Natural Stacks Review: What to Know Before Buy!

If you’re in the market for a supplement, we’ve done the leg work for you! Check out our thorough review below for stats, facts, pricing, and more!

Reviewing the Natural Stacks Supplements

With this review, we wanted to find out more about the success behind the Natural Stacks Supplements. We will look at the company, at their products, and find out what their customers have to say about their supplements. Don’t miss out on the handy pros and cons list at the end of this review. You will love it. Now, let’s start reviewing the Natural Stacks Supplements.

Known for Brain Health Supplements

Natural Stacks is well-known as a reliable nutrition supplement company. They offer consumers various supplements, and all are focused on improving your brain’s overall health.

Natural Stacks boast an impressively large development team. This dedicated team constantly works towards providing customers with brain-focused supplements. These supplements enhance overall health and wellness.

The Natural Stacks company has one mission: no matter what age you are, you need to have a brain that performs at its peak, ensuring that you live the best version of your life possible.

An Open and Honest Business Model

The Natural Stacks team emphasizes an open and honest business model. They are adamant that all ingredients or information about their products be made publicly available to their consumers.

They take pride in this transparency and ensure that each customer knows what they consume with a complete, detailed ingredient list. In recent years they have styled themselves as the world’s first “open-source” company.

Being an open-source company means that Natural Stacks provides third-party lab testing, ingredient traceability, and full label disclosure on all of its products. They also partnered with the reputable Intertek lab.

Intertek is a highly respectable IEC, ANS and ISO accredited lab. They help Natural Stacks ensure their ingredient’s purity with each newly manufactured batch.

Within the first year of business, Natural Stacks generated a whopping seven-figure turnover. This turnover proved that there is a demand for responsible, reputable brain-boosting supplements.

Research-based Advancements

Natural Stacks uses actual scientific research in the descriptions of their supplements. This detailed information helps consumers to educate themselves on the various benefits of each supplement.

True to their open and honest business model, Natural Stacks has made all its scientific studies available online. We found that the various articles and papers published were well-written and easily understood.

In recent years, the Natural Stacks company has launched and expanded its first CBD line of products. The new CBD-based products are just one more way that Natural Stacks are pushing the frontiers of brain-wellness.

Who Created the Natural Stacks Supplements?

So, what then about the founders of the Natural Stacks company? What were their goals when they first started in business? Did those goals change over the years?

In the following section, we will determine whether Natural Stacks stayed true to its heart.

A Personal Goal Realized

Roy Krebs and Ben Herbert launched Natural Stacks back in 2013. Creating the company was a personal mission for Roy, who watched his ailing grandfather battle Alzheimer’s disease.

Natural Stacks was Roy’s answer to helping thousands of people improve and strengthen the health of their brains.

Today, in honor of his grandfather’s memory, a portion of all the company’s proceeds go towards the Cure for Alzheimer’s fund. We are confident that Roy’s grandfather would have been proud of him for all he has achieved.

What are Natural Stacks Supplements?

Natural Stacks use only 100% self-sourced natural ingredients. This philosophy gives them complete control of their entire supply chain. Natural Stacks claim to sustainably grow their ingredients with integrity and a commitment to the highest quality.

We were pleased to find that none of their supplements contained any proprietary blends. This strict regulation ensures that consumers always know what each capsule contains.

Natural Stacks Supplements

Like we mentioned earlier, Natural Stacks has a variety of quality supplements. Their supplements are focused on improving your brain’s overall health.

Natural Stacks is so confident in the success of their supplements that they offer a monthly delivery option to their customers. With this option, consumers can save 25% on their purchase price.

We find that this is an excellent opportunity for returning customers to add the Natural Stacks supplements into their daily routines.

In the next section, we will be looking at some of their popular supplements. We will also be discussing the effects that you can expect when taking Natural Stacks supplements and how to take Natural Stacks supplements.

  • Neurofuel
  • MagTech Magnesium Complex
  • Serotonin Brain Food
  • Acetylcholine Brain Food
  • Dopamine Brain Food
  • GABA Brain Food
  • MycoMIND
  • Curcumin with Organic Coconut Oil
  • Antarctic Krill Oil
  • BrainBiotic
  • Coconut Vitamin D3
  • Smart Caffeine
  • Mood Stack
  • Mental Performance Stack
  • Neurofuel + Smart Caffeine Stack
  • Brain Food Box
  • Dream CBD
  • Omega CBD



Did you ever want to increase your mental endurance or improve your alertness and concentration? The Neurofuel supplement from Natural Stacks may just be what you need.

The Neurofeul supplement also improves social ease and mood while increasing motivation. It provides consumers with an enhanced ability to study and learn new information.

Neurofuel is a 100% natural patented brain-boosting supplement. It is meant to be used right before heavy focus sessions and is not a daily supplement.

If you are taking Neurofuel daily, Natural Stacks recommends that you take two days off each week.

The Neurofuel brain-boosting supplement comes in a 15-serving capsule form. If you aren’t fond of taking capsules, you will be happy to know that Natural Stacks also developed a Neurofeul powder alternative.

This powder formula comes in a tasty lemonade flavor and provides precisely the same benefits as the capsule supplement. We think it is a convenient and delicious alternative.

The Neurofuel powder comes in the form of 20 sticks in each box. This box gives you 20 servings of brain-boosting lemonade.

Neurofuel Pricing:

  • 1 Bottle: $29.95
  • 1 Box Lemonade packs: $44.95

MagTech Magnesium Complex


To help enhance healthy cognitive aging, learning, and supporting memory and relaxation, look no further than the famous MagTech Magnesium Complex. This supplement from Natural Stacks contains active ingredients such as Glycinate, Taurate, and L-Threonate.

We find that MagTech is also 100% chelated and optimized with amino acids. Amino acids help provide you with every possible ounce of benefit that this supplement contains.

The recommended daily allowance for magnesium is between 300 to 420mg. MagTech Magnesium Complex, taking three capsules per serving, only contains 48% of your daily magnesium allowance.

If you want to reach the upper limit, you may need to double up on the dosages.

Once again, Natural Stacks pleased us by providing a powdered lemonade drink option. There are 230 sticks in each box, giving you 10 to 20 servings of MagTech Magnesium lemonade.

MagTech Magnesium Complex Pricing:

  • 1 Bottle: $34.95
  • 1 Box Lemonade packs: $44.95

Serotonin Brain Food


Serotonin Brain Food supports your body’s natural ability to produce serotonin. Over the last couple of decades, the scientific community placed serotonin under the spotlight.

This feel-good chemical that your brain produces naturally helps promote a sense of general wellbeing while supporting a positive mood and relieving stress.

Serotonin Brain Food contains Rhodiola Rosea and magnesium, amongst other ingredients, to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

It used science-backed ingredients to help alleviate stress and anxiety, such as Rhodiola Rosea and magnesium, amongst other components.


Acetylcholine Brain Food


Acetylcholine is an essential neurotransmitter produced by your body and is vital to good cognitive function. Natural Stacks developed Acetylcholine Brain Food to assist your body’s ability to make this important neurotransmitter.

Acetylcholine Brain Food provides your brain with all the necessary building blocks required to increase production, improve overall balance, and maintain the activity of this critical neurotransmitter.

This supplement is for you to decrease brain fog, improve attention to detail, gain better mental clarity, and even think faster. This supplement contains 20 capsules per bottle, and each serving is three capsules.


Dopamine Brain Food


The Dopamine Brain Food supplement supports you by triggering your innate drive to work harder and succeed more often. This supplement manages it by helping your body’s natural neurotransmitter metabolism, increasing overall mental performance.

Consumers can rest assured, knowing that Acetylcholine Brain Food is made from 100% natural ingredients. Nobody wants to pump their body full of artificial chemicals.

Acetylcholine Brain Food also contains over 200% of your daily B6 and folate recommended allowances. We find that it also includes 500% of Vitamin C and an astounding 166,667% of your Vitamin B12 intake.

Dopamine Brain Food is a powerhouse supplement for power-hungry people.


GABA Brain Food

GABA Brain Food reduces the feelings of stress and anxiety while also promoting sleep and relaxation. This supplement from Natural Stacks works as a brake for the body’s instinct of excitement.

We are happy to report that GABA Brain Food contains no filler ingredients. This product is simple yet effective as it promotes feelings of relaxation and calmness.


MycoMIND – Brain Cell Optimizer

To help optimize your brain cells and promote the growth of new neurons and mitochondria, Natural Stacks offer us the MycoMIND – Brain Cell Optimizer supplement.

This product packs quite a punch with its two ingredients. Lion’s Mane mushroom and BioPQQ enhance short-term brain performance while improving long-term brain health with only two elements.

Did you know that Lion’s Mane mushroom has been used for generations in ancient Japan? The Japanese used it for its nootropic abilities.

Fans of the MycoMIND – Brain Cell Optimizer will be happy to know that there are a whopping 30 servings in each bottle!


Curcumin with Organic Coconut Oil


Natural Stacks offers consumers a proprietary CurcuWIN ingredient as their primary turmeric extract in its Curcumin with Organic Coconut Oil supplement.

The company also has a ginger extract, which, when used together with this turmeric extract supplement, can relieve pain, fight inflammation and support your body’s overall immune system. It can even help to reduce nausea.

Recent studies indicate that turmeric dosages of anywhere between 500mg and 2000mg may be pretty effective. At only 250mg (two capsules per serving), this product may be at the lower end of the recommended dosage allowances. Even at the lower price point, consumers may still see benefits from this supplement.


Antarctic Krill Oil

Krill Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. Countless articles have been written on its ability to support brain function and muscle development. We find that krill oil is an omega-3 powerhouse.

Natural Stacks Antarctic Krill Oil contains more than just krill oil sourced from the pristine arctic waters. This supplement also contains 300mcg of astaxanthin. This popular antioxidant is one of the most potent found in nature. Astaxanthin helps the body better absorb krill oil.




BrainBiotic is one of Natural Stacks’ more unique and exciting products. This supplement works as a probiotic, but it works on the brain-gut axis.

It has often been said that the gut is our second brain. The gut has the largest surface area and nerve network that is constantly exposed to the outside world.

Natural Stacks included helpful strains of healthy bacteria, such as L. Plantarum and L. Helveticus, to function as probiotics. They also play a vital role in alleviating brain fog and symptoms of stress and have even been found to improve impaired memory and cognitive decline.


Coconut Vitamin D3


To reduce inflammation, regulate the neuromuscular system, and increase your overall immunity, Natural Stacks provide us with their Coconut Vitamin D3 supplement.

This supplement is irreplaceable when it comes to maintaining or improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Not only does it provide plenty of other benefits, but it’s a critical building block for proper bone health as it supports new cell growth.

If you didn’t know, Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. This means that it is more easily absorbed when taken with a fat source. That is why Natural Stacks includes coconut oil.

A mere 100mcg of coconut oil allows a tremendous 5,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 to be available to your body for absorption.

Consumers need only take one capsule of Coconut Vitamin D3 daily. The bottle contains a three-month supply.


Smart Caffeine


Who doesn’t like caffeine, right? Natural Stacks provide caffeine-lovers with a supplement that contains L-theanine, derived from green tea.

L-theanine ensures that you get all of the benefits of caffeine without any of the jitters, anxiety, or crashes that come with old, regular caffeine capsules.

Smart Caffeine capsules provide natural, clean energy to improve your mental alertness and cognitive functions and enhance short-term memory.

Natural Stacks Smart Caffeine provides you with 200mg of L-theanine and 100mg of caffeine, putting it on par with most caffeine supplements on the market.


Enjoy Some Well-Planned Stacks

Choosing the right supplement for your goals can often be a daunting task. This is why Natural Stacks developed their goal-orientated Stacks.

Stacks are collections of exclusive supplements that work together to offer you maximum benefits. Not only do they make shopping for supplements easier, but these great options also save consumers some time and money.

Let’s have a look at some of the more popular Stacks available from the Natural Stacks company.

Mood Stack


The Mood Stack is a collection of supplements that provide balance to your body’s calming neurotransmitters. This supplement collection supports your body’s natural response to physical stress and anxiety while alleviating negative emotional thoughts and feelings.

The famous Mood Stack contains GABA Brain Food, Serotonin Brain Food, Curcumin, and Coconut Vitamin D3. All of these supplements work together to provide you with some much-needed relief during times of overwhelming stress.

Mental Performance Stack


This hand-picked collection of supplements aims at giving your brain a boost, along with clean energy without any nasty crashes.

The Mental Performance Stack includes Dopamine Brain Food, MagTech, Smart Caffeine, and the popular Neurofuel supplements.

Neurofuel and Dopamine Brain Food work together to increase mental drive and improve concentration. Smart Caffeine, on the other hand, provides you with natural energy without any crashes or jitters.

MagTech brings it home by supporting your overall cognition and even boosting your restful sleep levels.

Neurofuel + Smart Caffeine Stack


Like we saw in the Mental Performance Stack, Neurofuel and Smart Caffeine are great together. This particular stack brings these two powerhouse products together in one handy collection.

With these supplements, you will find that you have more energy, enhanced focus, and better concentration. You can gain all of these benefits with easy-to-take capsules from the Neurofuel + Smart Caffeine Stack.

Brain Food Box


This collection is a complete system that enhances neurotransmitters. The supplements in the Brain Food Box will help you take complete control of your focus, mood, and general wellbeing.

We find that the Brain Food Box Stack contains GABA Brain Food, Serotonin Brain Food, Dopamine Brain Food, and Acetylcholine Brain Food.

All these supplements work perfectly together to improve your mood, strengthen your work ethic, and optimize your ability to focus. You will be happy to know that the GABA Brain Food allows you to relax and unwind after a long day of work.

Natural Stacks Plus

Always on the frontier of neural and brain health, Natural Stacks offers two CBD-based products. Consumers can use both products together. If you are a fan of recent CBD improvements and products, you may enjoy the following section.

Remember that if you subscribe to a monthly bottle with CBD products, you will receive a significant 15% off.

Dream CBD


The first CBD-based product from Natural Stacks, Dream CBD, aids in helping you sleep better. This CBD product contains 450mg of CBD oil. The CBD oil has specifically been formulated with melatonin and lavender-infused olive oil to help aid sleep.

Dream CBD helps to get you to fall asleep faster. It also keeps you sleeping for longer, resulting in you waking up feeling ready to take on the day.

Taking Dream CBD is easy. Take either one or two capsules approximately 30 minutes before you’re ready to go to bed.


Omega CBD


The second CBD-based product from Natural Stacks is the ever-popular Omega CBD. This unique combination of omega-3 oil and CBD oil means that you can reap the benefits from both worlds.

Omega CBD contains 300mg of CBD oil along with omega-3 oil sourced from sustainable algae sources. This algae-based source makes Omega CBD plant-based and will have vegans smiling from ear to ear.

This CBD product helps the body’s cardiovascular and metabolic systems. The omega-3 oil is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and also helps the body better absorb cannabinoids.


Natural Stacks Reviews: What Do the Customers Have to Say?

No review of the Natural Stacks supplements would be considered complete without carefully looking at what their customers are saying.

At first glance, it is clear that Natural Stacks have built up a fantastic community of fans, many of them reviewing products on the Natural Stacks website.

The majority of products have been reviewed on their website by more than 100 people, and it seems like the products score on average 4.5 stars.

Of course, it is essential to remember that the Natural Stacks company may only post the best reviews on their website. That is why we decided to continue searching for customer-based reviews elsewhere, and we found a lot on Amazon.

It seems like you cannot go wrong with the Natural Stacks supplements. It is still important to remember that results will vary between individuals. We all have different bodies with changing nutritional and supplemental needs. We also have other goals.

We recommend that you always consult with your doctor before starting a new supplement regime. Doing your research by reading reviews such as this one can also help ensure that you are comfortable with the products.


  • Overall reviews on Natural Stacks products were four stars and above, even on Amazon.
  • All Natural Stacks products come with in-depth third-party testing, traceable ingredients, and full label disclosure.
  • Natural Stacks is a company that cares through its substantial donations and partnerships with charitable foundations.
  • Subscribe & save options for frequent users of their products.
  • You can easily purchase some of their products from Amazon.
  • Natural Stacks sources 100% of their ingredients, meaning total control of the supply chain.


  • The number of servings per bottle could have been more.
  • Like most companies, Natural Stacks picks the best testimonials for their website.
  • Some customers had issues with returning products and customer service.
  • Negative reviews on Amazon indicated a lack of results, or side effects that were not desirable, such as headaches.
  • Natural Stacks offers only a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Natural Stacks Refund Policy

We were happy to find that Natural Stacks provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases from their website. It is important to note that once the 30 days have passed, they will no longer accept any returns, exchanges, or refunds.

Consumers also need to be aware that since Natural Stacks are available in many supplement stores, the return of the product must be to that store. You could not return your product through Natural Stacks’ website if you purchased it from a store.

  • Contact Natural Stacks
  • Located in Seattle, WA.
  • Contact via email: support@naturalstacks.com
  • Phone: 855-678-2257 anytime Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm PST

The History Behind Natural Stacks

Since 2013 Natural Stacks and their ever-increasing practitioner partner network have made a proud name for themselves. Led by Roy Krebs and Ben Herbert, Natural Stacks is a leader in the brain-boosting supplement industry.

Natural Stacks’ Mission

They aim to provide consumers with easy-to-take quality supplements that improve cognitive wellbeing. The company wants to keep people safe by providing a transparent business model and detailed product information.

Overall Impression of Natural Stacks Products

We know that all supplement companies have fantastic promises backed by excellent reviews. That is why our team went the extra mile to determine whether Natural Stacks offers supplements that are worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

During our review, we learned that Natural Stacks is one of only a handful of companies that provide prospective customers with tons of research on their 100% natural ingredients. Each ingredient is laid out clearly on the product labels.

While the number of capsules per bottle was not as much as we would have liked to see, we find that tablets are typically enough for less than a month. Not all of the Natural Stacks products were like that. A large majority of them were, though, and this is something to think about if you are looking to give their products a try.

Purchasing Natural Stacks Products

Natural Stacks do have the option of buying collections, or Stacks, of products together. Buying products together in a collection is always nice as it gives you a slight discount which you will lose if you were to buy their products separately.

Natural Stacks does not offer the option to buy more than one bottle. You can buy one bottle, or you can subscribe for monthly delivery. If you decide to go for the monthly delivery option, you will continue to receive that bottle at a discounted price.

Their pricing seems to be on par with their competitors. However, Natural Stacks seemed to have fewer servings per bottle. When comparing the price per serving, we find that Natural Stacks are slightly more expensive.

Natural Stacks Supplements Final Thoughts

We love the fact that Natural Stacks is a supplement company that believes in being open and honest. Their entire operation works towards transparency with their customers.

Natural Stacks are also quite proud of the relatively large group of happy, returning customers.

Despite some of their downfalls listed above, we believe that when paired with a proper diet, nutrition, and general good health practices, Natural Stacks supplements can help you support your body and optimize your brain’s overall health.

Always do your research and consult with a doctor before introducing a new supplement into your body.