No Grid Survival Projects Reviews – Is It Legit?

As interest rates continue to rise, the fear of rising unemployment has many people questioning their next steps. Truthfully, people are left to consider the impact that an economic crisis could have on both the cost and standard of living. To make matters worse, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is expected to continue, causing trouble around the world.

For most people, panic and stress are the natural responses, but former infantry soldier Michael Major claims that having the right resources in place ensures maximum protection and access to necessities for survival. How does one distinguish between a right and wrong resource? Fortunately, Michael has removed all the guesswork in his recently launched book, No Grid Survival Projects. The following review aims to is to gauge the No Grid Survival Projects‘ overall value.

What is No Grid Survival Projects?

No Grid Survival Projects is a book that includes over 70 backyard and home projects that can be used to survive unexpected events like economic downturns, lengthy blackouts, hyperinflation, and natural disasters. These initiatives, according to the author Michael Major, are not just economical alternatives; in the big picture, they are designed to help people in becoming independent and self-sufficient on their own property.

It only makes sense to end dependence on others to meet basic needs if a war like the one between Russia and Ukraine is strong enough to drive up the cost of essential commodities around the world. This is just one of many examples that No Grid Survival Projects aims to raise awareness about. To get a full sense of the book, the natural step is to go over the type of content Michael is likely to have compiled.

How is the No Grid Survival Projects content organized?

No Grid Survival Projects’ content has been structured to make it easy for readers to follow along. Starting with budgeting, Michael ensured that the projects are neither expensive nor time-consuming. He reasoned that since most basic needs and materials have been on an uptrend, it would only be fair to minimize the risk of increasing one’s pre-existing monthly bills.

Regarding the projects themselves, No Grid Survival Projects contains over 70 of them, with each chapter focusing on a different project. Michael gives an overview of the materials’ total cost, the project’s difficulty (easy, medium, or hard), and the time required to complete each one at the start of the project. Next, our editorial team was pleased with the instructions’ level of detail, which is neither underwhelming nor overwhelming. It is important to note that he has not only provided written instructions but also corresponding visuals.

The list of materials and tools is another aspect that sets No Grid Survival Projects apart from other projects. For these types of DIY projects, simply listing the tools can be stressful, especially for those with no prior experience. Michael acknowledged this and included images of the precise tools he employed as well as a link that directs readers to shops where they can buy them for a lot less money. A quick scan of the QR code will direct people to the best online and retail locations, demonstrating the overall convenience of this book.

Although Michael originally published No Grid Survival Projects as a physical book, he has since compiled a database of videos for those who would prefer to watch along. The overall quality, whether it be the photograms, sketches, or the actual content itself, is, in our opinion, the icing on the cake. We’re not shocked by this because Michael himself learned “that with any project, it’s often the smallest details that make the greatest difference.”

Taking everything into account, here are some projects that a household might find useful:

  • Pressurized rainwater harvesting and purification system with 165 gallons of water storage capacity that can prevent water waste
  • The 3-bucket water filter that reduces the odds of drinking polluted and unsafe water
  • Homemade black powder that requires three ingredients sold on Amazon or Walmart
  • Wind turbines made from recycled treadmill, electric bike, and other motors
  • Making pemmican, a food for survival with a 20-year shelf life
  • Food-growing fences that can be built out of discarded pallets or wooden planters
  • Backyard alarms and traps that operate automatically to deter intruders of all kinds
  • A compact oven that doesn’t use fire, fuel, or smoke to cook
  • The backyard power plant solar system that powers a small refrigerator, TV, and laptop
  • Free hot running water heater, which requires a simple heating coil in place
  • Recycled off-grid shower made from cracked or damaged IBCs

What does a purchase of No Grid Survival Projects include?

In addition to a copy of No Grid Survival Projects, individuals will also receive the below listed digital resources at no extra charge:

Bonus #1. How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way

The first bonus is referred to as a day-by-day manual outlining the steps that must be taken following each EMP for at least 30 days. Though little is known about its content, Michael has hinted that this bonus heavily relies on our ancestors’ survival skills.

Bonus #2. 75 Items to Stockpile Before the Collapse

There is no denying that we are all headed for a recession. Michael has taken the time to put together the second bonus, which lists 75 items that every household should have on hand in the event of disaster. Many of the items in this resource may seem completely irrational at first, but they are perceived as being advantageous when bartering for goods.

Bonus #3. How to Make an Herbal Apothecary

The final bonus resource contains comprehensive instructions on how to start one’s own pharmacy from scratch. As the title implies, Michael’s objective is not to encourage the storage of prescription medications; rather, he will show how to use medicinal plants, whether they have already been grown or must be scavenged near one’s home.

How much does No Grid Survival Projects cost?

The medium chosen at checkout will influence the price of No Grid Survival Projects. Specifically:

  • Digital copy of No Grid Survival Projects: $37
  • Physical + Digital copies of No Grid Survival Projects: $37 + $9.99 in shipping

A 60-day money-back guarantee is also included with every No Grid Survival Projects purchase. Michael is giving everyone 60 days from the purchase date to decide whether they want to ask for a refund. This guarantee is special in that customers who buy the book and request a refund can choose to keep the book instead of returning it. In the event of a refund, Michael’s team would appreciate an explanation and any criticism that could help make this book better in the future. For any further inquiries, an email must be sent to support@nogridprojects.com.

Meet the Author

Former infantry soldier and NATO peacekeeper Michael is a 40-year-old father of two. He has seen firsthand how quickly social unrest can spread across a nation and have disastrous effects on the general populace as a result of taking on the aforesaid roles. After serving in the army, he worked for Boeing as a welder and fabricator, where he was responsible for creating tools and parts. He asserts that he has mastered the necessary skills to ensure precision to the tenth power, all of which are demanded seeing the risky nature of aerospace.

This, combined with his own concern about not being able to support his family in difficult times, led him to begin working on projects. These humble beginnings are now the foundation of No Grid Survival Projects. Michael went to share the following:

“I want to be able to protect myself, my wife, and my two boys no matter what’s happening around us. And I want to be able to do this safely, at home, because in a collapsed world, once you leave your home, you are at the mercy of others. At the same time, the projects that I developed can help you save money and become self-sufficient and independent on your own property and on your own terms.”

Final Thoughts

No Grid Survival Projects is, as its title suggests, a book full of various projects designed to help people get ready for any kind of turbulence, whether it be caused by natural disasters, changes in the economy, or global politics. One thing is certain about chaos: people will eventually fight over the last item on the shelf. For instance, during the pandemic, toilet paper rolls routinely disappeared, which to many seemed illogical.

Rather than panic as a reaction, the No Grid Survival Projects book instills in everyone the importance of preparation. So naturally, Michael created projects that give people some assurance that they will have access to food, water, and electricity as well as, on a more general level, a sense of safety and protection. Ironically, the only way to survive healthily is to disengage from survival mode, and No Grid Survival Projects is a good place to start.

In terms of quality, our editorial team was incredibly pleased with the various ways that Michael conveys ideas to beginners and advanced individuals alike, including a brief summary of its relevance, step-by-step instructions presented through text and photographs, precise sketches, a thorough list of tools and materials with their respective purchase links, and the simple fact that the book can be accessed physically and digitally. It also helps to know that purchasing this book is essentially risk-free and automatically grants access to other survival resources, all of which make it a valuable investment. To learn more about No Grid Survival Projects and the idea of survival through Michael’s lens, visit here>>>.



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