5 Best Seed Banks – Top Marijuana Seed Banks in America [Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in 2022]

How much do you love cannabis? Better yet, how much do you love marijuana?

One of the things we’ve noticed in the cannabis industry is that more and more people are embracing all the wonderful therapeutics and medicinal properties that the cannabis plant has to offer.

And while it’s super easy to buy already prepared marijuana products, one thing that’s becoming increasingly popular is marijuana seed banks.

Now, chances are you already know what marijuana seed banks are, but if you don’t, let’s quickly clear the air…

Cannabis seed banks help preserve cannabis genetics and strains from going extinct. But what makes marijuana seed banks super popular among individual consumers like you is that you can buy marijuana seeds for yourself and grow them for your own use.

So realistically, you could create your own products from your own marijuana flower. You can even start your own marijuana seed business, if you really want to get crazy. But to do that, you need to buy from the safest and best cannabis seed banks in the industry.

Which brings us to…

Best Seed Banks

The purpose of this review is to provide you with the best detailed buying guide of the best seed banks in the entire cannabis industry.

After extensive research and thorough investigation, we’ve finally constructed a list of the best seed banks that produce the best marijuana seeds and growing kits on the market.

Let’s give them a look…

  1. ILGM – Best seed bank in USA, Editor’s pick
  2. Seedsman – Highest quality weed seed bank
  3. Ministry of Cannabis – Best marijuana seed bank international
  4. Crop King – Best CBD seeds
  5. The Bud Grower – Best seed grow kits

1. ILGM – Best seed bank in USA, Editor’s pick


Company Background

Quick question: Which marijuana seed bank brand is consistently featured number 1 on any given marijuana seed bank review list?

Answer: I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM for short.

ILGM ‘s founder, Robert Bergman, has been in the marijuana seed bank industry for over a quarter century. So yeah, he knows what he’s doing.

But it took him a lot of trial and error to develop his marijuana growing craft. That said, since 2012 ILGM has become the leading marijuana seed company in the world, especially in America. And it’s no surprise why…

Marijuana Seed Bank

For starters, ILGM offers a wide variety of organic marijuana seeds. They have it all… from beginner marijuana seeds, to auto-flowering cannabis seeds and feminized seeds, they have something for everyone no matter their experience level.

Note: Feminized seeds and auto-flower cannabis seeds offer the highest growing success rate. So, you don’t have to be a marijuana growing expert. You can dive right in with ILGM’s marijuana growing seeds, kits, and guides.

ILGM is also known for their strain-specific growing kits, which offer their best seller seeds either high in THC or high in CBD.

They even offer detailed marijuana growing guides, courses, seed variety packs, and perhaps the best customer support and marijuana seed growing forum we’ve seen.

Seriously, their website is extremely informative and great for both cannabis beginners and experts. But if you don’t find what you’re looking for on their website, you can simply let them know and they can point you in the right direction.

Secondly, ILGM is all about quality. They ensure germination guarantee, which means their feminized seeds are always guaranteed to grow. That said, if your cannabis seeds don’t sprout, you get your money back.

Lastly, ILGM ships all their orders free throughout the United States. So, you never have to pay for shipping. What’s more, ILGM also allows customers to pay in cash, by bank transfers, credit card, or with Bitcoin.

Note: ILGM states that “using a credit card, your bank may block the charge. If this happens, don’t worry, we’ll simply process your order using a different payment method.”


  • Best marijuana seed bank in America
  • Organic seeds
  • Germination guaranteed
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Discreet, stealthy shipping and packaging
  • Secure payment options


  • Cannot ship to other countries


2. Seedsman – Highest quality weed seed bank


Company Background

If there’s one thing we could say about Seedsman, it’s that they are the O.G. of marijuana seed banks. Seedsman has been around since 2002.

Started by two cousins with a passion for all things cannabis, they made it their mission to take cannabis horticulture globally by diversifying its gene pool and making it legally accessible to both growers and seed collectors nationwide. This is because they know that hidden within this plant, therapeutic properties await to be utilized.

Even among the marijuana seed Reddit forum, Seedsman is praised for being the most reputable and best cannabis seed bank in America.

In fact, reported in the blog post, History of Seedsman, they are one of the first cannabis seed banks to commercially popularize auto-flowering and CBD genetic seeds.

In other words, Seedsman was way ahead of its time, and they are the true trailblazers in the cannabis seed bank industry.

Marijuana Seed Bank

As we mentioned, Seedsman offers auto-flowering seeds with CBD genetics, but that’s not all…

They also offer marijuana feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds in either high THC or high CBD, and both indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds.

Now, what makes Seedsman so unique is that they don’t actually produce their own cannabis seeds; rather they offer other highly reputable cannabis seeds produced by other trusted sources.

With 65 different sperm seed banks across the world, this allows them to offer an array of specialty seeds — over 3,000 to be exact.

Amazingly, Seedsman holds some of the most prestigious awards (like the Cannabis Cup) for their cannabis seeds. Which confirms just how amazing this seed bank brand really is.

Whether you’re looking for certain seed strains that are mold resistant, fast-growing, or suitable for certain altitudes, Seedsman’s website is finely tuned to help you choose the best seeds according to your specific needs, interests, and requirements. This includes marijuana seeds for either medicinal or recreational use.

What’s more, with every order you place, Seedsman sends free cannabis seeds. They also offer discounts on your total purchase if you pay with bitcoin or if it’s your first order.


  • Highest quality seed bank from various growers
  • Been in the industry since 2002
  • Over 3,000 various cannabis seed strains
  • Free seeds offered with each order
  • Secure payment options
  • Discreet packaging
  • Highly reviewed


  • Must pay for shipping
  • Limited guarantee on germination
  • Only unused and newly packaged seeds can be returned within 14 days of ordering

Shop Seedsman

3. Ministry of Cannabis – Best marijuana seed bank international


Company Background

Based in Spain, Ministry of Cannabis is considered one of the most prestigious cannabis seed banks in all of Europe.

They have over 15 years of being in the global seed bank market, and they sell their high-quality seeds all over the world.

They have three main focal points regarding their cannabis mission:

The first is to maintain high quality and effective classic cannabis strains. The second is to improve classic strains to even higher productions. And thirdly, they vow “to innovate and offer strong original strains” they’ve created over the many years that they’ve been handling cannabis seeds.

They are one of the few reputable brands to offer some of the most unique and highly successful cannabis seed strains.

Marijuana Seed Bank

Due to Ministry of Cannabis’ rotating seed stocks, customers can always guarantee that their seeds are fresh and of high quality.

They have an abundance of CBD seeds, and they also have packages of mixed seeds which allow you to save money and explore 2 seeds of 3 different strains, totaling 6 feminized seeds altogether.

If you prefer auto-flowering seeds, they also offer combo packs. Whatever you desire, they can accommodate.

But what makes Ministry of Cannabis so unique is that they offer truly amazing hybrid strains, which can be hard to find from other reputable brands.

What’s more, when you visit Ministry of Cannabis, you’ll quickly find boat loads of educational content and detailed resources regarding growing practices, cultivation guides, and more.

They have outstanding customer service, they always ship their packages discreetly, and they have multiple secure payment options.


  • Best marijuana seed bank international
  • Unique hybrid strains
  • Free delivery on orders over 75 euros
  • Ships internationally
  • Secure payment options
  • Over 15 years in the industry


  • EU residents can only return new, unopened items within 2 weeks
  • Non-EU residents are not eligible for returns or refunds

Shop Ministry of Cannabis

4. Crop King – Best CBD seeds


Company Background

Aside from having a very memorable name, Crop King is known in the industry for their outstanding reputation and trustworthiness.

They’ve been in the seed bank since 2005, and they’ve been perfecting their cannabis genetics since then.

Their mission is to provide high quality cannabis seeds for both medical and recreational use. And they do this by searching for the best strains and breeders throughout the entire industry.

Their seeds are tested, meticulously inspected, and handpicked with care. Their seeds come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This confirms that they are handling truly unique marijuana seeds that haven’t been tampered with or manipulated in any way.

Marijuana Seed Bank

Crop King has a large variety of strains, all of which have received positive reviews and praise.

They cater to both experienced cannabis growers and new beginners — from auto-flowering and feminized seeds, to some of the largest selections of CBD seeds for sale.

In fact, Crop King is primarily popular for their amazing CBD seeds, which reveals that Crop King has something for everyone.

Perhaps what’s most interesting is that Crop King has been reported to have an 80% germination guarantee. Which is higher than most other marijuana seed banks in the industry.

What’s more, Crop King offers 24/7 chat support and customer service. Which is more than what we’ve seen from other cannabis seed banks on the market.

They have a fun website and educational blog posts to help further your knowledge on cannabis and marijuana seed facts.


  • Best CBD seeds
  • Been in the industry since 2005
  • Discreet packaging
  • Secure payment options
  • 80% germination rate
  • Ships globally
  • Well tested and inspected seeds


  • No returns at this time

Shop Crop King

5. The Bud Grower – Best seed grow kits


Company Background

The Bud Grower has an incredibly relatable backstory… The founder, Alex, started like any other beginner, turning to the internet for some much-needed cannabis growing guidance. But all he found was confusion and conflicting information.

So, after much trial and error, Alex finally saw some progress. And before he knew it, he was creating a very reputable and effective empire. This led to the creation of The Bud Grower.

Now, the good people at The Bud Grower have one mission: to help first-time growers develop their craft and provide sustainable and highly effective growing kits that are easy to use, of the highest quality, and successful.

The Bud Grower has been exactly where all first-time growers have been, and now they want to help ease the stress and confusion from growing whatever it is their customers are wanting to grow, including cannabis.

Growing Seed Kit

While the other brands listed above do offer growing kits, The Bud Grower is very unique in that they only offer truly effective growing kits straight to the consumer. So, they don’t actually offer marijuana seeds.

But they’re still considered a part of the seed bank industry as they specialize in creating a kit that caters to marijuana seed growing practices and techniques.

The Bud Grower offers several different all-in-one growing kits that are fully equipped with the best gear available in the industry.

From soil kits and hydroponic kits, to open air kits and soil reloads, The Bud Grower has you covered for all your growing needs.

What’s even more amazing about The Bud Grower kits is that they can be used to grow more than just cannabis seeds. In fact, you can use them to grow fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and rare flowers.

They are 100% organic and designed by gardening experts. Which means these seed growing kits are great to keep those pesky critters from messing with your valuable crops.

They’re incredibly easy to set up, and The Bud Grower offers some of the best customer service in the industry.

If you’re ready to take your cannabis and marijuana seeds to the next level, you’ll want to invest in one of The Bud Grower’s amazingly easy and highly successful growing kits today.


  • Best seed grow kits
  • Outstanding customer care
  • Live Chat available on their website
  • Free shipping in the US
  • 1 year warranty
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Seeds not included

Shop The Bud Grower

Cannabis Seed Buyer’s Guide: How to Buy High Quality Cannabis & Marijuana Seeds

The cannabis industry has come a long way since its prohibition. And we couldn’t be more excited… But when it comes to buying cannabis seeds, especially from marijuana seed banks, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Since everyone has been getting on the cannabis bandwagon, there’s no better place to start than with the cannabis seed itself. But there are a lot of so-called “good” or even “best marijuana seed banks” on the market today.

If you’re not careful, you could end up buying cannabis genetics that aren’t successful, or worse, contaminated with harmful properties.

Learning how to grow marijuana seeds is a tricky endeavor, but buying marijuana seeds online that are high quality can also be a complicated process.

And since we all know that growing your own marijuana seeds essentially cuts out the middleman and allows you to create your own supply of cannabis products, or to become a distributor for high quality cannabis flower, you need to make sure that your cannabis seeds are of the highest and most effective quality.

For all those reasons, you need a detailed marijuana seed buying guide that helps you decipher which marijuana seed banks are best and which are best to avoid altogether.

Below is our cannabis seed bank buying guide. This is the very same guide we used to develop our list of the best cannabis seed banks listed above.

We invite you to take some time and explore these key steps that will ultimately help you find the safest, most successful, and best marijuana seed banks in the entire industry.

Let’s begin…

Legal Cannabis Seeds

When exploring the cannabis seed bank market, the first thing you’ll likely run into is the different degrees of cannabis legality.

So, let’s look at the question: Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds?

Marijuana seeds, also known as cannabis seeds, are just like other cannabis/marijuana products like marijuana flower, edibles, oils, etc.

Each state has its own set of laws regarding all things cannabis related. Some states have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, while other states prohibit it entirely.

If you live in a state that has legalized marijuana use, then you are able to purchase marijuana seeds.

However, before you move forward with your marijuana seed purchase, you need to see where your state, country, providence, or territory stands regarding the legality of marijuana/cannabis.

Note: Medical marijuana seeds require a medical card. And as much as we hate to admit it, it’s considered illegal to bring seeds from outside countries into the U.S. Likewise, the legalization regarding cannabis seeds crossing state lines is still in a bit of a gray area.

That said, seed banks are still shipping their marijuana seeds despite this gray area, but they do so discreetly and as safely as possible.

Specific reputable seed bank companies understand legalization restrictions, and will often explain their policies regarding buying and shipping marijuana seeds. It’s very similar to the days when CBD products weren’t considered legal across the U.S. Brands had to discreetly ship their products to customers despite this strange gray area.

Cannabis Seed Bank Reputation

In order to yield high quality cannabis flower, you must ensure that the seed itself is of the highest quality. So, you need to look at the seed bank’s reputation before you move forward in buying their marijuana seeds.

Look to see what their motive is behind offering their marijuana seeds. Then explore how they produce those cannabis seeds for their customers.

Of course, it’s always best to choose cannabis seed banks that focus on organic practices — but also for seed banks that value thorough inspection and meticulous testing.

Look at what past customers have to say about the seed bank brand, and don’t be afraid to dive into seed bank Reddit forums and other online groups that review their experience with different marijuana seed banks.

Seed Bank Cannabis Genetics

Before you buy marijuana seeds, you need to know the genetic makeup of the strain you’re considering. This includes the ratios of specific cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabis nutrients.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the choices of cannabis genetics: Physical, mental, and even medicinal properties.

For these reasons, you’ll likely run into the following strains:

  • Sativa strains grow tall and flourish outdoors. They usually offer more uplifting and energizing effects.
  • Indica strains are easier to grow indoors and don’t need much light. They usually offer calming and relaxing effects.
  • Hybrid strains sort of fall in the middle between sativa and indica. They can be somewhat tricky to find the ideal growing environment. They offer calming and uplifting effects.

Then you have CBD seed strains which act and grow a bit differently than marijuana seeds. They don’t provide any psychoactive effects, but they do provide tremendous therapeutic properties.

Look for reputable seed banks that know the difference between all of these strains.

Reputable cannabis seed banks will provide educational blog posts and scientific resources regarding cannabis genetics and seed specific strains.

Seed Bank Germination Rates

Next, you’ll want to look at the seed banks germination rates. Let us explain…

Germination of a seed simply means how quickly the seed can take root into the ground and produce a flowering plant to be harvested.

If you buy a bunch of marijuana seeds without looking at the germination rate, you could take the chance of buying a bunch of cannabis seeds that are duds. They never produce any harvest whatsoever.

This means you’re out of a lot of money… Not good!

So, it’s important to see what a seed bank’s germination rate is. For example, high quality seeds will have no less than 80% germination rates.

Keep in mind that the germination rate is also based on the consumer. So, if you buy seeds and don’t properly store them in a cool, dark place, their germination rate may drop.

Stick to reputable seed banks that are transparent about their germination rate. And if you find a cannabis seed bank that offers a germination guarantee, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Marijuana Seed Bank Discreet Shipping

Buying marijuana seeds can be really tricky. Reputable seed banks are very good about providing stealth and discreet shipping packages.

This means that whatever happens to your product/package, before you receive it, the seed bank is 100% responsible. So, if it gets lost, damaged, or never arrives at your doorstep, they will replace it.

Note: stealthy shipping is often shipped free of cost.

Cannabis Seed Bank Secure Payment Methods

Reputable marijuana seed banks will always provide multiple secure payment options: Cash, bank transfer, Bitcoin, and credit cards.

PayPal is not considered a secure payment method, as it may suspend or even ban your account.

Always choose cannabis seed banks that allow you to pay securely and in the ways listed above.

Seed Bank Brand Customer Service

Last but never least, always explore the seed bank’s customer service. Reach out to them directly through email, phone, or online chat.

Reputable seed banks will always put their customers first. They will thoroughly answer your questions and take the time to guide you through their website and product pages. If they don’t, then move onto the next reputable seed bank that does.

You can also learn a lot about a seed bank’s customer service through reviews and Reddit forums.

Note: Make sure you read the seed bank’s terms and conditions before you buy their marijuana seeds. You don’t want to be out of your hard-earned money because you failed to read through their company policies.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Now you might think that our cannabis seed buying guide above is a lot to digest. And it is a lot… but it’s important to leave no stone unturned when it comes to buying marijuana seeds.

We used this guide to help us find the best cannabis seed banks available, and now we’re offering it to you so that you can find the best cannabis seed bank that meets your needs. But be warned, it’s a lot of work.

So, if you find that shopping for marijuana seeds is a bit daunting even with our detailed buying guide, we encourage you to head back up to our list of the best cannabis seed banks above. Believe us, they’re the best in the entire industry!

Marijuana Seed Bank FAQs

If you’re still a bit apprehensive about buying marijuana seeds from reputable cannabis seed banks, the questions and answers below might help you out.

Give them a quick read…

Who has the best cannabis seeds for sale?

ILGM has the best cannabis seeds for sale. They’re organic and very effective. Not to mention they offer guaranteed germination or your money back.

Which seeds banks offer worldwide shipping?

Both Seedsman & Crop King offer worldwide shipping for all of their cannabis seeds.

What seed bank has the most autoflowers?

ILGM has over 30 autoflower seeds options available on their website. This is a lot compared to other cannabis seed banks online.

What seed bank has the fastest shipping?

Since ILGM only ships in the US, most of their products are delivered within 2 business days, making them the seed bank with the fastest shipping.

Which seed bank has best genetics?

Not only does Seedsman have the best cannabis genetics, but they also have the most — with over 3,000 specialty seeds to choose from, you’ll never run out of options.

How to start seed bank?

To start a seed bank, you’ll need to begin gathering and saving cannabis seeds that you find or buy over time. Then look into growing kits, growing guides, and courses. You’ll likely need to pre-dry your seeds and store them as you get your growing environment in place.

Can marijuana seeds go bad?

Yes, like everything, marijuana seeds can go bad. If they didn’t, we’d be alarmed. That said, if you keep them in a cool, dark place such as a refrigerator, they can last up to 10 years.

Why are marijuana seeds so expensive?

Marijuana seeds are often on the pricier side because it takes breeders a lot of time and money to create high quality seeds. This is especially true for feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds. These seeds take less time for the grower to produce flowering buds, but it’s more time consuming and expensive for the breeder.

What are the best marijuana seed banks according to reddit?

According to Reddit users, Seedsman and ILGM are two of the most popular seed banks in the entire industry.


Whether you’re wanting to grow marijuana for yourself, start your own seed bank business, or offer high quality cannabis flower to other brands, you need to start with high quality sourced cannabis or marijuana seeds from the get-go.

By far, ILGM was the seed bank that stood out the most to us. But the other seed banks listed above surpassed our standards as well. And The Bud Grower was the brand of choice for all your growing kit needs.

We encourage you to use our incredibly detailed cannabis seed buying guide mentioned above, or save yourself the hassle and just revisit our list of the best cannabis seed banks, also outlined above. We wish you luck in all your marijuana seed growing endeavors.

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