Phytocet CBD Oil Reviews (Silver Sparrow) Does It Work?

Cannabidiol from hemp plants is scientifically proven to offer pain relief, among other health benefits. Most people use CBD products to manage pain, support relaxation, and improve overall wellness instead of pharmaceutical painkillers and sedatives. Unfortunately, most CBD products are oral, and the harsh digestive enzymes destroy their potency.

Phytocet from Silver Sparrow is a new broad-spectrum CBD oil using Nanotechnology to deliver adequate amounts of CBD in the bloodstream. Where can you buy Phytocet CBD oil? Is the CBD formulation worth the price?

What is Phytocet?

Most experts are concerned that the body cannot absorb and utilize cannabinoids. Phytocet is a broad-spectrum CBD oil using Nanotechnology to ensure the body absorbs high amounts of cannabinoids. Better CBD absorption ensures the system can deliver pain-relieving results quickly. Silver Sparrow, the creator of Phytocet, claims that each Nano particle is safe and provides users with the expected benefits within a short time.

Phytocet is advertised as a broad-spectrum CBD tincture. It is purportedly entirely safe and free of nasty side effects. In addition, it has zero terpenes meaning it does not have a bitter taste. Phytocet can help minimize stiff joints, nerve pain, sciatica, neck tension, and back pain.

Phytocet CBD is easy to consume and has zero THC compounds. It treats chronic pain by addressing the root cause instead of masking symptoms. Other health benefits include supporting sleep, boosting immune response, and improving sleep.

How Does Phytocet Support Health?

Most people believe that the root of chronic pain is unhealthy dietary choices and over usage of pain pills. However, Silver Sparrow asserts that continuing pain and inflammation result from a malfunctioning endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS system supports various functions, such as digestion, relaxation, and pain. The endocannabinoid is a network of receptors controlling multiple biological and chemical processes. Each cell and nerve ending in the body has a specific receptor known as the CBD receptor.

The body can naturally produce CBD to enrich the nerve ending and receptors. However, increased toxicity, poor nutrition, and aging can prevent the body from having adequate cannabinoids. Products like Phytocet Nano CBD seek to increase cannabinoids’ levels, improving overall ECS function.

The broad-spectrum CBD in Phytocet can lower unhealthy inflammations and reduce chronic pain. In addition, optimal neurotransmission can boost blood flow, thus improving the nerve cells’ absorption of nutrients and oxygen.

Phytocet CBD uses Nano technology to increase the bioavailability of CBD in the bloodstream. The tiny CBD molecules can supposedly enter the body quickly, thus offering optimal pain relief within a short time. Silver Sparrow claims that the Nano CBD can ease sciatica, back pain, nerve pain, and stiff joints. In addition, the formulation can lower anxiety and stress enabling users to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Regular Phytocet usage can improve the production of feel; good hormones.

Phytocet Features

What makes the product unique? There are hundreds of broad-spectrum CBD tinctures advertising the same benefits as Phytocet. Below are some distinguishing features that set Phytocet apart from other brands.

Better Absorption – Typical CBD oils have large particles, thus limiting the amount of CBD that can enter the bloodstream. Similarly, the digestive process prevents the body from absorbing CBD oil. Silver Sparrow boldly claims that Phytocet CBD uses Nanotechnology that guarantees most of the oil gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

3-Stage Nanoparticle Processor – Silver Sparrow boasts state-of-the-art technology that ensures the body absorbs millions of small CBD particles.

Less Ingredient Wastage – Nanotechnology ensures that fewer ingredients are wasted in the digestive system. Silver Sparrow claims that CBD molecules enter the bloodstream immediately after ingestion. In addition, the Nanoparticles do not undergo intensive digestion to get absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, there is less depletion of nutrients.

Natural – Phytocet does not have multiple ingredients. Silver Sparrow has only natural MCT oil and broad-spectrum CBD as the only ingredients. It has zero synthetics, artificial flavors, waxes, gelatin, or gluten.

Allergen-Free – Each Phytocet drop has zero GMOs, gluten, soy, dairy, or preservatives. The creators claim it is manufactured using a cruelty-free method, thus ideal for vegans.

Phytocet Ingredients


The only active ingredient in Phytocet is broad-spectrum CBD from superior quality hemp plants. Silver Sparrow claims that the active ingredient is combined with MCT oil to increase bioavailability and protect the CBD molecules from being destroyed by digestive enzymes. Each Phytocet dropper (serving) comprises 50mg of CBD and MCT oil.

Key Phytocet Benefits

Phytocet is advertised as a pain-alleviating supplement. Still, it can offer other health benefits, including:

Lowering Inflammations and Pain

Silver Sparrow explains that cannabinoids fight unhealthy inflammations and reduce pain in the body. Phytocet broad-spectrum CBD interacts with the ECS system to offer pain relief. It can manage chronic sciatica, back, and arthritis pain. Phytocet can supposedly aid users in responding to pain naturally instead of relying on pharmaceutical painkillers.

Lower Cortisol Levels

Per Silver Sparrow, cortisol is a stress hormone that can cause havoc on overall body metabolism. In excess, the stress hormone increases the levels of free radicals that directly lower cellular health. High-stress levels can alter the pulse rate and increase the risk of developing hypertension. Phytocet works by stabilizing cortisol levels and improving the pulse rate.

Support Relaxation

Phytocet can provide users with an entourage effect that promotes relaxation and improves sleep quality. Unlike THC-based products, the broad-spectrum CBD gives users a quiet mind allowing them to relax naturally for quality sleep.

Increase Dopamine Levels

Apart from lowering cortisol levels, Phytocet can improve the dopamine or “feel good” hormone levels. The broad-spectrum CBD supports healthy moods, reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular issues such as hypertension.

Support Healthy Blood Circulation

Some limited studies indicate that broad-spectrum CBD oil may support healthy blood circulation. Silver Sparrow claims that Phytocet may improve blood flow.

NanoZorb Technology

Quality CBD oils use Nanotechnology to ensure the body absorbs enough CBD molecules. Phytocet uses a patented NanoZorb technology for maximum bioavailability. Silver Sparrow claims that Nanotechnology reduces wastage and destruction of active ingredients as they pass through the digestive tract.

Better Flavor

Phytocet has zero terpenes giving it an agreeable taste and flavor. The broad-spectrum tincture has zero artificial sweeteners. However, the makers remove terpene traces, removing CBD’s naturally bitter taste.

Phytocet Dosage

Silver Sparrow claims that Phytocet is a user-friendly CBD product. Customers can easily consume the required serving. Each order comes with a free dropper. Silver Sparrow recommends taking one full dropper of Phytocet liquid in the morning or evening.

Silver Sparrow warns against exceeding the recommended dosage. Silver Sparrow suggests that pregnant and nursing women should not use broad-spectrum CBD. Similarly, all users must get medical guidance before using Phytocet dietary formulation.

Side Effects

Phytocet broad-spectrum CBD is 100% natural. Therefore, users are unlikely to get any uncomfortable symptoms after using the formulation. However, new users may get slight diarrhea and stomach discomfort.

Phytocet Pricing

Customers can buy Phytocet only via the official website. Customers making wholesale get great discounts and offers. Silver Sparrow offers free US shipping on all bulk orders above three bottles. It takes less than six business days for Phytocet to make deliveries in the US.


Customers purchasing over six Phytocet bottles get a free Silver Sparrow Sleep supplement. Like CBD oil, the sleep support formulation uses nanotechnology to deliver its ingredients quickly and maximally. Silver Sparrow sleep has lavender, CBD, melatonin, and chamomile to improve sleep quality.

Refund Policy

Silver Sparrow offers a 180-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. Thus, customers that find the product unfavorable can contact Phytocet’s customer service for a refund. Still, buyers must familiarize themselves with the refund policy before making an order.

Final Word

Phytocet is a broad-spectrum CBD tincture comprising over 100 cannabinoids. The creators claim that it uses a patented NanoZorb technology to augment the product’s bioavailability. Incorporating two active ingredients, Phytocet can combat chronic pain, improve moods, support relaxation, and improve overall wellness.