15 Best Tinnitus Supplements for Ear Ringing Relief Support

Struggling with tinnitus can drastically alter the quality of your life. Consider our carefully selected best tinnitus supplements for ear ringing relief.

Tinnitus affects approximately 10-15% of the global population. Now, while most cases of tinnitus are mild, extreme cases exist where the sufferer experiences a ringing sensation constantly—undoubtedly a highly distressing way to live.

However, although tinnitus affects millions, there are no established treatments for the condition for its complete removal.

Yes. Unfortunately, tinnitus is mainly incurable by traditional medicine. The possibility of healing mainly depends upon the condition’s primary causes, which in most cases can be difficult to identify.

This is why many people are now turning to the best tinnitus supplements for ear ringing relief instead of consulting a physician. Although this is still a controversial move, it is quickly gaining traction.

Below are the best 15 supplements reviewed.

Who Should Take Tinnitus Supplements?

A common concern consumers of tinnitus supplements have is whether they are suitable only for seniors, i.e., elderly women and men. While being of an advanced age does increase one’s chances of being afflicted by tinnitus, it is not an illness limited only to elderly people.

So, anyone who experiences tinnitus symptoms can or should take dietary supplements for tinnitus. The supplements we have reviewed for you below have all-natural ingredients, which makes them perfectly safe for consumption by even non-tinnitus sufferers.

You might also be interested in taking tinnitus supplements if you don’t currently suffer from the condition but are concerned that you will develop it over time due to your work.

If, in your profession, you come into close contact with guns, airplanes or are exposed to other loud noises, you might want to take tinnitus supplements as a precautionary measure. Unfortunately, even one instance of being exposed to loud noise, particularly in an enclosed space, can set you up for a lifetime of tinnitus.

So, with that in mind, let’s move on to today’s reviews of the best tinnitus supplements.

Top Supplements for Tinnitus Symptoms in 2021

We combed the internet for reviews and read all the studies we could get our hands-on. First, we created a long list, then a shortlist, plus there was plenty of discussion and analysis. These supplements listed below are the 15 best tinnitus supplements on the market today, according to our findings:

  • Silencil
  • Tinnitus 911
  • Synapse XT
  • Sonus Complete
  • Sonavel
  • Ring Relief Ultra
  • RingHush
  • Quietum Plus
  • Serenity Prime
  • Tinnisil
  • Triple Tinnitus Formula
  • Ring Free
  • Silence Solution Silent Ears Formula
  • The Tinnitus Free System (Bonus Guide)
  • Tinnitus Terminator (Bonus Guide)

Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into the reviews of the top tinnitus supplements.


image 7

Our top pick today is Silencil, a supplement that is widely revered in online tinnitus forums. The reason behind that is pretty obvious: Silencil has a high-efficiency rate, and consumers swear that it has helped to reduce symptoms.

One bottle of Silencil comes with 30 capsules that have tinnitus-fighting ingredients packed into them. If you’re dealing with uncomfortable sounds in your ear and are looking for natural ways to bring them to a stop, Silencil might be what brings you tinnitus relief.

The logic behind Silencil is neurology-based rather than auricular. Silencil manufacturers claim that they target brain inflammation, which they believe to be the root cause of tinnitus.

So, consuming Silencil possibly brings the added benefit of lowered brain fog, if that’s something you struggle with besides hearing loss caused by tinnitus.

Silencil contains the following key ingredients: oat straw, skullcap, hawthorn berry, GABA, ashwagandha, and Rhodiola Rosea. Some of the ingredients in this natural supplement act like adaptogens, which bolster your body’s immune response, while others have an antioxidant effect that helps deal with inflammation.

Although Silencil might be too expensive for some, consider that its price is not much higher than that of other supplements.


  • One of the most popular tinnitus supplements currently on the market
  • Formulated with all-natural ingredients such as oat straw
  • Complete with both adaptogens and antioxidants
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind


  • Not suitable for tinnitus patients below the age of 18

Tinnitus 911

image 13

If you like the inventive name of this tinnitus supplement, you’ll love its effects even more. Available from PhytAge Labs, this is a top-ranked supplement that has won the hearts of tinnitus sufferers all throughout the U.S. and even outside it.

But what makes PhytAge Labs Tinnitus 911 stand out is undoubtedly the presence of a medical advisory board in PhytAge Labs, which vets and double-checks all ingredients used in the making of their supplements. Although supplements are not the faves of the medical community, a medical advisory board certainly helps matters.

Like many other supplements at the forefront of the market, Tinnitus 911 makes use of ingredients like garlic extract, olive leaf, hawthorn berry, hibiscus, and other highly sought-after plant-based ingredients.

Although many of these ingredients might sound foreign to Western consumers, they have been used widely in traditional Eastern medicine for centuries now to treat inflammation. And inflammation is widely considered to be one of the main causes of tinnitus.

Like many respectable supplements for tinnitus relief, Tinnitus 911 comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and is available at a competitive price.


  • Comes with ingredients that promote a sound sleep
  • Contains potent ingredients known to fight inflammation
  • Manufactured in a facility registered with the Food and Drug Administration
  • 60-day refund policy makes it popular for first-time buyers
  • Might help with neurological issues as well as hearing
  • PhytAge has their own medical advisory board


  • Poor online customer service

Synapse XT

image 10

According to the makers of Synapse XT, it is a supplement that can eliminate the ringing in your ears and improve hearing clarity within a short period of time. Based out of Utah, this company makes it a point to use only the most efficient ingredients in the formulation of their supplements.

But what truly makes Synapse XT stand out are the benefits it provides for the user’s brain (which you may have grasped from the supplement’s name).

So, whether it’s only tinnitus problems you’re struggling with or long-term mental relief is what you’re seeking, you’ll definitely find yourself interested in what Synapse XT has to offer.

This is made possible thanks to the roster of impressive ingredients used in the making of Synapse XT, including hibiscus, rosemary, and garlic. Something else we also love about this supplement is that its manufacturer discloses the list of ingredients upfront and avoids the use of proprietary formulas.

And unlike many other tinnitus aids, the use of Synapse XT is not limited to adults only. It’s also suitable for users of all genders.


  • Available in 3 different plans to suit the needs of every kind of user
  • Has proven benefits for brain function
  • Ingredients include juniper berry for antioxidant benefits
  • An all-natural roster of ingredients promotes good health holistically


  • Not available for purchase offline

Sonus Complete

image 9

Sonus is a Latin word literally translating to “sound” or “noise.” So, it’s only fitting that this supplement is called Sonus Complete because using it has brought hearing relief to many users.

This supplement has a complete formula that brings together plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, and herbal extracts into one convenient pill. And the benefits of taking this supplement are not limited to your hearing but extend to your brain as well.

Like Silencil and Tinnitus 911, Sonus Complete also comes with garlic, olive leaf, and hawthorn, three ingredients that are thought to provide the most potent remedy for tinnitus. The reasoning behind this is the reduction of inflammation, which allows your brain to interpret your ears’ signals better.

Other than improving neurological function and fighting against constant ringing in the ears, Sonus Complete also promotes your day-to-day health and wellness. This is thanks to the inclusion of minerals and vitamins as well as folic acid. So, whether or not you experience tinnitus, this supplement helps nearly everyone.


  • Brings holistic health benefits instead of just improving hearing
  • Directly targets inflammation to reduce tinnitus symptoms
  • Improves brain function and reduces brain fog
  • All-natural ingredients to keep your mind at ease


  • Not suitable for users under 18 or pregnant women


image 8

If you’re looking to resolve your hearing problems with the help of nature instead of resorting to surgery or other expensive tinnitus treatments, Sonavel is here to help.

Boasting a list of entirely natural ingredients included at standard dosages, Sonavel’s reputation ranges far and wide for providing tinnitus relief without manifesting any significant side effects.

Formulated with plants and herbal extracts like a garlic bulb, hibiscus flower, rosemary, and hawthorn berry, Sonavel readily bolsters your body’s fight against inflammation and, thereby, tinnitus.

Sonavel also includes vitamin B6, riboflavin, potassium, folate, and magnesium. It’s no wonder that this multivitamin formula is so popular among tinnitus patients everywhere.

Sonavel also targets your circulation, something we haven’t seen in many other tinnitus supplements. Besides enhancing blood flow, Sonavel also claims to contribute toward lessening stress and anxiety and lowering blood pressure. You might even see an improvement in the quality of your skin with Sonavel!


  • Made with high-quality, effective herbs and plants
  • Produced in a GMP-certified facility following FDA regulation
  • Does not use animal testing
  • Formulated with powerful antioxidants that support memory, hearing, and focus
  • Might promote better mental health alongside tinnitus relief


  • Not available offline; must be bought from the official website only

Ring Relief Ultra

image 3

At number 6, we have RingRelief Ultra. Although this tinnitus supplement hasn’t garnered as much of a reputation as the other well-known supplements above, it has definitely made a difference in the lives of many of its users.

Ring Relief Ultra claims to provide a workable remedy for your tinnitus, but it also promotes brain health. With its list of natural, potent ingredients, Ring Relief Ultra supports your body in its fight against a number of health problems.

The main ingredient of interest in this natural supplement is Ginkgo Biloba, which has been found to fight against a number of health problems, including hearing issues.

Besides this, this dietary supplement also includes garlic and magnesium. With the help of these components, this supplement claims to target the root cause of tinnitus— inflammation. And it has brought relief to many sufferers.

Like all tinnitus supplements worth buying, Ring Relief Ultra also comes with a money-back guarantee, so if you’re dissatisfied with the results after up to 60 days of consumption, you can get a refund and move on to the next treatment for your medical condition.


  • Formulated with entirely natural and safe ingredients
  • Promotes better sleep for relief from tinnitus anguish
  • Little to no side effects in most users
  • Priced more reasonably than other supplements


  • Might take up to 3 months to show results


image 4

True to its name, RingHush is dedicated to silencing the buzzing, ringing, or whooshing sound in your ear that’s tormenting you. With the help of the natural ingredients used to formulate RingHush, the manufacturers claim that you might be able to rid yourself of tinnitus for good.

So why does RingHush stand out? While all the supplements we’ve found thus far make use of ingredients that target inflammation and/or oxidation, RingHush tinnitus supplements work through natural digestive health proponents such as probiotics and laxatives.

This digestion-first approach is what, according to the manufacturers, helps them solve your hearing problems.

But wait, what do digestive problems have to do with tinnitus? Think of it this way: your digestive tract is where your body rids itself of toxins. The main grunt work in immunity is actually performed in your gut.

So, if your gut is malfunctioning or unhealthy, it’s likely that you will have a larger amount of toxins in your body. Therefore, by targeting those toxins, RingHush aims to boost your entire immune system and bring you tinnitus relief.


  • Targets toxins in the gut rather than the ear
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Takes a digestive approach rather than an inflammatory one
  • A good choice for those with digestive issues


  • May not work in tinnitus patients without digestive issues

Quietum Plus

image 1

Another tinnitus supplement that works by targeting toxins is Quietum Plus, which has been steadily gaining traction in the world of tinnitus treatments. Over the years, your ears face a build-up of toxins resulting from continuous exposure to external stressors in your environment.

Quietum Plus claims to deal with these toxins swiftly and surely, thereby relieving you from tinnitus pain. The approach of Quietum Plus is 3-pronged. Firstly, the supplement’s active natural ingredients come to work together in the fight against the root causes of your hearing condition.

Next, influences of environmental stressors and toxic inflammation are targeted. Lastly, mental focus and nerve function are targeted so that any anxiety or mental instability arising from tinnitus can be dealt with. So, with two Quietum Plus pills a day, you’ll be experiencing an improvement in your overall health, not only tinnitus.

The ingredients used in Quietum Plus are yam, black cohosh, blessed thistle, Dong Quai, chaste tree, licorice, and hops extract, among others. These unique ingredients are another reason to consider this supplement instead of others; the powers of traditional Eastern medicine are being harnessed here!


  • Promotes overall health, including mental stability
  • Targets environmental stresses responsible for the tinnitus
  • Formulated with unique ingredients found in traditional Eastern medicine
  • Helps with ear infections and other hearing problems


  • We couldn’t find any cons for this product

Serenity Prime

image 5

Adam Davis, the creator of Serenity Prime, claims that it was God who sent him on a mission to create Serenity Prime and bring much-sought relief to legions of unfortunate people who are desperately looking for sustainable tinnitus solutions.

Well, whether or not it was actually God who sent him, Serenity Prime is certainly doing what it was made to do for many people.

With the help of ingredients such as herbs and plants, alongside vitamins and minerals, some of Serenity Prime’s components are hard to find in others. This includes goji, hops, and St. John’s wort, and each of these ingredients has a special benefit for every kind of user.

If you struggle with getting good / enough sleep, Serenity Prime can help. Its formula includes chamomile, L-tryptophan, lemon balm extract, and, most importantly, melatonin.

All of these ingredients are readily found in popular sleep supplements and bring ultimate peace for those who have a hard time slipping into slumber because of their ear problems.


  • Promotes good sleep and a healthy circadian rhythm
  • Formulated with unique ingredients to target different health issues
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Goji berry component supports kidney health


  • Might not provide results for elderly users


image 12

If you’re looking for a natural tinnitus aid on a budget, you’ll love this pick. Tinnisil works by targeting the function of your inner ear, as well as improving blood flow.

Each dose of Tinnisil, which is 2 capsules, contains 360mg of the natural active ingredients used in its formulation. These include vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as antioxidants and plant extracts such as Ginkgo Biloba and CoQ10.

The reason we appreciate Tinnisil is because despite containing all the ingredients found in higher-end supplements, it is available at a price point that is almost half of the latter.

And given that this supplement targets circulatory issues as well as those pertaining to hearing, you can expect to see an improvement in your overall health as well.


  • One of the most affordable options in the tinnitus supplement industry
  • Easy to consume dosage of 2 pills a day
  • Made with all-natural ingredients, including Ginkgo Biloba
  • Targets circulatory issues as well as hearing problems


  • Lack of scientific backing for ingredient efficacy

Triple Tinnitus Formula

image 15

Here, we have Three Naturals’ solution to tinnitus, the Triple Tinnitus Formula. This supplement claims to not only support your hearing but promote healthy blood flow, lessen blood pressure, control your heart rate and bolster healthy brain activity.

In fact, it is through targeting the circulatory system that the Triple Tinnitus Formula claims to put your tinnitus woes to rest.

If you don’t have circulatory issues, this supplement may not be for you. But for those with persistent heart issues, this is a great choice.

Triple Tinnitus Formula specifically targets throbbing, buzzing, and ringing noises in the ear, but it also makes short work of headaches and other kinds of pain experienced by tinnitus sufferers.

Achieving these effects is made possible for the Triple Tinnitus Formula with the help of green tea leaf extract, garlic, olive leaf, and juniper berry, which are some of the most popular ingredients in the market for natural tinnitus treatments.


  • Produced using a number of potent and effective ingredients
  • Targets the root cause of circulatory issues to fight tinnitus
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals or fillers
  • Also fights aging, which is another underlying cause of tinnitus


  • Might not be suitable for those who don’t have circulatory problems

Ring Free

image 2

By now, you know what top rated tinnitus supplements look like. Well, Ring Free is not very different from those supplements. It is formulated with many of the same ingredients, but what sets it apart is the use of a homeopathic formula that includes components such as dandelion extract and green tea leaf.

Manufactured in the United States, Ring Free comes with ingredients such as silk powder, juniper berry, and watermelon powder to help treat the medical condition known as tinnitus.

Although these might sound out of place, they have a number of potent benefits, which can be found on the official Ring Free website. For those who have been struggling to find an adequate natural solution to their ear problems, Ring Free might be the last stop!


  • Homeopathic formulation makes it more effective in some ways
  • Contains unique ingredients such as dandelion extract
  • Watermelon component promotes healthy skin
  • Slows aging, targets inflammation, and fights hearing loss


  • We couldn’t find any cons for this supplement

Silence Solution Silent Ears Formula

image 6

We like a bit of alliteration in the names of the supplements we choose. But Silence Solution is more than just its name: this scientifically formulated supplement has one of the highest doses on this list, making it that much more potent and powerful.

In each serving of Silence Solution, you get 1400mg of citrus bioflavonoids, which combine with rutin powder to target inflammation and bolster your immune system. You might even recover somewhat from hearing loss besides lowered constant ringing in the ears.

But the best thing about this tinnitus supplement is undoubtedly its low price. Despite the fact that it contains some of the most effective ingredients, this supplement won’t blow a hole in your wallet.

That said, we would advise you to be cautious with administering this supplement if you’re thinking of getting it for an elderly relative or one who is below 18 years of age.


  • One of the most powerful natural tinnitus supplements on the market today
  • Made with a vitamin C-rich formula that helps your immune system
  • May be more suitable for those with compromised immune systems
  • Has a longer money-back guarantee than other supplements


  • The high dose is not recommended for all users

Bonus: Tinnitus Guides

In most cases of tinnitus, it’s usually not just about taking the right supplements and/or medication. Typically, improvements in lifestyle habits are also recommended for ear health.

With that in mind, we’ve selected the two following tinnitus guides especially for our worse-off readers:

The Tinnitus Free System

image 11

Priced incredibly reasonably, the Tinnitus Free System is ideal for those who have been able to successfully identify the root causes of their condition.

Filled with lessons and personalized sound therapy to improve the quality of your life from multiple angles, the Tinnitus Free System helps you deal with issues such as headaches while helping you to beat depression and get better sleep at night.

The main idea behind the Tinnitus Free System is that it takes only a few simple changes in one’s diet to bring about positive results for their hearing. The creator of the system claims that they were able to solve their tinnitus permanently with lifestyle changes, which they are happy to share with you.

The Tinnitus Free System is made up of digital guides in the form of eBooks and videos. It comes with a money-back guarantee, so if you find it to be inefficient, there’s no fee to pay for changing your mind.


  • The ideal choice for anyone looking to make lifestyle changes
  • Consists of a number of different guide platforms such as eBooks and videos
  • Helps fight depression arising from tinnitus
  • Teaches you to sleep better at night


  • Takes a psychological approach rather than helping bodily immune responses

Tinnitus Terminator

image 14

Does the name ‘Tinnitus Terminator’ sound cool to you, or is it just us? Timothy Seaton, the creator of Tinnitus Terminator, claims that it was through this solution, that he was able to eliminate his tinnitus for good.

Unlike the Tinnitus Free System, Tinnitus Terminator is an eBook and does not contain any video or audio guides. This might seem like a setback at first, but when you consider that their tagline claims to do away with your tinnitus in one month, you might want to reconsider any decision not to engage.

Like the last guide we reviewed, Tinnitus Terminator is also focused on bringing about change through a psychological approach. In it, Seaton teaches you how to train your brain to block out the sounds in your ears that make it difficult to get through your day.

Many people claim that Tinnitus Terminator has helped them. If you’re unsure, you can always take certain supplements alongside following Timothy Seaton’s guide.


  • Teaches you how to retrain your brain to block out tinnitus ringing
  • Helps you overcome depression by coming to terms with your condition
  • Available in an easy to consume eBook
  • Claims to show results in just 1 month


  • Does not target physical root causes; might be ineffective for impatient individuals

Buying Guide for Tinnitus Relief Supplements

Of course, every tinnitus supplement you come across will claim to be the ultimate solution to the ringing, buzzing, or whooshing in your ear. But you must learn how to tell the best tinnitus supplements apart from the worst. Here’s what to keep in mind.


The first and most important consideration is the composition of the supplements, i.e., what they’re made of. Some ingredients may target tinnitus directly, while some are directed towards fighting inflammation in the ears (or brain, or any other part of your body prone to inflammation).

There are some ingredients that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries now. But the most important thing is to choose supplements that have ingredients that can be backed by scientific evidence to some extent.


Now, you must also consider that most tinnitus supplements have dozens of different ingredients in their make-up. As such, you must consider the recommended dose for each ingredient.

Most tinnitus supplements have to be taken as one or two capsules each day, but it’s important to understand that some tinnitus supplements may advertise the wrong dosage (typically one that is too low to fight tinnitus-causing issues).

Also, be careful of supplements that are advertised as having a “proprietary blend.” Just because an ingredient may be safe to consume at a certain dosage, you shouldn’t believe that it’s equally safe for consumption in large quantities.

Claimed Benefits

Be very mindful of supplements that claim to be a cure for tinnitus. As we have specified, there is no such thing. In fact, even a claim that a supplement can prevent tinnitus should definitely be taken as false.

As such, we have made it a point to include only those supplements which transparently advertise the benefits of their ingredients, which may lead to the reduction of tinnitus symptoms.

Money-Back Guarantee

As you should have gathered by now, even the best tinnitus supplements will fall short for some people. Tinnitus is complicated after all, and once again, incurable.

That’s why it’s important to choose a supplement that comes with a money-back guarantee (usually one of 30 to 60 days). This is not only so you can get a refund if the product doesn’t work out for you, but a way for you to determine whether your chosen supplement is one that manufacturers are willing to stand behind.

Reputation and Quality

While curating our list of the supplements worth buying, we made sure to choose brands that have an existing reputation for high quality and prioritize being transparent.

Some tinnitus supplement companies also white-label their products, allowing others to copy their formula as long as they pay a fee (usually a hefty one). Others might use cheap ingredients from questionable sources. These are the companies to look out for.

Price and Value

For the most unfortunate tinnitus sufferers, tinnitus can be an expensive condition to deal with. While some are willing and able to spend thousands of dollars on treatments and surgeries, others are not so lucky. Thankfully, supplements are available in a wide price range.

That said, while the least expensive ones should be approached with caution, too-high price tags are also somewhat suspicious when it comes to supplements. Remember, the more exclusive the ingredients, the higher the price tag is likely to be—but this should never be an exorbitant amount.

Benefits of Tinnitus Supplements According to Scientific Research

If there exists no known cure for tinnitus, how do supplements work, and in some cases, why do they work? Is there any real science behind it, or just pop science? Those questions can be answered if we review some studies and clinical trials.

Now, most tinnitus supplements work quite simply: by putting minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients in your body which are required for your good health on a daily basis. There are studies that have shown us that for those who lack adequate minerals and vitamins in their system, it might be easier to develop tinnitus.

The Possibility of Manganese Reducing Loudness in Your Ear

Manganese is one of the most heavily researched tinnitus relief ingredients available in today’s top tinnitus supplements. A study conducted in 2016 found that manganese might lead to reduced loudness in the ears of tinnitus sufferers.

The researchers gave manganese supplements or a placebo to a sample group containing 40 people and found positive results related to manganese consumption.

The Studied Effects of Ginkgo Biloba on Tinnitus

Also, consider Ginkgo Biloba, a frequently used herbal ingredient in most supplements intended to stop tinnitus. Relatively new in the Western world, Ginkgo Biloba has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.

Ginkgo Biloba mainly targets the damage that free radicals cause to the cochlea. Although there are mixed results about the effectiveness of the herb in treating tinnitus, it has definitely helped some people’s tinnitus and overall ear health get better, as is seen in this 2017 study.

However, much depends upon the formula of the Gingko Biloba; researchers for this 2020 study concluded that a 6% terpene and 25% bioflavonoid together is a proven formula to improve tinnitus.

How Melatonin Might Help with Sleep

If you struggle with sleep because of your tinnitus, it might be worthwhile to choose a supplement that contains melatonin or other sleep-inducing ingredients. This study conducted in 2015 found that the presence of melatonin reduced disturbances in sleep associated with tinnitus by inducing more sound sleep.

In fact, many doctors take the sleep-boosting approach when treating tinnitus in those for whom it has developed into a mental and psychological issue.

It’s important to understand, however, that melatonin does not help with tinnitus itself but rather the lack of sleep one might experience because of it. Don’t underestimate the importance of this, though, because getting proper sleep is an important avenue through which you can overcome depression.

Zinc Deficiency As a Possible Cause of Tinnitus

One of the most commonly found ingredients in many dietary supplements and tinnitus supplements is zinc. Zinc is crucial for proper immune function and the production of important hormones.

That said, the presence of zinc alone has no relation with the worsening or improvement of tinnitus symptoms, as seen in this review from 2016.

But what does affect tinnitus is a deficiency of zinc. In fact, 69% of tinnitus sufferers have a lack of zinc in their system, as seen in this study. What this means is, if you’re not getting as much zinc as you need, you’re at greater risk of developing tinnitus.

Getting tinnitus relief might also be more difficult without zinc supplementation. And that’s basically why zinc supplements might be helpful.

Inadequate Vitamin B12 in Your System Could Cause Tinnitus

You will come across many tinnitus supplements that have vitamin B12 in them, and it makes sense why. If you look at this 2016 study, you’ll see that participants who were given 2,500mcg of vitamin B12 weekly experienced some relief from tinnitus symptoms.

So, for someone with a vitamin B12 deficiency, that might be the cause of the ringing in the ears.

Probiotics and Hawthorn Leaves Might Just Be Filler Ingredients

After looking at the most effective tinnitus supplement ingredients, let us now come to those which unfortunately lack scientific backing for their presence in supplements.

The first of these is hawthorn extract, which is advertised to boost blood flow or circulation and target a root cause of someone experiencing a ringing in the ears. However, at present, there is no evidence that can back up the advertised benefits of hawthorn extract.

Probiotics are another such ingredient that is meant to promote ear health and are therefore present in tinnitus supplements. Now, although consuming probiotics will definitely improve your digestive health, you should not expect it to make much of a difference in terms of solving the buzzing sounds in your ear.

Concluding Thoughts about Scientific Backing

The most important thing to consider when looking for a tinnitus solution is that even the most prominently science-backed tinnitus supplements might not provide relief from your tinnitus symptoms. As the ingredients used in such supplements are usually all-natural, their effects vary.

But this is the very reason why we strongly suggest going for a brand that does not claim to have a tinnitus cure and offers a money-back guarantee in case you’re dissatisfied with their product. Also, keep in mind that there is not much accountability in the seedier parts of the supplement industry.

Tinnitus Supplement Side Effects

The majority of verified tinnitus supplements are not considered to produce any significant side effects when taken in standard doses by healthy adults.

However, although most people’s bodies are able to tolerate tinnitus supplements, some people might experience side effects like allergies if they are exposed to a certain plant or herbal extracts.

That’s why it’s always best to consult your doctor/physician before you start taking any supplement, be it for tinnitus or something else.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a medical condition wherein the patient hears sounds and noises that are not coming from an external source.

What does tinnitus sound like?

Tinnitus manifests as a ringing sound for most people. Besides, roaring, clicking, humming, buzzing, hissing, and humming sounds are also reported by tinnitus sufferers. If you have tinnitus, you may also experience something like a whirring noise.

What causes tinnitus?

Physical ear damage, exposure to loud noises, and/or faulty communication between one’s brain and ears might have something to do with it.

Your cochlea, or inner ear, contains tiny hair cells. Your ear processes incoming sound waves with the help of these inner ear hair cells, so when they are damaged, they might malfunction and lead to electrical impulses being sent to your brain at random.

There are a number of other possible causes for tinnitus, such as ear canal blockages, ear infections, medications, high blood pressure, ear wax build-up, and head/neck injuries.

Are there any medical conditions that might increase the risk of tinnitus?

According to research, tinnitus can be linked to medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thoracic outlet syndrome, Lyme disease, Meniere’s disease, and fibromyalgia.

Underlying conditions can also make tinnitus more likely. Ear injuries, old age, an issue with one’s circulatory system… All this can lead to tinnitus.

How is tinnitus treated?

Most doctors aim to treat tinnitus by targeting the underlying causes of the condition. A more advanced treatment is tinnitus retraining therapy, which takes a more psychological approach and is recommended mainly in extreme cases of tinnitus.

Do you need to go to the doctor to treat tinnitus symptoms?

Tinnitus is considered serious if it affects the quality of one’s life, usually by occurring daily or frequently throughout the day. Many people live with tinnitus that is not a disruptive element in their lives, just a minor annoyance that comes and goes.

You should visit a doctor for tinnitus if:

  • your tinnitus symptoms don’t go away for more than a week,
  • you experience hearing loss,
  • you experience depression and anxiety immediately after tinnitus onset,
  • your tinnitus developed following an infection of the upper respiratory tract.

Who is at risk of developing tinnitus?

If you’ve been exposed to loud noise, consume alcohol or tobacco, or have pre-existing health problems, you are at risk of developing tinnitus. Old age is also another risk factor.

The older you get, the fewer healthy nerve fibers you have in your ear, making it more likely that you’ll develop tinnitus. Many tinnitus sufferers, for this reason, are elderly.

Is tinnitus dangerous?

Tinnitus is not considered to be a particularly dangerous health condition, and it does not signal any serious health problem. However, for those who experience extreme ringing in their ears, tinnitus can definitely lead to significant emotional and mental anguish. Tinnitus can also make it difficult to sleep.

Is tinnitus preventable?

Because the range of causes for tinnitus is so wide and varied, it can be difficult to predict and therefore prevent it.

However, if one wears hearing protection, listens to music at low volumes, maintains a healthy diet, exercises regularly for proper blood flow, and avoids nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol, their risk of developing tinnitus goes down.

Is tinnitus curable?

Unfortunately, at the present time, there is no known cure for tinnitus. When doctors provide medical advice for tinnitus, they typically recommend therapies, treatments, home remedies, and supplements. Of these, tinnitus supplements are our focus today.

Note that in severe cases where the patient experiences an unending, constant ringing in the ears, which affects the quality of life, a doctor might recommend surgery to treat tinnitus. However, many tinnitus sufferers usually don’t experience severe lifelong symptoms.

What is a tinnitus supplement?

It is a nutritional product made from a combination of minerals, vitamins, herbs, and plant extracts to help relieve tinnitus symptoms. Tinnitus supplements are actually dietary supplements in that they don’t directly address tinnitus but are lacking in your diet that may cause it. Many supplements also contain zinc and vitamin B12.

What do tinnitus supplements do?

With the help of special natural ingredients, tinnitus supplements target the underlying causes of the condition, such as blood flow (circulation), inflammation, brain health, or ear health.

Do tinnitus supplements work?

Some do, and some don’t. The results vary from person to person depending on the underlying cause of tinnitus, and much also depends upon the quality of the supplements.

Now, some tinnitus supplements have been proven to work in double-blind clinical trials that were placebo-controlled.

Are tinnitus supplements medication?

No—they are an all-natural tinnitus treatment.

Is there a risk of drug interactions if I take a tinnitus supplement?

Yes, if you take medication for your tinnitus, you should always consider the risk of a drug interaction. If you’re thinking of taking a supplement, make sure to check with your doctor first.

What makes tinnitus worse?

A few things might worsen your tinnitus. If you’re in an overly quiet location or are being exposed to noise and stress, that might make tinnitus worse. A lack of sleep can also contribute to worsening tinnitus.

Final Words

Although the first recorded case of tinnitus dates back 8000 years, we can safely assume it has afflicted humans for as long as they’ve existed. From plants and herbs to chemically formulated medications, we’ve tried everything to get it under control.

And yet, the condition affects 50 to 70 million Americans, even today. For some, it’s annoying, and for others, it can be downright debilitating. Let’s review the list of the best solutions for tinnitus:

We have carefully selected the above-mentioned best tinnitus supplements for ear ringing relief, with your needs in mind. Although there is no cure for tinnitus, these supplements may just surprise you.

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