RemBalance Reviews – Does Golden After 50 Rem Balance Work or Scam?

RemBalance is a nutritional supplement that claims to support sleep and metabolism.

Just take two capsules of RemBalance before you fall asleep, then enjoy a better sleep while supporting your metabolism overnight. Golden makes RemBalance After 50, a supplement company for older adults.

Does RemBalance really work? How does RemBalance work? Find out everything you need to know about this nutritional supplement today in our review.

What is RemBalance?

RemBalance is a nutritional supplement sold online through GoldenAfter50.com. The supplement is marketed as a sleep aid and metabolic support agent.


Sleep is crucial for weight loss, metabolism, and overall health and wellness. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, then your health will suffer. By optimizing sleep, RemBalance claims to support metabolism and other aspects of health and wellness.

RemBalance doesn’t just claim to help you lose weight: it claims to help you lose a substantial amount of weight at any age. The RemBalance sales page features the story of one 68-year old grandmother who lost 84 pounds just by switching to RemBalance.

RemBalance is exclusively available online through GoldenAFter50.com, where it’s priced at around $49 per bottle.

How Does RemBalance Work?

RemBalance contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plant extracts linked to sleep and metabolism.


The supplement contains ingredients like ashwagandha and valerian, for example, which are found in virtually every sleep aid supplement sold online today. Studies show these natural extracts are adaptogens that help you relax.

RemBalance also contains ingredients like forskolin extract, which has been linked to weight loss in some small studies. Some studies suggest that forskolin inhibits your appetite. Other studies show it blocks the formation in fat.

RemBalance was designed to solve two of the biggest problems people face:

  1. Lack of quality sleep
  2. Chronic issues with weight gain

The goal of RemBalance is to push your body to enter the special type of sleep linked to weight loss. By entering this deepest, most restorative phase of sleep, you can lose a significant amount of weight, according to Golden After 50.

How to Use RemBalance

To use RemBalance, just take two capsules 60 minutes before bed with a glass of water.

According to the official website, the supplement should help you fall asleep and then help you lose a significant amount of weight as you sleep.

The Story Behind RemBalance

RemBalance is marketed online with a video and sales page featuring the story of a 68-year old grandmother who lost 84 pounds while taking RemBalance.


That woman, Terry, weighed 284 pounds before taking RemBalance. She lost 84 pounds without changing her diet and exercise habits, dropping all the way to 200 pounds, and changing her life just by switching to RemBalance.

Here’s how the video and sales page introduce Terry’s story:

“A crazy discovery that led to a powerful pre-bedtime ritual that allowed her body to release 84 pounds of disease-causing fat, faster than any one of her family members, friends, and even us here at Golden After 50 could’ve ever imagined…”

Terry wasn’t always overweight. She was an athlete growing up. In her late 40s, however, Terry’s metabolism “went on vacation never to return,” causing her to gain an enormous amount of weight.

Terry tried dieting, exercise, and other conventional weight-loss strategies. However, none of them worked. She continued gaining weight.

Eventually, Terry’s weight gain caused her to end up in the hospital. Doctors told Terry she needed to lose weight quickly – or she would die.

Terry contacted Golden After 50. Golden After 50 performed a 3-day sleep study on Terry. The team at Golden After 50 concluded that Terry was “dealing with one of the worst cases” they had ever seen of “metabolic grogginess.”

The team at Golden After 50 claims Terry had gained weight because she wasn’t getting a good sleep. Golden After 50 gave Terry a customized supplement with sleep aids.

Terry and Golden After 50 were amazed by the weight loss results.

Over the next two weeks, Terry lost 16 pounds while on vacation, losing over 1 pound of weight per day with zero dieting or exercising.

Terry also increased her bone mineral density while gaining new muscle. After the first month, Terry lost a total of 32 pounds. She also lowered her cholesterol, dropped her heart rate to a normal range, and experienced other powerful health benefits – just by switching to RemBalance.

Ultimately, Terry rapidly lost 84 pounds of weight and saved her life by taking RemBalance. Today, Golden After 50 sells RemBalance to anyone online.

What is Metabolic Grogginess?

RemBalance is made based on the idea of metabolic grogginess, which is the idea that your body can’t burn weight if it doesn’t get a good night’s sleep.

When you sleep, your body goes through different phases. When your body enters the deepest and most restorative phase of sleep, it’s called the “fat loss dream state,” according to Golden After 50.

Here’s why Golden After 50 believes the fat loss dream state is so important:

“The stage of sleep we like to call here your Fat Loss Dream State. You see, it’s in this stage of sleep your metabolism goes to work, breaking down body fat to be used for energy during the night to help repair your muscles, joints, renew your complexion, and recharge your cells, so you have plenty of energy for the next day.”

If your body never enters the fat loss dream state, it disrupts crucial hormones for weight loss, including ghrelin, leptin, and growth hormone. Ghrelin tells your brain you’re hungry, while leptin tells your brain you’re full. When these hormones become imbalanced, it can lead to overeating and weight gain.

RemBalance forces your body to enter the fat loss dream state to ensure your metabolism stays active.

Even if you get 8 hours of sleep per day and take multiple naps throughout the day, your body may never enter this fat loss dream state. Some people naturally don’t enter it, and that can lead to significant weight gain.

Sleep Quality Drops As You Get Older

It’s no secret that your metabolism slows down with age. However, many people are unaware that their sleep quality also drops with age.

As you get older, you may sleep fewer hours per night. You may struggle to get a full night’s sleep.

Here’s how Golden After 50 explains the effects of sleep and age:

“…starting in your early 30’s – you’ll notice less quality of sleep along with a 25% drop in your metabolism.”

This effect continues every 5 to 10 years. It gets worse and worse, leading to declining sleep quality.

RemBalance Ingredients

Obviously, all sleep aids claim to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Most sleep supplements don’t work. RemBalance claims to separate itself from the competition using quality ingredients at the right dosages.


Golden After 50 discloses the full list of dosages and ingredients in RemBalance upfront, making it easy to compare the supplement to other sleep aids sold online.

Here are all of the ingredients in RemBalance and how they work, according to Golden After 50:

150mg of Valerian Root: RemBalance contains a small dose of valerian root, which Native Americans purportedly treasured and Spanish explorers for its ability to calm anxiety and restless. Valerian root is found in virtually every sleep aid supplement sold online today, and studies show it could genuinely help the body relax.

100mg of Passionflower: RemBalance also contains passionflower, a popular natural extract that could relax the body in a similar way to valerian root. Like valerian, passionflower is found in many sleep aid supplements, and studies show it has relaxing effects on the body.

100mg of Forskolin Extract: Coleus forskohlii is a popular diet-pill ingredient found in a growing number of weight loss pills sold online. Golden After 50 claims the forskolin in RemBalance will start “breaking down body fat at an accelerated pace” as you sleep.

100mg of Ashwagandha Root Extract: Ashwagandha is a popular adaptogen, which means it helps your body manage its response to stress. Golden After 50 claims the ashwagandha in RemBalance will help calm daily stress levels by calming the stress hormone cortisol in your body.

100mg of GABA: RemBalance contains 100mg of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA). Although Golden After 50 does not disclose this ingredient’s purpose, studies show GABA can have relaxing effects on the body and mind. It’s often found in nootropics (cognitive supplements) to force your mind into a relaxed state.

100mg of L-Tryptophan: Tryptophan is an amino acid produced by your body naturally. Certain foods (like turkey) are rich with tryptophan, which could make it easier to fall asleep. There’s a reason many people feel sleepy after eating turkey. Today, a growing number of sleep aids contain L-tryptophan for this reason.

100mg of Chamomile Extract: Chamomile is a popular sleep aid supplement ingredient linked to relaxing properties. Studies show chamomile can help relax the body and mind in various ways.

100mg of Lemon Balm: RemBalance contains 100mg of lemon balm extract, which is also found in many sleep aid supplements. Studies show lemon balm extract can help your body and mind relax, supporting your ability to enter the deepest phase of sleep.

2mg of Melatonin: Although melatonin is the smallest ingredient in RemBalance, it may be the most noticeable. Melatonin is the most popular natural sleep aid available today. Studies show that taking 1mg to 10mg of melatonin at night can help you fall asleep and enjoy a more restful sleep. 2mg may not sound like a big dose, but studies show it’s a noticeable amount of melatonin to help you fall asleep.

Other ingredients in RemBalance include the gelatin capsule and brown rice flour (as a filler or binder to hold the formula together).


Scientific Evidence for RemBalance

Golden After 50 claims to have performed a sleep trial on one patient while developing RemBalance. That patient later lost 84 pounds while taking the formula, losing over 16 pounds in her first 2 weeks and over 30 pounds in her first month, which is an incredible amount of weight loss for any person.

Science tells us that the ingredients in RemBalance should help you fall asleep and enter the deepest phase of sleep. However, there’s little evidence the ingredients can lead to 80+ pounds of weight loss in the average person.

As the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health explains, melatonin is a popular ingredient found in many dietary supplements. It’s been shown to help you fall asleep and enter a deeper phase of sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that your brain produces in response to darkness. As your circadian rhythm completes its cycle (based on a day-night cycle), your body produces melatonin to help you fall asleep. Some people take melatonin to kickstart this cycle, helping them fall asleep. Although melatonin does not seem to work on everyone, it’s one of the most popular sleep aids sold online today. Most supplements contain 0.5mg to 10mg of melatonin, and RemBalance contains 2mg.

The only weight loss ingredient in RemBalance is forskolin. Forskolin has been linked to weight loss in two small studies in humans. These studies show that forskolin could impact hormones and body composition. However, RemBalance does not seem to contain a substantial dose of forskolin. Most studies use a minimum dose of 500mg of forskolin extract per day (with a 10% concentration), while RemBalance contains just 100mg of forskolin extract.

This 2012 study from researchers in India showed that ashwagandha could help with stress, mental strain, and emotional tension. Researchers gave ashwagandha to participants, then forced them into a high-stress environment. Researchers noticed slightly lower stress markers and significantly lower cortisol levels in the ashwagandha group compared to a placebo. After 60 days of taking ashwagandha, researchers found these effects remained noticeable. RemBalance contains just 100mg of ashwagandha extract, while this study used a daily dose of 600mg of ashwagandha extract.

Overall, RemBalance contains plenty of proven sleep aids – similar to the ingredients found in any sleep supplement sold online today. However, dosage seems lower than competing sleep supplements in this price range.

There’s no evidence that RemBalance leads to significant weight loss. Despite containing a small dose of forskolin, we can’t find any proof that RemBalance can lead to any significant weight loss. We’re skeptical that Terry lost 84 pounds while taking RemBalance, and it’s unlikely you’ll lose one pound per day while taking RemBalance even with significant diet and exercise.

RemBalance Pricing

RemBalance is priced at $49 per bottle, although the price drops to $39 or $44 per bottle when ordering multiple units. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

The shipping fee is $8.95 or $19.95, depending on where you order.

Each bottle comes with 60 capsules (30 servings). You take two capsules 60 minutes before bedtime to help you fall asleep and lose weight while you sleep.


RemBalance Refund Policy

A 365-day refund policy backs RemBalance. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 365 days.

If you did not lose 80+ pounds while taking RemBalance, or if you are unhappy with the weight loss results for any reason, then you can request a complete refund on RemBalance with no questions asked within one full year of your original purchase.

Golden After 50 will not refund initial shipping fees.

Note: One sales page mentions a 365-day refund policy, while another sales page mentions a 90-day refund policy. Contact the company within 90 days to verify.

Who Created RemBalance?

Golden created RemBalance After 50, a supplement company specializing in supplements for older adults (men and women over 50).

Other supplements from Golden After 50 include Probio-Lite, RemVital, BP-Activate, and Good Morning Formula, among others.

The company makes its supplements in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. You can contact Golden After 50 (also known as Healthy Trends Worldwide, LLC) via the following:

Phone: 1-800-351-6106

Email: support@goldenafter50.com

Mailing Address: PO Box 4731 Tampa, FL 33677, USA

Final Word

RemBalance is a sleep aid and metabolism support supplement from Golden After 50. The supplement doesn’t just claim to support a healthy sleep; it also claims to lead to substantial weight loss by optimizing your phases of sleep.

Science tells us the ingredients in RemBalance could help you fall asleep and enter a deep sleep. However, you’re unlikely to lose 80+ pounds on RemBalance without a significant amount of dieting and exercising. Even the best weight loss routines don’t lead to this type of weight loss as you sleep.

Fortunately, RemBalance is backed by a 365-day refund policy. If you’re unhappy with the results of the supplement for any reason, then you can request a complete refund within one full year of your purchase.

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