Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze Review: Hair Treatment That Works?

Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze, also known simply as Kintsugi, is a hair care product. By applying Kintsugi to your hair daily, you can purportedly reduce dullness, improve shine, moisturize your hair, and thicken your hair, among other benefits.

Does Kintsugi really work? What does Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze do? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Kintsugi and its effects.

What is Kintsugi?

Kintsugi is a hair care product sold exclusively on the official website. By applying the serum to your hair daily, you can purportedly see powerful benefits within minutes. The benefits of the serum also build over time. The more you use it, the more dramatic your results will be.


Kintsugi was created by hairstylist and salon owner Paul Lindsey, who leads the No. 275 Salon in Beverly Hills. Paul used his experience working with celebrities to create a luxury hair care product. Today, he sells that luxury hair care product online to anyone – including ordinary men and women who want to improve their hair in various ways.

Here’s how Paul explains his motivation for creating Kintsugi:

“I want YOU to know this secret — because I believe everyone deserves to feel sexy and confident. That’s why I’m sharing my discovery with the world — along with the hidden truth about seemingly harmless hair products.”

Paul describes the serum as a simple remedy anyone can do from the comfort of their own home daily for fuller, thicker and younger-looking hair.

After launching Kintsugi to his clients, Paul claims it “caught on like wildfire.” Soon after introducing the serum, Paul claims he had “hundreds” of clients reporting fuller hair with less breakage and more bounce. He claims many clients now go out without styling their hair at all. They just use Kintsugi.

Paul also claims to have conducted a study on clients of his salon. In that study, 100% of participants reported visibly thicker, fuller, younger-looking hair after applying Kintsugi.

Today, Paul markets Kintsugi to people concerned about their dull hair or old-looking hair. By applying Kintsugi daily, you can purportedly solve all of these problems.

How Does Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze Work?

Kintsugi works similarly to other hair serums. You apply a dime-sized amount of the serum onto clean, damp hair, running your fingers from the midshaft of your hair to the ends. Then, you style your hair as usual.

Paul claims the formula works whether or not you use heat tools, making Kintsugi ideal for everyday use.

Kintsugi will have a noticeable effect immediately, according to Paul. After applying the serum, you should notice that your hair appears fuller, thicker, and more voluminous from your very first use of the serum. The benefits of the Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze also build over time. The more you use it, the more noticeable the results will be.

Paul claims his clients had thin hair and nobody was helping them. He launched Kintsugi to target this problem.

Paul claims Kintsugi doesn’t just make it look like you have thicker hair. Instead, his formula physically gives you thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair.

“Lindsey didn’t just want to create the illusion of a fuller, thicker-looking head of hair. He wanted to help his clients achieve healthier-looking hair for real.”

With that goal in mind, Paul Lindsey partnered with two cosmetic doctors in Beverly Hills. The rest is history.

What Does Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze Do?

Paul claims the Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze uses a three-step technique to restore hair and rebuild your youthful glow. He describes that technique as the ‘RDT’ method:

  • R: Restore
  • D: Densify
  • T: Thicken

When you apply Kintsugi daily, the formula restores, densifies, and thickens your hair. Paul claims he developed the formula based on the latest scientific research for restoring hair.


First, Kintsugi claims to restore the part of your hair the chemicals have been chipping away. Toxins in the environment and artificial ingredients in hair care products can destroy your hair.

To do that, Kintsugi targets keratin. Keratin is the main protein your hair is made of. It gives your hair strength, structure, and bounce. If your hair is showing visible signs of dullness, it could be related to a lack of keratin.

Kintsugi targets keratin using keratin ‘quat’, or ‘quaternarized’ keratin. It’s a unique form of keratin that naturally binds to damaged spots on your hair and fills them in. Paul claims keratin quat forms chemically ionic bonds with the keratin in your hair, creating fuller and thicker-looking hair.


As your hair regains keratin and becomes stronger, it can hold nutrients and moisture properly. Healthy hair works like a sponge, absorbing nutrients and moisture to support healthy hair. This is particularly important when targeting the root of your hair.

The two main things that affect your hair’s density include the length of time your hair spends growing and the amount of hair that is anchored to your scalp. The hair follicles on your head are at different phases of their cycle. Kintsugi can purportedly ensure the maximum number of hair follicles are at the optimum stage of growth, helping you avoid scalp and root issues.

According to Paul, clients have told him their hair feels stronger after using Kintsugi, claiming they can pull hard on their hair without movement after applying Kintsugi.


Thicken, which is essentially another word for densifying, is the third and final step in the Kintsugi treatment protocol. With this step, Kintsugi builds off the previous step, purportedly thickening your hair from the roots to the ends.

Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze Ingredients

The Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze uses a blend of science-backed ingredients. Paul and his team claim to have used a “blend of potent, scientifically-supported ingredients” to develop their premium styling system.

Kintsugi uses the following ingredients:


Procapil is a patented ingredient clinically proven to reduce hair fall by up to 46%. Many hair care products contain a concentration of 3% Procapil to reduce hair loss and increase hair density. According to one study, Procapil boosted hair density by 121%. Procapil contains a blend of biotin and plant-based ingredients. It can purportedly extend the hair growth phase and fights against premature hair loss, giving you thicker, stronger, and healthier hair – all without dangerous chemicals.


SymHair is a proprietary formula that claims to protect your hair against pollution. It’s made of a blend of natural wheat bran extract and camellia oil. By applying SymHair daily, you can purportedly control volume, protect the hair against toxins, and enjoy other benefits. The formula is made by SymRise, a beauty product company. The company makes three types of SymHair, including SymHair Restore, Shield, and Shape & Color. Kintsugi appears to use SymHair Restore, which contains glycerin, wheat protein, and water. SymRise claims SymHair Restore binds to the damaged areas of your hair, restoring it while improving hair strength and resistance, decreasing hair breakage at the same time.

Kerastore 2.0

Kerastore 2.0 is a type of keratin quat, a quaternarized version of keratin. Keratin is a key protein within your hair. Your body needs keratin for fuller, healthier-looking hair. Keratin quotes like Kerastore 2.0 purportedly bind with the keratin in your hair, restoring the thickness and fullness. Kerastore 2.0 is made by a company named Croda. The company claims to use the latest advances in proteomics to optimize the amino acid sequences of peptides within Kerastore 2.0, allowing the formula to repair the most damaged areas of the hair’s surface. Kerastore contains a mix of water and laurdimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed keratin.


VP/VA was the fourth and final ingredient added to the Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze serum. Paul added it to the formula to lock in the benefits and protect the hair against further damage. VP/VA purportedly forms a protective, volumizing barrier around hair strands, enhancing fullness and thickness. This ingredient can purportedly help the other ingredients in the RDT blend be infused into your hair. Chemically, VP/VA is a polymer prepared by combining small chemical compounds (called monomers) into a large molecule with different properties. VP/VA consists of two monomers, including vinyl pyrrolidone (VP) and vinyl acetate (VA).

These are the four active ingredients in Kintsugi. The makers of Kintsugi do not disclose any other ingredients, nor do they explain if they use artificial or natural ingredients or any synthetic additives.

Paul claims he and his cosmetic doctor partners tweaked the formula for months, experimenting with different concentrations. Paul also claims he used his salon customers as his guinea pigs. After telling customers what was in the formula, he asked them to try it. Based on their feedback, he continued to tweak the formula until he was satisfied with the end result.

What to Expect After Applying Kintsugi

According to the official Kintsugi video on the official website, Paul tested the serum on his patients before selling Kintsugi online. He was impressed by the results, which is why he now sells the formula online.

Here’s what customers can expect after applying Kintsugi, according to real tests Paul claims he performed on his patients:

Paul claims “most people were thrilled with the results” after his first prototype, suggesting that more than 50% of people improved their hair density, fullness, and luster after using Kintsugi; however, Paul tweaked the formula and tried it again, testing it on a new batch of patients.

After 4 weeks of applying the new and improved version of the serum, “100% of users…said their hair looks fuller, thicker, and shinier”

  • 100% of participants also said their hair felt stronger and had more volume
  • 95% of participants claimed the texture of their hair had improved and that styling became easier after using Kintsugi
  • 100% of participants claimed there were more confident about their hair

By the end of the trial run, 100% of users agreed that Kintsugi was “highly effective.” Many participants also praised the formula for not interfering with existing beauty products. Some claimed they stopped styling their hair after using Kintsugi. Kintsugi restored so much body and bounce to their hair that they no longer needed to style it.

There are few details about this study available online, and it was not published in a peer-reviewed journal. The study took place on a group of 19 people between ages 31 and 72 over a 4 week period in the first quarter of 2020. However, Paul claims it was “not a scientific study” and that “individual results can and will vary.”

Paul claims he continued seeing incredible results after testing Kintsugi outside of his group of salon customers. Based on that success, Paul was motivated to launch Kintsugi online and help other women enjoy the 100% success rate of Kintsugi.

Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze Pricing

Kintsugi is priced at $49.95 per bottle, although the price drops when ordering multiple bottles.

You can exclusively buy Kintsugi through the official website, where pricing breaks down like this:

  • 1 Bottle: $49.95 + $4.95 Shipping
  • 2 Bottles: $89.95 + Free Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $127.95 + Free Shipping

Kintsugi Refund Policy

Kintsugi is backed by a 90-day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund within three months of your purchase.

If you aren’t thrilled with the improvements in your hair, or if you did not experience visible benefits after using Kintsugi, then you are entitled to a complete refund. You must return the bottles (even the empty bottles) to qualify for a refund.

About Kintsugi

Kintsugi was made by a man named Paul Lindsey. Paul Lindsey is the owner of the No. 275 Salon, a premium hair salon based in Beverly Hills, California. Paul claims he has had numerous celebrity clients. The salon’s Yelp page is filled with pictures of the Kardashians.

According to the official No. 275 Salon website, the salon was launched by “marketing duo Paul and Gillian Lindsey.” The salon was formerly known as Blown On Canon.

Paul teamed up with two Beverly Hills cosmetic doctors to create the Kintsugi formula. Those doctors include Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour.


You can contact the makers of Kintsugi via the following:

  • Email: support@kintsugihair.com
  • Phone: 1-800-935-4601
  • Physical Address: 275 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The company does business under two names, including Kintsugi Hair and Beverly Hills Style Sciences, LLC.

Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze Final Word

Kintsugi, also known as Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze, is a hair care product sold exclusively online through the official website. The product claims to give anyone thicker, fuller, younger-looking hair soon after application.

To achieve those benefits, Kintsugi uses science-backed ingredients that support keratin, follicle growth, scalp fullness, and more. Key ingredients include Procapil, SymHair, and Kerastore 2.0. Together, these ingredients can purportedly restore, densify, and thicken your hair.

To learn more about Kintsugi or to buy the hair care serum online today, visit the official website, where all purchases are backed by a 90-day refund policy.

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