Purple Garden Reviews – Is It Legit?

There comes a point in time in everyone’s life when he wants to get help from a superior entity. Most of you have experienced a situation in life where you want help from the metaphysical world. You can take the help of psychic readings to understand where your life is going.

Earlier going to a psychic reader was a difficult task. You had to make an appointment and then had to venture out to meet your reader. With the advancement of technology, many online psychic reading platforms have come up.

Different psychic reading platforms provide you with professional advice in the comfort of your home and save you time. Some of these platforms use voice calls or video calls to give relationship coaching, while others use chats to deliver their services.

Most readers use their psychic abilities to help you in overcoming life’s obstacles. After looking at the popularity of online psychic readings, many online psychic platforms have come up. Some of these platforms don’t have professional psychic readers to give apt advice.

Before choosing a psychic reading website, you should look at the reviews of their psychic readers. If the reader does accurate reading, he will receive good reviews. Many psychic reading websites provide the facility of video call reading.

One such website that provides video readings, voice calls, and chat readings are Purple Garden. It is one of the best psychic reading sites that has numerous psychic readers. Purple Garden makes sure that each and every customer gets a satisfactory response from their psychics.

Purple Garden review suggests that the users are really happy after interacting with the psychics associated with the website.

Name Purple Garden
Overview This is a psychic reading website that allows customers to get in touch with various psychics to get solutions to their problems.
Different Types Of Readings
  • Palm Reading
  • Love Readings
  • Psychic Readings
  • Tarot Readings
  • Angel Insights
  • Astrology and Horoscope Reading
  • Dream Analysis
  • Oracle Guidance
  • Benefits
  • Provides mental peace
  • Help in finding closure
  • Help with relationships
  • Help to make better career choices
  • Features
  • Has an online app
  • Provide secure payment facilities
  • Is in Spanish and English language
  • Money Back Guarantee 3-day money-back guarantee
    Side Effects No side effects reported by the users so far
    Price Price varies from psychics to psychics.
    Customer Reviews Users are highly satisfied with the readings.
    Availability Only available on the official website.

    What Is Purple Garden?

    Purple Garden is an online platform where psychics from all over the world come together to help different people overcome obstacles in their life. They use their psychic powers to guide people in various aspects of their life.

    Purple Garden psychics offer not only chakra cleansing but also various other readings. It is a psychic reading website that is considered by many reviewers as a hidden gem. All psychic readers have plenty of experience and can guide you in overcoming life hurdles.

    Purple Garden is a psychic reading platform developed by Bitwine Psychics and Purple Ocean. It has a user-friendly interface and focuses exclusively on live readings. You can select the best psychics on the basis of their reviews.

    Purple Garden psychics work by acting as a bridge between psychic readers and potential customers. It provides different types of readings. In this Purple Garden review, we will see different types of reading provided by them.

    Different Types Of Reading At Purple Garden

    Purple Garden is a psychic reading platform where psychics from different parts of the world register themselves and provide their services. If you want to gain some insight into your dreams or want to know about the right time to change jobs, then this site might work for you.

    Purple Garden has plenty of psychic readers who are experts in their fields. They either use tools or their metaphysical powers to guide a person in his life. Purple Garden’s Services can be availed through video calls too.

    You can create your free Purple Garden Account by visiting the official website. You can choose the right psychic reader for yourself by looking at the reviews. Purple Garden reviews are genuine, and the company never deletes negative reviews.

    The Purple Garden is one of the few psychic reading sites that provides you the opportunity to choose your own specific reader. You can choose your reader by going through various different readings offered by purple Garden.

    Some of the readings offered by Purple Garden are mentioned below.



    Numerology is the study of numbers. People who practice numerology try to discover hidden meanings behind numbers.

    For example, many people believe that the number 7 has special meaning. The number 7 symbolizes perfection. It can represent success or happiness.

    But the number 7 can also mean danger. A person born under this sign will have a lot of responsibilities. He or she must work hard to succeed.

    There are different ways to calculate numbers. Each method gives you a different result. So you need to choose the one that works best for you.

    The first step in calculating numbers is to write down the date of birth. Then divide it into two parts: month and day. Add the digits together. This gives you the year.

    Next, add the year to the month. Divide the sum by 10. This gives you the decade. Finally, multiply the decade by the digit 2. This gives you the letter.

    You can repeat these steps until you reach the last digit. For example, if your birthday is January 1st, 1990, then you should start with the year 1990.

    Add 1990 to 1989. Then divide the sum by 10. That gives you the decade. Now add the decade to the 9th place. Multiply the sum by 2. That gives you the letter J. Repeat the process until you reach the final digit.

    Your name is now written in reverse order. For example, if my name is John Smith, then I am writing my name backward.

    When you finish writing your name backward, you have completed the calculation. Your name is now written in numerical order.

    Now you can look up your name in a dictionary. Look for any patterns in the letters. For example, if the word “John” appears more than once, then you may want to change your name.

    Do not worry if you do not understand what you see. There are books available that explain how to read numbers.

    Some people believe in numerology because they think it helps them predict their own lives. They use it to help them plan their futures.

    Others believe in numerology because it makes sense to them. They feel that there must be some kind of pattern behind the universe.

    Some people believe in numerology simply because they enjoy reading about it. They like to learn new things.

    Love Readings

    Purple Garden has expert psychics who can guide you in your love life. If you have any confusion related to love, like whether it’s the right time to take your relationship to the next level or how to win over someone’s love, readings at Purple Garden can help you with that.

    A love reading A.K.A relationship coaching can help you guide in finding true love. It can help you understand that the person you have just met can be your life partner or not. You can connect to a psychic love expert using Purple Garden.

    You can choose from different psychic love experts to give you relationship coaching so that you can understand what your heart really wants. You can get great relationship advice and may win over your love

    Psychic Readings

    If you are not happy with the way your life is going and want to know the reason behind it you can take the help of psychic readings. Psychic readings in an ancient art form where a reader with the help of supernatural powers guides people in their life.

    Genuine psychic readers read the aura around your body and can tell you things about you that you might not be aware of. A psychic reading can help you get answers to some unanswered questions.

    A psychic reading uses a medium to explore your current situation. The reader will ask questions about your past, present, and future. The answers they receive will give them insights into what you need to do to improve your life.

    Psychic readings are similar to fortune telling because they both involve interpreting symbols. However, fortune telling focuses on predicting the future, while psychic readings focus on exploring your current circumstances.

    Psychic readings can be performed over the phone or through email. If you prefer to have a face-to-face consultation, then you should consider hiring a professional psychic reader instead.

    Psychics work by accessing information that lies beyond our five senses. They claim to be able to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste spirits.

    They may also access information about people who have passed away. Some psychics believe that these spirits communicate with them via clairvoyance. Clairvoyance means seeing visions. It involves receiving messages from spirit guides.

    Other psychics believe that spirits communicate with them through telepathy. Telepathy means being able to read someone else’s thoughts.

    Some psychics claim to be able to talk directly to deceased loved ones. These psychics call it channeling. Channeling involves communicating with spirits through automatic writing. Automatic writing involves writing down words without thinking about them first.

    The most common types of psychics are clairvoyant psychics, astrologers, and empaths.

    Clairvoyants are often called “psychic readers”. They use their ability to see visions to help clients understand their lives better.

    Astrologers predict events based on the positions of planets and stars. They usually offer advice on how to deal with problems.

    Empaths connect with other people’s emotions. They are sometimes called “empaths”. Empaths claim to be able to sense others’ feelings.

    Purple Garden provides you with plenty of psychic readers who can give you honest and straight-to-the-point reviews. You can avail of any of the video calls, voice call, and chat feature to take help from a psychic.

    Tarot Readings

    Tarot readings are an ancient form of art that requires expertise to decipher the meaning of the cards. Tarot readings are a form of cartomancy whereby the practitioner uses tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present, and future.

    The history of tarot cards is a fascinating one, and it’s not just because they are so popular today. The origins of the tarot deck have been shrouded in mystery for centuries. It wasn’t until the 19th century that we really started to understand what these mysterious symbols meant.

    A tarot deck is basically a set of playing cards with specific meanings attached to each card. These meanings can be used to help you make sense of your life or even predict future events. You may also use them as an aid when reading other people’s minds.

    Tarot decks come in many different shapes and sizes. They can range from small pocket-sized versions to large wall-mounted ones. Some decks are designed specifically for divination purposes, while others are more suited to everyday games like poker.

    Tarot cards are often associated with fortune telling, but this isn’t always true. Many tarot readers will tell fortunes based on their own personal beliefs about how the universe works. Others will use the tarot to gain insight into the lives of those around them.

    There are many different types of tarot decks available. Each type has its own unique meaning and symbolism. For example, some decks are designed to help you find love, while others focus on helping you overcome obstacles.

    You can choose between two main types of tarot decks: traditional and modern. Traditional tarot decks tend to be older and feature images of animals, flowers, and angels. Modern tarot decks usually feature human figures and landscapes.

    You can also choose between single-suited and multi-suited tarot decks. Single-suited decks only contain suits such as cups, swords, coins, etc. Multi-suited decks include all four suits (cups, swords, coins, and wands) plus additional suits such as pentacles, stars, and hearts.

    A tarot reader uses cards to gain insight into someone’s life. The practitioner uses his experience to answer several questions of the clients using cards. Generally, the questions should be open-ended so that the reader can guide the user effectively.

    Many tarot readers are associated with Purple Garden. Unlike other psychic reading websites, Purple Garden provides a video call feature so that the users can see what are the cards taken out by the reader and how he is interpreting them.

    Purple Garden tarot reading psychics use their experience to reveal who you are and what is your purpose in life. Most psychic readers try to put your story into greater context and decipher its meaning.

    Purple Garden Psychics provides the best Tarot readings. They use tarot cards to understand what the future holds for you in various aspects of your life like love, relationship, or career.

    You can choose from various psychics available on Purple Garden. You can read their reviews and choose a psychic that suits your budget and has a great review.

    Palm Readings

    Palm Readings is an ancient art. It has been used in various countries for centuries to decide the future of a person. Many people believe in palm reading, and it has survived till now. Palm readings require expert eyes to see what the lines in your hand want to tell.

    Purple Garden has various palm readers who can look at your palms through the video call feature. Most psychic reading sites do not offer palm readings as it requires the palm of the person, which can only be seen through video call.

    Purple Garden psychics are expert palm readers and can help you in getting some clarity about your future.

    Angel Insights

    Angel Insights is a reading provided by Purple Garden. Psychic readers use their ability to talk to the spirits and help you find answers to unanswered questions. Angel Insights are also like tarot card readings where the reader uses cards to see past, present, and future.

    Angel Insights help people to find closure as it helps people ask questions to those who are no more. Angel Insights psychic readers are very humble and encourage you to move ahead in your life.

    Purple Garden has plenty of Angel Insights readers. You can choose an Angel reader on the basis of his reviews.

    Astrology and Horoscope Reading

    Astrology is predicting the future using the location of the sun, moon, and stars. In horoscopes astrology, the astrologer uses your birth time, location, and date to create a chart that can throw some light on the future of the client.

    The astrologer uses the position of planets and stars to identify what problems loom over you and how you can overcome them. Astrologers can see your past, present, and future and can guide you towards love and happiness.

    Purple Garden is a hub for these astrologers. All the astrologers are verified, and they have the experience to help you guide in the right direction in your life.

    Dream Analysis

    One of the most difficult readings is Dream Analysis. Dreams are a mirror of your subconscious mind. They reflect what is there in your heart. Many people experience the same dream again and again.

    Dream analysis is a form of divination where you interpret your dreams using tarot cards. This method was developed by Aleister Crowley, who believed that dreaming could reveal hidden truths about yourself. He wrote extensively about his experiences with dream interpretation.

    Aleister Crowley was born in 1875. He became interested in mysticism at a young age and began studying various forms of occultism. In 1899 he founded the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which focused on ceremonial magic.

    In 1904 Crowley published Liber AL vel Legis, which contained instructions for performing rituals known as “Thelema.” He claimed that Thelema was necessary for attaining spiritual enlightenment.

    Crowley later moved away from ceremonial magic and towards a belief in free will. He came up with the idea of dream analysis after having a series of nightmares. He decided to try and figure out why he had dreamed about certain things.

    With the help of Dream Analysis experts, you can understand what your dream means. Dream analysis explores the images of your dreams and tries to give them meaning. Purple Garden helps you to meet different dream analysts.

    By choosing psychic readers from Purple garden, you can understand the meaning of faded dream-like visions that keep occurring to some people.

    Oracle Guidance

    By using the Oracle guidance you can come closer to your inner self. Oracle guidance helps you to be at peace and lets you know beforehand what the future holds for you. Purple Garden provides plenty of oracle reading experts.

    Oracle Guidance uses a deck that supports the emotional and spiritual health of an individual.

    Fortune Telling

    Fortune tellers are not real psychics. They don’t actually know anything about the future. Instead, they rely on intuition to make predictions.

    Fortune tellers use tarot cards to make predictions. Tarot cards are used to interpret dreams.

    Tarot card readers claim to be able to predict the future using the images on the cards. They say that each card represents an aspect of yourself.

    Many people think that fortune telling is just fun entertainment. But there are some serious risks involved. For example, if you get bad news from a fortune teller then you could lose money. You might even end up losing custody of your children.

    People have been practicing fortune telling for thousands of years. Ancient cultures believed that the gods controlled everything in the world. They thought that the gods were responsible for creating all things.

    If you wanted to know whether something good would happen to you, then you had to consult a god. If you wanted to know whether you would die young, then you needed to consult a prophet.

    In ancient Egypt, priests told fortunes to kings. Kings consulted prophets to find out which way the wind was blowing.

    In medieval Europe, fortune tellers worked as court jesters. They entertained royalty by making predictions about the future.

    Today, fortune tellers still perform at weddings and funerals. They make predictions about the future. Many people like to hire fortune tellers to give them advice before important decisions.

    What Is The Pricing At Purple Garden?

    Purple Garden is one of the few online psychic reading sites that provide its users with plenty of options to choose from. There are several psychics associated with Purple Garden whose price varies from $1.99/ minute to more than $10/ minute.

    Purple Garden also provides voice call and video call features that are usually more costly than normal chats. The price of a psychic reader can change at any time without prior notice.

    Customer Testimonies- Purple Garden Reviews

    Purple Garden psychics have to write an introduction about themselves. When you click on a psychic profile, you will see reviews from various customers. Not everyone can be satisfied with psychic readings.

    Some people have given negative reviews to psychics. They might have chosen the psychic on the basis of his price and not on the basis of his expertise. Generally, experienced psychics charge you more, but every penny spent on them is worth it.

    The star rating feature of Purple Garden lets you pick the best readers for yourself. If the user is happy with the reader, he will give him more stars, and his overall rating will improve. That is why most of the readers try to enhance the experience of the customers.

    Various customers prefer Purple Garden because this platform has additional features that will help you choose the right psychic for you. The psychics have video readings so you can get a sense of the advisor before scheduling a session.

    Purple Garden’s platform lets you see an average star rating along with the number of readings a psychic has performed. This information can help you make a better decision when you choose a psychic.

    Is Purple Garden Legit?

    Purple Garden is one of the safest apps out there in the market. The Purple Garden app lets you connect with thousands of psychics from all around the world. All you have to do is to download the app from the app store.

    Once you have downloaded the Purple Garden app you need to register with your email address or your phone number. Purple Garden won’t send any promotional messages to your email address.

    Purple garden states that the psychics registered with them have to undergo some tests to prove that they are genuine. In this Purple Garden Review, we have analyzed how Purple Garden works.

    Purple Garden is very clear about its policies. It has mentioned the price on the profile of every psychic advisor. Moreover, to ensure that only genuine psychics get registered on the website Purple Garden screens their psychics where the psychics have to submit an application.

    Along with the application, there is test reading too. The company uses application and test results to choose the best Purple Garden Advisors. Purple Garden’s Psychics are experts in their fields.

    There are various readers associated with Purple Garden. Many of them have years of experience as energy readers or palm readers or some other reading.

    Purple Garden’s psychic’s profile has reviews along with the prices for different sessions and it also mentions the time from which the reader is associated with the website.

    Is There Any Refund Policy?

    Purple Garden’s Terms and conditions specifically mentions that there is no satisfaction guarantee. The company reserves the right to provide a partial or full refund if it finds the claim valid.

    Purple Garden offers some satisfaction guarantee as the site mentioned that the refund request can be made within 3 days of completion of the order. The refund amount cannot exceed the value of the order charged by the psychic advisor.

    Purple Garden’s advisors have been appointed after test and verification so they try to maximize your psychic reading experience. To get the maximum benefits from Purple Garden’s platform you will have to download its app from the play store.

    Once you download the app you can receive readings on your phone from various astrologers and psychics. You can share your issues with them in the comfort of your home and you will enjoy anonymity too.

    How To Apply To Be A Psychic At Purple Garden?

    If you want to be a psychic at Purple Garden, you can do so by downloading an app called the Purple Ocean. Users cannot use any other apps to apply. They have to show that they have prior experience in psychic readings.

    Purple Garden’s advisors have undergone screening tests and use their supernatural powers to help bring closure to the people. Purple Garden psychic readings are one of the best readings available online.

    Communication Tools At Purple Garden

    The Purple Garden is one of the few websites available in the market that uses video readings, voice calls, and chats. Video reading helps a user understand the psychic and decide whether he will be suitable for him or not.

    Along with video reading, Purple Garden’s psychics also provide their resumes and are evaluated on the basis of these two. Purple Garden offers a lot of psychics who can provide you with solutions to your life problems.

    Each Purple Garden psychic has video recordings so you can get a sense of advisor before scheduling a session. The video recording helps a user make an informed decision. You can read the psychic reviews also before choosing your psychic.

    After a session ends, a customer feedback window will pop up where a user can share his experience and enlighten future users about the psychic.

    Final Verdict- Is Purple Garden Worth It?

    Purple Garden is one of the few online psychic reading sites that provide an introductory video along with the option of a video call. The Psychic advisors of Purple Garden have plenty of experience and can see your past, present, and future.

    Purple Garden provides a range of reading, from palm reading to tarot reading. All these readings are done by professionals. To get the maximum benefits from psychic readings, you should always choose the reader who has more positive reviews.

    Purple Garden Psychic Reading works by acting as a bridge between psychic readers and users. It makes them acquainted with each other. The user can choose a psychic advisor on the basis of his reviews.

    Learn more about Purple Garden by visiting the official website now! >>>