PaleoHacks Recipe Club Reviews – The Total PaleoHacks Keto Comfort Foods Cookbook System

Doesn’t some scorching hot biscuits and gravy with a side of creamy mac and cheese sound great right about now? Wouldn’t it be amazing to smother a loaded baked potato and pot roast in gravy while we’re on the subject? American classics are renowned for their inventive, greasy tweaks. Some even make fun of the fact that simply looking into these comfort foods can cause you to gain weight. Would you believe us if we told you that a licensed nutritional therapist has since developed a method that enables people to enjoy comfort food while losing up to 20 pounds of fat in just eight weeks? Sincerely, we were originally skeptical about this declaration until we looked into the background of this cookbook. Without any further ado, here’s everything there is to know about Keto Comfort Foods.

What is Keto Comfort Foods?

Keto Comfort Foods is a ketogenic recipe book that includes 50 keto recipes for all-time favorite American comfort foods. People may now enjoy rich, savory cheat foods without feeling guilty, according to Kelsey Ale, the creator of Keto Comfort Foods. Kelsey, who adores American cuisine, has always battled with poor metabolic function. As a result, she developed this book of delicious recipes for maximum fat burning, like bacon-wrapped meatloaf, apple cider pork chops, chicken pot pie soup, and pepperoni pizza bites.

How has Keto Comfort Foods been structured?

The layout of Keto Comfort Foods makes it possible for readers to discover:

How each of these recipes can help reduce waist circumference by 3 to 4 inches and flatten the stomach

Three essential ingredient swaps that transform the richest and fattiest dishes into powerful fat-burners

How to consume the proper amounts of three key ingredients each day for the best outcomes

How these additives significantly alter traditional foods like pizza, tacos, and even bagels

Why there is a precise way include stevia and monk fruit powder into dishes

The ratio of almond or coconut flour to wheat flour (hint: it is not a 1 to 1 replacement)

Other sources of starch for low-carb vegetable dishes that have a beautiful, crunchy texture

10 breakfast recipes, 20 dinner recipes, 10 tasty snacks and 10 desserts that burn fat, suppress appetite, and are tasty

What features does Keto Comfort Foods have?

Each person will have a different method for deciding which recipe book to buy. These qualities were most important to us:

Easy to Follow Along

As with any book that claims to list instructions, they must be clear and to the point. Kelsey kept the content concise rather than organizing it in long paragraphs. This assures that everyone can follow along without getting confused or skipping any important procedures (particularly for those who aren’t used to cooking).

Time Efficient

Most of the recipes in Keto Comfort Foods shouldn’t require more than 30 minutes of actual cooking time. In fact, many of these American classics demand the use of convenient appliances like air fryers, slow cookers, and instant pots, among others, to prepare. Being able to enjoy a tasty meal without having to wait for hours on end provides this recipe book a strategic advantage because some folks might be in a time crunch.

Detailed Photographs

It might be confusing to follow a recipe without any guidance on whether the finished product looks as it should, especially to the inexperienced eye. Before settling on a recipe, Kelsey swears to have tested it with a variety of ingredient combinations. Every specific photograph in Keto Comfort Foods should be simple to reproduce at home.


The phrase “American classics” could be misleading at first glance given how many people equate it with deep-fried, calorie-dense foods. Individuals will get access to 50 distinct dishes that embody the country’s favorites through Keto Comfort Foods. These come in the form of delectable breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks that people can take advantage of for the most effective fat loss.


Keto Comfort Foods should primarily be used as an educational tool. Although Kelsey focuses on American classics, examining the ingredient alternatives will give readers a better understanding of how other recipes might be modified to maximize the body’s capacity for fat burning. Our editorial team hopes that Keto Comfort Foods will inspire readers to come up with new variations on old favorites, even though it will take some time to digest everything.


Step-by-step instructions, nutritional information, cooking timings, and serving sizes are all provided in Keto Comfort Foods for each dish. As mentioned earlier, there is a photo of the finished dish as well. The main advantage that people will have with this cookbook is that they can track their macronutrient breakdown due to their degree of transparency, which is necessary if the goal is to experience the ketogenic diet’s purported benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the PaleoHacks Recipe Club?

The PaleoHacks Recipe Club is simply a collection of resources in addition to Keto Comfort Foods that individuals will be offered at no extra charge.

What types of recipes will I be able to access through PaleoHacks Recipe Club?

The options are supposedly endless. In fact, many of the recipes found through the various resources in PaleoHacks Recipe Club focus on delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and even dessert ideas – all of which are said to be keto-friendly.

Are the recipes easy to follow for newbies?

Yes, the recipes are created in such a way that just about anyone with little to no experience in the kitchen can produce delicious meals. For newbies, a recipe book like Keto Comfort Foods alone might be useful considering that most meal options should take 30 minutes or less to execute.

Are the contents of the PaleoHacks Recipe Club available in physical or digital copies?

By joining the PaleoHacks Recipe Club, members will receive their free digital copy of Keto Comfort Foods, along with the listed bonus resources. For people who prefer to have a physical copy, there will be a small shipping and handling fee to cover at checkout.

Do the recipes inside the PaleoHacks Recipe Club account for health conditions?

Although Kelsey insists that the ketogenic diet is beneficial for people with blood sugar levels, the best course of action is to consult a healthcare professional before moving forward. This applies to just about anyone with a pre-existing medical condition.

Are the listed ingredients easy to find at a local grocery store?

Yes, the listed ingredients should be easy to access at a nearby grocery store.

What if Kelsey’s recipes fail to tickle my tastebuds?

If Kelsey’s recipes neither promote fat burning nor are enjoyable, customer service can be contacted to commence the refund process. This is because the PaleoHacks Recipe Club has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. To get started, consider any of the methods of communication:

  • Email: support@paleohacks.com
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1050, Eden Utah, 84310
  • Refund request: Submit here

What does each Keto Comfort Foods purchase include?

In order to access Keto Comfort Foods, individuals must become a member of the PaleoHacks Recipe Club. The goal of this club is to ensure that members take the necessary steps to improve their health, feel better about themselves and simply enjoy the process. While Keto Comfort Foods is a great start, there are other measures that must be in place to see and feel changes. These are offered in the following forms:

Bonus #1. Printable Recipe Cards

Each day, Kelsey’s team will email a pdf file containing a keto or paleo recipe worth attempting. To allow for printing and hole-punching, these recipe cards have been structured as 8 by 11-inch sheets.

Bonus #2. Videos of Expert chefs Demonstrating the Cooking Process

As good as it is to have a comprehensive and educational cookbook, there are instances when a video presentation can really help. Many of the videos in the PaleoHacks Recipe Club center on featured recipes, time-saving cooking advice, meal prep plans that are already done for you, how to get the most out of every dollar, and money-saving techniques for cutting back on one’s food budget, among other topics.

Bonus #3. 21-Day Rapid Weight Loss Meal Plan

Anyone looking to drop 10 pounds quickly should use the 21-Day Rapid Weight Loss Meal Plan. Kelsey guarantees that this plan will not only help people get in the best shape of their lives but will also provide satisfaction while reducing one’s time at the gym. It is packed with fat-burning meals that can be ingested at any time of day. Remember, weight loss happens in the kitchen, not necessarily at the gym!

Bonus #4. The PaleoHacks Healthy Pantry Guide

People will need to purge their pantries of fattening ingredients before they can successfully achieve their weight loss goal. Even though it will be a frustrating process, it is necessary to get rid of these ingredients to prevent energy loss and other undesirable effects. The fourth bonus is intended to lay forth the principles of keeping a healthy pantry.

Bonus #5. $10 Off Coupon to the PaleoHacks Store

The team behind the PaleoHacks Club are always looking for opportunities to offer discounts, which can be applied on any of their suite of 15 best-selling paleo and keto cookbooks, cookware products and more.

Bonus #6. Healthy Kitchen Bonus Cards

Finally, the Healthy Kitchen Bonus Cards takes the natural approach to healing minor ailments. Specifically, individuals will come to learn of the exact foods to eat to ease a headache or a cold. In fact, the team has since compiled the top 5 foods for better sleep, and healthy skin and hair to list a few.


How much does Keto Comfort Foods cost?

Anyone who joins the PaleoHacks Club is entitled to a free copy of Keto Comfort Foods. The monthly fee for membership in this club is $19 per month until the membership is canceled.

Who is Kelsey Ale?

Kelsey is a chef and caterer who adheres to the Paleo diet and enjoys working out. She has training in anatomy, physiology, pilates, and she has been a nutrition counselor for eight years. She switched to vegetarianism at the age of barely 14. Apparently, being the defiant person she was at the time, she didn’t care that her parents would disapprove of her choice.

Vegetarianism had given her consolation as she grew older, but as her health got worse, the aforesaid perspective swiftly altered. Because some nutrients are necessary for maintaining physiological wellness, she consequently made the decision to start eating meat again. In the end, Kelsey decided to major in nutritional science, which helped her eliminate fad diets. Her experience actually introduced her to the Paleo diet, which she later learned about and ultimately used to transform her life. The following quote was extracted from her website:

“Healing is a journey and staying in the right path might be challenging at times […] For me, finding the Paleo diet was a process of trial and error [and] finding that the closer I got to primal the better I felt […] With the programs I’ve created, you can uncover exactly what nutrition plan is right for your body, so you too can discover your path to vibrant health!”

Final Verdict

Our editorial team initially thought Kelsey was giving away Keto Comfort Foods for free, however access to this cookbook first requires joining the PaleoHacks Recipe Club. As the name implies, this is a one-stop shop for individuals’ recipe requirements, particularly those who are adhering to the paleo or keto diets. No matter how knowledgeable a person is, this membership opens access to a number of instructional resources that highlight the advantages of ketosis while guiding everyone through the dos and don’ts of food choice, the ability to enjoy comfort foods without feeling guilty and being able to make wise choices that are beneficial to one’s health.

That said, the PaleoHacks Recipe Club has a distinct advantage over its rivals due to the fact that these cookbooks were written by a skilled nutritional therapist. Why? Since she has dealt with countless numbers of clients, she is aware of the factors to keep in mind when disseminating information. The latter explains its unique features, which must be sought after. How can anyone overlook the richness in not just the recipes, but also the variety in resources? To get started with the PaleoHacks Recipe Club, visit here! >>>