14 Best Delta 8 THC Brands for High-Quality Delta-8 Products, Carts, Flower, Disposables & More

If you’re a fan of Delta 8, the fact that cannabis is still banned on the federal level may have you weary about buying it online, even if it’s legal in your state. Luckily, Delta 8 THC products are federally legal and offer many of the same benefits as the more popular Delta 9 THC isomer.

However, unless you buy from a reputable company the product you receive may be of low quality, and with so many vendors to choose from, picking the right one can be difficult.

Because of this, we’ve taken the time to identify the best Delta 8 brands for medicinal and recreational purposes, which we have detailed below.

Where is Delta 8 Available? First Look

#1 Diamond CBD
#2 Exhale
#3 Delta Extrax
  • Up to 50% off
  • Delta 10 oil available
  • Delta 8 Sour Diesel and Ok Kush available
#4 BudPop
#5 3Chi
  • All products are lab grade
  • Delta 8 brownies and cooker
  • 9 different cannabinoids for sale

1. Diamond CBD – All-Round Best Delta 8 THC Selection

Diamond CBD is considered to offer the best selection of Delta 8 products. A sentiment we find difficult to disagree with considering the site’s massive catalog of over 200 Delta 8 products.

Aside from sheer volume, the vendor also provides customers with a good level of variety, selling several types of Delta 8 THC gummies, edibles, and over 35 flavors of vape juice.

Another aspect that really stands out about Diamond CBD is the number of products on sale. At any given moment, users will find some of the best Delta 8 carts/vape pens selling for over 50% off their original price. Furthermore, the site hosts a healthy selection of CBD and Delta 10 options, making it a one-stop shop for THC products.

If you’re a pet owner, you know the number of CBD pet products has been increasing exponentially over the last few years. To meet this growing demand, Diamond CBD now stocks over 25 CBD dog and cat treats.

The one major downside to Diamond CBD is the fact that they don’t sell Delta 8 flower by the gram, and those looking to buy smokable Delta 8 are limited to single pre-rolls.


2. Exhale – Best Delta 8 THC Brand for D8 Flower

Coming in at a close second is Exhale! Based out of Los Angeles, California, the people behind Exhale have decades of experience in the organic food industry – experience they’ve managed to parlay into one of the most recognizable Delta 8 brands around.

Along with 12 strains of some of the best Delta 8 flower, Exhale also offers concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, and even disposable vape pens – giving them one of the best selections of products in the industry.

Additionally, the site runs a promotion offering new customers 20% off their first purchase which, unlike other sites, can be used on any product in their catalog. Existing customers can also take advantage of a rewards program that allows them to collect points on each purchase, points that can then be put towards future purchases.

Lastly, Exhale subjects all its products to third-party lab testing, the results of which are easily accessible on their website. By doing this, Exhale demonstrates a commitment to quality and transparency that every Delta 8 user should appreciate.


  • 12 strains of Delta 8 flower
  • Delta 8 shatter and oil available
  • New customers get 20% off*
  • Delta 8 bundle packages available
  • All products are organic & non-GMO

3. Delta Extrax – Strongest Delta 8 Products (Weed and Vape Juice)

At just under 50 total products, Delta Extrax (previously known as Delta Effex) doesn’t have the most extensive catalog around, and of what is offered, a large amount is Delta 10-based.

That being said, what the site lacks in variety, it makes up for by offering high-quality Delta 8 infused flower, including classic strains like Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, and White Rhino.

Besides flower, Delta Extrax also has a good number of disposable vape pens, vape juice cartridges, and even some Delta 8 tinctures for sale. What’s more, all products are tested by third-party labs and contain less than the 0.3% THC allowed by the farm bill.

One interesting product worth mentioning is the Extrax VapoRig, an oil rig built for Delta 8 dabs and pearls. Along with a micro-USB charger and a quartz crystal tip, the Extrax VapoRig comes equipped with three variable voltage settings, allowing you to find the perfect heat level for your Delta 8 THC concentrate.

Unlike the last two sites we have looked at, Delta Extrax sells Delta 9 gummies, a fact worth mentioning for those who live in Delta 9-friendly states.


  • Great quality Delta 8 THC flower available
  • Delta 10 and Delta 9 products also for sale
  • Wholesale buying options ideal for large savings
  • Learning center full of detailed online content

4. BudPop – Best Reviewed D8 Brand Offering High-Quality Delta 8

With a total of eight Delta 8 products, BudPop has the smallest catalog of all vendors we will be reviewing. However, what the site does provide is access to some of the highest quality Delta 8 products around along and excellent customer service (as evidenced by the high number of 5-star reviews).

For gummies, customers have the option of two flavors, Blue Dream Berry and Strawberry Gelato – both of which are non-GMO and made in the USA. Moreover, each bottle contains a total of 625mg of Delta 8 THC, making them noticeably more potent than many other options on the market.

Repeat customers can take advantage of a 25% discount when they sign-up for recurring purchases. For example, when buying gummies, those who opt to have their order automatically renewed on a monthly or bi-weekly basis will receive 25% off subsequent orders. This offer is valid for flower and vape cartridges as well.

Lastly, everything sold on BudPop is third-party tested, and all results are posted to their website under the ‘About Us’ section.


5. 3Chi – Best Delta 8 THC CBD, CBN, CBG, HHC Cannabinoid Variety

No list of top Delta 8 THC vendors would be complete without mentioning 3Chi, one of the most reputable entities in the business.

Founded by a biochemist with over 15 years of experience in product formulation, 3Chi hosts a collection of cannabinoids you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, including HHC, Delta 6a10a, THC-o, THXv, CBN, CBD, CBC, CBG, and, of course, Delta 8.

Beyond their one-of-a-kind cannabinoid selection, 3Chi takes product testing very seriously and tests all their oils on five distinct criteria. What’s more, six different labs are used to conduct their testing, an approach not taken by any other Delta 8 THC vendor.

While you may think that this extensive testing protocol would result in noticeably higher prices, all oils and vape juices are very reasonably priced and similar to what you find at other popular sites. Moreover, 3Chi provides customers with a quality array of edibles, vape juice, and even cannabis plant terpenes (a product not offered by most other vendors).

There is, however, one notable downside to 3Chi – they don’t sell any Delta 8 THC flower (not even as pre-rolls), meaning those who prefer to smoke the substance will have to look elsewhere.


  • One of the best brands for quality
  • 9 types of cannabinoids for sale
  • Delta 8 brownies, cookies, and cereal squares available
  • No Delta 8 THC flower
  • Extensive testing performed on all products

6. Secret Nature CBD – Best Site for High-Quality Medicinal Delta-8 THC and CBD Products

With its mission statement of ‘let’s go beyond the high,’ Secret Nature CBD is much more focused on the healing properties of the cannabis plant than its psychoactive effects. As a result, the majority of the vendor’s product catalog is made up of CBD-based options.

Still, Secret Nature does currently stock nine Delta 8 products, including pre-rolls, vape cartridges, flowers, and a 1.5-gram blunt.

One interesting product offered by Secret Nature is their pack of flow capsules, which are made up of Delta 8 THC, CBC, Blue Lotus Flower, and cannabis terpenes. Together, the Delta 8 and CBC provide muscle relaxation and anti-inflammatory properties, while the mild psychoactivity of the blue lotus flower and cannabis terpenes add a calming sensation.

If you happen to see the flow capsules in stock and are looking to try them out, we recommend scooping them up when you can, as they often sell out very quickly. Also, just so you’re aware, although the site does stock a fairly extensive collection of CBD flower, Secret Nature CBD is one of those vendors that doesn’t sell any Delta 8 THC flower.


  • Large collection of CBD products
  • High-quality Delta8/CBC capsules for sale
  • Free shipping on all orders over $75
  • Heavy focus on medicinal over recreational uses
  • No Delta 8 THC flower for sale

7. Blue Moon Hemp – Best Online Delta 8 Brand for Gummies

The rising popularity of edibles over the last decade has been hard to miss, and of all formulations to hit the market, gummies have no doubt come out on top as the preferred option. If this is a notion that you strongly agree with and find yourself looking for a great selection of Delta 8 THC gummies, Blue Moon Hemp has one of the best around.

Currently, Blue Moon Hemp stocks seven gummy options, ranging from small packages containing 250mg of Delta 8 THC all the way up to large 80 piece tubs containing a total of 1000 mg. Regardless of which option is chosen, most individual gummies contain 25mg, although a single package of 10mg gummies is also available.

Gummies aside, Blue Moon’s collection of other Delta 8 products is quite impressive, containing flowers, carts, dabs, capsules, and pre-rolls. Additionally, Blue Moon offers a subscription program where customers can receive 10% off on all recurring orders. If the order total is over $50, subscribers enjoy free shipping on their orders.

All-in-all, Blue Moon is one of the better Delta 8 brands available, a claim backed up by their 4.8-star rating on Google. The one minor downside is that customer service is only available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, meaning those who need help with their order on weekends or after hours will have to wait.


8. MoonWlkr – Best Delta 8 Online Vendor for Bundles

MoonWlkr is another Delta 8 brand that has managed to build a loyal customer base on the back of its quality Delta 8 products, frequent sales, and positive customer reviews. While the site sells all the standard offerings, including some of the best Delta 8 carts, gummies, and disposable vape pens, it’s their bundle packages that really stand out.

These bundle packages range in price from $80 to over $145 and come equipped with different combinations of gummies and vape cartridges. When a particular bundle is decided upon, users will be instructed to pick their preferred flavor of each included item, offering them a freedom of choice not provided by many other vendors.

Sadly, MoonWlkr doesn’t sell any Delta 8 THC flower, which is one of the most common complaints lodged against the seller. However, MoonWlkr does offer a good selection of CBD products along with a handful of CBN, CBG, and Ashwagandha options as well.


  • Incredible Delta 8 THC bundles available
  • CBD, CBN, CBG, and AShwagandha products for sale
  • All products are third party tested
  • Constant stock up sales
  • All Delta 8 THC gummies are gluten-free

9. Boston Hempire – High-Quality Delta-8 THC Hash and Shatter

Like several other vendors we have looked at, Boston Hempire focuses primarily on CBD products, for which they offer an impressive array of tinctures, capsules, coffee, and other options.

However, over the last few years, the vendor has added some interesting Delta 8 THC products to their inventory, the most noteworthy of which being their Delta 8 hash and Kief – many of which come infused with CBD, Delta 10, or hybrid terpenes.

Moreover, Boston Hempire also stocks eight varieties of wax and shatter, with some options including Delta 10 or CBD.

On top of all this, the vendor sells just under 10 options of Delta 8 infused artisanal hemp flower, including popular strains like Sour Diesel, Legendary Kush, and Space Balls.


  • Delta 8 hash and Kief available
  • Delta 8 wax and shatter for sale
  • Extensive collection of CBD products
  • Nearly 10 strains of Delta 8 infused flower for sale
  • Attractive membership program for repeat customers

10. Extract Labs – Trusted Delta 8 Brand for CBD & D8 Products

Rounding out our top 10 is the Colorado-based company Extract Labs. Like some of the other options we have looked at, Extract Labs is a CBD-focused vendor, meaning their product catalog is a bit limited when it comes to Delta 8.

Not to mention, the site advertises their line of D8 products as “Δ8,” making them even harder to find for anyone new to the market. There’s a line of affordably priced tanks – Martian Candy, El Jefe, Orge Berry, and Sour Ghost – all filler-free, which is a nice touch.

Still, where they really stand out is thanks to the high-quality CBD hemp extracts they have available. And for the benefit of any CBD users reading this list, we figured it was at least worth giving them a mention.

As you may expect, Extract Labs sells many of the standard CBD products, including isolates, gummies, and tinctures. However, one product line of interest is their CBD topicals, which are formulated to locally treat pain and inflammation in the areas where they’re applied.

While CBD makes up the bulk of its offerings, Extract Labs also has several CBG and CBN products for sale, two cannabinoids that have been growing exponentially in popularity.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Extract Labs is licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health to conduct hemp compliance testing, meaning they take their product testing very seriously.


11. Just Delta Store

  • Very affordable Delta 8 THC products
  • Only 6 products available, no flowers
  • Free shipping on all orders of $40 or more
  • Delta 8 syringes sold

12. Atlrx.com

  • Delta 8 shatter and gummies for purchase
  • THCv and THC-o products for sale
  • A single strain of Delta 8 flower available
  • Good selection of CBD products including flower, oil, and capsules

13. BinoidCBD

  • Delta 8 vapes, gummies, and dabs available
  • Delta 10, THC-o, HHC, THC-p, and THCv for sale
  • No Delta 8 flowers offered
  • Easy-to-use website with convenient payment options

14. CBD Genesis

  • Extensive selection of CBD products for sale
  • Other Delta 8 branded products for sale
  • Wholesale buying options available
  • Free shipping on all orders over $75

How We Ranked the Best Delta 8 Brands

Third-party lab results

Weak and fake products are major problems in the Delta 8 cannabis industry. And while many reputable brands exist, there is no shortage of bad actors, and the best way to ensure Delta 8 THC products are legitimate is through third-party lab testing. Not only do we check that a particular vendor undergoes this process, but that the results are readily available.

Hemp source

As with Delta 9 and other hemp derivatives, the particular strain of flower has a lot to do with overall quality and potency. With each Delta 8 vendor we review, we check to see what type of flowers they offer, favoring those who have a variety of strains for sale.

Processing Technique

The method a manufacturer uses to infuse hemp flowers with the Delta 8 THC isomer directly influences its potency and overall quality. This is especially true for other Delta 8 THC products like gummies, oils, and vape cartridges and is something we take into consideration with each brand/vendor we look at.

Manufacturer reputation

Along with lab reports, customer reviews are an excellent way to discern the level of quality a particular manufacturer or vendor provides. While we don’t discriminate against new brands trying to make a name for themselves, reputation plays an important role in our ranking process.

Site Interface

High-quality products aren’t the only thing we care about and we believe a well-functioning user interface is important as well. With each online store we review, we check how user-friendly both their desktop and mobile sites are, paying special attention to basic UI and UX principles.

Dosage options

Whether it be for recreational or pain relief purposes, everyone has a slightly different optimal dosage. With this in mind, we are partial to vendors who provide customers with a decent number of dosage options across different product types (hemp flowers, gummies, etc.).

Benefits promised

Although vendors are limited when it comes to making medical claims about Delta 8 products, we do our best to ensure that they’re honest and straightforward when presenting what effects users can expect from their products.


When it comes to value, quality is only part of the equation, and price plays a major role as well. When looking at different sellers, we only pick those that offer quality products at an affordable price.

Delta 8 THC Buying Guide and FAQs

Is Delta 8 Legal?

Yes, Delta 8 is legal. Unlike Delta 9 THC, which is regulated under the controlled substances act, Delta 8 THC products face no such regulation and are perfectly legal to purchase, possess, and consume.

However, while Delta 8 products may be legal on the federal level, 15 states have laws banning the substance. Notable states where Delta 8 products are illegal include New York, Arizona, and Montana. If you find yourself searching ‘Delta 8 near me,’ make sure the substance is legal in your state before buying.

How Does Delta 8 Differ From Delta 9?

Both Delta 8 and Delta 9 isomers belong to a class of compounds called cannabinoids, which occur naturally in several species of the hemp plant. When ingested, these compounds bind with Cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body, causing changes to the endocannabinoid system.

In case you’re unaware, the endocannabinoid system helps regulate mood, appetite, memory, sleep, and many other essential bodily functions, and when disrupted, psychoactive effects result.

While both Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC (also known as tetrahydrocannabinol) are psychoactive compounds, there are several differences between the two. For starters, Delta 9 THC is noticeably more potent than Delta 8, and the effects are reported as being much more intense.

Secondly, because of this difference in potency, user reports indicate that Delta 8 has a much more relaxed high. And many of the negative effects of Delta 9, such as paranoia and ‘couch lock,’ are significantly less common.

Lastly, unlike Delta 9, Delta 8 THC products are federally legal and enjoy legality in most states.

Can I Drive After Consuming Delta 8 Products?

No, you cannot drive after consuming Delta 8 products. Driving after ingesting Delta 8 THC would be considered driving under the influence and is something we strongly recommend against. What’s more, doing so in one of the 15 states in which Delta 8 products are illegal could result in severe fines or even jail time.

Even though Delta 8 THC is less potent than its Delta 9 counterpart, the substance will still negatively affect reaction times, which could result in injury for both you and others.

Can I Fail a Drug Test After Consuming Delta 8 THC Products?

Yes, you can fail a drug test after taking Delta 8. Because Delta 8 is a less potent structural analog of Delta 9 THC, it can show up on either a GC-MS or IA drug test. If you need to pass regular drug tests for work or other reasons, we don’t recommend consuming Delta 8 products as they can easily cause you to test positive for Marijuana.

What’s more, both Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC can be detected for up to one month after use. The available tests don’t test for the substance itself but rather a set of metabolites, which can store themselves in fat tissue for up to a month after use.

What Is the Average Delta 8 Dosage?

As with any recreational or medicinal substance, each person will have a slightly different optimal dose due to physiological differences, tolerance, and personal preferences. That being said, a standard dosing structure breaks down to the following:

  • New users with low tolerance: 10 – 15 mg
  • Occasional users with average tolerance: 15-50 mg
  • Frequent users with high tolerance: 50 – 140 mg

Note – everyone is different, and even these recommended dosages may be too potent for new users.

Besides dosage, mode of ingestion plays a major role in the type of effects felt and how quickly said effects are felt. When smoked or vaped, the psychoactive effects will be noticeable almost instantly.

By comparison, when consumed as an edible, effects can take up to an hour to present themselves, and the resulting ‘high’ has a larger body component to it (often called a body high).

What Is the Difference Between Delta 8 THC and CBD

Naturally occurring cannabinoids, Delta 8, and CBD are found in several species of the Cannabis plant. Like all cannabinoids, both interact with the endocannabinoid system and produce physiological changes in the body.

That being said, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties and is primarily used for pain management and as a sleep aid. By contrast, Delta 8 THC does have psychoactive effects and is most commonly consumed for recreational purposes.

Like Delta 8, CBD products are legal on a federal level and are not listed under the controlled substances act. However, hemp-derived CBD enjoys a much higher degree of legality on a state-by-state basis, and only two states (Nebraska and Idaho) have banned the substance outright.

What Is the Farm Bill and Why Is It Important to Delta 8 Products?

In 2018 The Farm Bill passed, which created a legal distinction between Marijuana and Hemp. As a result, the Drug Enforcement Administration took all Hemp products off of the controlled substances list, meaning products derived from hemp plants, including Delta 8 THC and CBD, could now be sold legally on the federal level.

The Takeaway: What Are the Best Delta 8 Brands?

Finding the best place to buy Delta 8 online is not always easy. But don’t worry. If you’re still on the fence about which brand is best for you, we recommend picking three suppliers, say Exhale, Diamond CBD, and 3Chi, and ordering a few test products from each to see which one you like the most.

Unless you’re on a budget and (like most of us) can’t afford to try out every enticing new D8 option on the market. If that’s the case, consider what type of Delta 8 THC you’re most intrigued by – carts, flowers, edibles, oils, etc. Then, try one or two products from whichever brand is best known for that variety.

Definitely check out user reviews first and take advantage of first-time buyer discounts and any deals on offer. Diamond CBD is a good bet when it comes to finding Delta 8 products at discounted prices.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.