The Nuzzle Pillow Reviews – Does It Work?

Nuzzle is a pillow that uses thousands of nano-coil fibers for a feeling of plush weightlessness.

Guaranteed to hold its shape for 1,001 days and nights, Nuzzle is made from the same thermal fabric used in NASA space suits, helping the pillow stay cool all night long.

Keep reading to discover if the Nuzzle pillow lives up to the hype today in our review.

What is the Nuzzle Pillow?

The Nuzzle pillow is a cozy, soft, and smart adaptive fabric featuring two internal layers customized to your perfect comfort zone, no matter how you like to sleep.

Made from NASA-inspired temperature regulation technology, the Nuzzle pillow has been featured in TV commercials and advertised online. The As Seen On TV pillow is priced at $49.99 per pillow, with discounts available when ordering multiple pillows.

The goal of the Nuzzle pillow is to provide you with zero gravity support all night long. With two adjustable layers to support and cradle your neck, the Nuzzle pillow can help you maximize your sleep and get the best possible night of rest.


Nuzzle Features

  • Thousands of nano-coils to support your neck and cradle your head
  • Delivers a feeling of plush, zero gravity weightlessness all night long
  • The outer shell reacts to body temperature, absorbing heat when you’re hot and releasing it when you cool down
  • 100% machine washable to remove germs and bacteria
  • Vigorously lab tested to hold its shape for 1,001 nights and days and longer
  • Double layer technology for three sleeping options, making it ideal for stomach, back, side, and combination sleepers

How the Nuzzle Pillow Works

The Nuzzle pillow is unique from other pillows because it has two layers. Together, the layers combine to create a zero-gravity feeling while you sleep.

You can slide the layers in and out however you like. For example, you can place one layer on top or flip the pillow to the other side to adjust based on your comfort and needs.

Nuzzle supports your neck’s natural C-curve shape as you sleep while helping to distribute the weight evenly throughout the head.

The two layers include a soft layer and a medium layer:

The soft layer supports and adds softness to the pillow, making it ideal for stomach sleepers. It supports your neck as you lie on your stomach, helping to maintain your neck in an optimal position.

The medium layer is ideal for maintaining straight spinal alignment from the neck down, making it ideal for side or combination sleepers.

When you use both inner layers together, you cradle and distribute the weight evenly throughout the head while maintaining the natural C-curve shape of your neck.

No matter how you like to sleep, the Nuzzle pillow aims to provide optimal comfort throughout the night.


What to Expect When Sleeping with the Nuzzle Pillow

The Nuzzle pillow aims to help you stay cool, comfy, supported, and asleep all night long.

Designed for all types of sleepers, Nuzzle aims to offer the following benefits when used nightly:

Stay Cool: Nuzzle uses NASA-inspired phase change technology to absorb, store, and release heat when needed, ensuring you always stay at a perfect temperature. The pillow absorbs heat from your head and neck when you’re hot, then distributes heat back to you when you’re cool, helping you stay at a comfortable temperature all night.

Stay Comfy: Nuzzle helps you stay comfy using a 360-degree gusset, allowing for height adjustment while evenly distributing fibers within the layers. Instead of sinking to one side of the pillow or getting lopsided comfort, you can stay comfy all around your neck and head.

Stay Supported: Nuzzle aims to support your head, helping you sleep easily without the fuss using the customizable inner layers. You can move the inner layers around to adjust your support.

Stay Easy: Nuzzle has fine nano-coil fibers to help your pillow keep its plump, cozy feel and shape night after night. According to the manufacturer, the pillow will last 1,001 days and nights.

Stay Asleep: Nuzzle’s 360-degree gusset lets you stay asleep all night long thanks to a regular internal temperature and even weight distribution, giving you maximum comfort until you wake up.


Nuzzle’s NASA Technology Keeps the Pillow Cool

Nuzzle, according to GetNuzzle.com, uses the same phase change fabric used in NASA space suits to automatically cool the pillow all night long.

If you like to flip the pillow to sleep on the cool side, then Nuzzle’s NASA technology can help ensure your pillow fabric stays cool all night long.

NASA’s space suits use phase-change fabric to automatically keep astronauts cool. It’s a special type of thermal fabric that handles heating and cooling in a different way than ordinary fabrics.

Instead of having your pillow heat up throughout the night, the pillow self-regulates: it heats you up when you cool off and cools you off when you heat up. Here’s how Nuzzle explains the innovative, NASA-inspired self-cooling system:

“The outer shell reacts to your body temperature, absorbing heat when you’re hot and releasing it when you cool down.”

Whether you live in a hot or cool climate, sleep with the window open or closed, or deal with varying temperatures throughout the night, Nuzzle’s self-regulating technology could help you stay at a comfortable temperature.


Who Should Use the Nuzzle Pillow?

Nuzzle is popular because it’s ideal for stomach, back, side, and combination sleepers.

In fact, the company created the Nuzzle pillow because the founding team was frustrated they couldn’t find a single all-in-one pillow ideal for multiple types of sleepers.

No matter how much you like to sleep, you can find a comfortable resting place with Nuzzle.

According to Nuzzle, it is ideal for:

  • Stomach sleepers
  • Back and combination sleepers
  • Side sleepers

Because the pillow uses multi-layer technology, you can flip it to different sides based on how you like to sleep. Both inner layers cradle and distribute the weight evenly throughout your head, creating a zero-gravity phenomenon while helping to maintain your neck’s natural C-curve shape – in any sleeping position.

Nuzzle Has Thousands of Nano-Coil Fibers

In addition to using NASA-inspired technology, Nuzzle has thousands of nano-coil fibers to provide zero gravity support.

In fact, the makers of Nuzzle claim each of the thousands of nano-coil fibers “pushes against gravity at the microscopic level,” which gently supports your head and neck to make you feel weightless.

Some pillows are flat and lifeless. Others are too awkwardly fluffy. Nuzzle aims to offer the Goldilocks of pillows by gently supporting your neck in a zero-gravity situation, allowing you to rest easily all night long.

Nuzzle Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Nuzzle is backed by thousands of 5-star reviews online. Customers generally agree Nuzzle works as advertised to deliver a better night of sleep, help you stay comfortable all night long, and remain at a cool temperature, among other perks.


Here are some of the reviews shared by customers online at the official website and through other online stores:

Most customers like how comfortable the pillow has, helping customers stay nice, cool, and comfortable all night long

It’s important to follow the instructions included with the Nuzzle pillow when setting it up for the first time; Nuzzle uses unique technology to create the optimal shape, and you may not experience optimal comfort if you do not follow the instructions

Nuzzle is popular with multiple types of sleepers, including back/combination sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers

Multiple customers like the competitive price point of the Nuzzle, including how much cheaper it is than competing pillows sold online and in stores today

Most customers are happy with the durability of the pillow, and few customers have complained about manufacturing issues, breakdowns, or wear and tear

Many customers claim to be unable to go back to their ordinary, older pillows after using the Nuzzle pillow

Overall, multiple customers describe Nuzzle as “the best pillow” they have ever had, and customers are generally satisfied with the Nuzzle pillow, its durability, and its comfort.

Downsides of the Nuzzle Pillow

Not everyone has positive things to say about the Nuzzle pillow. On Amazon, most customers (67%) have left reviews of 4-stars (13%) or 5-stars (54%). However, 33% of reviewers have left 3-star (10%), 2-star (10%), or 1-star (13%) reviews. We’ll summarize some of the negative reviews for the Nuzzle pillow below.

Some customers claim the Nuzzle pillow is too fluffy “unless you like sleeping on a bag of cotton balls.”

Other customers are skeptical about the claims of using “thousands of coils” that fight gravity at the “microscopic level,” claiming that Nuzzle uses ordinary fluffing like other pillows.

Others complain about the small size of the standard Nuzzle pillow, claiming it’s much smaller than it looks on television (Nuzzle offers a standard size model at 18 x 26” and a king-sized model at 16 x 33”).

Many customers feel they were dazzled by the hype of the pillow from the TV commercials and online advertisements and that Nuzzle didn’t quite live up to the hype.

Some customers have to flip the pillow constantly to get to the cool side, and they’re skeptical about any type of “NASA-inspired technology” within the pillow to keep it cool.

Overall, some customers find Nuzzle is just too soft for their needs. If you like a flat or firm pillow, then Nuzzle may not be the right choice for you, but the good news is that Nuzzle offers a full 60-day money-back guarantee on their website. This way, you can try the pillow and see if it works for you.

Nuzzle Pricing

Nuzzle is priced at $49.99 to $89.99 per pillow, depending on where you purchase the pillow.

At MyNuzzle.com, you’ll pay $49.99 per pillow, with discounts available when ordering multiple pillows.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Pillow: $49.99 + $8.95 Shipping
  • 2 Pillows: $89.98 + $8.95 Shipping

You can also upgrade to the king-sized version of the Nuzzle pillow for an extra $20 per pillow. The king-sized pillow is 9” larger (with dimensions of 16 x 33”). In comparison, the standard-sized pillow is 18 x 26”.


Alternatively, the official website at GetNuzzle.com charges the ordinary retail price of $89 per pillow, with small discounts available when ordering multiple pillows:

  • 1 Pillow: $89
  • 2 Pillows: $169
  • 4 Pillows: $329

These prices include free shipping to the lower 48 states.

Nuzzle Refund Policy

Nuzzle’s manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee on all purchases.

You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 calendar days of your purchase. Nuzzle will also pay for your return shipping (Nuzzle’s customer support will issue a prepaid shipping label once you initiate the return).

Beyond 60 days, you cannot obtain a refund or exchange on your Nuzzle pillow.

To qualify for a refund, your Nuzzle pillow must be unused or in like-new, donatable condition. You do not need to include the original packaging. However, Nuzzle does not accept refunds on stained, damaged, or incomplete pillows.

Depending on where you purchase Nuzzle, you may also qualify for a refund through the manufacturer (say, through Amazon, MyNuzzle.com, or other online retailers).

Nuzzle Warranty

All Nuzzle pillows have a lifetime warranty.

If you receive a defective Nuzzle pillow, or if you notice manufacturing defects in your Nuzzle pillow, then contact support@getnuzzle.com for warranty information.

About Nuzzle

Nuzzle was launched on Kickstarter with the goal of creating one pillow for every sleeping position. Nuzzle, a Los Angeles-based company, received $668,935 of its $20,000 goal from 4,976 backers, making it the most-backed pillow in crowdfunding history.

The idea for Nuzzle was first formed in April 2018. By January 2019, the company had partnered with a world-class accelerator. By January 2021, Nuzzle had started to ship its pillows to backers – and now continues to sell its pillows worldwide.

You can contact Nuzzle via email at support@getnuzzle.com

Final Word

Nuzzle is a trendy new pillow launched online through their official website and some online retailers.

Designed as a zero gravity support pillow, Nuzzle aims to offer the comfort of nano-coil fibers with the feeling of plush weightlessness, creating the ultimate sleep for neck, back, side, and combination sleepers.

To learn more about Nuzzle and how it works or to buy Nuzzle online today, visit the official website.