The Exodus Effect Reviews: Does It Work?

The Bible is among the most read historical books. It has been translated into hundreds of languages. Unfortunately, the translation resulted in some words getting different meanings. Consequently, humans have created anointing oils and other healing remedies based on the wrong translation for centuries.

Exodus 30:22 indicates that God is the first creator of the anointing oil. Today, everyone can create their healing or anointing oil using biblical-based ingredients.

The Exodus Effect is a guide comprising a biblically based recipe to manage chronic pain. The creators claim that the healing formula is based on the divine word. It is possible to create a healing tonic using everyday ingredients. Is the Exodus Effect based on science? Who can make the healing oil?

About the Exodus Effect

The Exodus Effect is a biblical-based recipe book containing secrets from the ancient Bible that can help you make anointing oil at home. Dr. Benet and Pastor Andrew have partnered to create the Exodus Effect. The co-authors agree that the healing or anointing oil is science-based and initiated by God.

The Exodus Effect recipe can assist in fighting chronic ailments and pain. It is easy to create the anointing oil and does not require expensive ingredients. The makers of the recipe book claim that the anointing oil can amplify one’s Spiritual Faith and restore happiness in every home.

The anointing oil in the Exodus Effect supposedly helped the Israelites to remain healthy during their time in the wilderness. It purportedly kept them free from pain and strengthened their faith in God.

Today, the Exodus Effect anointing oil is used in most Christian events. Most churches use THC-free oil to anoint church priests. Anointing oil can heighten your spirituality and provide your system with the correct nutrients to fight typical ailments.

Pastor Andrew and Dr. Benet claim that the Exodus Effect anointing oil has a “special” and “secret” ingredient scientifically proven to fight inflammations, boost immunity, fight chronic pain, and boost brainpower. Anyone can supposedly create the anointing oil in the comfort of their home. The Exodus Effect oil is not addictive and, when properly prepared, unlikely to give users any nasty side effects.

How Does the Exodus Effect on Oil Support Health?

Cannabis is a controversial “herb” in modern society, especially in Christianity. Most believers do not agree with the usage of cannabis or any part of it. Religious individuals claim that the active compound THC is the root of sins. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol affects the thinking ability of users, causing a behavioral change.

The Exodus Effect anointing oil has zero THC and is supposedly safe to use regardless of the dosage. Dr. Benet and Pastor Andrew claim that God allowed the usage of “THC-free Cannabis. However, the process of Bible translation led to the loss of the critical ingredient in anointing oil. The Exodus Effect seeks to educate believers and non-believers on how to make healing oil using simple ingredients.

The Exodus Effect claims that “cannabis” has been mentioned in the Bible several times. The holy “herb” can supposedly give users spiritual, mental, and physical health. However, the anointing oil does not attach itself to the endocannabinoid system. Instead, it is directly absorbed in the body targeting pain in localized areas.

The Exodus Effect healing oil has antioxidants that amplify cellular health. The nutrients support the regeneration, growth, and development of healthy cells that can combat illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis. Similarly, cannabidiol can improve cognition and brain health. It gives the brain and nerve cells adequate energy, oxygen, and nutrients to function correctly.

Dr. Benet and Pastor Andrew state that cannabidiol can fight pain from the root. It can support healthy digestion and detoxification processes. In addition, it may amplify immunity, sustain joint health, and promote overall wellness.

The Exodus Effect Ingredients

Per the Exodus Effect makers, anyone can create the anointing oil in the comfort of their homes. All the ingredients are easy to obtain, science-based, and safe. In addition, all the Exodus Effect components are natural, and thus users are unlikely to get nasty symptoms after usage.

What makes the Exodus Effect anointing oil unique? According to the modern Bible, the typical anointing oil contains Kaneh-Bosem, which translates to Calamus. However, scientific proof indicates that Calamus has zero actual health benefits. Kaneh-Bosem has been cited several times in the Bible. According to Pastor Andrew and Dr. Benet, the original Kaneh-Bosem referred to “cannabis.”

The Exodus Effect ingredients include:

Cannabidiol: Per Dr. Benet, cannabidiol is the major ingredient in the Exodus Effect recipe. CBD is a hemp or cannabis plant extract but has negligible THC levels. Some experts claim that CBD cannot induce euphoria, excitement, or highness, regardless of the dosage. Recent scientific breakthroughs indicate that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties; thus, it can effectively manage pain, particularly in the joints. CBD is proven to augment the ECS system allowing the brain and body to fight chronic pain. It can boost the production of lubrication fluids between the joints, supporting mobility.

CBD is also effective in lowering anxiety and stress. Some people use it to manage depression symptoms and support quality sleep. In patients undergoing chemotherapy, CBD oil can combat nausea and vomiting. Similarly, it can relax the nerves, thus reducing cancer-related pain.

Myrrh: Christians associate the myrrh herbs with the birth of Jesus Christ. Biblical accounts claim that one of the “Wise Men” from the East that visited the newborn Messiah gifted Him myrrh leaves. Scientific studies show that Myrrh is a powerful antioxidant that can boost immunity and support cellular health. Additionally, some people use Myrrh to combat indigestion, asthma, leprosy, stomach ulcers, arthritis, and syphilis.

Cassia: Modern evidence shows that cassia can support the health of blood vessels, thus improving cardiovascular functions. Some experts claim that it can manage high blood pressure and aid in stabilizing the glycemic index. Cassia is also essential in strengthening the muscles, fat oxidation, and lowering unhealthy blood cholesterol.

Olive Oil: Most people use olive oil to prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol. Experts reveal that it has several antioxidants that fight inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic ailments. Olive oil is clinically proven to stimulate weight loss and minimize the possibility of developing diabetes.

Cinnamon: The aromatic herb is known for its action on fat cells and increasing energy levels. Cinnamon can boost digestive health and prevent cellular damage. Similarly, cinnamon is a natural detoxifier that can expand overall wellness.

Features and Benefits of the Exodus Effect

  • It can combat chronic pain and inflammations
  • It can support sleep and relaxation
  • It may stop the spread of cancerous cells
  • It can improve immunity and prevent chronic diseases
  • It may support weight management
  • The Exodus Effect can give users divine blessings
  • Each Exodus Effect purchase has a money-back policy
  • All ingredients are science-based and natural


Exodus Effect is available only via the official website. The digital guide and all three bonuses become available to the customers immediately after completing payment. The creators offer three other bonuses, including:

  • Lazarus Effect – It contains crucial information that supports healthy aging.
  • Divine Pet – It has information on how to use the anointing oil on pets for optimal health.
  • Hidden Prayers – has 33 scriptures that can strengthen your spirituality and physical health.

Some Exodus Effect users claim they experience significant health improvement after a few days of using the recipe. Still, the authors recommend using the anointing oil for several weeks.

Final Word

The Exodus Effect is a guidebook by Dr. Benet and Pastor Andrew. It consists of ancient but lost ingredients mentioned in the Bible several times.

The Exodus Effect oil can fight pain, inflammation, insomnia, and poor brain health, among other benefits. Each ingredient is purportedly safe, easy to obtain, and science-based. Customers can use the healing oil topically or add it to food and water.