Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics Can Find Answers To Life’s Questions

Most authentic and top customer rated online psychic reading services, find the truth behind your actions and the path that leads to your best future with the best online psychic reading sites of 2021.

When life seems to be filled with misfortunes and unwanted experiences, when every decision stumps you and stops you from growing in your life, then a psychic reading can help you lift off the emotional and mental burden weighing you down. A psychic session can provide you with the answers to the questions that always stormed you but you could never reach a solution for them.

For people who want to find clarity in their life, make better decisions, and approach life positively and healthily, a psychic reading can be the perfect solution. It can be a vulnerable experience to keep your issues, problems, personal life, and information in front of someone but the results and their impact on your life will be magical.

During a psychic reading, one should always ensure that they accept the fact that their present circumstances and situation does not decide their future. The future can always be changed. It is not set in stone. The power of changing and transforming the future into something beautiful and worthwhile lies with you. Worrying about the future, goals, and your loved ones will only surround you with negative energy.

Thus, to ensure that you are focused on your destination and follow the correct path towards success and peace, you should get a psychic reading. Online psychic reading is not only available from the comfort of your home, it also allows you to choose from a plethora of platforms and psychics that you can never find while searching psychics near me.

Out of thousands of websites and apps that claim to offer an authentic and the best psychic reading experience, the following are selected as the best-rated ones. These offer impeccable services that can satisfy the questions of any user.

Top 4 Websites With Amazing Online Psychic Reading Services

Kasamba – With the best reviews and a special offer of the first three minutes free, Kasamba offers a one-stop solution for love psychics and tarot readings.

California Psychics – Hosting a plethora of the best readers and mediums, California Psychics provides their expert services at rates as low as $1 for a minute.

Keen Psychics – An all-inclusive website that has proven a safe space to find guidance on your future and find your clarity, Keen Psychics offer attractive introductory offers with 10 minutes of the session available at $1.99.

Psychic Source – With the largest user base and thousands of experienced and specialized readers, Psychic Source offers its services with offers of 75% and the first three minutes of a session for free.

Kasamba – Best for Top Rated Psychics


Kasamba has risen in the ranks of the best online psychic reading website by providing the best customer service experience, a user-friendly and optimized website, and smooth and accurate readings that have a practical approach to help the person rectify their wrongdoings and progress in their life.

Kasamba allows you to browse the website, go through a multitude of profiles of the reader so that you can choose the one that suits your needs. You can read the reviews as well to confirm that the reader will be able to answer your questions with their experience, skill, and intuitive powers.

Once you have selected the reader, you can book an appointment. Kasamba offers phone psychics as well for people who want to get psychic help over a phone call. You can choose from various forms of psychic readings including the ones that you do not usually find while searching for a psychic reader near me. You can choose from pet readings, aura reading, crystal reading, energy healing, and much more.

Highlights :

  • The information of the readers is not hidden. You can know all aboutthem through their profile.
  • The first three minutes of the reading are not charged. The user can end the session if they do not find the services of the reader satisfactory within the first three minutes and not pay anything for the session.
  • The online psychic reading offered are completely confidential. The users can choose to have anonymous readings if they do not want to share any information about them.
  • A special offer for the users who register for the first time. These users can get 50% off on any session they book site wide and first 3 minutes free with any online psychic they choose.

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California Psychics – Great Choice for Online Chat & Phone Readings


California Psychics has become one of the most famous and trusted websites that offer psychic reading online in recent years because of their immaculate services in tarot reading, love psychics, and other such skills that are highly in demand. The site has a smooth system of reward points that the users can avail themselves of to get discounted or even free reading sessions.

The user gets a fixed amount of reward as soon as they register. They can purchase the reward points as well. More the points, greater will be the access of the user to various offers and events that are hosted at the website. It also offers special discounts on birthdays and other such important days for the user.

Psychic reading online is available via phone call or chat psychics. The option for a live psychic over video call is not available at the moment.


  • Get the first five minutes of the session free by using the code ADD5. If you choose to have the session extend after the end of the first five minutes, $1 is charged for each minute.
  • The site offers access to trustworthy and experienced psychics who are specialized in different forms of psychic reading.
  • The customer support team is available to address the needs of the clients round the clock.
  • Provides real-time data and availability of the reader so that the user does not have to wait around to get a session with the reader of their choice.

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Keen Psychics – Excellent Reviews, Affordable Services


With a user base of more than 30 million people spread across the globe, Keen Psychics proves that it has been providing top-notch services when it comes to online psychic reading. The results that users have gained from free psychic reading are so accurate and positive that users cannot help but come back for more insights.

Keen Psychics offer their services through the platform of the website and app. The app is supported on all operating systems including Android and iOS. You can use various filter options available on the app and website to find the perfect reader for you in seconds without having to go over the profile of each reader.

It offers readings in various forms including video calls, emails, text, and chat to make sure that the user is comfortable. All the information and data that is shared during a session in any form is protected and encrypted from both ends. The readers at Keen Psychics provide a great experience in love psychic reading, aura reading, tarot readings, career forecasts, psychic mediums and other such arts.

Highlights :

  • The services at Keen Psychics are available round the clock. One can get spiritual helpers at any time of the day, even on holidays and during the weekend. Thus, users around the globe can access the services of the site.
  • The site offers 10 minutes psychic reading session for $1.99 only. The users will be notified when the time of ten minutes is going to end so that they can decide whether to end the session or continue.
  • If the users find themselves dissatisfied with the services provided, then they can choose to apply for a complete refund. The customer support team offers genuine help at any time of the day.

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Psychic Source – Best Psychic Match Guarantee


With more than 30 years of experience, Psychic Source has gained a trusted user base that believes in the accuracy of the services provided by the readers available on the website. You can ask about various topics to the user and you will find solutions that you can act upon to get better results. These topics include career, finance, love, education, family, lost objects, pets, people who have passed away, etc.

Psychic Source ensures that all the readers that are available on the website have authentic training and recorded experience in the field of psychic reading. Thus, they hold an extensive screening test that verifies the details of the readers. The readers are added to the database of the website only when all their information has been checked thoroughly. The users can avail of the offer of the first three minutes free to find the right match for them. If they do not like the services of a particular reader, then they can end the session within the first 3 minutes with zero cost.

However, if they find that they and the reader have a connection between them and the reading is directing them on a better path, then they can continue with the session.

Highlights :

  • One of the most cost-efficient websites with varied options available to fit the budget of every reader. The reading session is available for free for the first three minutes.
  • The tarot reading at Psychic Source is exceptional and the most positively rated service. The clients can select from a large array of users that are available on the website.
  • The site has the best customer services available. They offer a full refund and immediate help that can be availed before, during, and after the session.
  • One can get a session over a video call, psychic reading by phone, chat psychics, and even through email. The choice of reading can be made by the user as per their comfort.

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Different Type of Psychic Readings

Different online psychics show affinity to different abilities. Based on your needs, you can choose the ability that you believe will provide you with the most accurate answers. The psychic reader will use different tools that will suit the path of the reading. With the following methods, an experienced online psychic will be able to point to potential issues that you have and guide you through the best path towards clarity.

  • Akashic Records Reading

    Akashic Records are the records stored in the higher dimension. These records detail the thoughts and actions born by every human. The psychic readers who can tap into these records can better understand the past of every person. With the information gained, the readers can better assess your current condition and guide you to an attainable future based on your past actions and behaviors.

  • Angel Reading

    Most people are confused that angel cards and tarot cards work the same way. However, angel cards need not only accurate intuition but also clairvoyance. The psychic readers can tune into the guiding beings such as angels that provide them with their spiritual intellect. The angels can guide the person that they are looking after.

  • Animal Reading

    Some psychics have a deep connection with animals. These can follow the art of animal reading in which they interpret and access the psyche and thoughts of an animal. With animal reading, the user can connect with their pets and understand their feelings as well.

  • Chakra Cleansing

    Chakras are related to the energies surrounding a person. These energies can put someone in an emotional rut, making them feel anxious, restless, and even lethargic. Psychic readers can sense when the chakras are blocked. They reset the balance between these chakras and cleanse their energy so that you can regain your mental, physical, and emotional strength.

  • Clairvoyance

    Through the ability of clairvoyance, the spiritual readers can perceive and read the future. The art of clairvoyance is based on the gut feeling that most people have that a certain event is going to occur. They can interpret the gut feeling so that they can get accurate premonitions about the upcoming events.

  • Numerology

    Numerology is the study of the relationship between numbers that occur frequently in the life of the user and the concurrent events. There can be certain numbers in your life that have a mysterious relationship with your past, present, and future. These numbers can be those that came to your notice during an important event or numbers that have been with you for your whole life such as your birthdate, anniversary date, birthdates of your parents, etc.

  • Tarot Card Reading

    Tarot card is another type of online psychic reading that has been popular for centuries. Tarot card readers create an affinity with a certain pack of cards. These cards help them interpret the future and fortune of the users. The cards have images and drawings on them that are derived from mythological stories and folk culture. To understand the fortune of the person from the cards that are drawn, one needs great concentration and skill. It requires years of practice to create an understanding with a certain deck.

  • Tea Leaf Reading

    Another ancient type of psychic reading is tea leaf reading, also known as tasseography. During the process of tea reading, the reader makes a cup of the team using loose tea leaves. The energy of the user is directed towards the tea leaves through the process. The position of the pattern that is formed by the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup is used to provide the answers to any spiritual question that the user has.

  • Dream Exploration

    Dreams hold the hidden meaning of our inner self. It is believed that the mind is at its most free state when it is sleeping. Thus, interpreting and exploring the meaning behind the dreams can help the reader perceive your fortune. The readers that can interpret and explore dreams can understand the meaning of certain imagery and objects that appear in the dream to infer the message that the dream wants to convey.

  • Reiki

    The process of the healing energy of a person in Japan is known as Reiki. The psychic helpers who are experienced in Reiki can heal the user’s energy with their touch. They use their hands to cleanse the aura of the user. For a psychic reader to perform reiki, they must have sufficient practice, a calm mind, strong intuition, and the ability to connect with the aura and personal energies of the user.

  • Automatic Writing

    Automatic writing occurs when the guiding forces and beings that surround us influence the psychic reader such that they can produce a piece of writing directly. The process, also referred to as psychography, happens when the psychic reader writes words on the paper without any conscious thought. The words are either a force of the supernatural or the power of the subconscious mind.

  • Soulmate Reading

    The ability to predict the information about someone’s soulmate is known as soulmate reading. It is a specific form of psychic reading that can perceive the bond between two people who are already in each other’s presence or are yet to find each other. The reader can predict the situation in which you can find your soulmate, the time, the surroundings, and even the nature or characteristics of the soulmate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Different Tools Used in Psychic Reading?

Tools are an essential part of online psychic reading. They help to strengthen the power and spiritual connection of the reader along with help in providing clearer insights. Some of the most common tools used during a psychic reading session and their uses and explained below.

  • Tarot cards:

    The use of tarot cards to provide psychic guidance and spiritual help to people has been done for centuries. A normal deck of tarot cards has a total of 78 cards. Each card in the deck is decorated with images, pictures, and paintings that represent a story, event, or folklore of a particular culture.

  • Crystals:

    Crystals of different sizes, colors, and shapes are used for different purposes. You will commonly find a psychic reader with them as they enhance the psychic abilities of the person. Some crystals are especially used to induce a better healing and calming effect on the clients so that they can relax and let go of their worries during the reading session. Some crystals are used to balance the negative energies that some users might have. These negative energies can disrupt the cosmic energies of the reader, affecting the quality of their reading. The crystals made of minerals are used to equate the negative energies.

  • Runes:

    Runes are made of stones or other such material that does not lose its shape. They are inscribed with symbols that have ancient meaning in different cultures. The symbols, also known as the runic alphabet, represent a special meaning that can shed light on the solution of the problem that the user is facing. These runes can also provide advice to the clients to better cope with the misfortunes that they are currently facing in life.

  • Oracle cards:

    Another deck of cards that are commonly used to enhance the quality of the psychic readings are oracle cards. They are considered to have a free flow. A deck can have as many as 100 cards. However, there may be no common theme followed across all the cards. They can provide insights regarding more serious and taboo topics.

  • Pendulum :

    Pendulums are used when the consciousness of a person hinders the reader to reach inside their subconscious and extract the answer that is hidden inside it. The pendulums strengthen the connection of the user with their inner self so that they can better understand themselves and find the root of the problem that they are facing. It amplifies the reach of the reader to the hidden thoughts of the user so that they can provide a much more accurate reading.

  • I-Ching :

    These divination tools are also being used for centuries now. They are used by highly trained and specified psychic readers to understand the true meaning of the signs that the reader can see and find the answer in such a way that the client can understand.

  • Star charts:

    Star charts and sky maps are used by astrologers to answer various questions about the life and future of the client. The readers create the star chart as per the date and time of birth of the person. Based on the star chart, the reader can derive the solution to important decisions such as job, marriage, child, etc. They are also used to find the personality traits and behaviour of the user.

Which Subjects Can I Ask About In An Online Psychic Reading?

You can ask about anything troubling you when consulting an online psychic reader. There are various subjects that you can approach with the reader to delve deeper into the secrets of life and gain confidence and clarity of your thoughts and mind. Here is a comprehensive list of all the subjects that you can inquire about during an online psychic reading session.

  • Family

    Family and the relationships that tie us with blood can be a troubling subject for a lot of people. Special online psychic readers are available to provide in-depth reading to the readers who are worried about their family life. It can be a dispute within the family over money and property or negative energies that surround all your family members, making the atmosphere of your home turn sour. There are several reasons why people can be anxious about their family and a specialized psychic reader can help you achieve peace of mind by providing answers and guidance related to the family.

  • Money

    Decisions that revolve around money and finance can also trouble people, especially when the amount of money involved is quite substantial. People sometimes cannot get over a decision and are stuck in the cycle of thinking about whether the decision is right or wrong. Through online psychic reading that is based on financing and money, one can get the perspective to look at the big picture. The insights can help the user maintain caution where required so that they can make monetary decisions that are beneficial and add value to their life.

  • Love and Relationships

    One of the most common topics that are asked in most online psychic readings is love and relationship. Problems in your love life can affect all other aspects of life. Whether one is unhappy with their partner, is in search of one, or cannot seem to find peace and serenity in their relationship, love psychic reading can guide them to achieve clarity. This clarity will help them make decisions related to their love life with assurance and confidence.

  • Health

    Health is one of those topics that cannot be answered by any online psychic reader. It requires specialized skills and experience through which accuracy can be achieved. A trained medium can answer questions related to diseases that you might have or contract. You can also approach them if your loved ones suffer from a chronic disease.

    The answers obtained from an online psychic reader can reaffirm the views provided by a medical professional.

  • Future Opportunities

    The future has been a topic that has always puzzled the human mind. What will happen in the future? Which opportunity will they receive? What steps can they take to make their future better? Such questions have kept people spiraling in thought. With future psychic reading , one can learn how to overcome the misfortunes and frustrations that they are facing in the present. Getting an insight into the future, a glimpse of the fortune that you are going to receive can give you new hope and inspiration to live every day with vigor and confidence.

    If you have important decisions to make in the near future, or are unhappy with your present and need guidance for your future, then you can approach a psychic reader to shed light on the doubts that you have regarding the future.

  • Death

    Not many people approach the subject of death openly. However, if you need a spiritual outlook towards death or are afraid of death, then you can ask the questions raised in your mind to a specialized love psychic reader . The psychic readers can decipher the meaning of signs around you and your relationship with death. They can warn you against omens that represent death. You can also find about how life after death is led, how people can achieve peace after death, and whether your pets and close ones end up in heaven or not.

  • Closure

    When a closed one leaves unexpectedly, when you experience the death of someone close to your heart, then in such cases, you may find it hard to find closure. There are times when people blame themselves for death, accident, or a fallout. Finding closure in such cases can also prove to be difficult and time-consuming as well.

    If you did not get a chance to say goodbye, or you have regrets and guilt about something that happened in the past, then you can get the help of a psychic medium. The medium can get in contact with your guiding spirit that can show the user the path to redemption and get over the guilt.

Are Online Psychic Readings Better than Readings Near Me?

There are various benefits of free psychic readings online that make it a much better option than readings near me. You will find that these benefits not only make it a safer option but also adds to the quality of the reading.

  • Availability of the readers

    The mediums and readers that are available for online psychic reading can be booked for a reading at any time of the day. However, if one wants to get a reading near me, they will not only have to fit the time of appointment in their schedule but also take care of other aspects such as transportation. The user can access the psychic readers at any time of the day at their convenience.

  • Comfort

    The format of free online psychic reading proves to be the utmost comfortable for the reader as well as the user. You can choose to have the reading session from your house. You can start a session immediately such that you do not have to waste time waiting for your chance. Also, if the session is not fulfilling or rewarding to the reader, then they can end the session midway. Thus, a psychic reading online can save the time of the reader and user.

  • Discount and special offers

    Most websites that host online psychic reading services offer various attractive discounts to users. Various such websites have special introductory offers for new users through which they can avail of the services offered for free. The discount offers not only attract new clients but also allow the users to get an introduction to the services without spending any money.

  • Privacy Protection

    People doubt that their information can be breached or hacked during an online psychic reading. Psychic readings are extremely private. People share personal information about them to the reader to get a better, insightful reading. The websites that offer online psychic reading are encrypted and secured against any data breach to protect the personal information about the clients. They are also equipped with security features to protect the financial information and payment details of the users.

  • Convenience

    There are times, especially in complex psychic readings, when the reader does not provide the results and inferences of the reading as soon as it ends. They have to refer to their notes, assess the behavior of the users, and exercise their intuitive and spiritual power to reach the results. While during an offline reading, you would have to wait for the reader to reach the conclusion, in the psychic online reading, you can just exit the session and come back when the reader is ready with the results.

    The plethora of psychic readings online that are available these days advertise themselves as the best option out there. However, one should ensure that they check all the aspects including experience, predispositions, specializations, availability, and testimonials provided by the past customers. Based on these aspects, they can find an online psychic reading website that fits all their requirements.