Sonus Complete Reviews – Does It Work? Real Consumer Warning

Sonus Complete Reviews – Does It Work? Real Consumer Warning

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Are you fed up with the effect that tinnitus has on your sleep, not to forget your productivity levels? Are these constant shifts between hissing and clicking noises driving you nuts? If so, these are just a fraction of the hindrances faced by consumers with tinnitus. Despite the advancements in medicine, the meticulous driving force of tinnitus has not been revealed. For now, society believes that it is merely a communication error between the brain and ear.

Upon further research, we recently came across a supplement that signifies natural ingredients and the brain-ear connection. To our astonishment, the creator asserts that the solution, dubbed “Sonus Complete,” is one that should not go missed. Where is such confidence coming from, to begin with? The purpose of this review is to unravel the different layers of Sonus Complete. First up, we have the main objective:

What is Sonus Complete?

Sonus Complete is a dietary supplement that pools the effects of vitamins, minerals, plants, and herbs on hearing health and possibly, tinnitus. Long-time researcher and creator of Sonus Complete, Gregory Peters, insists that there are simpler means of improving hearing, which remains the foundation of his solution. While he commends the field of audiology, he strongly believes that sometimes taking a step back and appreciating the nutrients offered by nature is all it takes to resolve certain health conditions.

The aforementioned led him to discover 14 ingredients that, “after many trials,” became the components of Sonus Complete. To ensure that everyone with hearing difficulties has a solution to rely on, he claims to have gotten together with “some friends who own a small supplement company” to increase supplies. To understand how Sonus Complete aims to enhance hearing health, one must first investigate how it’s meant to work.

How does Sonus Complete work?

Gregory does not seem to go over Sonus Complete’s fundamentals, namely regarding how it is supposed to work. However, in going over some of the listed references, much of this formula aims to enhance brain function. By rectifying brain function, common tinnitus symptoms are expected to disappear.

Generally speaking, the medical field has yet to pinpoint the exact mechanism of tinnitus. However, it has been accepted that the issue arises not in the ear, but the brain, writes Dana Foundation [1]. To be more specific, tinnitus might a result of “sounds of a specific frequency [that] are not processed.” When such sounds are not processed, neurons responsible for responding to them or recognizing them become inactive.

Unfortunately, as the sounds keep coming in unprocessed, the brain gets confused. The accumulation of sound is translated into a random hissing, clicking, whooshing, and buzzing sounds, among others – all signs of tinnitus. Ultimately, one can assume that Sonus Complete has been designed to rectify brain-related networks responsible for identifying sounds, and to some extent, might directly ease tinnitus symptoms.

What ingredients are inside Sonus Complete?

The Sonus Complete formula has been split between the proprietary blend (620mg per serving) and supporting ingredients (combined 67mg per serving). Here is a quick breakdown of the entirety of this formula:

Hawthorn (leaf and flower)

Hawthorn is a plant whose leaves, flowers, and berries have been traditionally used to treat heart-related conditions, digestive issues, and anxiety. At the time of writing, this ingredient is reasoned as being safe for ingestion. However, high concentrations may lead to dizziness, nausea, and digestive symptoms [2]. A post by the British Tinnitus Association highlighted that the effect of hawthorn extract on tinnitus has yet to be studied [3]. Additionally, this ingredient appears to carry very little evidence in terms of brain function as well.


Garlic is a species in the onion genus, Allium, and is viewed as a cure for fighting the common cold, possibly lowering blood pressure levels, improving cholesterol levels, and reducing the risk of developing heart disease [4]. Regarding tinnitus, one resource highlighted that a couple of studies were able to show that garlic might “prevent tinnitus and hearing loss,” underlining that it is a valuable addition to one’s meal plan. One reason for the latter is that “garlic can help increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation in the body […] a big bonus in helping relieve Tinnitus [5].”

Olive leaf

Olive leaves are normally used to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, lowering blood pressure levels, and above all, boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation, respectively. In terms of the brain or tinnitus, for that matter, its exact mechanism is quite vague. That said, its antiviral properties might help to mollify ear wax, which, when hardened, might trigger irritation in the eardrum and induce tinnitus symptoms [6].

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus flower is a plant belonging to the Malvaceae family. It appears to have cut because of its antioxidant-dense nature, allowing it to impact blood pressure and fat levels, among others positively. One study established that the hibiscus flower can reverse cerebrovascular disease, i.e., a group of conditions linked to negative hits to the blood vessels and blood supply to the brain [7]. In fact, HealthLine’s own research led them to share that the ears might recognize changes to one’s blood flow as “turbulent or irregular circulation.” Consequently increasing the likelihood of pulsatile tinnitus [8].

Buchu leaf

Buchu is a plant native to South Africa. Historically, these leaves are beneficial for people experiencing urinary tract infections, urethra-related infections, and kidney issues, among others. When taken in food amounts, which appears to be the case here, it is deemed safe. Anything in excess can negatively impact many bodily organs [9]. Interestingly, one article described buchu as a plant that “helps prevent the body’s inflammatory response, naturally reducing swelling and associated pain [10].”

Uva Ursi leaf

Uva ursi is a plant species that got its name because bears rely on their berries for nutrition. Like buchu, this ingredient has been used to treat urinary tract infections and remains a natural alternative among Native Americans. What’s concerning to see is that any concentration of uva ursi taken in excess can lead to signs of toxicity, one of them being “ringing in the ears or tinnitus [11].”

Juniper berries

Juniper berries are often recommended in all-natural supplements because they contain antimicrobial, antioxidant, and neuroprotective effects. A particular argument made about its effect on the brain is that free radicals can help eliminate toxins known to destroy nerve cells. Since these nerves participate in coding signals into recognizable sounds, a hit to them could naturally result in tinnitus. That said, clinical data is needed to make firm conclusions [12].

Green tea leaf

Green tea leaf is a popular herb with one of the most delicate sources of antioxidants. In today’s society, it has garnered a lot of attention to promote healthy digestion and weight loss. Given its antioxidants-rich properties, it has been assumed that green tea leaves can treat viral infections and ward off free radical damage. As for its impact on the brain, it is trusted to elicit protective effects and “may reduce the risk of dementia [13].”

Supporting ingredients include:

Vitamin C (60mg) and Vitamin B12 (100mcg)

Also referred to as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant essential for growth, development, and bodily reparations. In contrast, vitamin B12 is deemed critical in maintaining the body’s nerve and blood cells. One study that looked at the combined effects of vitamin C, vitamin B12, and melatonin in elderly subjects with tinnitus concluded that “low plasma melatonin and vitamin B12 have a significant correlation with the development of subjective idiopathic tinnitus [14].”

Niacin (2.5mg)

Niacin is a naturally occurring vitamin (i.e., vitamin B3) in greens, meat, fish, and poultry. When compared to all B vitamins, this one is trusted to out beat all but vitamin B12. According to one article, niacin could “provide smooth muscle relaxation and perhaps increased blood flow to tiny blood vessels supplying the inner ear,” which might imply a possible treatment for tinnitus [15].

Vitamin B6 (5mg)

Vitamin B6 is deemed a valuable vitamin seeing that it plays a fundamental role in the immune system’s overall capacities. A piece expounding on its benefits revealed that it might reduce memory loss, where the latter, to our surprise, might trigger tinnitus. Namely, the argument made was that vitamin B6 could enhance the nervous system, which in turn, “may improve the health of the nerves leading to the inner ear and thus minimiz[ing] the discomforts of tinnitus [16].”

Folate (100mcg)

Folate or vitamin B9 can be ingested through foods that we consume daily (i.e., broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, chickpeas, kidney beans, etc.). A 2017 review that assessed “the role of brain folate deficiency” concluded that it could trigger blood-brain barrier dysfunctions. This might naturally give rise to chronic diseases (i.e., neuropsychiatric disease) [15].

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How to take Sonus Complete?

Sonus Complete must be treated as a dietary supplement. Precisely, one capsule should be taken twice daily with an adequate source of water.

Is Sonus Complete safe?

Sonus Complete is generally deemed safe to take as long as consumers prevent themselves from exceeding the recommended doses. That said, this product is not intended for pregnant and/or nursing women, children under the age of 18, or anyone taking medications for cardiovascular or hypotension-related issues. While some of the listed ingredients tend to trigger side effects, they are deemed rare in this case because of the relatively low concentrations. Nonetheless, one should only arrive at the final verdict once their respective physicians have given advice.

What measures can be taken alongside Sonus Complete to improve hearing?

In addition to taking Sonus Complete, individuals might want to take some time to understand hearing as a function. Once everyone has a basic idea, simple tweaks/improvements are all it takes to push oneself towards the path of ultimate recovery.

These additional steps may range from participating in sound-recognizing activities and avoiding using Q-tips or cotton buds to watching out for loud sounds (i.e., music through personal devices). Above all, when individuals sense an issue to their hearing, a doctor’s help should be sought. Regular checkups are highly encouraged because problems can be caught in the earlier stages.

What is there to know about Sonus Complete’s shipping policy?

U.S. orders will not be charged any shipping and handling fees. In contrast, countries such as Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom can expect to incur a fee of $15.95. Additionally, the former can expect to receive their orders within 5 to 7 business days, while the latter needs to be more patient (i.e., up to 15 business days).

Has Sonus Complete been protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Sonus Complete has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. To get the refund processes started, individuals need to send an email to contact@sonuscomplete.com, get their approval for the refund, and send the supplement bottles back to 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112. From there, it will become a waiting game of ensuring that the supplement bottles have been safely returned and the money refunded to one’s account.

How much does Sonus Complete cost?

One Sonus Complete includes 60 capsules or, equivalently, 30 servings for one month. Since natural ingredients have an accumulated effect, individuals need to think long term. To promote this, the prices have been adjusted based on quantities purchased. In other words:

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Final Verdict

Ultimately, Sonus Complete has been designed to support healthy hearing by eliminating tinnitus-related symptoms. Creator Gregory Peters appears to have focused on brain function as the root cause. In particular, the communication between the brain and ear has been highlighted, where the brain is believed to have great difficulties in translating electrical signals into recognizable sounds. As more signals are received, the brain is left confused and ends up misinterpreting them, hence the condition of tinnitus.

Gregory mentioned several ingredients that could lighten one’s situation. Only a handful appears to have some form of link between the brain and/or tinnitus in further investigating them. Unfortunately, existing studies do not suffice to affirm that they can, in fact, promote better results across different people and severity levels. This doesn’t come too much of a surprise as the idea of relying on natural ingredients only picked up in recent years.

Another issue worth noting is the lack of company information, let alone background information on Gregory. Is it enough to know that he is a researcher? Of course, not such claims need credibility, and this is nowhere to be found. The same goes for the manufacturing company, as consumers are only told that this was an endeavor between friends. Due to these reasons, onboarding the Sonus Complete train without contacting customer service beforehand seems irrational. For more information on Sonus Complete, click here