2022’s Top Debt Consolidation Loans For Credit Card Debt with Zero Origination Fee | Get Personal Loans For Debt With Minimum Credit Score Instantly | Get Advance Cash Loans For Speedy Cash Near Me

Living fast can mess up our minds. Almost every third American has financial issues with debt consolidation, and that is why we decided to help people with those problems. Debt consolidation may be the light at the end of the road for many people.

Let us explain an example. Imagine having three credit cards with an interest rate from 16,99% to 24,99%. And if you pay off your credits on time, you will have a good credit score. By that, you can qualify for an unsecured debt consolidation loan with a significantly lower interest rate of 7%. If you take a loan like that with a pay-off time of three years, you can easily manage your spending and make your payments on time.

It does not matter if you have a good or bad credit score, you can easily find a way to get debt consolidation loans. Many private lenders offer loans for debt consolidation, even with bad credits. You can easily use the money from the lender to pay off your debt and then pay back the loan over the set term.

The Best Debt Consolidation Loans For Speedy & Instant Cash Approval

  1. Money Mutual Overall Best Debt Consolidation Loans, Editor’s Pick
  2. Bad Credit LoansBest Known For Bad Credit Loans & Student Loan Debt
  3. Cash USATop Rated Debt Loans For Speedy Cash Approval
  4. Personal LoansCustomer’s Choice Personal Loans For Debt Consolidation

Best Personal Debt Consolidation Loans: Detailed Reviews

#1. Money Mutual Overall Best Debt Consolidation Loans, Editor’s Pick


As the most popular lending platform, MoneyMutual offers quick help for emergencies. With more than 10 years of experience, Money Mutual helped many Americans to get the money they need in the shortest time with 0% stress.

As a legitimate platform, Money Mutual has connections to over 60 lenders that help with short-term loans for many purposes. The platform is just a middle-man in the lending process that helps people connect to a lender easier. Everything is done online, which means you can lend a loan from your home.

The application starts with a pre-qualifier questionnaire. The form requires general personal information and valid bank account info. Once the lenders analyze your information, they will contact you if your application is approved.

It is important to read all the requirements that the lender provides to accept your loan application. First of all, every applicant must be an adult, not younger than 18 years. Second, the applicant has to be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the USA, have a monthly income of not less than $800, have a bank account in his name, and share a valid phone number and email address. Sharing invalid information may lead to declining the application and no loan offered by any lender.


Money Mutual was founded in 2010, and until nowadays, more than two million Americans have trusted this platform. This website is a source for finding lenders who can provide the applicants with quick cash in an urgent situation. Money Mutual is also a trusted member of the Online Lender Alliance.

Money Mutual is not involved in the lending process. It is just a middle-man that makes the connection between the applicants and lenders. Once the connection is established, Money Mutual steps off the process, and everything that comes next is between you and the lender.

Money Mutual does not require any costs when using their services. It has a connection to lenders that offer loans up to $5,000 in less than 24 hours. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may vary from 5,99% to 35,99%, depending on the amount you borrow and the lender’s terms.

Once you get connected to a lender, you should read the agreement before signing it with an e-signature. If the offer is not suitable for your financial needs, you can decline it and search for a better offer from another lender. Money Mutual also offers free 24/7 available customer service that will be pleased to help you with any question about the lending process.

How does it work?

This online lending platform has an online form that requires your personal information. Once you fill the form, the platform shares your information with the lender’s network. If a potential lender accepts your form, he will contact you via phone or email.

You are able to see the lender’s offer with all terms and costs. The offer should improve your financial situation, not make it worse. So think twice before you accept the offer. The costs may be high, and not suitable for financial improvement.

Once you find the best offer with an acceptable APR and repayment time, you should sign the contract with an e-signature. After the agreement, you can not make changes to the loan and the repayments.

Contact the lender directly if you are concerned about future additional costs like late payment fees and early pay-off fees. Money Mutual is not involved in the lending process after the offer agreement.


  • Free online mediation platform
  • The easiest way to get connected to a lender
  • Straightforward online form
  • Fast approval process
  • 24/7 available customer services
  • Information protection guarantee
  • Best offers for military serving clients


  • Minimum monthly income requirement
  • Service is available only for the citizens of the USA

Customers Experience

As we said, more than two million Americans trusted this platform and got provided with the needed money. The lenders that cooperate with this lending platform offer loans with no hidden fees. The satisfied customers reported that they applied for a loan and got an improvement in significant time. The terms that lenders provide in the offer are affordable and accurate.

Using online lending platforms like Money Mutual is a real lifesaver, and it does not spend your precious time waiting for a cash agreement, said Joe. He is just one of those two million people who found help on this lending platform. He is also satisfied that the services of using online lending platforms are free of cost and very helpful.

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#2. Bad Credit LoansBest Known For Bad Credit Loans & Student Loan Debt


This platform is a trusted online lending website that helps many people find secure loans with information protection and credit monitoring at the same time. Bad Credit Loans is here to give you a hand when an urgent financial situation occurs. You would not struggle anymore if you could not get credit from a bank because of your bad credit score.

Bad Credit Loans is an assistant that offers free service to help you connect to the right lender. Once you fill the required form, this platform will share it with the available lenders to make a match. The information needed for the online form must be valid and true. Otherwise, your loan request will be rejected.

If a lender accepts your request, he will send you an email or contact you via phone to give you an offer. The offer contains all the costs, terms, and APR. You are not under obligation to accept the offer if it is not suitable for your needs.

If you decide to accept the offer, the money will be transferred to your bank account in less than 24 hours. It is the best option to provide yourself with quick cash in urgent situations.


On the Bad Credit Loans lending platform, you can request up to a $10,000 loan. The loans have a variable Annual Percentage Rate from 5,99% to 35,99%. The APR usually depends on the loan amount, repayment time, lender’s terms, and the client’s credit score.

The loan request form requires a few pieces of information that are essential to get loan approval. The client must be older than 18 years and a citizen of the USA, a permanent resident of the USA, and to have regular monthly income either from full-time employment or self-employment. Also, the client must have a valid bank account, valid phone number and email address.

If the applicant shares invalid information, the loan request may be declined and not receive an offer. Once you get connected with a lender, the BadCreditLoansare no longer in the “game.” They are just an online platform that helps you find a lender quickly, and they don’t determine the loan’s terms and costs.

The platform cooperates with lenders that offer loans from $500 to $10,000. The repayment time and additional costs are determined by the lender you connect with, and once you agree with the lender’s terms, you will get the money in less than one business day.

How Does It Work?

Once you open the Bad Credit Loans website, an online form application will pop. It is easy and simple to fill in and requires personal information and bank account number. The information must be valid if you want to get an offer from a lender.

Once you submit the loan request, the platform shares your personal information with the lenders. If you get a match with a lender, he will send you an offer about the loan terms and fees. Carefully read the terms that the lender offers to avoid any additional unwanted fees.

If the costs and APR seem too high for your financial situation, you are not obligated to accept the offer. There are lots of lenders that may offer better terms and affordable repayment costs.

Once you find the most suitable offer, you should sign it with an e-signature. After the both-side agreement with the contract, the lender will transfer the money to your bank account in less than 24 hours.


  • Three easy steps to apply
  • Responsible lending platform
  • Free of cost lending services
  • Privacy and security guarantee
  • 24/7 available service
  • Available loans up to $10,000
  • Fast and easy source of cash
  • Best for debt consolidation
  • Suitable for people with bad credit


  • Minimum loan amount required
  • The lenders may provide loans with high APR

Customers Experience

Anthony is a satisfied client that heard about this platform in a TV advertisement. He applied for a loan and received an offer in less than an hour. The lender offered a loan with an acceptable APR and no hidden charges. He left a 5-star rating and warmly recommended this lending platform for anyone who needs an urgent amount of cash.

Ann Marie J is another happy applicant that got loan approval even with a bad credit score. She chose the Bad Credit Loans because her friend recommended it to her. She decided to request a loan to cover up her credit cards, and she wrote that the loan was a lifesaver for her debt consolidation.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Bad Credit Loans

#3. Cash USATop Rated Debt Loans For Speedy Cash Approval


It is a simple website that offers free lending services. Cash USA is a trusted and flexible online platform that connects many applicants with a lender. This lending platform provides personal loans for different purposes.

Whether you need to pay vacation, remodel your home, or consolidate debt, Cash USA can help you get a quick loan up to $10,000 in a few easy steps. This lending platform has displayed an online form on the website that is simple to fill in.

Cash USA also provides more services than connecting with a lender. You may easily find the educational corner that will help you understand the lending process and more about the offers given by the lenders. It is good to enrich your knowledge about the online lending process before you apply for a loan.

Cash USA does not determine the fees and costs required in the offer. The lending platforms are just mediating between you and the lenders. Once you get connected to a lender, the platform steps off, and it is not involved in the future lending process.

The information required in the application is safe and shared only with the lender’s network. Cash USA guarantees personal information protection to make the clients feel free to fill the form.


Cash USA works with lenders that offer loans from $500 to $10,000. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may vary, depending on the lender’s terms and costs required in the offer. The repayment time is usually from three months up to five years.

This online legend platform requires an online form that is easy to fill, and the information you enter must be accurate. The application is shared with many lenders who may offer you a loan that includes all fees, APR, repayment time, and additional terms.

Depending on the lender, before offering you a loan, they may search for a piece of additional information that requires personal info and bank account details. The credit score is not that important when applying for a debt consolidation loan.

As an applicant, it is necessary to be older than 18 years, be a citizen or have permanent residence in the USA, be employed for at least three months, have a checking account in your name, and share valid phone numbers and email addresses.

How Does It Work?

Like many online lending platforms, Cash USA requires an online form. The form provides personal information about the client, like name and surname, amount of money you want to borrow, date of birth, address, zip code, employment relationship, bank account details, contact number, and email address.

When you submit the application for a loan, Cash USA sends the request to the lender’s network. Based on the information you filled in the form, the lenders may send you offers and maybe provide additional information. The offer contains all the charges, monthly repayments, repayment time, and APR.

You are not under obligation to accept any offer if the offer by itself has high charges and a high Annual Percentage Rate. The high fees may worsen your financial situation instead of fixing it.

Some lenders may offer a loan with additional costs, so it is important to read the terms carefully to avoid bigger financial issues. The lending platforms are not lenders by themself, so if you have questions about the offers, try to contact the lender you work with.


  • Educational article corner
  • Free lending services
  • Loans for multiple purposes offered
  • Loan amount up to $10,000
  • Quick and easy cash
  • Simple loan application form
  • Trusted and safe lending website
  • Services available 24/7


  • The lenders may offer high additional costs
  • Available only for citizens of the USA

Customers Experience

Nicolas wrote a positive review about customer service. The customer service team is built of professionals available to answer all your questions before you apply for a loan.

They are kind and share very important information to make you aware of the personal loan terms, and fees that the lenders may provide. He also likes the educational section, where you can learn a lot about the lending process and the services that lending platforms offer with feasible monthly payment which does not affect your credit score. In terms of fees, origination fee is minimal to zero.

Phoebe is also a happy client that highly recommends this website as one of the most trusted and professional platforms. The lenders offer loans up to $10,000 with easy balance transfer, which is a perfect amount to consolidate debt. The APR and repayment time are also accurate and better options for paying off the loan instead of paying multiple bank credits with higher interest rates.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Cash USA

#4. Personal LoansCustomer’s Choice Personal Loans For Debt Consolidation


Many people are grateful for the existence of a lending platform like PersonalLoans. Compared to the other lending platforms, Personal Loans offer short-term loans for any purpose up to %35,000. This amount may cover up multiple credit cards with high interest rates, which means it is an ideal loan to consolidate debt.

Personal Loans offers free lending services and helps many people find the right lender in urgent situations. Short-term loans are ideal for unexpected financial issues. If you want to borrow some money from an online lender, feel free to contact customer service and ask everything that concerns you about the lending process.

This platform is not a lender by itself, which means it is not involved in the lending process once you get connected to a lender. Sometimes it may happen that no lender will offer you a loan. In that situation, Personal Loans will present you with debt relief or credit repair.

The loans you may find on this lending website are multi-purpose loans. That means you do not have to explain the reason why you need the money you want to borrow. Your financial needs may be a secret, and once you get the cash in the bank account, you may spend them for all your needs.


The lenders on this platform offer higher loan amounts. The minimum amount that can be borrowed is $1,000 and can go up to $35,000. The Annual Percentage Rate (SPR) may vary, depending on the borrowed amount, repayment time, client’s credit score, and lender’s terms. The APR usually varies between 5,99% and 35,99%.

The repayment time is determined between you and the lender, and it can be from 90 days up to 72 months (six years). Also, the offer may include additional costs and fees for late repayment or early pay-off.

The online form is quite simple and easy to navigate. It includes only personal information and bank account details. The information must be accurate if you do not want to be rejected. The lenders work under the government law, and they will reject all clients that share fake information and want to commit fraud.

You should carefully read the contract offered by the lender. Personal Loans do not take the consequences if you agree with a high-cost offer. Personal Loans is not a lender.

How Does It Work?

The form is displayed on the homepage of the website. It provides a few simple steps to fill the form. The form requires personal information about the client. His name and surname, address, country, ID information, bank account information, and contact information.

Then you should enter the amount of money you want to borrow, and it should be between $1,000 and $35,000. You can not borrow less than the minimum amount offered because this platform works with lenders that set the minimum amount that can be borrowed.

Once you finish the form, you should wait for information to be processed and shared with the lender’s network. You may receive an offer that includes all the terms, costs, APR, and repayment time information. If you are not satisfied with the offered contract, you may not accept it and continue searching for a better one.

Once you find the right offer for your financial needs, you should sign it with e-signature, which means you agree with all the terms and fees that the lender offered in the loan. After the agreement, you will get your money into your checking account in less than a business day.


  • Higher loan amounts offered
  • Free services are offered
  • Trusted lending platform
  • High rating by many satisfied clients
  • Multi-purpose loans
  • Best for consolidating debt
  • 24 hours available customer service


  • High loan amounts may have high APR
  • A minimum amount of $1,000

Customers Experience

Personal Loans have the highest customer rating. With four out of five stars, Personal Loans can be one of the best lending platforms. The clients wrote that they got quick loan approvals and received their money the very next day. Some lenders do not take the credit score as a criterion to approve the loan, which is an excellent reason to apply for a loan on this platform.

Many applicants are happy that the APR is not high and the interest rates are affordable for anyone that wants an urgent amount of money without hidden fees. For any additional questions about the repayments, you can easily contact the lender that borrowed you the money.

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Factors to Consider When Searching for Debt Consolidation Loans

  • Your Monthly Income

Once you decide to consolidate the debt, calculate your monthly income, and whether it is enough to get another loan to cover the credit cards. If your credit card interest rates are high, it may be the best choice to get one loan and get rid of the other credits with different APR.

When a short term loan is offered, ensure that your monthly income is enough to cover the monthly repayment without worsening your financial situation. Some lending platforms require a minimum monthly income to ensure the lenders that you can pay off the loan.

Some lenders may offer loans with high charges if your credit score is bad or your monthly incomes are too low. Always read twice before accepting the offer. You are borrowing money for unexpected needs, not to get a loan to worsen your financial situation.

  • The Loan Amount

Some lending platforms offer short-term loans up to $5,000, while others include a higher amount of loans for about $35,000. Make a list of the costs you need to cover up with the loan, and do not borrow a higher amount than needed. The higher the loan is, the higher the costs will be.

The borrowed amount is a factor that determines the APR and other lending costs. The lender may offer repayments that are higher than expected, and that may worsen your finances. The APR may be a maximum of 35,99%, which is really high if you borrow a higher amount. Once you decide how much you need to borrow, search for the best option to help you get out of the situation.

  • Loan Charges And Additional Fees

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a monthly charge you need to pay for the borrowed money. It may vary from 5,99% to 35,99% depending on your monthly income, the borrowed amount of money, your creditworthiness, repayment time, lender’s terms, etc. The APR will be calculated in the offer before you sign it.

The costs may be different from lender to lender, and you are not obligated to accept any offer that has high charges that may worsen your financial situation instead of improving it. Carefully read the agreement before you sign it. There may be hidden charges that may cost you a lot, and nobody will take the consequences if you are not careful. Some lenders may charge late repayment penalties or early pay-off penalties if you are not respecting the dates in the contract you agreed with.

  • Possible Disadvantages Of Online Loans

Besides the benefits you may get from the online lending platforms, you have to be careful because there are also possible disadvantages. There may be confusing terms and conditions.

It is harder to understand lenders’ terms if you are not talking face to face. If you ask many questions about everything that confuses you, you may lose time, and maybe the lender will not provide you with the correct answers.

You are not able to explain your current financial situation. If you have complicated financial issues, they may be hard to explain, and the lender may offer a loan that is not helpful to improve your situation and cover your needs.

Also, the online rates may confuse you, and the calculations may be complicated to understand. It may be a good option to check the bank credit options and ask if it is possible to get a credit with a lower interest rate as a loyal customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How Do Debt Consolidation Loans Work?

A debt consolidation loan is a way to refinance the debt. You can apply for a loan to cover up the existing debts. Once you get approval, you can use the funds to pay off the current debt balances. Then you will repay the new loan over time.

These loans have fixed rates, which means the interest rate never changes, and you can make predictable repayments every month. If you have many credit cards with different interest rates, you can search for a debt consolidation loan to cover up the credit cards. This way, you will have one repayment instead of three or four.

Q.2 Is A Debt Consolidation Loan Easy To Get?

It may take time to apply for a debt consolidation loan in a bank. That is why the online lending platform exists. They make the lending process much easier, and you can get a quick amount of cash. If you search in the right place, yes, it is easy to get a debt consolidation loan.

The online payday lenders offer loans up to $35,000, which is enough to cover multiple credit cards with different interest rates. The application for a loan is easy and simple, and if you get approval, the lender will transfer your money in less than a business day.

Q.3 Why Are Debt Settlement Loans Helpful?

Because it is easier to pay monthly repayments with fixed interest rates instead of paying multiple credit cards with different interest rates. Another reason is the fact that this kind of loan has lower interest rates, which can save your money. It may also raise your credit score by covering multiple credit cards at once.

Q.4 What Is The Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

APR is the cost you have to pay each month to the borrowed money from a lender. The APR may help you calculate the monthly repayments. It may vary from 5,99% to 35,99% depending on many reasons, like the borrowed amount, client’s credit score, repayment time, etc.

It may also depend on the lender you work with. Every lender has different terms and conditions, and the APR may vary from lender to lender. You may find two different types of APR. Fixed and variable. The fixed APR means the repayments are the same every month until the end of the loan repayment. The variable APR may vary over the loan’s lifetime.

Q.5 What Are The Requirements To Apply For A Debt Consolidation Loan?

Under government law, clients who want to apply for a debt consolidation loan should meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be older than 18 years
  • Must be a citizen of the USA or have permanent residence in the USA
  • Must have regular monthly income
  • Has to be employed for longer than 90 days
  • Must have a bank account in his name
  • Must have valid work and phone numbers
  • Must have a valid email address

If the applicant does not meet these requirements, he can not apply for a debt consolidation loan.

Q.6 What Kind Of Information Requires The Online Form?

The main online form requires personal information about the applicant. The client has to fill the form with his name and surname, date of birth, living address, zip code, country, employment information, work and personal phone number, valid email address, amount of loan he wants to borrow, the time he will repay the loan, etc.

These are the basic information that the lender provides to decide if he wants to send you an offer or not. Some lenders may ask for additional information about the monthly income and the bank account details.

Also, we want to note that your personal information is safe, and the online lending platforms are not sharing your information publicly. They share the information only with the lenders and the third-party lender networks. The information must be accurate, otherwise, the application will be rejected, and the client will not get an offer.

Q.7 What Is A Credit Score?

CIBIL score, also known as credit score, represents the client’s creditworthiness. It is a three-digit code that varies from 300 to 900. The higher the level is, the better the credit score will be. Clients with higher credit scores have better chances to get credit approval.

The credit score depends on how the client pays his credit cards and the loans from the bank. If you have a bad credit score, you can simply improve it by paying off the credit cards on time. Having an excellent credit score means the client has an impressive credit history.

When applying for a debt consolidation loan, the lenders do not take the credit score as a criterion for loan approval. The debt consolidation loan is a loan that is used to cover up multiple credit cards. Paying off all the credit cards at once may improve your credit score.

Q.8 What Makes The Credit Score Bad, And How To Improve It?

The repayments of the credit determine the CIBIL score. If your repayments are usually late or skipped, the credit score may decrease, and your credit history will be marked as bad. Having a bad credit score means that it would be harder to get loan approval. The lenders will see that you are not responsible for the borrowed amount repayments, and they may protect themselves by rejecting your loan request.

But you may easily improve your credit score by simply paying off the repayments on time. Once your credit balance is getting better, your credit score will increase. If your credit scores are getting better, the lenders will see that you have good credit behavior that may increase your CIBIL score in the future.


As we can see, applying for a debt consolidation loan is relatively fast and easy. Having multiple credit cards with different interest rates may complicate your financial situation. There is an option that the private lenders offer if you have a financial issue like this. You can easily find a loan that may cover up your credit cards.

The debt consolidation loan is good because you would not have to pay different credits with variable interest rates. You will pay off only one loan with a fixed APR. You will manage your finances better because you will know the exact amount you should repay in the whole loan’s life.

If you decide to apply for a debt consolidation loan, you will save money instead of spending it on different interest rates. This kind of loan may improve your credit score, which will increase your score even more in the future.

The application for a debt consolidation loan is quick and straightforward. It takes a few minutes to fill the form and maybe a few hours to get approval. Once you get loan approval, the money will be transferred to your bank account in less than a business day.

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