2022’s Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval: Get Personal Loans For Bad Credit From Top Mortgage Lenders

Applying for bank loans is a guaranteed stressful process that can take all your energy and time; this is more strenuous for people with a poor credit score. It is almost impossible for such people to access a proper conventional loan. Under bank regulations, loan applicants must have at least a 660-credit score under FICO, and they will cross-check this during the application process.

What solution is available to salvage the situation? Online lenders give bad credit loan deals to people with bad credit scores. You can apply online, and you are guaranteed to receive the requested loan amount or something available for your credit score.

This kind of loan is usually to settle an emergency, and many platforms offer loan services to people with bad credit scores to settle their emergency. However, the sole of these platforms is wicked – they know people with bad credit are in a compromising situation, so they try to extort them by charging exorbitant interest rates or extra fees.

Essentially, this is why we decided to put together a list of reliable platforms that will offer you guaranteed loan services regardless of your credit score without charging you any extra fees. These involved platforms do not undergo deep credit checks on your account, ensuring you are charged a low APR.

Our Pick for the Top Five (5) Platforms Are:

  1. Money Mutual: Overall Best Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval
  2. Bad Credit Loans: Top Direct Lenders For Bad Credit Loans With Poor Credit Score
  3. RadCred: Loan Lender For Emergency Loans & Same Day Loans
  4. CashUSA: Get Speedy Cash Advance & Installment Loans
  5. Personal Loans: Reliable Lender For Personal Loans With Bad Credit

#1. Money Mutual: Overall Best Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval


Due to recent hardship, a survey was taken to see how many people could afford at least $400 for an emergency; the percentage that came out was 40% of the whole of America. This is one of the motivations for why this brand was established.

The major reason people could not come up with that money is that they spent all their money on expenses and borrowed without being able to pay it back. This gave them a bad credit score, which means they would find it difficult to get a lender. Therefore, this platform was established in 2010 to help such people secure the loans they need during an emergency.

MoneyMutual does not loan people money directly; they offer the services of a link-up man; they connect borrowers to potential lenders who are willing to give them the loan they need. The loan application process is easiest; users are just required to fill out an application form through the platform, including some of your details but not something too deep.

These pieces of information are what lenders need to weigh if they will offer you a loan or not. For example, the form could ask for your age, your level of financial stability, and the amount you earn. After you have filled and submitted the form, the platform will send your information out to their pool of lenders, and whoever wants to give you a loan will respond and be matched with you.

The platform had over 100 lenders that offered borrowers guaranteed loans for emergency times. You do not have to accept the first lender that is matched with you because another and others will be matched.

It pays to have a conversation with them and hear what they offer you. Go through their terms and conditions thoroughly to ensure you select a loan deal you can repay easily. You do not need more bad effects on your credit score. Payday loans are a way to build back your credit score.

You can also negotiate the loan terms with a lender you fancy and try to let them see things from your angle and offer something you can repay with ease. All of the lenders on the platform are not tied or connected to money mutual.

So, it would be best for you to scrutinize your options properly, so you do not fall into the wrong hands. The platform considers these lenders as third parties, so they refuse to get involved in an altercation that might arise later.


  • The platform has been able to maintain many of its users due to the level of private information security they provide. Their platform is secure.
  • They operate on a transparent level with their users. And they look to educate borrowers on how the loans work and how they can improve their credit scores.
  • The platform ensures that the lenders they connect you with do not charge you exorbitant APR/interest rates. The rates they charge might differ from lender to lender; however, there is a range it will not surpass.
  • The customer reviews about the brand are top-notch. People have shown that they love the platform’s operations and the way they ensure funds are transferred in quick time.


  • The loan application and approval process do not take time. Within a couple of minutes, everything is settled and agreed upon.
  • The platform’s website is easy for laypeople to surf through, and there is information regarding how they can help their credit score.
  • The platform offers users a transfer time of fewer than 24 hours after the loan application has been approved.
  • They operate with a large pool of lenders.
  • Their website might be one of the most secure loaning platforms.
  • They do not charge borrowers for applying for loans using their platform.


  • Only people that are United States citizens or permitted permanent residents can use the platform to get a loan.
  • The platform does not offer its services to people that stay in New York or Connecticut.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans: Top Direct Lenders For Bad Credit Loans With Poor Credit Score


Badcreditloans was first started in 1999, they have been in the business of offering borrowers with bad credit to get loans, and they have maintained its status in the industry since then. As with the others, the platform acts as a connector to lenders that will offer you guaranteed bad credit personal loan to solve your emergency. In addition, they also offer services concerning debt relief, credit card refinancing, rent, vacation, auto repairs, and medical situations.

They also offer users an advice-seeking platform, where you can ask for a consultant who can walk through your decision-making process to make an informed decision. However, you do not have to follow the ad use of the platform. This brand does not serve as a direct lender; they operate using third-party lenders. The loan amount you can request for or be offered will depend on how bad your credit score is and your financial stability.

The platform restricts the level of interest and APR rates to a range to help the borrowers. However, borrowers are required to be at least eighteen (18) years old before applying for a loan. In addition, they need to prove that they earn consistently and are United States citizens or permitted residents.


  • This platform is one of the most experienced loaning platforms on the market, and this experience has helped them operate better. In addition, they have found a way to build reliable customer service that is always available to borrowers for inquiries.
  • The platform is transparent about how they work with borrowers. The information you require to understand the process of applying for a bad credit loan is shared with you to ensure you stay informed about the situation.
  • As you know already, these platforms are not direct lenders; they only act as a connector to lenders. Lenders are the ones who decide on the type of loan and the rates they will charge you. However, the platform had placed a restriction range on the level of interest/APR rates they could charge.
  • The platform allows borrowers to skim through the lender options available to them. That way, they can take their time and decide which of the lenders is offering the best deal possible. And if they are unsatisfied with all the lenders, they can negotiate the terms or decide to cancel the application entirely.


  • The loan application process on the platform is easy to start and finish on time.
  • This helps users get a more comfortable loan type instead of going through a stressful bank process that does not offer a guaranteed loan.
  • You do not need to submit multiple applications – the one form you filled will be duplicated and sent to lenders.
  • Their customer service agents are always available to answer your questions.
  • They ensure that user information is kept private and safe from third parties.


  • You might be asked for more extensive personal information and some financial information.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoan

#3. RadCred: Loan Lender For Emergency Loans & Same Day Loans


The platform was created in 1998; they are like one of the oldest platforms on the market and the oldest on our list. This platform has served people as their loan connector and still maintains a reputation that has kept them relevant till now.

The platform does not actively lol to be a connector; they strive to help borrowers with everything financially. However, they do not give out direct loans. Instead, they ensure that borrowers are offered affordable interest and APR rates. The application process for Radcred is similar to the other platforms listed above.

Moreover, they are the best option for borrowers who need a small amount of money. TRUSTe, one of the top review platforms, rates radcred as one of the most reliable loan connectors. And the platform is also certified by McAfee Secure. This simply means that the user data submitted on the website is safe.


  • The customer reviews on a brand matter a lot to the success of that brand. So, for platforms with lots of bad reviews about them, it will be more difficult to have borrowers coming to their platform. However, the reviews about this platform are positive.
  • They have a website that is easy to surf through. As a beginner, you will be provided with on-screen instructions on using their website. Regardless of your familiarity with the website, you can still send your application within minutes.
  • This platform acts mainly as a connector between borrowers and lenders. However, they have other features like debt calculators and loan calculators. This can help you devise a plan on the loan amount to apply for and how to pay it back. They also educate users on financial matters that can help them improve their credit scores.


  • Their services are free of charge and very fast.
  • They use a great level of encryption to protect user’s information from the public.
  • The platform is verified and trusted by TRUSTe.
  • You do not need to meet anybody before applying for a loan. All of the processes are carried out online.
  • They ensure users get their applied money within a day or two.
  • The platform serves as one of the best platforms to get low amount loans.


  • Their requirements to be able to apply for a loan on the platform are strict, maybe too strict.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Radcred

#4. Cash USA: Get Speedy Cash Advance & Installment Loans


CashUSA is one of the most popular platforms right now; they are well known for the guaranteed personal loan they offer borrowers and the quality services they offer. They also act as a connector and ensure that users do not get connected to scam lenders or rip-offs.

This platform is well respected in the market. Users believe no matter how bad your credit score is, you are sure to get a loan on this platform. One of the platform’s perks is that the lenders do not do a deep check on your credit history.

The main point of concern is your current financial stability; Because that is what determines if you can pay the loan conveniently and on time. You do not have to go through maximum stress to obtain a loan.


  • One of the perks of the platform’s operations is its security and privacy. The brand stays up to date with the technologies that aid a successful protection scheme against third-party invaders. Certain protocols have to be followed to access the files stored in their database. In addition, they ensure to check their site daily to see if it has been breached or if there are loopholes that potential hackers might want to target.
  • Applying for a loan on the platform is quite easy and quick to finish. After your application has been submitted and received, you will most likely get matched with a lender immediately. Within minutes, you will have agreed to a loan amount and loan terms with one of the lenders.
  • This platform offers easy repayment methods. Unlike some platforms that will ask that you write them a check for the loan, this platform offers to help deduct the money from your account when you receive it. However, you can still choose to transfer the money yourself. However, it is more comfortable that you use the auto-pay feature as you can relax and focus on other things, and when the money enters your account, they deduct the loan amount.


  • Their website and other of their services are easy to know and understand. Easier for you to understand how they work.
  • Platform in recent times has registered that over one (1) million people visit their website every year.
  • The repayment plans are well negotiable, and they offer repayment means that put you at ease.
  • The platform operates with a pool of lenders that guarantees users a loan.
  • Their website provides important information to customers to help them grow financially.
  • Their encryption system is one of the best. In addition, they invest a lot in ensuring that the information submitted by users is well protected.


  • The platform requires too much information from its borrowers before they are linked to lenders.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#5. Personal Loans: Reliable Lender For Personal Loans With Bad Credit


Personal Loans offers users a convenient way of borrowing without feeling stigmatized because of their bad credit scores. Furthermore, they do not operate only with online lenders; they work outside their pool network of lenders who are willing to grant users a loan regardless of their bad credit score.

The company has its base in Utah, and they have been involved in connecting borrowers to lenders for a while now. Over the years of their operations, they have built a brand borrower can trust to look out for their best interest. You can apply for bad credit personal loans on this platform for whatever reason; it does not have to be emergency reasons.


  • The platform operates with an array of lenders. This makes loaning with them better because they will channel their energy to get you more than one lender option. That way, you can make a much better and more comfortable choice according to your financial stability.
  • Leniency is something that rings out when dealing with this platform. They ensure that the lenders they deal with are willing to understand when a borrower cannot pay back on time. They require the borrower to notify the platform or lender on time. You will be charged for late repayment; however, you should not worry about that; it might be a small amount.
  • As with the platforms we have mentioned before now, this platform also offers users a secure website to operate through. They ensure that users’ information is kept safe and secure from third-party eyes. In addition, their database requires passcodes before it can be breached.
  • Their customer service is of the best quality. They care for customer welfare and ensure that borrowers are educated on the loan process and can help them through their decision-making process.


  • They offer borrowers a repayment plan that will not stress them. For example, they can call and ask for more time to repay the loan.
  • You are not obligated to accept the first lender they match you with; wait and see the other options before deciding.
  • You can apply for a loan amount of up to $30,000
  • The application and approval process for emergency loans is quite easy.


  • Some lenders that operate through the platform will ask you to repay the loan twice a month.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans

How We Made This List Of Bad Credit Loan Lender

This article recommends five (5) top platforms that guarantee loan services for people with bad credit scores. Unfortunately, due to the development of the industry, there has been some establishment of fraudulent brands or brands that want to rip off borrowers.

Therefore, the energy and research you will need to invest in ascertaining the best platforms to apply for a loan might be too much for you. Therefore, we collected data on almost all the platforms on the market and then judged each platform by our markers to result in our last five (5) platforms.

What We Looked For:

To arrive at our final five (5) loan platforms, we set down some factors we looked for in each brand; these factors guided us to selecting platforms that provide quality services at zero extra cost.

  • Quick Transfer Time:

This is an important factor we considered during our selection process. If you can not access the loan amount you apply for in time to settle the emergency you need it for, then it is useless afterward. Therefore, most of the recommended platforms provide users with at least twenty-four (24) hours transfer time.

  • Annual Percentage Rate & Interest Rate:

The rate of APR offered by the scam platforms and those that are legit is enough difference to spot them apart. The scam brands will always charge exorbitant APR, while the legit platforms only charge reasonable APRs that the borrower can comfortably pay. This was a strong feature in our selection process as we only wanted legit platforms.

  • Credit Score Requirements:

Some platforms tell you they offer guaranteed loans to people with bad credit, yet they list credit score as a criterion for you securing a loan with them. Legit platforms do not require you to have a good credit score before offering loan services. Regardless of how bad it is, there is a loan type available for you. These are the types of platforms we recommended above.

  • Additional Fees or Charges:

Some platforms charge borrowers for using their loan services. This is wrong; it is a way for these platforms to extort borrowers of their money. Reliable brands do not charge borrowers anything for using their platform. On the contrary, they offer all of their loan services for free, including other additional services.

Factors to Consider When Looking to Choose a Bad Credit Loan Platform

Amount of Money You Need

The amount of money you need to settle the emergency you are in should be the first determinant of your choice. However, the type of loan you are getting will determine the amount you can be loaned; then, you can weigh that against your emergency.

Some loans will make an online lender charge you a high-interest rate. However, to stay in the good books, you should ensure the loan you are getting, and the extra fees attached are things you can pay back with ease.

According to nature, the higher the amount you request to be loaned, the longer your lender will take to provide the money. Although, if you request something around $500 to $600, you will get it easier and quicker. Also, the interest rate charged on smaller loan amounts is cheaper and easier to pay than the large sums.

Loan Terms & Conditions

Based on the type of loan you are applying for, you might get the chance to choose your preferred repayment plan. However, lenders will present you with options that work for them, and then you choose amongst those. Therefore, it is essential that whatever plan you pick should work well with your income; do not choose something you can not repay easily.

The lenses will receive your application form filled through the loan platform; they can then decide the type of loan they can offer you. After your conversation with them and both parties agree to work together, they will present you with the terms and conditions they are willing to work with.

These terms and conditions usually contain details regarding the loan; details such as the repayment time frame, the amount being loaned to you, and the APR you are being charged will be stated. Therefore, it is important to carefully scrutinize your options before settling for one.

Interest Rate and APR

This will affect the total amount you will repay; it depends on you to what extent it affects the total amount. Therefore, you must focus on getting the best rates possible, even if you should go through as many lender options as possible.

However, the interest/APR rates you will be charged are calculated by your credit score, the amount you are requesting, how much you earn monthly, the timeframe for repaying the loan, and others. Usually, borrowers with a really bad credit score or credit history will be charged more than the normal interest rate.

Stability is something you should be after; some lenders offer you a specific interest rate throughout your loan period (this rate covers the whole repayment time frame). If you choose a lender that offers interest rates that change as the timeframe increases, you might be stuck in debt.

Customer Service

This should be a strong determinant when going through your selection process. The lender you choose must offer responsive customer service. Some lenders go missing after the loan details have been sorted and signed. This is not good enough; you should choose a lender with 24/7 customer service willing to go through your inquiry regardless of the level.

No one is an island of knowledge – you might encounter some difficulty during the loan time; it might be related to processing the loan, refunding the loan amount, or repaying the loan amount. A platform with responsive customer service makes it easier to surf through those difficulties.

Repayment Time

If there is a problem during a loan process, this is usually where the problem arises from. We advised you to sit with your preferred lender and discuss the details of your repayment schedule; you should tailor the schedule to fit the money you earn monthly and the expenses you have to cover.

However, the type of plan a lender will be willing to agree to depend on the type of loan you are applying for. However, it is your choice on how the repayment will be made; you can decide to repay the money at once or pay in installments.


Sometimes things can happen beyond your control, and you miss your repayment time; most lenders have penalties set down for when that happens. As a result, they will charge you extra fees and penalties. For your sake and your credit history, try to negotiate your repayment time frame and plan properly to fit something you can pay easily.

It would help if you also negotiated the level of effect the penalties will have on the loaned amount. This will help you avoid certain types of issues, and that way, you can pay back the loan amount with zero or little extra charges.

After considering all of the factors we have listed above, you should ensure that the lender you select has years of experience lending money to people. Always look out for scam platforms to avoid falling victim.

However, we strongly recommend that you consider selecting one of the platforms we have listed above; they are five (5) of the best in the industry, and they offer loan services that are conducive and easy to pay back.

FAQs On Loans For Bad Credit

Q1: Is A Bank Account Required to Secure a Bad Credit Loan?

A bank account number is necessary when applying for a loan; a lender will request that during the pre-approval process.

Usually, the account holder’s name has to be the same name submitted by the borrower; this is necessary in case the borrower misses the repayment on purpose and enables both parties to transfer the money easily.

Borrowers looking to secure a credit loan are usually asked to submit a checking account with their name as the holder’s name.

Some of the other requirements to secure such type of loan are:

  • In addition, before one can apply for a bad credit loan, the borrower has to be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  • Before a loan can be approved, the borrower must present proof to show they are citizens of the United States or have a permanent residency permit.
  • The borrower has to be free of any debt; although their credit can be bad, they must be financially stable and earn at least $1,000 every month.
  • Borrowers must submit a valid home and work address along with an active phone number and an email.

The requirements we have listed above are just some of what lenders will require; these are just the common ones. When dealing with third-party lenders, you might be asked for more information, and the eligibility criteria might be tougher to meet. In addition, the type of loans varies from lender to lender.

In addition, some lenders require that borrowers provide a bank account with their name as the holder’s name so they can gain authorization to withdraw their loan money from the account when it is due. Therefore, as a borrower, you should endeavor to inform your lender about your potential inability to repay the loan amount. That way, they will not withdraw your money.

Q2: How Can I Secure a Loan Without the Lender Checking My Credit History or Credit Score?

This might be possible to carry out; however, there is always a price for this kind of thing. The lenders that will offer you loans without checking your credit history usually do so at a higher interest/APR. In addition, they might add extra charges to risk giving you the loan without checking any of your credit details.

You can take some steps to secure a loan without having the lender check through your credit history or credit score.

They are:

  • There is a loan type called an auto title loan. Under this form of loan, you will be asked to put your car down as collateral if you can not pay the loan. When you can not repay the loan amount, the lender can take your car and do whatever they please with it.
  • Another place you can get loans without having your credit history checked is a pawn shop. These shops offer loans to potential borrowers at a very high-interest rate. However, they offer different loan options for borrowers to choose from. However, you can avoid the high-interest rate of mortgaging a property of yours with the pawnshop, although you may lose your property if you do not repay the loan.

Honestly, if you consider both options, they might be stressful for you to embark on. Also, online lenders are willing to offer borrowers loans without checking their credit history/score. However, you will be required to prove that you are stable financially. In a loan process, what matters more to a lender is your financial stability; your credit history or score is just a way to determine the loan amount and interest rate.

You should also note that the two (2) ways we have listed above will have you losing more when you can not repay the loan. And if you are late with repaying your loan, you will be charged a very high penalty. Therefore, we advise you to relax your mind and embrace your credit score; you should make efforts to improve it. Before applying for a loan, ensure your finances are stable enough to pay back the loan; that is all that matters.

Q3: What Are the Expected Interest Rates on Bad Credit Loans?

According to FICO, if your credit score is below 670, you will have a bad credit score. And when your credit score goes below 580, it is considered a very poor score.

Applying for a loan or getting your loan approved varies from lender to lender. And as you are aware already, your credit score or history plays a huge part in deciding the interest/APR rate you will be charged.

This makes it difficult to estimate the rate you will be paying. However, there is a range of interest rates, and your rate will fall in between. The range is 5.99% to 35.99%, depending on how bad your credit score is.

Q4: What Measures Can I Take To Improve My Credit Score Or History?

Improving your credit score can require a lot of effort; however, it can be carried out regardless. The steps you need to take are:

  • First of all, you have to get a greater understanding of your free credit report by the end of every month.
  • Paying your bills can have a massive effect on your credit score, either good or bad? Your credit score will be affected when you reluctantly refuse their charges.
  • Whatever loan installment you have on the ground must be let go before you can start building your score.
  • You will need to meet intelligent financial advisors to put you through what you need to do and advise you on your financial decisions.
  • You have to ensure that you do not miss any of your repayment dates – better still, try to make this repayment before the deadline day. This will help boost your credit score better.

Wrapping Up On The Best Online Loans For Bad Credit

The energy you will need to invest in your loan application process is quite minimal compared to the Orthodox loan system. You will have to fill out fewer papers, and you are guaranteed to get a loan regardless of how bad your credit score might be.

The platforms we have recommended are the best at what they do. It links you up with great lenders that will give you loans.

The platforms we have listed above usually get involved in the loan amount calculator process; they come together with the lender to decide the amount you should loan, depending on your credit score and situation.

They also offer services to help you improve your credit score so you don’t have to borrow low amounts; they will help you plan your repayments to fit your financial ability perfectly.

We do not expect that these platforms are what you will go for, but you should consider doing that as they are the safest options on the market, and the quality they offer is unrivaled.

Ensure you ask your potential lenders all the questions necessary; it will save you time and effort if you can get the information you need before going further with the discussion.

In addition, you can do thorough research on the lenders you will be willing to work with and go through their loan process for your comfort. This will give you a better understanding of how to approach the situation. And help you decide faster on the platform you should work with.

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