Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides Review: Does It Work or Not?

Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides is a new collagen supplement that comes in a capsule.

Marketed as an all-in-one formula for supporting overall health, Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides is sourced from grass-fed beef and contains types I and III hydrolyzed collagen. Just take one capsule daily to give your body a strong daily dose of collagen.

Does Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides supplement really help with aging? How does Collagen Peptides work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the supplement and its effects.


What is Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides?

Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides is a collagen peptide supplement sold through TryCollagen.net.

The supplement is made in the United States in a GMP-certified, NSF-certified facility from grass-fed beef. Each serving of Collagen Peptides contains the two most popular types of collagen, including types I and III. These are the two types of collagen most abundant in your body. They can be found in your connective tissue, skin, organs, intestines, and more.

By taking Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides daily, you can purportedly support overall health, healthy and glowing skin, gut and liver health, joints and bones, hair and nails, and more.

Most marine collagen supplements are made from marine sources of collagen (like fish). Although Collagen Peptides is made by a company named Marine Collagen, the company claims to use grass-fed and pasture-raised cow sources for its collagen. The label also claims to use marine collagen, although all collagen within the supplement seems to come from cows – not fish sources.


How Does Collagen Peptides Work?

Collagen Peptides works by giving your body 1,000mg of collagen per day. Although the label claims the collagen comes from marine sources (making it marine collagen), the website describes the source as bovine collagen (from cows).

Each serving of Collagen Peptides contains 1,000mg of collagen, including types I and III collagen. Types I and III collagen are the two most popular types of collagen available today. They’re also the two most abundant forms in your body.

Marine Collagen recommends using their Collagen Peptides supplement at any time of day. Here’s how the company recommends taking the formula:

“You can use this product in the morning, afternoon, evening, or even right before bed. There is no specific time to take collagen in general, but you will maximize the benefits of the product by taking it consistently. Find a time that works best for you!”

Like other collagen supplements, Collagen Peptides is unflavored. However, unlike other collagen supplements, Collagen Peptides comes in a capsule – not as a bulk powder. You take one capsule daily to get your daily recommended dose of collagen.

Marine Collagen claims to hydrolyze its collagen, which means it breaks the collagen down into short chains (known as peptides). This makes it easier for your body to absorb and use the collagen, enhancing the effects of the formula.

Collagen Peptides Ingredients

Collagen Peptides contains two active ingredients, including 1,000mg of marine collagen and an unlisted dosage of black pepper extract.

Typically, marine collagen is made from the scales of white fish or other fish sources. One of the leading marine collagen companies available today, for example, sources its marine collagen from the scales of fresh, non-GMO, wild-caught white fish off the coast of Alaska.

Bovine collagen, meanwhile, is cheaper and easier to produce. It’s made from the hides of cows. Manufacturers process these hides to extract collagen, condensing the formula and extracting it to create collagen supplements.

It’s unclear what type of collagen is inside Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides supplement. According to the label, the supplement contains marine collagen (sourced from the scales of fish). According to the website, however, the supplement uses grass-fed bovine collagen.

In any case, the company claims to use types I and III collagen. These collagen types are found in different areas of your body and provide different effects.


How Collagen Types I and III Work

According to TryCollagen.net, Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides supplement contains two types of collagen, including types I and III. You can find some collagen supplements with types II, IV, and V collagen. However, types I and III are the most common and most popular. They’re also the most abundant types of collagen needed by your body.

Collagen types I and III work in different ways to support different benefits:

Type I Collagen: This type of collagen is found in your bones, skin, and tendons. It’s the most abundant protein in your body, and your body needs to type I collagen for multiple purposes. By taking a type I collagen supplement daily, you could support the health of your bones, joints, skin, hair, and nails.

Type III Collagen: Type III collagen is nearly as abundant as type I collagen. You can find type III collagen in your intestines, organs, and other connective tissues. By taking a type III collagen supplement, you could support health and wellness throughout your body. Because the collagen is found in almost every organ and tissue, it can support overall health in various ways.

Each type of collagen is rich with amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Peptides, meanwhile, are the building blocks of amino acids and proteins. By giving your body collagen peptides, you can ensure your body has the building blocks it needs to support overall health and wellness.

By giving your body these two crucial sources of collagen, Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides can purportedly have significant effects on health and wellness.

Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides Benefits

According to TryCollagen.net, you can experience significant benefits by taking the Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides formula daily.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to experience after taking Collagen Peptides regularly:

Promote Healthy & Glowing Skin: Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides can purportedly promote healthy and glowing skin by increasing skin elasticity, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, boosting hydration, and promoting vibrant skin health for a youthful, glowing complexion. Many people take collagen supplements daily to look younger, support skin health, and boost elasticity. According to Marine Collagen, you can enjoy all of these benefits by taking its Collagen Peptides supplement daily.

Support Healthy Joints and Bones: Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides can purportedly support healthy joints and bones by alleviating joint stiffness and discomfort while preserving healthy bone mass and joint mobility.

Balance Gut & Liver Health: The glycine and glutamine in collagen can help support liver health, digestion, and a healthy gut barrier. According to TryCollagen.net, the formula can balance gut and liver health for that reason. Type III collagen is particularly abundant in your organs and tissues, including your gut, intestines, and liver. By taking the type III collagen in Collagen Peptides daily, you may be able to support your gut and liver.

Promote Healthy Hair & Nails: Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides can promote healthy hair and nails. Your hair and nails are made up of crucial proteins. The amino acids in collagen can support essential proteins that boost hair and nail growth, thickness, and strength. By giving your body these proteins, Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides may be able to strengthen your hair and nails.

Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides Ingredients Label

Marine Collagen publishes the full ingredients label for its Collagen Peptides formula upfront, making it easy to compare the dosages and ingredients with other collagen supplements sold online today.

Like other collagen supplements, Collagen Peptides mostly contain just collagen. It’s the main active ingredient in Collagen Peptides. In fact, Marine Collagen has not even used any fillers, binders, preservatives, or other ingredients. It’s just collagen and black pepper extract packaged into a gelatin capsule.

Here are the full list of ingredients according to the Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides ingredients label:

  • 1,000mg of marine collagen
  • Unlisted dosage of black pepper
  • Gelatin (to create the capsule)
  • Although the label says marine collagen, the company claims to source its collagen from pasture-raised cows.

Many supplement companies add black pepper extract to their formulas to boost absorption. Some studies show that black pepper extract can enhance bioavailability. We don’t often see black pepper extract in collagen supplements. However, Marine Collagen has added black pepper extract to their formula to boost bioavailability.

Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides Reviews

Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides is a new formula recently launched online. There are few reviews for the formula outside of the official website at TryCollagen.net. However, reviews on the official website are generally positive, and reviewers have good things to say about Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides and how the supplement works.

Although many of the reviews seem to be attached to stock images of smiling women, TryCollagen.net insists the reviews come from verified purchasers.

Here are some of the effects and benefits of Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides, according to online reviews:

One woman claims she has been using Collagen Peptides for over two months and has noticed less sagging around her knees. She also likes how the formula mixes easily and has a nice flavor.

Another woman claims Marine Collagen is “the best brand out there for collagen,” claiming she has noticed significant improvements in her nails since using the formula. Before taking the supplement, her nails were dry and splitting. After taking it, her nails are strong and “look great.”

One reviewer is 46 years old and has suffered from chronic pain since 19. She also has a physically demanding job that puts more strain on her joints. After taking Collagen Peptides for three months, she claims to have “literally zero pain” in her joints, describing the supplement as “a miracle.”

Another review shared on TryCollagen.net claims the supplement has increased overall wellbeing in various ways.

Overall, the official website has several positive reviews for Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides.

Scientific Evidence for Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides

The makers of Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides claim to test all products in a third-party lab to verify their purity and potency. Although the company has not conducted specific tests or trials on its formula, collagen has been studied extensively in recent years for its various benefits.

Marine Collagen makes a big deal out of the supplement’s effects on joint health. According to this 2016 study, collagen supplements could help manage and prevent osteoarthritis, reducing the pain caused by the condition. Researchers found that undenatured type II collagen could help with joint collagen because it’s the same type of collagen found in your joints and cartilage.

Most people take collagen for aging-related benefits. Many studies have shown that collagen supplements can help with skin, hair, and nail health. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It supports the firmness of your skin. As collagen levels drop with age, your skin could sag and droop. You may develop wrinkles due to lower collagen levels. Some apply collagen topically to avoid these effects. However, collagen molecules may be too large to apply topically, which is why some experts recommend taking a collagen supplement instead.

Collagen does more than just boost collagen protein levels in your body. Collagen is also rich with amino acids. Like other proteins, collagen protein is made up of amino acids. These amino acids have significant impacts across your body, ranging from your gut health to your overall health and wellness. As this 2019 study explained, the amino acids in collagen could have physiological benefits on your body by supporting gut health and digestion.

Overall, Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides contains one science-backed ingredient: collagen. You can find plenty of studies supporting collagen’s advertised benefits.

Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides Pricing

Collagen Peptides is priced at $59 per bottle, although the price drops under $40 per bottle when ordering multiple units.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Bottle: $59 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $129 + Free Shipping
  • 5 Bottles: $198 + Free Shipping

Each bottle contains 30s servings (30 capsules). You take one capsule of Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides daily to support the advertised benefits.


Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides Refund Policy

A 30-day moneyback guarantee backs all purchases. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 30 days.

If you did not experience any benefits after taking Collagen Peptides, or if you’re unhappy with the results of the supplement for any reason, then you can request a complete refund within 30 days, minus original shipping costs.

However, if you read the fine print, this refund policy only applies to products that are unopened and unused, and the company charges a $5 restocking fee. If you have opened or used your Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides, then you cannot obtain a refund on that bottle.

About Marine Collagen

Collagen Peptides is made by a company named Marine Collagen. That company claims to make each supplement in the United States. The products are “engineered in Utah and shipped from Colorado,” according to the official website.

Marine Collagen sources its collagen from grass-fed beef, including pasture-raised cattle with no antibiotics. While some collagen companies disclose the source of that cattle (say, pasture-raised in Utah or Colorado), Marine Collagen does not disclose the location of the source.

Marine Collagen also claims third-party lab tests all supplements for purity and potency – something we don’t see with all collagen supplements sold online today.

Marine Collagen does not provide a phone number, email address, mailing address, online form, or any other contact method through TryCollagen.net.


Final Word

Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides is a collagen supplement that contains 1,000mg of collagen per serving. Like other collagen supplements, the formula can support skin, hair, and nail health in various ways while providing other collagen-linked benefits.

However, Marine Collagen Collagen Peptides has multiple unusual quirks compared to other collagen supplements in this price range. The label says ‘marine collagen’ (from fish sources), although the company claims to use grass-fed beef to create its collagen. The company has limited transparency regarding its sources or manufacturing location. And, the company does not offer refunds on opened or used supplements – even if you’re unhappy with the product.

To learn more about Marine Collagen’s Collagen Peptides, visit online today at TryCollagen.net.

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