Online Psychics: Top 4 Psychic Reading Sites For Truthful Answers

Psychics these days are more diversified than ever. You can find local psychics with various specializations, but you can also get online and find someone who can do exactly what you are after. Getting a psychic reading online has never been easier – there are advisors who run their own websites for their clients, as well as psychic websites that gather together more professionals. Obviously, most of them screen their psychics before allowing them to provide such services through their portals.

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If you think a psychic needs to see you face to face to make some predictions or give you some advice, you are wrong. The truth is a professional will be able to sense a connection and vibe with you even over long distances. This is what has caused the online industry to boom over the past decade. You can now find a psychic in any part of the world who can answer your questions – lots of availability and professionals, as well as plenty of specialization based on your actual necessities.

But since the online market is easier to manipulate, there is also plenty of room for scammers, and unfortunately, this industry has been seriously affected by this problem. The good news is some websites are better than others and do not allow anyone to register and provide cheap psychic readings. Try to see such portals as psychic search engines – the main difference is that psychics are actually assessed before being allowed in. Now, what are the top-rated websites for such services and why?

Best Psychic Reading Sites – Live & Accurate Readings

  • MysticSense – trusted psychics and affordable services
  • Kasamba – best for love readings and has great customer service
  • AskNow – perfect for phone readings
  • Oranum – best for video calls

Mysticsense – Easy Communication And Trusted Advisors

MysticSense may not be the top player on the market. While not as old as some of its competition, MysticSense has still managed to revolutionize the psychic industry and become a solid and respected name out there. Here is everything you need to know about its psychics, services, special offers and features.

How it works

Being newer than some of its competition, MysticSense brings in a highly updated website and great functionality. It is easy to navigate and makes the experience a breeze – you simply cannot go wrong. Unlike other websites, you will be asked for more than just an email address and a password – for instance, you will have to put in your location and timezone as well.

It is easy to tell why. You will meet psychics from all over the world – different timezone areas and unusual availability times. The website will make the conversion for you. Once you find the right psychic, the website will tell you what times they are available based on your location – no more conversions or turning up too early or late.

On another note, just like any other website, MysticSense allows you to find a cheap psychic using the search function. However, the search function goes a bit deeper because you can add more criteria in a simple search. You can find psychics providing direct or indirect reading styles, as well as psychics with more specializations or specific tools to help in the process.

Access to MysticSense

You can find the best psychic out there over the official website only. Unlike some of its competition, MysticSense does not have its own application. Most people would rather be in a quiet place at home when discussing with a psychic though. You do not feel like doing it on a busy bus, as you need to concentrate on reading.

However, if you do have long commutes and you can do with reading, you can still access the website over a mobile device. The MysticSense website is mobile optimized, so you will be able to use it on any mobile browser without facing any difficulties in terms of design or style. In other words, the lack of an app is not really a deal-breaker.

Costs and prices

MysticSense does not fool around when it comes to pricing. Generally speaking, most websites are pretty clear, but this one has no hidden fees, pricing schemes or reward schemes. You know what you have to pay upfront, without facing any confusing tables or pricing packages. Every phone psychic or chat psychic will make it clear upfront.

Different psychics charge different prices. Their experience is the most significant factor in the process. At the same time, the number of reviews they get and the rating will also count. Someone with hundreds of positive reviews will obviously charge more than someone with a few dozen reviews. The specialization and competition are also important.

Free trial

It is almost impossible to get a spiritual reading these days without benefiting from a special offer or free trial. MysticSense follows the same rules. It is totally understandable – while a cheap psychic may seem perfect when you check their profile page, you may not always vibe. You may not always be able to connect.

Therefore, MysticSense provides the first five minutes for free. This special offer applies to your first reading only. However, you will need to make a deposit in order to take advantage of it. Proceed with the psychic you feel comfortable with and once these minutes are gone, you will be charged their rate.

Educational articles

MysticSense goes the extra mile when it comes to helping users make the best decisions. Finding the best psychic is often a matter of caution. While rare, some psychics might be able to bypass MysticSense’s strict regulations and pose as a real psychic or a famous psychic, without actually being one.

MysticSense has a very detailed section on the website that will teach you how to spot scammers and fake psychics. You will find all sorts of scams and how to avoid them, as well as tips and tricks to identify anyone who may seem suspicious. There are lots of informational articles out there, which are also great for those who are not experienced with psychics.

Types of readings

MysticSense has a series of specializations and even more subcategories to ensure you find the best psychic for your needs. You can search by various criteria – reading styles, availability, tools used in the process, specializations and so on. The count is perfect – some websites provide access to dozens of subcategories, which might feel confusing, while others barely have a few.

Take career and job, for example. You could search for a general psychic who will give you some insights into your professional life, general guidance and perhaps some warnings. But what if you want something more specific? There is nothing to worry about. You could seek help regarding your career, next move, finding a job, identifying signs to move on and so on.

The same rule applies to pretty much any category out there. Love and relationship also bring in lots of specializations and psychics – after all, this is one of the most common reasons wherefore people seek help from psychics. Going into the affairs and cheating hearts category will give you access to around 200 different psychics – most of them with great ratings too.

Do you feel unhappy in your relationship? You might be stuck in a toxic one without even knowing it. If you have some clues, find a psychic in this subcategory. From soulmates to toxic love, you will find someone who can assist you with such concerns. You will even find specific subcategories – like psychics specialized in gay relationships.

Grief counseling is not to be overlooked either. Some people can overcome a loss without too much hassle – it is sad, but they will be over it within a few weeks. Some others struggle for months or even years. If you find yourself in this situation, the grief counseling category will give you someone who can help you overcome a loss in a compassionate way.

Communication methods

The communication is extremely important when talking to a psychic. You want to feel comfortable doing it. Otherwise, the whole experience will be unsuccessful. The psychic will not be able to connect to your aura or vibe. You will feel bad and it all becomes a waste of time and money. Therefore, you need to choose a method that works for you – simply stick to your comfort zone here.

Most websites out there allow discussing with psychics over live chat rooms or the phone. MysticSense follows the exact same rules, but it takes everything a bit further. You can chat to a psychic or – if you feel like you need a stronger connection – get on the phone. An experienced psychic will sense your vibe no matter what option you choose, so stick to whatever works for you.

MysticSense goes even further and offers video chatting as well. If you feel like you need to see your psychic face to face, many of them will allow this type of connectivity. It has nothing to do with the connection you get with the psychic though – some people simply feel closer to their advisors when they actually see them.

Security and confidentiality

Confidentiality is a serious consideration when it comes to psychic discussions and readings because people share extremely personal information – no one wants these things to leak. The website abides to the highest security standards in this industry – such details will not be sold to third parties or shared with people or sites. It works both ways, so both the reader and customer are protected.

Furthermore, your personal information is kept private when you sign up as well. You will not end up getting spammed by third parties because no one will sell your data. You do not have to worry about such things – it is a secure and safe platform for anyone involved. Also, there are no reports of hacks or leaks in the past.

Kasamba – Special Offers And Lots Of Specializations

People can get the best psychic readings over Kasamba, regardless of what they need help with. You can get there for a wide variety of life-related issues – whether you are in doubt about your relationship, you need some advice with your career or you want some insights into your life. Psychics in this network are available on a 24/7 basis, depending on when you need help. Now, what else should you expect?

Access to psychic predictions

There are more ways to get your psychic predictions. Kasamba has a pretty intuitive website. Once on it, you can find everything you need at a glance. There are a bunch of articles, shortcuts to various categories of psychics, horoscopes and so on. It takes minutes to get a psychic reading online – a quick search, registration and access to the psychic of your choice.

The website is straightforward. Even if you have never been on such a website, you will find your way around pretty quickly. You will explore psychics with various specializations, tools, locations and so on. You will have to register in order to chat with one of them, but you can search and get an idea about the portal without having an account.

You do not necessarily need to be on the website to get a psychic reading online. Instead, Kasamba has its own mobile application as well. There are no differences in features between the website and the application – you will get the same service. The good news is that the mobile application allows getting cheap psychic readings on the go.

Most people would rather prefer being by themselves, at home, when they get a reading. After all, you need a quiet environment. You do not need people walking around you either, as your energy and aura might interfere with theirs. However, what works for some people will not work for everyone else and a long commute can always do with reading.

Your own price

Just like other portals providing access to cheap psychic readings, Kasamba allows psychics to set their own prices. Simply put, you will find different psychics charge different rates. It is perfectly normal though. Those with excellent skills, experience and hundreds of positive reviews will obviously charge more than newbies.

Unlike other similar websites, Kasamba allows you to negotiate the price. You can text the online psychic you want to talk to. Feel free to suggest the price you would like to pay for a session. It is perfectly normal if you are on a low budget, but you feel like you have found the perfect advisor. Sure, the psychic does not necessarily have to accept your suggested rates, but it is worth trying.

How it works

You do not need any experience to get psychic predictions over Kasamba. The network allows independent psychics to join and use the portal in order to get in touch with clients. Each advisor is thoroughly reviewed before being accepted, which is a plus. Reviews from other people are also accessible, not to mention the rating – go through them in order to figure out what to expect.

Once on the website, explore psychics or simply go for the search function. You can find various categories there – love readings, career readings, tarot readings and so on. You can even find psychic mediums to help you connect with someone you have lost. In terms of specializations, there are plenty of them – find someone in a specific category for a higher success rate.

Assuming that you have found someone who seems perfect for your needs and you agree to the rates, you will have to sign up. The registration is fairly simple. Click to chat with your online psychic and you will be prompted to login or register. Follow the instructions and you should be ready to talk to a psychic within five minutes.

There are more options in terms of communication. You can get phone psychic readings, as well as chat psychic readings. If your psychic is not available, you can request a notification when they get online. As for the actual advisor, some of them rely on their natural skills, while others use various tools. Go through all the information on the profile page to ensure you talk to the right online psychic.

Types of readings

There are lots of options, specializations and psychics to choose from. Some of them are more popular than others and will give you more results in your search. In general, the best psychic readings could go in all kinds of directions. You might need someone to read through a crystal or perhaps interpret your aura and vibe.

Prior to giving you the reading, a psychic will have to tune into your aura. This connection must be mutual – if you cannot feel the vibe, it is pointless to go on. Once the psychic is connected, you will be able to get some insights into your requests. It makes no difference what type of reading you need – it also makes no difference how you get in touch with the psychic.

Tarot readings are also quite common. Different psychics online rely on different types of tarot cards. Most of them are trained with the classic deck – 78 cards. They will draw cards and interpret them based on your situation. You could also get some insights into your life. Some psychics focus on certain times, but others can provide information on everything – past, present and future.

The best psychic readings on Kasamba are usually given on love and relationships because this is what most people need help with. Again, different psychics will rely on different tools – some of them use crystals or cards, while others stick to their energy only. This category is divided into more subcategories for even more specific results – children, affairs, divorces, parents, gay relationships and so on.

Career forecasts are just as common when it comes to requests. You do not necessarily need to feel stuck to ask for help. Sometimes, you might need to change your perception of work without even knowing it. A deeper insight will push you in the right direction, whether you opt for phone psychic readings or chat psychic readings. Again, there are more subcategories in this group.

Dream analyses are not to be overlooked either, especially if you keep getting the same symbols over and over again. The same goes for astrology readings, which take your date of birth, planet alignment and other things into consideration. As an astrology advisor will explain everything for you and explain what the future has in store for you.

Costs and payments

Psychics online will aim to provide access to all kinds of special offers in order to attract new clients. All these portals gathering them together do the exact same thing. Kasamba makes no exception, so it has an introductory offer to help new users become familiar with the service and figure out whether or not they can connect to an advisor.

From this point of view, Kasamba provides three free minutes for new users. You can have three free minutes with any psychic out there. You can then figure out whether or not you have a good vibe. If you do not, there is no point in paying to go on with the reading. Instead, move on to another psychic and so on until you find the perfect one.

Most websites provide a few free minutes, but they apply to the actual website. Kasamba has taken this special offer to another level. Basically, you have three free minutes with every psychic out there until you find the right one. At the same time, this offer applies to both chat psychic readings and phone psychic readings.

You can request a refund if you are not happy with the outcome. Kasamba has the right to refuse it though. In terms of payments, you can fuel your account with cards or third-party payment platforms, such as PayPal.

Customer service

There is not much to complain about when it comes to customer service. It is available round the clock and you can always find someone suitable to answer your questions, regardless of what you need help with. It is highly recommended to go through the educational articles available on the website too, especially if you are not too experienced with psychics.

Asknow – Price Points And Good Reading Rates

AskNow has its strengths, such as an impressive number of psychics and a great feeling of community. You can tell people are dedicated about it by checking out reviews for psychics – lots of psychics with hundreds of well-detailed reviews. Now, is it worth your time and money? Here is everything you need to know about it.

Customer service

AskNow provides great customer service both and after a sale. Practically, you can call the customer service to get a few hints about it, ask some questions and find out what it is like. You can also inquire more about free trials. You can do the same thing once you sign up and you will be impressed with the friendly profile.

Types of connections

AskNow sticks to the basics. There are no video calls. It could be a drawback for those who want to connect with their psychics face to face, but it is not a total deal-breaker. Most websites offer chat and phone readings and AskNow is part of this category. You can choose whichever option makes you feel more comfortable.

How it works

You do not require any experience to use AskNow. The interface is pretty intuitive. You will easily find the search function, but you will also have the option to explore the website and find someone suitable for your needs. Feel free to explore psychics, search through different specialization and subcategories until you find the right advisor.

Once you get someone with who you can vibe, you have two options – call or chat with them. Whether they are busy or unavailable, you can also request a callback. This option works if you know you will be available over the next hours – not always suitable, as you do not want a call back in the middle of the night.

Unlike other websites, AskNow also allows scheduling appointments. This is definitely a plus. It works when you are only looking for the right psychics, without really being interested in a psychic reading near me at the moment. It also works if the psychic you want to talk to is offline or in another conversation – book an appointment, and there will be no hassle.

Whether you opt for a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading, you will need to register an account for the reading to proceed. The same rule applies when you want to book a reading – the site will promptly ask you to sign up or login. Keep in mind that a famous psychic with great ratings will have less availability than a less popular one.

Special offers and free trials

There are a bunch of special offers and a free trial. Indeed, all these packages may seem a bit confusing for someone with no experience. This is when the customer service kicks in. Feel free to give AskNow a call and ask about these bonuses or offers – you can also request them over the phone, rather than do everything online.

Types of advisors

No matter who you choose for your spiritual reading, you should know that every real psychic reader out there is classified in a certain category. There are three categories out there and each of them tells you something about the psychics you will find. Psychics are categorized based on their specializations, experience, ratings and reviews.

Master advisors represent the most significant category. These are all professionals. They have years of experience – even decades. They have hundreds of positive reviews and their skills are certified. Prices for a psychic in this category are quite high though. They are suitable for those with sophisticated issues that other psychics may not be able to handle.

Then, you have the elite category. This is the middle option. You can even book an elite famous psychic. While these psychics still boost years of experience and hundreds of ratings, they are not as good as the ones in the master group. However, they will surprise you with their skills.

The last and most common category covers the top-rated psychics. Most psychics fall in this category. They are well skilled and have many years of experience. They can provide excellent results, yet they may not always vibe with everyone they talk to.

These are only some price ranges. Different psychics in the same category will charge differently within the range – based on what they believe they are worth.

Types of categories

Every phone psychic or chat psychic reader will fall in a certain category. There are nine major categories on AskNow and each of them has a bunch of subcategories. Ideally, you should dig deeper and choose the right subcategory for your needs. Otherwise, you may find someone who is not really specialized in what you need help with.

Love and relationships represent the most popular category – exes, soulmates, families, children, breakups, affairs and so on. No matter what you are after, you will find someone to help you out. Money and finance are just as important and you can learn more about your career, the necessity of a change or perhaps finding money yourself.

Careers and goals are more specific and they offer clarification on certain aspects related to your work only. They could be related to your colleagues or money. Then, you have the spiritual guides. You could get a spiritual reading based on your emotions. Each spiritual reading goes in a different direction, so simply choose the field you need help with.

Tarot readers represent another common category – most of them stick to the classic deck of 78 cards. Every card out there has a symbolic message for you. The same goes for numerology. Psychics near me with this specialization will take your name and date of birth into consideration in only to identify what life has in store for you.

Astrology readings are not to be overlooked either and they also count on your date of birth, as well as the planet alignment when it happened. Furthermore, if you keep seeing the same symbols in your dreams or you have no idea what they actually mean, having an expert interpret them for you will give you a crystal clear message.

The ninth category covers past lives. Mediums in this category go a bit further. They will need a proper connection with you. They will tune into your aura to identify your baggage from previous lives. They aim to figure out what kind of issues from the past still affect you now. They provide assistance in moving on and taking your life to another level.

Daily horoscope and extras

AskNow has a full section getting updated on a regular basis with informational guides. Find out more about different types of online psychics, how they work, specializations or tools. You can also learn what to look for in an advisor, not to mention the daily horoscope. You will get a detailed horoscope for free, so you can get some hints about what to expect.

How To Choose A Psychic Reading Website?

There are certain things you need to pay attention to when interested in finding psychic mediums or advisors.

Contact methods

Most websites out there provide chat and phone psychic readings. Basically, you find the advisor you want and you can connect in two different ways. Other websites go a bit further – for instance, MysticSense also provides access to video calls. If you feel like you can only connect to a psychic face to face, this option is for you.

Despite most expectations, being face to face will not necessarily provide better results. A professional psychic will be able to tune into your aura anytime, anywhere. Simply put, stick to your comfort zone. You do not have to see a psychic face to face if you do not feel comfortable – simply choose the phone or chat method instead.

Special offers

A free trial is a must to determine whether or not you can vibe with your psychics. Most online psychic reading websites offer a few free minutes – take them. Some websites offer free minutes with every psychic out there, rather than in general.

Customer satisfaction and refunds

Customer satisfaction guarantees are not very common in this industry, but most websites allow refunds if you have good reasons. At the same time, they also offer free minutes, so you can get a few hints about advisors. Since their reviews are public, stick to someone with lots of positive ratings and you should never need a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Years in business

A website with a couple of decades on the market is obviously better than a “psychic near me”. More years are better, but the overall reputation is just as important. Any of the above-mentioned websites can brag with thousands of professional psychics, as well as hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers.

Psychics near me vs. online psychics

Psychics near me will work if you can find someone with a great reputation, the right specialization and availability. You are less likely to find all these, especially if your issues are deep or you work funny hours. You need an appointment as well.

Everything changes to 180 degrees when you go online. While some people are skeptical about going online, the truth is big portals actually screen their advisors before letting them in, so there is not much to worry about – lots of reviews and ratings from previous customers too.

As if all these were not enough, availability will never be an issue. You can always find someone online whenever you want – in the middle of the night or early in the morning, you name it. Finding the exact specialization you need should be no problem either.


Bottom line, psychic mediums, advisors and psychics have never been more diversified and finding the best ones gathered in a few places is extremely convenient. Choosing the right platform is totally up to you – you might as well explore all of them and see which one offers access to more professionals in your desired category.

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