The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies Reviews – Is It Legit?

Do you take too many medications to remember what they all do? Can’t seem to get past the potential dangers and side effects of each one? Nowadays, doctors and other medical professionals advise using a prescription or over-the-counter drug to treat the symptoms of common illnesses. One former medical specialist sees the issue with this reliance as temporary relief. Shouldn’t we seek solutions that identify and eliminate the root cause of a disease? This was the question that prompted Dr. Freddie Masaki to conduct the ultimate investigation. The end result? A comprehensive encyclopedia. The purpose of this review is to introduce The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies.

What is The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies?

The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies contains over 300 ancient treatments, natural healing, and home remedies for common yet relatively mild health conditions. The goal of this comprehensive database, compiled by the team at 365 Daily Health, is to take everyone on a virtual expedition of the world’s finest herbal medicine-based healing rituals. Let’s examine the overall structure of this encyclopedia to get a clearer sense of the topics on which it intends to educate.

How has The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies been structured?

At the time of writing, no specific structure had been established. However, the authors have since provided sneak peeks into the remedies themselves. With each flip of a page, individuals will come to discover:

  • Medical discoveries found throughout Southeast Asia, including but not limited to Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Indonesia, and China
  • The relevance of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other Folk Remedies in today’s society
  • Healthcare protocols that the West has generally brushed aside but that have been shown to be valuable
  • The why’s, when’s, and how’s of using natural herbs instead of over-the-counter medications
  • The ability to reduce symptoms connected to disorders affecting bones and joints, decreasing mental health, and poor cardiovascular function
  • How select ingredients can be found at the nearest grocery store
  • An acupressure technique that releases existing blood pressure in the ears
  • 7 natural remedies for protecting memory, stimulating neuron growth, and boosting sharpness
  • A natural Sri Lankan Sweetener with an insulin-like substance for achieving healthy blood sugar levels
  • The impact of salt therapy on the lungs by different climates
  • A non-invasive, $50 back pain treatment that doesn’t require any painful surgery or injections
  • A series of remedies that have been backed by clinical studies
  • How the secret to unlimited energy rests in a well-balanced thyroid

How much does The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies cost?

The cost of the digital version of The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies is $37. A pdf download of the book will be made available by the authors after the payment procedures are completed. It is strongly advised that users who experience any difficulties downloading the file contact customer service.

Speaking of support, a 60-day money-back guarantee is also included with The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies. If readers believe that the authors did not actually take them on a tour of the available healthcare options, they may request a refund as long as they do so within 60 days of purchasing the book. To get started, contact 365 Daily Health at contact@365dailyhealth.com.

About the Authors

Dr. Freddie Masaki is The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies’ initial author. He asserts that the corporate greed around prescription drugs forced him to leave the medical field. The expert also added how at this very point, he re-evaluated his goals and decided to go on a global search for alternative medical interventions. For instance, at one of his stops, he discovered the potent effects of a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique that functions as a vasodilator.

Dr. Freddie Masaki met Kenny and Wen Li from 365 Daily Health along the route. The two were on a mission to help the sick and needy, so working together as a team was deemed a natural occurrence. This encyclopedia has everything a person needs to treat their headaches, nerve damage, gout, or tinnitus issues. A few words from one of the three authors are provided below:

“[The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies] is a 40,000-word time with over 300 of the best remedies that I’ve found across the entire world. With clinical grade medical research to back up every single one of these remedies so that they’re not just folk remedies […] Simply flip to the table of contents, look for the ailment that you’re currently facing right now […] Find a list of proven natural remedies to help your body heal [And] begin your journey to independent, affordable health.”

Final Verdict

Together with the 365 Daily Health team, Dr. Freddie Masaki created a comprehensive guide that offers alternatives to the traditional medical treatments. The impact Big Pharma firms have had ever since they were initially introduced horrified this group of experts. Fortunately, they all took different paths to reach the same conclusion, which was that the West has been ignoring the advantages of Eastern therapeutic approaches. People ought to have a basic understanding of what this encyclopedia contains after reading the review above.

Our editorial team was captivated by not only alternative options that alleviate symptoms associated with poor brain, heart, bones, joints, and blood functions, among others. The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies presents solutions supported by science, giving each protocol significance beyond its traditional applications and interpretations. The mere fact that this book contains relevant information on Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese Medicines suggests the use of herbs and our bodies. In this case, our body refers to the various energy channels and acupuncture points that alleviate stress and other hindrances responsible for any discomfort.

All things considered; individuals should be aware that the health protocols included in The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies are not intended to replace any existing medical advice. The suggestions and techniques provided should only be used as a starting point and should be discussed with a healthcare professional before proceeding. Aside from the aforementioned, knowing that this encyclopedia is user-friendly, easy to access, and spills the beans on how people from all over the world approach health and wellness makes the $37 investment worthwhile. To get hold of your very own digital copy of The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies, click here>>>.