Conditions

We do not advise you to accept a loan without checking its terms and conditions. As a result, you have to avoid loans that can damage your credit rating the more. Check the late payment or penalty of defaulting on your repayment. For example, some platforms help you with an auto-repayment plan, while others give you a flexible repayment offer.

  • Security and Privacy

If there is a factor that you should never ignore when filling out your loan application online, it is your data security. A secure platform must hold the sensitive data from your financial and personal information on a secure platform. Also, do not make assumptions about a platform’s privacy and security features. It would help to read about what they have in stock for every customer.

  • Transparency

We do not recommend you deal with a lender with a shady past or who is not open with its transactions. While we have several fake bad credit loans providers online, we still have reliable providers. Hence, you can save yourself from loan sharks when you read a lender’s policies. In addition, read the credit history of the lender and user reviews to be on the safe side.

  • Penalties and Additional Charges

Penalties, fees, and numerous charges happen when you have a bad credit score. You witness such treatment when you make late payments or have bounced checks, including when you have insufficient funds in your account during auto-repayment. Hence, check their statements regarding late or default repayments before making your loan decision.

  • Ease of Use

We know how crucial time is in an emergency. No borrower wants to waste time on a website struggling to navigate the different sections. The loan procedure must be accessible and appealing to customers. Thus, each listed company comes with a simple interface, especially its apps. As a result, you can pick a loan on the go with the app.

  • Customer Care Service

The remote nature of these companies made it simple to use customer care service made up of professionals. We looked at the response time and how supportive the companies help customers. In addition, we considered the communication modes used by the companies to attend to their customers.

  • Educational Resources

Since many customers will want to learn about the different loan packages for their bad credit ratings, we reviewed the educational resources on their official websites. We checked the FAQs, blogs, and forums set up by each company, including the relevance of their content.

  • Reputation

We often do not want to deal with new companies without online credibility. It does not mean that these new financial companies are not trustworthy, but people want to deal with companies with proven records. We looked at the duration of these companies and how they have fared with customers. Moreso, we checked the reputation on different reviews and rating websites. Finally, we look at their interest rates and only selected companies with the most competitive interest rates.

How to Get Online Personal Loans with Minimum Credit Score

  • Choose the Right Interest Rates

You may want to check out the interest rate for people with bad credit scores. While every lender has its APRs and interest rates, you should pick the lender that has a competitive rate. Meanwhile, the listed platforms can help you get reasonable interest rates for your loans. However, the most accessible means of getting a good loan happens when you compare different interest rates from lenders.

  • Consider the Amount of Money

Before applying for a bad credit loan, you should have a budget in mind. The amount of money you need depends on your situation. Meanwhile, the lender looks at the amount, your case, and your credibility to repay. If you get approval, you might likely get a higher interest rate according to the money you want from the lender.

  • Check Your Repayment Time

The repayment period for your loan is essential. Do you think you can complete the payment within this period? Have you checked the schedules for your repayments? You should read if borrowers could negotiate with the lender if you don’t like the terms and conditions set on your loan.

  • Select the Most Suitable Lender

Every company offers you its eligibility criteria for borrowing money. Since most top brands have no reason to check your past financial records, it is easier to pick a loan. However, if you are underage may not be able to apply for a loan in the United States. You must be an adult to qualify for consideration. Moreover, it will help if you find a suitable lender to fit your budget.

Alternatives to Loans For People With Bad Credit Score

  • Personal Loans

This type of loan application happens fast via third-party lenders. The only thing that you need to do is provide your basic information and loan application. You have three things you can do before getting your fund when you receive an offer. You can decline the offer, negotiate the loan terms, or accept the loan. Lastly, you can receive your fund within a day after approval.

  • Personal Budget

You can make reserves for emergencies if you do not want to apply for bad credit loans. For instance, you can decide to sell some of your stuff, properties, or shares you bought from a company to compensate for your needs.

  • Credit Card Cash

If you have a poor credit rating, you can consider using credit card cash for some of your financial support. Consult your financial institution if you need to withdraw some money from your card.

FAQs About Bad Credit Loans

  1. How can you check your credit rating?

People who have collected loans from financial platforms have received a credit rating based on how they repaid such loans. If you have collected loans within the last four months, you may not have a credit rating because it takes at least five months to get assigned a score. The score could range from 850, which is the best, to 300, considered the worst score. Meanwhile, if you have not collected a loan before, you do not have this financial or FICO rating.

  1. Do I have to pay more to get a bad credit loan?

If you receive a bad credit loan, you tend to pay more than those with good credit scores. Moreover, lenders believe you are at high risk when they offer you a loan, and the higher interest rates help them recover their primary money faster because they are unsure how they can make their repayments. These lenders charge you more than conventional lenders like banks. Hence, you should complete your repayment in time to avoid more charges on your loan.

  1. What can I do to get a bad credit loan approval fast?

We have listed some platforms that provide you loans fast. However, not all loan providers can agree to approve your loan application within hours. You can use any of the platforms we listed to get fast approval.

  1. What can you do to increase your credit rating?

The question many people ask when it comes to bad credit ratings is how they can improve them. First, you need to make your repayments and prepayments within the stipulated time. Second, you should avoid penalties and late payment interest on your loan to improve your FICO credit score. Lastly, it would be best if you try and clear your short-term debts.

You are financially stable when you have a good credit rating and can quickly get approval for loans with low-interest rates. Meanwhile, you have to know what you scored on your loan credit before thinking of how to improve it.

  1. Can I get a guaranteed loan with my bad credit score?

Anyone can get a loan in the United States if they have the required criteria set by loan providers. Thus, you can apply for emergency funding or a loan for more significant projects with your bad credit score. If you want to get fast loan approval, you can begin with the platforms we reviewed. While some lenders may add restrictions to the funding you want to receive or how you make your repayments, the good news is that you will get your loan.

  1. Can I receive a bad credit loan if I am unemployed?

Yes, you can get guaranteed approval for your loan if you have no steady job or stabilized source of income. If you default in making a payment, it will drastically reduce your credit scores. Also, if your lender realizes that you have enough funds, they can obtain permission to take their money.

  1. Can a lender give me a loan without considering my credit score?

Each loan provider has its terms for approving loans to customers with bad credit scores. As a result, some may not have to look at your credit score before they offer you a loan. However, it would cause you more to get such a loan because of the high-interest rate.

  1. Must I have a bank account before applying for a bad credit loan?

Whether you have a good credit rating, you need a bank account for your loan pre-approval. The bank account must bear your name because of liability reasons. Also, a bank account is required to help you receive your loan. In addition, you must be 18 years old and above to apply for such loans. Hence, you cannot get loan approval with a bank account.

  1. Do I have any specific interest rate on my bad credit loan?

You become a subprime borrower when you score below 670 and remain in a poor range when you stay below 580. Meanwhile, every lender has its rules and conditions for giving loans to people with these scores. As a result, it becomes difficult to have any specific interest rate on your bad credit loans. It will help if you read the interest rates and APRs of the lender you want to accept a loan.

Final Thoughts: Who are the Best Online Lenders to Borrow Money?

In conclusion, you do not have to struggle to apply for a loan if you have a poor credit score. Most people get into the wrong book of lenders because of situations beyond their control. As a result, they sought ways to fix their credit ratings. Many lenders make it easier for you to mend this financial stigma with their loan packages.

Meanwhile, applying for bad credit loans from the listed platforms is straightforward. Whether you are new or have used the platform before, you have the same fair treatment in receiving loans. To help you enjoy the best interest rates, you can compare the interest rates on a platform before deciding on your loan. All of the platforms we listed are secure and safe and have state-of-the-modern security features for their customers.

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